ARS Seed Exchange 1999










Special Category $ 5.00


1 BAR Amber Touch x Barbara Hardgrove


2 BAR Amber Touch x Brandt's Tropicana


3 BAR Amber Touch x Casanova


4 BAR Amber Touch x (Lem's Cameo x Kubla Khan)


5 BAR Amber Touch x Mary Belle


6 BAR Amber Touch x (Mary Belle x Stoke's Bronze Wings)


7 BAR Amber Touch x Nelda Peach


8 BAR Amber Touch x Summer Peach


9 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Capistrano


10 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Haaga


11 BAR Apricot Fantasy x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lems Cameo)]


12 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Sedona


13 BAR Apricot Fantasy x (Sedona x Hill's Low Red)


14 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Summer Peach


15 SCL arboreum best pink selfed


16 RSF arboreum ssp cinnamomeum v cinnamomeum 70/460 selfed


17 SCL argipeplum best flower, c.w. Sikkim x argipeplum best foliage, c.w. Sikkim


18 RSF atlanticum 76/274 white w/red tube hp


19 RSF aureum 76/109 selfed


20 SCL balfourianum RSF x balfourianum RSF


21 FJK barbatum selfed


22 FJK Barmstedt x (Pretty Baby x pachysanthum)


23 BAR Besse Howells x rex


24 WAT Bibiani x (Pink Prelude x Muncaster Mist)


25 BAR Bikini Island x Kilimanjaro


26 BAR Bikini Island x (Lem's Cameo x Crossroads)


27 BAR Bikini Island x (Noyo Brave x Crossroads)


28 RSF brachycarpum 81/012 white hp


29 RSF brachycarpum ssp brachycarpum 82/184 pink fading to white selfed


30 SCL brachycarpum tigerstedtii x macabeanum 'Lord Stairs'


31 BAR [(Britannia x China) x Lem's Cameo] x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


32 SCL bureauvii Ex. x bureauvii RSF


33 SCL bureauvii x bureauvii


34 SCL bureauvii x bureauvii RSF


35 RSF calophytum hp


36 SCL campanulatum white, Scotland, selfed


37 RSF camtschaticum hp


38 SCL camtchaticum red h.p.


39 BAR Casanova x Nelda Peach


40 BAR Casanova x Summer Peach


41 SCL chataetomallum KW 20177 x chataetomallum RSF


42 RSF cinnabarinum ssp cinnabarinum 74/06( 'Nepal' x cinnabarinum ssp cinnabarinum 75/099 'Vin Rose'


43 BAR Consolini's Windmill x (yak Exbury x l000 Butterflies)


44 BAR (Daniela x 1000 Butterflies) x (Peter Fan macabeanum)


45 SCL dauricum white, selfed


46 RSF davidsonianum 64/220 Ruth Lyons' davidsonianum 64/129 'Caerhay's Pink


47 RSF davidsonianum 73/083 'Seranade' x davidsonianum 64/129 'Caerhay's Pink


48 RSF decorum 64/062 white flushed pink, fragrant, selfed


49 COX decorum pale pink, from SBEC hp


50 RSF degronianum ssp heptamerum hp


51 RSF degronianum ssp heptamerum v kyamaruense hp


52 RSF degronianum ssp yakushimanum 75/260 Exbury form x degronianum ssp yakushimanum


64/012 'Kochira Wada'


53 SCL delavayii c.w. selfed


54 BAR Dexter's Champagne x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Cameo)]


55 BAR Dexter's Champagne x Nelda Peach


56 BAR Dexter's Champagne x Sedona


57 BAR Dexter's Champagne x (Sedona x Hill's Red)


58 BAR Dexter's Champagne x Summer Peach


59 BAR Dexter's Champagne x Sunstone


60 BAR Dexter's Harlequin x Summer Peach


61 RSF dianthosmum ??? 83/063 selfed


62 RSF dielsianum 83/060 selfed


63 RSF eclecteum 75/121 creamy yellow w/blotc selfed


64 SCL eclecteum yellow, selfed


65 BAR Edith Bosely x Jonathan Shaw


66 BAR Edmond Amateis x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


67 RSF elegantulum 75/142 x elegantulum 81/1??


68 BAR Fantastica x Frank Galsworthy


69 BAR Fantastica x Jonathan Shaw


70 BAR Fantastica x Snow Candle


71 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 64/055 pastel pink x fortunei ssp fortunei 76/340 pastel pink


72 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 76/340 pastel pink x fortunei ssp fortunei 64/055 pastel pink


