(corrections with bold)

Special Category $ 5.oo


††† 1 RSF adenosum 75 / 325, pale pink w/ purple flecks x adenosum 76/ 138, pale pink w / purple flecks

††† 2 NIEaganniphum glaucopeplum. JN950, atl. 3800m, thin indumentum, larger leaves, different from

†† aganniphum in this location. Seed of selected plant with large purple blotched white flower

††† 3 NIEaganniphum JN926, alt. 4050m, typical thick spongy indumentum

††† 4 RSFalbiflorum WC, white, bowl shaped. Culchuk Lake, Wa. 5,000í alt.

††† 5 SCLalbrechtii darkest red x albrechtii dark red

††† 6 SCLalbrechtii dark red x albrechtii dark red

††† 7 SCLalutaceum v. russotinctum Dwyack x self

††† 8 RSFamagianum 77 / 588 carmine with magenta flecks x amagianum 73 / 356 carmine w / darker flecks

††† 9 RSFamagianum73 / 356 carmine w / darker flecks x amagianum 77 / 588 carmine with magenta flecks

10 BAR (Anita Dunstan x Lem's Cameo) x Golden Gala

11 BAR (Anita Dunstan x Lem's Cameo) x Mrs. Furnivall

12 NIEaperantum JN768, alt. 3850m, only second reintroduction for many years

13 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Calsap

14 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Canadian Sunset

15 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Capistrano

16 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Goldsworth Orange

17 BAR Apricot Fantasy x (Mrs. J.C. Williams x yak)

18 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Pirouette

19 BAR Apricot Fantasy x Skookumchuck

20 WOD (Apricot Fantasy x Snow's Red) x (Brasilia x Viennese Waltz) #2

21 WOD (Apricot Fantasy x Snow's Red) x ((Gold Medal x Bud's Yellow #3) x [(Dumper's Yellow fortunei

x Phipps Yellow #32) x 1000 Butterflies}

22 WOD (Apricot Fantasy x Snow's Red) x {(Percy Wiseman x 1000 Butterflies) x [(yak x Phipps Yellow

#32) x Viennese Waltz]}

23 BAR Apricot Fantasy x (yak x Comstock)

24 BAR Apricot Fantasy x (yak x macabeanum)

25 PFG arboreum x self

26 RSF armitii (vireya) 87 / 037 white flushed pink x self

27 RSF atlanticum 73/ 010 rose tipped buds open to white with rose colored glands on petals x atlanticum

76 / 274 white flushed rose on tube outside lobes on the ridge

28 RSF atlanticum 74 / 133 white flushed rose on tube & outside on ridge of tube x atlanticum

73/ 010 rose tipped buds open to white with rose colored glands on petals

29 RSF augustinii 75 / 131 pastel lavender (red-purple undertones) with gold -green flecks x augustinii

'Barto Blue', lavender, red-purple near outer corolla base, with gold

30 RSF augustinii 77 / 789 lavender x augustinii 75 / 131 pastel lavender (red-purple undertones) with gold

-green flecks

31 