73 BAR Frank Galsworthy x (yak Exbury x 1000 Butterflies)


74 BAR Fred Peste x Sedona


75 BAR Fred Peste x Summer Peach


76 RSF fulgens 75/065 x fulgens 75/106


77 RSF glischrum ssp rude 66/566 KW#10952 x glischrum ssp rude 64/150


78 RSF glischrum ssp rude 66/566 x glischrum ssp rude 64/150


79 BAR Golden Gala x (Lem's Cameo x Kubla Khan)


80 BAR Golden Gala x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]


81 BAR Golden Gala x Summer Peach


82 BAR Golden Gala x Sunstone


83 BAR Goldflimmer x Jonathan Shaw


84 BAR Gordon Jones x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


85 SCL griersonianum RSF selfed


86 BAR Haaga x Capistrano


87 BAR Haaga x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]


88 BAR Haaga x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]


89 BAR Hachmann's Charmant x 1000 Butterflies


90 BAR Hachmann's Charmant x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


91 BAR Handsworth Scarlet x Pink Prelude


92 RSF hodgsonii 65/330 x hodgsonii 76/191


93 BAR Horizon Dawn x Summer Peach


94 BAR Horizon Dawn x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


95 BAR Horizon Lakeside x Capistrano


96 BAR Horizon Lakeside x Chesterland


97 BAR Horizon Lakeside x Hill's Low Red


98 BAR Horizon Lakeside x (Stokes Bronze Wings x Mary Belle)


99 FJK (Hotel x yak) x globigerum


100 FJK (Hotel x yak) x macabeanum


101 BAR (Hotel x yak) x (Mary Belle x Stokes Bronze Wings)


102 BAR (Hotel x yak) x Nelda Peach


103 FJK (Hotel x yak) x Pacific Gold


104 BAR (Hotel x yak) x Prycl Yellow fortunei


105 BAR (Hotel x yak) x Summer Peach


106 RSF hunnewellianum hp


107 RSF hyperythrum 69/884 white x hyperythrum 76/038 rose buds open to white


108 BAR Invitation x Arctic Gold


109 BAR Invitation x Chesterland


110 BAR Invitation x (Hill's Low Red x Marie Starks)


111 BAR Invitation x (Mary Belle x Stokes Bronze Wings)


112 BAR Invitation x Merley Cream


113 BAR Invitation x Stokes Bronze Wings


114 BAR Invitation x Summer Peach


115 BAR Invitation x Trinidad


116 BAR Invitation x Tweedy Bird


117 BAR Invitation x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


118 SCL irroratum c.w. Sikkim x irroratum c.w. Sikkim


119 RSF irroratum ssp irroratum hp


120 BAR Janet Blair x (Lem's Cameo x Kubla Khan)


121 BAR Janet Blair x Nelda Peach


122 BAR Janet Blair x Sunstone


123 BAR Janet Blair x Windsong


124 FJK Janet Blair x [(yak x Seattle Gold) x 1000 Butterflies]


125 BAR Karalee x Mary Belle


126 BAR Karalee x Phipps Yellow #32


127 BAR Karalee x Rio


128 RSF lacteum 75/125 clear yellow tinged carmine selfed


129 COX lanatum hp


130 RSF lanigerum 75/114 x lanigerum 66/615


131 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Barbara Hardgrove


132 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Capistrano


133 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Golden Gala


134 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Hill's Low Red


135 BAR Lem's Tangerine x [(Lem's Cameo x Brandt's Tropicana) x Mary Drennen)]


136 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Mary Belle


137 BAR Lem's Tangerine x (Sedona x Hill's Low Red)


138 BAR Lem's Tangerine x (Stokes Bronze Wings x Mary Belle)


139 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Summer Peach


140 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Sunsheen


141 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Sunstone


142 BAR Lem's Tangerine x Viennese Waltz


143 SCL Lewesia cotelydian yellow


144 SCL luteiflorum selfed


145 RSF lutescens 75/224 lemon yellow. lg flowers x lutescens 74/079 "Bag Shotsands AM 1953


146 RSF luteum 76/420 x luteum 76/432 'Golden Comet'


147 RSF macabeanum 76/308 x macabeanum 75/052


148 SCL macabeanum 'Lord Stairs', selfed


149 RSF macgregoriae 95/067 Woods#3646 x macgregoriae 85/621


150 BAR Marissa x Henrietta Sargent


151 BAR Mary Guthlein x Capistrano


152 BAR Mary Guthlein x Nelda Peach


153 BAR Mary Guthlein x Sunstone


154 RSF maximum 75/137 'Mt Mitchell' x maximum 83/192


155 BAR Midnight Mystique x Jonathan Shaw


156 BAR Midnight Mystique x (Senator Henry Jackson x Peggy Roberts)


157 BAR Midnight Mystique x Shogun


158 BAR Midnight Mystique x Trude Webster


159 BAR Midnight Mystique x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


160 FJK Midnight Mystique x Nestucca


161 BAR Mindy's Love x Capistrano


162 BAR Mindy's Love x Chesterland


163 BAR Mindy's Love x (Mary Belle x Stokes Bronze Wings)


164 BAR Mindy's Love x Prycl's Yellow fortunei


165 BAR Mindy's Love x Stokes Bronze Wings


166 BAR Mindy's Love x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


167 RSF molle ssp, japonicum 81/031 NA#45358 x molle ssp japonicum 81/030 NA#45358


168 BAR Mrs. Furnival x Shogun


169 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x Didi


170 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x [(Dumper's yellow fortunei x Phipps Yellow #32) x 1000 Butterflies]


171 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x Janet Blair


172 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x (Nestucca x Viennese Waltz)


173 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x Sandra Hinton (=brachycarpum tigerstedtii x (smir x yak)


174 FJK (Nancy Evans x bureauvii) x Wyandanch Pink


175 FJK [Nancy Evans x (Odee Wright x Crest)] x Sandra Hinton


176 FJK [Nancy Evans x (Odee Wright x Crest)] x Wyandanch Pink


177 FJK (Nancy Evans x Pacific Gold) x Nestucca


178 BAR Nelda Peach x Mary Belle


179 BAR Nelda Peach x Summer Peach


180 RSF nipponicum


181 RSF nipponicum 96/079 selfed


182 RSF niveum 75/115 AM form x niveum 76.201 red-purple


183 RSF niveum 76/201 red-purple selfed


184 SCL niveum c.w. Sikkim x niveum c.w. Sikkim


185 SCL niveum Sikkim x niveum Sikkim


186 FJK (Noyo Brave x 1000 Butterflies) x Nova Zembla


187 RSF nudipes 79/052 selfed


188 RSF nutalili 80/155 selfed


189 RSF occidentale 76/049 Leonard Frisbie' x occidentale 74/090 white w/apricot flare


190 BAR Olin O. Dobbs x [(Fancy x yak) x Frank Galsworthy]


191 BAR Olin O. Dobbs x Jonathan Shaw


192 RSF orbiculare 66/542 magenta x orbiculare 67/702 deep rose pink


193 RSF orbiculare 66/542 x orbiculare 65/350


194 RSF orbiculare 66/542 x orbiculare 67/702


195 RSF orbiculare 74/043 deep magenta selfed


196 SCL orbiculare bi-color (June's favorite) x orbiculare RSF


197 SCL orbiculare RSF x orbiculare bi-color


198 RSF oreodoxa var oreodoxa. 80/121 pastel pink w/flecks selfed


199 RSF oreotrephes 77/776 white touched rose-purple x oreotrephes 76/335 white touched rose-purple


200 SCL pachysanthum Cox x pachysanthum


201 FJK pachysanthum selfed


202 BAR Peggie Roberts x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


203 BAR Peter Tlgerstedt x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


204 BAR Phipps Yellow #32 x Capistrano


205 SCL piercii selfed


206 BAR (Pink Petticoats x yak) x Jonathan Shaw


207 FJK Polaris x [Bob Bovee x (bureauvii x Ole Olson)]


208 FJK Polaris x [(Bob Bovee x Cameo) x (Odee Wright x Crest)]


209 FJK Polaris x (Killimanjaro x Purple Lace)


210 FJK Polaris x (Lem's Stormcloud x Pink Petticoats)


211 FJK Polaris x [Nancy Evans x (Odee Wright x Crest)]


212 FJK Polaris x (Pretty Baby x pachysanthum)


213 FJK Polaris x proteoides


214 FJK Polaris x (Red Olympia x Burgundy)


215 RSF praestans 74/094 selfed


216 RSF praevernum 66/563 selfed


217 RSF praevernum hp


218 RSF principis 76/213 white w/faint pink flush principis 65/282 pale pink


219 RSF pseudochrysanthum 75/076 white w/light rose flush x pseudochrysanthum 73/410


white flushed carmine-rose


220 RSF pseudochrysantum 76/051 Exbury form x pseudochrysanthum 75/189 Exbury form


221 RSF quinquifoiium 73/234 `Five Arrows' hp


222 RSF quinquifolium 77/433 hp


223 RSF recurvoides 74/099 deep rose opening white x recurvoides 75/056 candy stripe white flowers


224 BAR Red River x Kilimanjaro


225 BAR Red River x (Lem's Cameo x Crossroads)


226 BAR Red River x (Noyo Brave x Crossroads)


227 BAR Red River x (strigillosum x Killimanjaro)


228 RSF rex 76/181 x rex 75/118 `Quartz'


229 COX rex ssp. fictolacteum hp


230 RSF rex ssp fictolacteum hp


231 BAR Rio x Sedona


232 BAR Rio x Sumner Peach


233 BAR Rio x Sunstone


234 RSF ririei 65/454 light purple selfed


235 SCL ririeri Caperci's purple x ririeri RSF light purple


236 RSF rothschildii 75/182 carmine w/maroon blotch selfed


237 FJK roxieanum oreonastes selfed


238 RSF roxieanum var oreonastes 74/117 white w/magenta flecks x roxieanum var


oreonastes 71/411 white w/magents flecks


239 SCL russotinctum Dwayck selfed


240 BAR Scarlet Romance x Killiamanjaro


241 RSF schlippenbachii 80/163 RSF best pink form


242 BAR Scintillation x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Cameo)]


243 BAR Scintillation x Nelda Peach


244 BAR Scintillation x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


245 BAR Sedona x Summer Peach


246 RSF sherrifii 76/155 AM 1966, L&S2751 selfed


247 RSF sherrifii 76/155 AM 1966, L&S2751 x sherrifii 76/237


248 BAR Shogun x (Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies)


249 BAR Skookumchuck x (Noyo Brave x Crossroads)


250 RSF souliei 76/245 x souliei 79/041


251 COX souliei hp


252 COX souliei hp


253 COX souliei hp Old x Cox Szechuan 1998


254 RSF speciosum 76/286 vermilion x speciosum 75/030 vermilion


255 BAR Summer Glow x diaprepes gargantua


256 BAR Summer Glow x Marissa


257 BAR Summer Glow x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


258 BAR Summer Glow x (yak x Comstock)


259 BAR Summer Glow x (Yaku Incense x Lem's Cameo)


260 BAR Sunstone x Brandt's Tropicana


261 BAR Sunstone x (Mary Belle x Stokes Bronze k Wings)


262 BAR Sunstone x Sedona


263 BAR Sunstone x (yak Exbury x macabearum)


264 RSF sutchuenense hp


265 RSF thayerianum 66/617 rose buds opening to white selfed


266 SCL thomsonii c.w. Sikkim bi-color, selfed


267 SCL thomsonii c.w. Sikkim, dark red, selfed


268 SCL thomsonii c.w. Sikkim, great calyx x thomsonii c.w. Sikkim great calyx


269 RSF tsariense 75/150 white flushed carmine x tsariense 77/665 `Yum Yum'


270 RSF uvariifolium 73/291 white w/blotch selfed


271 RSF vaseyi


272 RSF vaseyi 75/032 `White Find'


273 SCL vaseyi op


274 SCL vellereum RSF x vellereum


275 RSF wardii var wardii 73/296 clear yellow x wardii var wardii 66/606 delicate rose-pink


276 BAR Windsong x Golden Gala


277 BAR Wyandanch Pink x rex


278 BAR Wyandanch Pink x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


279 BAR (yak Exbury x 1000 Butterflies) x rex


280 BAR (yak Exbury x 1000 Butterflies) x (yak Exbury x macabeanum)


281 FJK {[(yak x Burgundy) x Purple Splendor] x 1000 Butterflies} x Janet Blair




Species Hand Pollinated $ 2.00




282 BRG adenophorum best form, selfed


283 SHA albrechtii x albrechtii


284 BRO albrechtii x self


285 HAR argyrophyllum v. nankingense selfed


286 BRG arizelum selfed


287 BOR auriculatum hp


288 BRK auriculatum selfed


289 HAR barbatum selfed


290 CLE brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii hp


291 TIG brachycarpum tigerstedtii selfed


292 BRF campanulatum # 1 x campanulatum #2 -blue flower clones, orange indumentum


293 STA camtschaticum red flowered form hp


294 SNK chamaethomsonii RSF66/545 x self


295 AJB cinnabarinum B652 hp


296 WEA cinnabarinum L&S 2850 x cinnabarinum ssp xanthocodon RSF 82/161


297 WAT cinnabarinum ssp cinnabarinum var. blandfordianflorum


298 WEA cinnabarinum ssp xanthocodon RSF 82/161 x self


299 MCU cubitii Edinborough hp


300 WEA decorum BPT 90G x decorum BPT 98LA


301 FLA decorum (Mehlquist) white x decorum SBEC pink, both fragrant


302 AJB decorum SBEC 1060 hp


303 WNZ degronianum AE selfed


304 OHA degronianum hp


305 AJB dendrocharis C5016 hp


306 HAR diaprepes gargantua selfed


307 HAR diaprepes x diaprepes


308 BRG eximium Bemore best, selfed


309 STA faberi Mt. Omei form x faberi Bremen form


310 HAR falconeri selfed


311 HAR fargesii selfed


312 BRG Fortune selfed


313 JAC fortunei HP


314 FLA fortunei LS x fortunei Dumper's Form, both highly fragrant


315 KLN fortunei ssp discolor RSF 62/140 HP


316 AND fortunei x fortunei


317 WYL fulvum selfed


318 HAR glischroides selfed


319 FJK globigerum selfed


320 AJB impeditum R59263=R 11469 hp


321 JEN japonicum (orange red, very rich blooming) x japonicum (bright orange red)


322 JEN japonicum (orange red) x japonicum (orange red)


323 SCL lanatum c.w. Sikkim x lanatum c.w. Sikkim


324 AJB lutescens C5092 hp


325 BRG macabeanum KW20304, Cecil Smith form, selfed


326 FAR macabeanum yellow, selfed


327 SNK mucronulatum Cheju x mucronulatum Paul Vossberg f2


328 ZIM orbiculare Royal Botanic Garden, Edinborough, selfed hp


329 AJB oreotrephes CCu9440 hp


330 JAC pachysanthum HP


331 ZIM pachysanthum Patrick plants sibbed by Cox, hp


332 JAC pseudochrysanthum c.w. Taiwan HP


333 ZIM pseudochrysanthum Cox dwarf forms sibbed - hp


334 MCH pseudochrysanthum CSRG x pseudochrysanthum Komo Kulshan


335 AND pseudochrysanthum x pseudochrysanthum


336 SVN quinquefolium


337 BRF roxieanum #1 x roxieanum #2


338 FLA schlippenbachii


339 MUR schlippenbachii alba op


340 SHA souliei white x souliei white, both from Cox seed


341SCL strigillosum Ben Nelson x strigillosum Avery (two of the best forms, largest, fullest trusses)


342 BRO sutchuenense x self


343 AJB taiwanalpinum (rubropilosum) RV74003 hp


344 BRG taliense Banks form selfed


345 SCL thomsonii best dark red, red calyx, c.w. Sikkim x thomsonii dark red, red calyx, c.w. Sikkim


346 AJB thomsonii DF540 hp


347 JAC traillianum HP


348 AJB triflorum BLM239 hp


349 BRG valentinianum Cox form, selfed


350 BRU vaseyi


351 SNK wardii KW 4170 x self


352 AJB wardii (litiense) R25391 hp


353 AJB wardii LST 5679 hp


354 AJB wardii LST 6586 hp


355 ZIM williamsianum hp


356 WAT williamsianum hp


357 GLK yak Exbury x yak FCC, pretreated with gibberellic acid


358 BRF yak FCC x yak dwarf


359 AND yak FCC x yak Edelweiss


360 GLK yak FCC x yak Exbury, pretreated with gibberellic acid


361 BEU yak Larson's #9 x yak


362 IAS yakushimanum selfed, resistant to hot and dry




Species Collected Wild $2.00




363 COL arborescens late flowering (2nd week July) c.w. Lee Co., Ala


364 COL atlanticum c.w. Surry Co.. VA


365 SAT aureum c.w. 2000m Mt. Daisetsu, Japan


366 COL austrinum


367 MCL austrinum c.w. Liberty Co.. GA


368 JRS brachycarpum c.w. Mt. Zao, Japan


369 JRS brachycarpum. erimo pink, c.w. Cape Elimo, Japan


370 COL calendulaceum c.w. B.R. Park


371 COL calendulaceum c.w. N. C. Arboretum property, orange/red


372 COL canescens c.w. Cobb, GA


373 MCL canescens c.w. Liberty Co., GA


374 NIE cowanianum c.w. Central Nepal, 3500 m


375 JRS degronianum c.w. Mt. Azuma, Japan


376 JRS degronianum pink. c.w. Mt. Azuma. Japan


377 JRS degronianum ssp heptamerum Pref. Nigata, Japan OP


378 JRS degronianum ssp heptamerum var hondoense c.w. Mt. Hando, Japan


379 RCH ferrugineum c.w. Central French Pyrenees 1925m


380 JRS hyperythrum Pref. Tottoli, Japan OP


381 JRS japonicum suringar f. flavum Nakai, yellow Hokkaido, Japan


382 JUS macrophyllum c.w. 2500 ft. Upper Skagit River, Cascades


383 JRS makinoi Tagg ex Nakai, c.w. Mt. Moraijii, Japan


384 LAR maximum 4,000 ft c.w.


385 ROB maximum c.w. NE PA


386 LAR maximum red. 4,500 ft, near Mt. Mitchell, c.w.


387 COL maximum Red Flowers, c.w. Curtis Creek


388 RTH maximum whites, c.w. Montgomery Co..


389 JRS mettemichii f. micranthum c.w. Mt. Shaka, Japan


390 MCL minus c.w. Stewart Co, GA


391 RTH periclymenoides c.w. Montgomery Co., PA


392 MCU occidentale 1903, c.w. Flynn Creek, Mendocino Co, CA


393 MCU occidentale Big Basin 1701, c.w. Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz Co., CA


394 MCU occidentale Big Basin 902, c.w. Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz Co., CA


395 MCU occidentale Bohemian 1901, c.w. Bohemian Highway, Sonoma Co., CA


396 MCU occidentale Flynn Creek 1309, c.w. Flynn Creek, Mendocino Co, CA


397 MCU occidentale GG 6, c.w. Flynn Creek, Mendocino Co., CA


398 MCU occidentale Mt. Tam 1312, c.w. Portrero Meadow, Mt. Tamalpias State Park, Marin Co, CA


399 MCU occidentnle Mt. Tam 1804, c.w. Portrero Meadow, Mt. Tamalpias State Park, Marin Co., CA


400 MCU occidentale Navarro 1308, c.w. Navarro River, milepost 128, Mendocino Co., CA


401 MCU occidentale with reddish fall color, c.w. Mt.Tamalpias State Park, Marin Co. CA


402 COL periclymenoides c.w. U.N.Carolina Bot. Garden


403 COL prinophyllum roseum Dolly Sods


404 MCL prunifolium c.w Stewart Co, GA


405 JRS sanctum Nakai , c.w. Sivukawa, Japan


406 MCL vaseyi c.w. Transylvania Co., NC


407 COL vaseyi MP 419.3 c.w. John Rock Overlook, Blue Ridge, Pkwy


408 MCL viscosum c.w. Walton Co., FLA


409 JRS yakushimanum Nakai, c.w. Yaku Island, Japan




Hybrids Hand Pollinated $ 2.00




410 LOO A. Bedford x Edith Bosley


411 AHN Accomplishment x Bob Bove


412 adenophorum x fictolacteum


413 MCU Alfred Martin c (cilicalyx x fosterianum)


414 MCU Alfred Martin x Kimberly Anne


415 MCU Alfred Martin x (My Lady x Rose Scott)


416 CHR Alice Street x Mary Ashley


417 MCU Alpine Snow x Patricia Marie


418 BEU Always Admired x [Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)]


419 BEU Amanda Joan Young x Golden Star


420 GUS Amanda Joan Young x Red Peach


421 CHR Angel's Dream x Silky Satin


422 MCH anhweiense x Gretzel


423 YAS Anniversary Gold x Janet Piper


424 CHR Antoon van Welie x self


425 MUR (Apricot Fantasy x Martha Phipps) x [(Orange Marmalade x Percy Wiseman) x


(Voluptous x Phipps Yellow #32)]


426 MUR (Apricot Fantasy x Martha Phipps) x (Pacific Gold x Phipps Yellow #32)


427 CHR Apricot Nectar x Mary Drennen


428 MCU [(atlanticum x austrinum) x (Exbury hybrid :1 austrinum)] x a Jerry Harris orange


hybrid with many large flowers per truss


429 WEA (aureum x Prelude) BPT 80-5 x (Berg's Yello) x proteoides)


430 WEA (aureum x Prelude) BPT 80-5 x proteoides


431 CHR Balalaika x Desert Gold


432 CUN Bali x [fortunei x (Janet Blair x Pinnacle)]


433 WEA Barbara Hall x sutchuenense


434 WEA Barbara Hall x (vernicosum R18139 x Queer Elizabeth II) BPT 95-QER orange


435 CHR Barmstedt x King Salmon


436 RSN Ben Lancaster x Evening Glow


437 RSN Ben Lancaster x [(Inca Gold x yak KW) x Dexter's Orange]


438 CHR Berg's Yellow x (Brigadoon x Cameo)


439 CHR Berg's Yellow x Dixie Lee Ray


440 CHR Bergie Larson x Kubla Khan


441 CHR Bergie Larson x Tropicana


442 WAT Bibiani x Etta Burrows


443 LOO Blazen Sun x V6510.1 (=Labar's White x (fortunei x croceum)


444 CHR Blondie x Pomegranite


445 WOD Blue Peter x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)]


446 ASA Bob Bove x Fiery Orange


447 ASA Bob Bovee x Cat's Pajamas (Delp)


448 LOO (Boule de Neige x Loderi King George) x (fortunei x Cunningham's White)


449 WAT brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x Kubla Khan


450 WAT brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x (Marinus Koster x Lem's Goal)


451 WAT brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x Prentice Double Red


452 WAT brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x Venus


453 SVN brachycarpum tigerstedtii x praevernum


454 (brachycarpum tigerstedtii x sinogrande) x rex ssp rex


455 CHR Brandt Red x Peppermint Stick


456 WOD (Brasilia x Gold Medal) x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps #32)]


457 WOD (Brasilia x Gold Medal) x [Percy Wiseman x (Hotel x Lackamas Cream)]


458 GUS (Brasilia x Red Peach #7) x Temple Meads


459 WEA Bravo x sutchuenense (Grieg form)


460 CUN Brio x (fortunei x (Janet Blair x Pinnacle)]


461 CUN Brio x (Furnivall's Daughter x Powell Glass) #2


462 CHR Britannia x H.L. Larson


463 CHR Britannia x Mrs. Horace Fogg


464 CHR Brittania x Melrose


465 CHR Brittannia x Perfectly Pink


466 CHR Bronze Wings x unamed pink


467 CHR Butter Brickle x Golden Gala


468 ROB Cadis x Purple Splendor


469 MCU California Gold x Joy Ridge


470 MCU California Gold x Mi Amor


471 MCU California Gold x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838


472 MCU California Gold x rhabdotum


473 MCU California Gold x (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11


474 HAR calophytum selfed


475 CAR calophytum x strigillosum


476 GRY Calsap x Casanova


477 RAB Calsap x macabeanum.


478 BRO Casanova x (aureum x Prelude)


479 BRO Casanova x (yak x Butter) #5


480 ROB catawbiense La Bar's WHite x Phipps Yellow #32


481 WEA chamaethomsonii RSF 66/545 x proteoides


482 HAR chamaethomsonii selfed


483 ANG (Champagne x Butter) #3 x (Champagne x Butter) #1


484 TRT Cherokee x Capistrano


485 WYL Cheyenne x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)


486 JAE China x sinogrande


487 CHR Chinoides x Goldsworth Orange


488 GOH [(Chlorops x diaprepes) x Venator] medium form x (Fawn x Orange Marmalade)


489 GOH [(Chlorops x diaprepes) x Venator] tall form x (Fawn x Orange Marmalade)


490 LOO chrysantmum Delp x Barbara Hardgrove


491 LOO chrchrysanthum Delp x Dr. Rock


492 SNK chryseum x Dartmoor ROse


493 GOH Cinco de Mayo x [(Chlorops x diaprepes) x Venator] tall form


494 GOH Cinquo de Mayo x ectectium


495 CHR Clementine Lamaire x Jean Marie


496 CHR Clementine Lamaire x Michael Waterer


497 CHR Clementine Lamaire x Moonwax


498 CHR Clementine Lamaire x Ruby Bowman


499 WNZ Cloud Nine x Walter Winkler's fragrant fortunei hybrid, hardy -15


500 CHR COD x Whitney's Yellow #4


501 CHR (CP Raffill x fortunei) x Orange Marmalade


502 CHR (CP Rani x fortunei) x Tropicana


503 OLR Cream Glory x Yardo


504 WYL [(Crest x Odee Wright) x Skipper #25] x Rubicon


505 AHN Crete x Moser's Maroon


506 AHN Crete x Pink Prelude


507 AHN Crete x (proteoides x May Morn)


508 AHN Crete x (yak x macabeanum) # 10-Barlup


509 AHN Crimson Pippin x Bob Bovee


510 AHN Crimson Pippin x (proteoides x May Morn)


511 RAB Crystalaire x Lodauric


512 MCU cubitii Edinborough x Joy Ridge


513 MCU cubitii Edinborough x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838


514 MCU cubitii Edinborough x Mysterious Maddenii


515 MCU cubitii Edinborough x unknown pink cilicalyx hybrid


516 WOD Daniela x Malahat


517 WOD Daniela x Viennese Waltz


518 SNK Dartmoor Rose x keiskei Yaku Fairy


519 SNK Dartmor Rose x chryseum Fred Robbins


520 PUR dauricum x lutescens


521 SHN Delp's Ghost x Crossroads


522 SHN Delp's Ghost x Midsummer


523 BEU Delp's Pacesetter x Golden Star


524 OLR Desert Gold x Butter


525 OLR Desert Gold x May Moonlight


526 HAR diaprepes blush pink x self


527 BRO Dodecatheon meadia


528 AHN Don Kellum x Bob Bovee


529 ARS Donna Hardgrove x (yak x Henrietta Sargent)


530 HAR Double Hubbard x diaprepes gargantua


531 GRY Dr. Fleming x Mary Pat


532 GRY Dr. R. Fleming x {[(Tortoisehell Champagne H. Yates) x Goldenstar] x Russell Hannon}


533 ANG dwarf yak x Butter


534 MEL [(Earl of Donouglmore x fortunei) x Silverlady] x [(Nymphenburg x Inamorata) x Old Copper]


535 CHR Edna McCarty x Whitney's Yellow #4


536 MCU Else Frye x Californis Gold


537 MCU Else Frye x unknown pink cilicalyx hybrid


538 SNK Elvira x barbatum UBC


539 SNK Elvira x Bert Larsen


540 SNK Elvira x cerasinwn Cherry Brandy


541 SNK Elvira x Jock


542 SNK Elvira x piercei


543 SNK Elvira x Rosevallon


544 SNK Elvira x smithii


545 SNK Elvira x [(yak x wardii) f2 x (aureum x Prelude) BPT 80-5] yellow-RSCAR 84-188


546 ROB English Roseum x Cadis


547 RLY (Evening Glow x Crest) x Golden Gala


548 RSN Evening Glow x Janet Blair


549 CHR (Fabia x bureauvii) x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


550 CHR (Fabia x bureauvii) x Holy Moses


551 CHR [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


552 CHR [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley] x Nelda Peach


553 MEL Fabia x [(Nymphenburg x Inamorata) x Old Copper]


554 WOD (Fantastica x Noyo Brave) x (Killimanjaro x Pink Petticoats) Fujioka


555 FRM Fantastica x {((Noyo Chief x yak) x (Tally Ho x yak)] x Jean Marie # 1}


556 CHR Fantasy x (Brigadoon x Cameo)


557 ROB (Fawn x DND) x Sedona


558 CHR Florence Archer x Gertrude Bovee


559 CHR Florence Archer x King Salmon


560 CHR Flower Girl x cinnabarinum v. blandfordiiflorum


561 MCH Forever Yours x Gretzel


562 MCH Forever Yours x Irene Bain


563 FLA fortunei LS x Dexter's Spice


564 FLA fortunei LS x rex KW 4509


565 HAR fortunei x Blue Hawaii


566 ROB fortunei x Henry's Red


567 WAT Fragrant Red x Alpine Glow


568 CHR Fred Hamilton x Goldsworth Orange


569 CHR Gala Seedling x Jingle Bells


570 WIL (Gargantua x Pink Walloper) x Pink Walloper


571 CHR George's Delight x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


572 CHR Gertrude Bovee x C.I.S.


573 CHR Gertrude Bovee x Florence Archer


574 CHR Gig' x Perfectly Pink


575 RAB Glasnost x grande (Berkeley Botanical Gardens)


576 RAB Glasnost x macabeanum (Glasnost=Dr. H.C. Dresselhuys x smirnowii pink by Trautmann)


577 RAB Gloxineum x Capistrano


578 CHR Golden Anniversary x Shrimp Girl


579 GUS Golden Spirit x Red Peach


580 GUS Golden Spirit x Rio


581 GUS Golden Spirit x Temple Meads


582 CHR Golden Star x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


583 CHR Golden Star x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


584 MUR {(Golden Star x (Idealist x Crest)] x Gold Medal} x [Pacific Gold x (Dumper's Yellow x


Phipps Yellow #32)]


585 FRM {[Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)] x (Golden Star x Odee Wright) #1 lge, deep yell flowers/red


throat x Nestucca


586 FRM {[Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)] x (Goldfort x Odee Wright) # 1 large deep yellow flowers


587 FRM {[Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)] x (Goldfort x Odee Wright) #1) x Nestucca


588 WEA Goldfort x Jock


589 WEA Goldfort x vernicosum R.18139 peach


590 BRF (Goldsworth Orange x apodectum) x (wardii x campylocarpum)


591 CHR Goldsworth Orange x Florence Archer


592 CHR Goldsworth Orange x Mary Drennen


593 CHR Goldsworth Orange x Nelda Peach


594 MCH Golfer x Brinny


595 MCH Golfer x Jean Marie


596 ASA Great Smokey x Cat's Pajamas


597 CHR Grosclaude x Pierce's Apricot


598 GUS Hachmann's Charmant x Java


599 RTH Halopeanum (=arboreum x griffithianum) selfed


600 GOH hemsleyanum x Arthur Osborne


601 GOH (hemsleyanum x discolor) x Arthur Osborne


602 WEA Henry's Red x (sperabile x proteoides)


603 CHR Holy Moses x unamed orange/red hybrid


604 CHR Hotel x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


605 CHR Hotei x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


606 CHR Hotei x Hobble's Apricot


607 CHR Hotei x Mary Drennen


608 CHR Hotei x Orange Marmalade


609 CHR Hotei x Orange Marmalade


610 BRK (Hotel x PhippsYellow #32) #2 x {[Janet Blair x [fortunei x (wardii x dichroanthum)] x Golden Star}


611 CHR Hotei x Sept. Song


612 CHR Hydon Harrier x Karen Triplett


613 CHR Hydon Harrier x Pepperpot


614 ARS (hyperythrum x Pacific Gold) x Carolyn Grace


615 ARS (hyperythrum x Pacific Gold) x Hardgrove's deepest yellow


616 ARS (hyperythrum x Pacific Gold) x (Whitney Orange x Golden Star)


617 RAB Hypremax x Victoria's Consort


618 WOD (Ingrid Mehlquist x Orange Marmalade)#2 x (Acclaim x Martha Phipps) Murcott


619 WOD Ingrid Mehlquist x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)}


620 SHA (insigne x Goldsworth Orange) x Double Winner


621 SHA insigne x rex


622 CHR Jade x Calsap


623 CHR Jade x Pink Jeans


624 GUS (Janet Blair x Autumn Gold #2) x Mt. Siga = vernicosum Rock 18139-1


625 BEU Janet Blair x Brigadoon


626 CUN Janet Blair x Brio (=Furnivall's Daughter x Powell Glass)


627 CHR Janet Blair x Diane Titcomb


628 ROB Janet Blair x (Fawn x DND)


629 BEU Janet Blair x [Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)]


630 GRY (Janet Blair x Great Lakes) x Delp's


631 OLR Janet Blair x Jessie's Song


632 BEU Janet Blair x Killimanjaro


633 CHR Janet Blair x Mrs. Calabash


634 GUS Janet Blair x [Nancy Evans x (Odee Wright x Crest)]


635 ROB Janet Blair x Nelda Peach


636 AHN Janet Blair x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)


637 GUS Janet Blair x Peter Faulk


638 WOD (Janet Blair x Phipps Yellow #32)# 1 x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)]


639 BEU Janet Blair x Phipps Yellow #32


640 AHN Janet Blair x Pink Prelude


641 BEU Janet Blair x Pink Prelude (pollen from Jim Barlup)


642 AHN Janet Blair x (proteoides x May Morn)


643 GUS Janet Blair x (Rio x Orange Marmalade #1)


644 AHN Janet Blair x Rocky Point


645 BEU Janet Blair x (Second Honeymoon x macabeanum)


646 ROB Janet Blair x Sedona


647 AHN Janet Blair x (September Song x Orange Honey) Ahern


648 AHN Janet Blair x Summer Peach


649 CHR Janet Blair x Sunny Day


650 WNZ Janet Blair x Walter Winder's fragrant fortunei hybrid, hardy -15


651 BEU Janet Blair x (yak x macabeanum)


652 ASA {{[(Janet Blair x Yellow# 1)88 x {[Donna Hargrove x [Golden Star x (Catalga x


wardii)]} x [Arctic Gold x (Hargrove Deep Yellow x PhippsYellow #32)]


653 OLR Janet Blair x Yellow Rolls Royce


654 JEN japonicum (orange red, very rich blooming) x luteum


655 MCU Jim Drewry x [(macabeanum x Loderi King

George) x falconeri]


656 CHR Jo Ann Newsome x Apricot Nectar


657 CHR Jo Ann Newsome x September Song


658 MCU Joy Ridge x California Gold


659 MCU Joy Ridge x (cilicalyx x Fosterianum


660 MCU Joy Ridge x Mysterious Maddenii


661 MCU Joy Ridge x unknown cilicalyx hybrid


662 KLN Judy Spillane x A Bedford


663 ASA July Hope selfed x Malahat


664 ASA July Hope selfed x (Nancy Evans x Canadian Sunset)


665 MCH July Hope x didymum


666 GUS (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant #10) x Java


667 CHR Karen Triplett x Chapeau


668 CHR Karen Triplett x Polynesian Sunset


669 WAT Karibean x (Peter Faulk x macabeanum)


670 FRM Ken Janek x {[Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)] x (Golden Star x Odee Wright)} #1 lge


deep yellow flowers/red throat


671 MCH Ken's Find x wardii


672 GUS Kristen Marie x (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant #10)


673 CHR Kubla Khan x Love Story


674 CHR Kubla Khan x Orange Marmalade


675 MCU Lake Lorraine x Beverly Court


676 WEA (Lathouse Red x yak) x Minas Grand Pre


677 CHR Lavender Princess x (Fabia x bureauvii)


678 CHR Lavender Princess x Tropicana


679 CHR Lem's Cameo x Hobble's Apricot


680 CHR (Lem's Cameo x Whitney's Buff)# 1 x September Song


681 CHR Lem's Tangerine x Desert Gold


682 CHR Lem's Tangerine x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


683 CHR Loderi Game Chick x Loderi Helen


684 RSN (Luna Crown #22 x Dexter Yellow) from Fetterhof x Whitney Late Orange


685 MCU macrophyllum Albion Ridge x Lonny


686 MCU macrophyllum Albion Ridge x [(macabeanum x Loderi King George) x falconeri


687 CHR macrophyllum x Blue Boy


688 CHR macrophyllum x Mary Drennen


689 CHR macrophyllum x Persia


690 WEA Madfort (Henry Dupont) x sutchuenense


691 AHN makinoi x Bob Bovee


692 ANG makinoi x (Champagne x Butter)# 1


693 AHN makinoi x (Crest x macabeanum)


694 AHN makinoi x Crimson Pippin


695 SHN makinoi x pachysanthum) x Trinity


696 SHN makinoi x pachysanthum) x (yak x bureauvii)


697 SHN (makinoi x pachysanthum) x (yak x hamaelum) #6


698 AHN makinoi x Summer Peach


699 AHN makinoi x Tan


700 AHN makinoi x (yak x macabeanum)#10 -Barlup


701 CHR [Malahat x (Fabia x bureauvii) x (Fabia x Margaret Dunn)


702 MUR (Margolit x Phipps Yellow #32) x TT123 =(Mary Guthlein x Phipps Yellow #32) x (Schlaikjer's Yellow


x Phipps Yellow #32)


703 GUS Marquis of Waterford x Kristen Marie


704 GUS Marquis of Waterford x Peter Faulk


705 CHR Martha Peste x Hobbies Apricot


706 RSN Mary Belle x Ben Lancaster


707 CHR Mary Belle x (CP Raffill x fortunei


708 HIG Mary Belle x Indie (selfed)


709 SHN Mary Garrison x Yellow Victoria


710 ASA [(Marybelle x Golden Star) x Betty White] x [Arctic Gold x (Hargrove's Deep Yellow x


Phipps Yellow #32)]


711 CHR Mavis Davis x Lem's Salmon


712 WEA maximum good pink x thomsonii


713 HAR maximum (White form) x (Red Olympia x Kuala Khan)


714 GRY (maximum x Barbara Cook) x Trinidad


715 OLR [maximum x (Brookville x Mary Garrison)] x September Song


716 ASA [(Merley Cream x Golden Star) x Fiery Orange] x Capistrano


717 JAC metternichii v. michranthum HP


718 CHR Monsieur Guillemot x Silky Satin


719 WEA Morgenrot x proteoides


720 CHR Mother of Pearl x Gretzel


721 CHR Mother of Pearl x Karen Triplett


722 CHR Mother of Pearl x Mary Belle


723 CUN [(Mrs. Davis Evans x Virginia Delp) x Calsap] x sibling


724 MCH Mrs. Furnival x Lady Bird


725 WOD (Mrs. Howard Phipps x Gold Medal) #2 x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)]


726 WOD (Mrs. Howard Phipps x Gold Medal) #2 x (Phipps Yellow #32 x 1000 Butterflies)


727 CHR Mrs. Lamont Copeland x unamed yellow


728 CHR Mrs. Lamont Copeland x Whitney's Yellow #4


729 ROB Mrs. Williams x Cadis


730 MCU (My Lady x Rose Scott) x Mysterious Maddenii


731 CHR Nancy Evans x Apricot Nectar


732 CHR Nancy Evans x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


733 CHR Nancy Evans x Holy Moses


734 WOD Nancy Evans x (Phipps #91 x Phipps Yellow #32)


735 WAT Nancy Evans x Tropicana


736 WAT Nancy Evans x Tropicana


737 WOD Naselle x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)]


738 WOD Naselle x Sonnenschein (Hachmann)


739 CHR Nelda Peach x Polynesian Sunset


740 MEL (Newa x deconum) x Fabia


741 MEL Newa x [(Nymphenburg x Inamorata) x Old Copper]


742 CHR Noyo Brave x Fantasy


743 OHA (Noyo Brave x strigillosum) x degronianum


744 CHR Noyo Chief x fortunei


745 MCU nutalli JP Evans x lindleyii Bob Scott


746 MEL [(Nymphenburg x Inamorata) x Old Copper] x yellow hybrid


747 MEL Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein x [(Nymphenburg x Inamorata) x Old Copper]


748 CHR Odee Wright x Polynesian Sunset


749 CHR Odee Wright x Pridenjoy


750 GRY Oh My x (Cindy Lou x Seranata)


751 WYL Old Copper x Rising Sun


752 CHR Orange Marmalade x Karen Triplett


753 CHR Orange Marmalade x Satin Gold


754 CHR Orchid Sunset x H.L. Larson


755 WOD Outlook x {[Lem's Cameo x (CIS x rex)] x Hansel}


756 WOD Outlook x Rocky Point (Barlup)


757 WOD Outlook x Windsong (Barlup)


758 CHR Pacific Sunset x 1000 Butterflies


759 CHR Pacific Sunset x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


760 CHR Pacific Sunset x (CP Raffill x fortunei)


761 CHR Pacific Sunset x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


762 CHR Papaya Punch x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]


763 RSN Papaya Punch x Janet Blair


764 CHR Papaya Punch x Pierce's Apricot


765 CHR Papaya Punch x (Whitney Buff x Cameo)


766 GOH (Paprika Spiced x Amigo II) x eclecticum


767 CHR Paprika Spiced x Hill's Bright Red


768 HAR Paprika Spiced x (Red Olympia x Kubla Khan)


769 GOH [Paprika Spiced x (Yellow Loderi x Carita Golden Dream)] x [(Chlorops x diaprepes) x


Venator] tall form


770 MCU Parle Vos x Alfred Martin


771 MCU Parle Vos x Mi Amor


772 MCU Parle Vos x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838


773 GUS Peach Cobbler x Yellow Victoria


774 WEA Peaches x (vernicosum x Queen Elizabeth II) orange, BPT 95QER


775 BEU Peachy Jean x [Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)


776 WOD [Percy Wiseman x (Hotei x Lackamas Cream) x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps #32)]


777 ASA Phipps #32 x Capistrano


778 GUS (Picotee x Shapiro Starbright #3) x Tem. Meads


779 CHR Pierce's Apricot x Hobble's Apricot


780 WAT Pink Prelude x Peter Faulk


781 CHR Princess Mary of Cambridge x Perfectly Pink


782 HAR pseudochrysanthum m selfed


783 AND pseudochrysanthum x Elizabeth


784 AHN pseudochrysanthum x yak


785 AHN pseudochrysanthum x yak K.Wada


786 STF pseudosmithii x Connecticut Yankee


787 MCU Quala-A-Wa-Loo x Beverly Court


788 MCU Quala-A-Wa-Loo x California Gold


789 MCU Quala-A-Wa-Loo x (My Lady x Rose Scott)82-838


790 BEU Queen Anne's x [Golden Star x (Jalisco x yak)]


791 MCH Queen Anne's x Masada


792 ROB Queen Anne's x Nelda Peach


793 AHN Queen Anne's x (Percy Wiseman x September Song) Ahern


794 AHN Queen Annes x (September Song x Orange Honey)-Ahern


795 AHN Red River x (Crest x macabeanum)


796 AHN Red River x Moser's Maroon


797 AHN Red River x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)


798 AHN Red River x Pink Prelude


799 GRY Red River x Purple Splendor


800 CHR Ring of Fire x Moonwax


801 HIG Rio x Indie (selfed)


802 WOD [(Rio x Orange Marmalade) x Viennese Waltz] x (Phipps Yellow #32 x 1000 Butterflies)


803 OLR Rockhill Sunday Sunrise x (hyperythrum x maximum)


804 OLR RockhiIl Sunday Sunrise x Paula


805 BEU Roman Candle x Yellow Jack (Caroline x Crest)


806 SHN Roseum Elegans x Ariane (German Insigne hybrid)


807 SHN Roseum Elegans x Crest


808 ASA Roseum Elegans x Irene Stead


809 SHN Roseum Elegans x Marcel Minaud (very deep maroon-purple)


810 SHN Roseum Elegans x {[Purple Splendor x (yak x Charles Dickens)] x 1000 Butterflies}


811 SHN Roseum Elegans x Seestadt Bremenhaven


812 SHN Roseum Elegans x (yak x A. Bedford)


813 SHA roxieanum oreonastes Crarae form x Blewbury


814 RAB Russell Harmon x Lodauric


815 CHR Ruth Davis x Mt. Clearview


816 JAE Sappho x yak


817 AHN Scintillation x (Crest x macabeanum)


818 CHR Scintillation x Golden Star


819 HIG (Scintillation x Goldfort) x Rio


820 WNK Scintillation x hyperythrum


821 AHN Scintillation x (Lem's Apricot x williamsianum) from June Sinclair


822 RLY (Scintillation x maximum) x (Evening Glow x Crest)


823 RLY (Scintillation x maximum) x Golden Gala


824 AHN Scintillation x Nelda Peach (Jim Barlup)


825 MUR (Scintillation x PhippsYellow #32) x [Pacific Gold x (Dumpers Yellow x Phipps #32)]


826 SHN Scintillation x Point Defiance


827 SHN Scintillation x [(Puget Sound x Unimax) x Yaku Incense]


828 CHR Scintillation x September Song


829 AHN Scintillation x Spellbinder


830 SHN Scintillation x Sunspray


831 SHN Scintillation x Temple Meads (=J. Blair x Hindustan)


832 AHN Scintillation x (yak x macabearum) Jim Barlup


833 BEU (Scintillation x yak) x Nestucca


834 MCU Scott's Starbright x Alfred Martin


835 MCU Scott's Starbright x Patricia Marie


836 MCU Senator Jackson x [(macabeanum x Loderi King George) x falconeri]


837 OLR September Song x (Arthur Warren x Tim Craig)


838 AHN September Song x Bob Bovee


839 AHN September Song x Calsap


840 AHN September Song x fortunei


841 AHN September Song x makinoi


842 AHN September Song x Newburyport Belle


843 AHN September Song x Percy Wiseman


844 AHN September Song x Peter Tigerstedt


845 AHN September Song x White Dimples


846 AHN September Song x White Peter


847 CHR Shrimp Girl x Pridenjoy


848 CHR Silky Satin x Angel's Dream


849 CHR Silky Satin x Black Sport


850 CAR Silver Lady x microgynum


851 GUS Slocock G3 x Kristen Marie


852 CHR Soft Satin x Golden Star


853 CUN Sonatine x [fortunei x (Janet Blair x Pinnacle)]


854 AHN Spellbinder x (Crest x macabeanum)


855 AHN Spellbinder x Pink Prelude


856 AHN Spellbinder x williamsianum


857 AHN Spellbinder x (yak x macabeanum) #10 Jim Barlup


858 MCU Starbright III x Patricia Marie


859 CHR Sunny Day x Pepperpot


860 HIG Sunsheen x Indie (selfed)


861 MCU Sunspray x [(macabeanum x Loderi King George) x falconeri]


862 CAR sutchunense x strigillosum


863 CHR Swen x Jean Marie


864 CHR Thor x Fred Hamilton


865 CHR Thor x September Song


866 CHR Tofino x Medusa


867 ASA Tortoiseshell Orange x (yak Exbury x maximum white form)


868 PAI Tripetaleia bracteata from Hokkaido


869 MCU Tyermanii x lindieyii Bob Scott form


870 CHR unamed yellow x George's Delight


871 CHR Unique Marmalade x (Brigadoon x Cameo)


872 CHR Unique Marmalade x Frank Heuston


873 MCU unknown pink cilicalyx hybrid x California Gold


874 MCU unknown pink ciliicalyx hybrid x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838


875 MCU unknown pink ciliicalyx hybrid x Mysterious Madenii


876 MCU unknown pink ciliicalyx hybrid x (Rose Scott x self) 81 HX 11


877 LOO V6609 (Sister to Vinemount) x Fiery Orange


878 AJB vernicosum R18139 hp


879 WEA (vernicosum x Queen Elizabeth II) orange, BPT 95QER x (Berg's Yellow x proteoides)


880 WEA (vernicosum x Queen Elizabeth II) orange, BPT 95QER x proteoides


881 WEA (vernicosum x Queen Elizabeth II) orange, BPT 95QER x sibling. yellow/red throat


882 RLY Vinecrest x Phipps Yellow #32


883 LOO Vinecrest x Sweet Lulu


884 WOD [(Voluptous x Phipps Yellow #32) x Unique Marmalade] x [(Dumpers Yellow x Phipps Yellow


#32) x 1000 Butterflies)] 30+flowers/truss


885 CHR Vulcan x Bergie Larson


886 ROB Vulcan x Cadis


887 YAS [(Vulcan x Evening Glow) x Polynesian Sunset] x Anniversary Gold


888 MCU Vulcan's Flame x Percy Wiseman


889 SHN Vulcan's Flame x (tall yak x smirnowii EM)


890 MCU War Bonnet x [(macabeanum x Loderi King George)] x falconeri]


891 WEA wardii (KW 4170) x proteoides


892 WNK (wardii x fortunei) x self


893 BEU Weldy x Yellow Jack


894 RAB Whitestone x Calsap


895 RAB Whitestone x Victoria's Consort


896 CHR Whitney Yellow #4 x Berg's Yellow


897 CHR (Whitney's Buff x Cameo) x Sept. Song


898 WIL William Avery x Pink Walloper


899 ASA (Witch Doctor x maximum white form) x [Pacific Gold x (Dumper's Yellow x Phipps Yellow #32)]


900 ASA (Witch Doctor x maximum white form) x (Voluptous x Phipps #32)


901 CHR Woody Peach x Ruby Bowman


902 MCH yak Exbury x Abendsonne


903 HVY yak Exbury x adenogynum.


904 HVY yak Exbury x argyrophyllum 'Chinese Silver'


905 MCH yak Exbury x Bergie Larson


906 HVY yak Exbury x degronianum 'Enamoto'


907 WNZ yak Exbury x Flemenco


908 HVY yak Exbury x uvarifolium.


909 HVY yak Exbury x wiltonii


910 MCH yak Pierce x Abendsonne


911 MCH yak Pierce x Lady Bird


912 AHN yak White Velvet x (Crest x macabeanum)


913 AHN yak White Velvet x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)


914 BRO (yak x Butter) #5 x (yak x Butter) #6


915 BRO (yak x Butter) #6 x (aureum x Prelude)


916 WVT (yak x Gypsy King) x Rubicon


917 SNK (yak x pachysanthum) ARS 84-188 x recurvoides


918 HIG [(yak x smirnowii) x maximum] x (Boule de (Neige x Sammetglut)


919 WEA [(yak x wardii) f2 x (chrysanthum x Prelude) BPT 805] cream #2 RSCAR 89-188 x vernicosum R18139 peach

920 WEA [(yak x wardii) f2 x (chrysanthum x Prelude) BPT 805] yellow x cream sibling


921 LAR Yaku Angel x mimetes


922 CHR Yaku Sunrise x George's Delight


923 MCH Yaku Sunrise x Irene Bain


924 LAR Yaku Sunrise x Marie Starks


925 ARS yakushimanum x degronianum




Species Open Pollinated $2.00





926 SCL albrechtii op


927 PAI aureum cream, from Honshu OP


928 PAI aureum from Mt. Daisetsu OP


929 PAI aureum tall form OP


930 LAR AZ Gregory Bald pink, low, compact, OP


931 COL bakeri cumberlandense 'My Red'


932 TIG brachycarpum tigerstedtii OP


933 COL calendulaceum MP 419.2 purple/maroon, good fall foliage


934 COL calendulaceum My Flame, opens pale yellow gradually changes to orange/red uniformly


935 WAT calendulaceum op


936 PAI camtschaticum ssp camtschaticum OP


937 HNT canadense OP


938 HNT canadense OP very dark form


939 SNK chamaethomsoni RSF 66/545 OP


940 PRZ chapmanii OP


941 ISH decandrum f. lasiocalpum OP Tokyo


942 WAT fictolacteum op


943 KLN fortunei ssp discolor RSF 62/140 OP


944 ISH hanoense OP Tokyo


945 ARS hyperythrum op


946 PAI Japonicum f. aureum from Hokkaido OP, brassy yellow, compact form


947 BRU kiusianum


948 ISH komiyamae op Tokyo


949 KLN luteum OP


950 BRU maximum


951 ARS metternichii


952 KLN periclymenoides OP


953 COL Pink Choptank op


954 KLN prinophyllum op


956 ISH sanctum OP Tokyo


957 SVN schlippenbachii op


958 ISH tashiroi OP Kamakura


959 HAR thayeranum OP


960 FLA vaseyi op


961 SCL vaseyi White Find op


962 ISH viscistylum OP Tokyo


963 BRU viscosum


964 ISH weyrichii purple red flower, OP Tokyo


965 ISH weyrichii v. psilostylum OP Tokyo






Evergreen Azaleas HP $ 2.00




966 PRZ Banku x Williamsburg


967 PRZ Ben Morrison x pink/white very floriferous seedling


968 PRZ Ben Morrison x Sweetheart Supreme


969 PRZ Elsie Lee x Ben Morrison


970 PRZ Elsie Lee x Cavendishii


971 PRZ Elsie Lee x (George Tabor x Formosa)


972 PRZ Elsie Lee x Gloria Steil


973 PRZ Elsie Lee x Vibrant


974 PRZ Ivan Anderson x White Gumpo


975 WEA (kiusianum. Berg x Lady Louise) E90-3 x Eikan


976 WEA kiusianum Hinode x Eikan


977 WEA (nakahari Orange x kaempferi) x Eikan


978 WEA Nancy of Robinhill x (kiusianum Berg x Lady Louise) E90-3


979 PRZ Oldhamii x I.B.D.


980 PRZ Oldhamii x Oldhamii


981 PUR (poukhanense x florists salmon) selfed


982 CLE prohophyllum ( prinophyllum ??)


983 PRZ Red Fountain x Williamsburg


984 PRZ Shira Fuji x Oldhamii


985 PRZ Shugetza x Oldhamii


986 WEA Verena x (nakahari Orange x kiusianum Mt. Fuji) f2


987 PRZ Ward's Ruby x Bess Hollack


988 PRZ Ward's Ruby x Midnite Flare


989 HAR White Throat x #9702 (large flowered coral pink)




Deciduous Azaleas HP $ 2.00




990 JNK arborescens x cumberlandense


991 JNK (arborescens x prunifolium) x (arborescens x prunifolium)


992 ROB bakeri x occidentale


993 JNK calendulaceum orange x calendulaceum orange


994 JNK calendulaceum x alabamense


995 JNK calendulaceum x arborescens


996 JNK cumberlandense orange x (cumberlandense x arborescens)


997 WTN kaempferi album x kaempferi f. latesepalum album


998 WTN kaempferi f. latesepalum album x kaempferi album


999 LAR nudiflorum purple OP


1000 MCU occidentale Crescent City 1104 x Jerry Harris' (Queen 5 x Princess 1)


1001 JNK Oconee x alambamense


1002 JNK Oconee x arborescens


1003 ROB (prunifolium x arborescens) x occidentale


1004 ROB (prunifolium x viscosum) x occidentale




Companion Plants $ 2.00




1005 BRO Aquilegia flabellata


1006 RTH Arisaema angustata var. peninsular tall variegated Jack in the Pulpit


1007 LCH Clematis addisonii


1008 LCH Clematis alpina


1009 GAL Clethra acuminata cw Cumberland Pass. Great Smokey Nat'l Park


1010 WIL Cyclamen coum album


1011 WIL Cyclamen coum crimson


1012 WIL Cyclamen coum Nymans


1013 WIL Cyclamen coum pewter leaves, purple flowers


1014 WIL Cyclamen coum S26/N653


1015 WIL Cyclamen coum ssp coum Maurice Dryden 1016 WIL Cyclamen cyprium


1017 WIL Cyclamen hederifolium album


1018 WIL Cyclamen hederifolium Bowles Apollo


1019 WIL Cyclamen libanoticum


1020 WIL Cyclamen mirabile


1021 WIL Cyclamen persicum


1022 WIL Cyclamen repandum ssp repandurn


1023 WNZ enkianthus


1024 KLN enkianthus perulatus


1025 BRO Galax urceolata


1026 RTH gentiana uchiyamai , intense cobalt blue


1027 WNK Halesta montocola 'Vestita'


1028 SCL Hydrangea aspera ssp sargentiana


1029 SCL Hydrangea aspera v. sargentiana


1030 PAI Hydranges paniculata from Hokkaido, wild species


1031 PRZ Kalmia latifolia SE Virginia


1032 SCL Lewlsia cotyledon fuschia


1033 CLE Lilium canadense


1034 CLE Lilium martagon mixture


1035 RTH Lilium pumilum


1036 RTH Lilium tsingtanensis , leaves in whorls like martagon


1037 RTH Lilium tsingtavens lvs in whorls like martagon


1038 JNK Lobelia cardanalis


1039 CLE Lysirratchia clethroides Lady Jane'


1040 RSF Meconopsis betonicifolia


1041 WEA Menziesia ciliicalyx dwarf form


1042 WEA menziesia ciliicalyx dwarf form x menziesia ferrugineum Blue Form


1043 WOD Metasequoia glyptostryboides Dawn Redwood


1044 LCH paeonia species, dwf 16", red


1045 CLE Peltiphyllum peltatum


1046 SCL Penstemon strictus 'Sensation'


1047 BRO Pieris floribunda


1048 SCL Pleione formosana Blush of Dawn


1049 SCL pleione speciosa


1050 LCH Primula beesiana


1051 LCH Primula florindae


1052 CLE Rodgersia aesculifolla


1053 PRZ Sabal louisiana, 5-7 ft low palm


1054 PAI Shortia soldanelloides


1055 JNK Silphium perfoltatum


1056 SCL Stewartia japonica


1057 SCL tigridia red/orange


1058 WOE Trillium undulatum c.w. Vermont


Hybrids OP $2.00




1059 WOD April Snow op


1060 SNK Dartmoor Rose OP


1061 LOO Delp's (tet. carolinianum x Watchung) op


1062 WOD Enkianthus palibini white flowers, best fall color


1063 JAE Nippon op (=wardii x Siedel)


1064 WOE Red River f2


1065 COL Skinner Hybrids Mix. collected from the former property of H. Skinner




Addendum: From Gene & Margaret Pflug


1066 arboreum cinnamomeum x elegantulum


1067 Taku x rex


1068 Fabur x rex


1069 Winsome x elegantulum


1070 Fabur x fictolacteum


1071 Taku x elegantulum


1072 Taku x wasonii


1073 bureauvii x pachysanthum


1074 Ken Janek x pachysanthum


1075 Winsome x arboreum cinnamomeum


1076 Winsome x Elizabeth Reid


1077 (yak x Susan) x Ken Janek


1078 (yak x Susan) x elegantulum


1079 Bronze Wing x Elizabeth Red


1080 Elizabeth Red x neriflorum rosevallon


1081 metterianum x Golfer


1082 Dreamland x Unique


1083 Taku x (yak x Susan)


1084 arboreum cinnamomeum x neriflorum rosevallon


1085 Ken Janel x Unique


1086 elegantulum x neriflorum rosevallon


1087 Winsome x (yak x Susan)


1088 Winsome x neriflorum rosevallon


1089 yak x neriiflorum rosevallon


1090 Dreamland x Ken Janek


1091 Winsome x Bronze Wing


1092 yak Whitney form x Unique


1093 Ken Janek x macabeanum


1094 Taku x arboreum cinnamomeum


1095 Bronze Wing x neriflorum rosevallon


1096 Dreamland x Unique


1097 Teddy Bear x neriiflorum rosevallon


1098 Taku x neriiflorum rosevallon







Ahern Tom

Bethlehem, Pa




Andersen Eva & Henning





Anderson Alan J. B.





Anderson Allan & Shirley

Franklin Lakes, N J




Angelini Anthony

Torrington, C T




Barfod H. R. Niels M.





Barlup Jim

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Beaudry Jean & Norman

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Hinton Dave










Ishida , Mr Shin Ichi





Jack , Joachim





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Jensen , Pedar Hjorth

Karup J.




Japan Rhod. Society





Justice , Clive L.

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Kline , Howard

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384,386,921 mm





1007-8,1044, mm


Looye , Jack





Marchand Jim

Ashland M A




Mccullough , Mike

San Jose, C A




Mclellan George Keen

Gloucester, V A




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Rhod. Species Gard.

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Sato Susumu

Tsuruoka-chi Yamagata




Schaarup Palle





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Stafford , William

Milltown, N J




Staune Clause Jesper





Svensson Lars





Tigerstedtii ?





Trautmann Christopher

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6823 Bk Arnhem




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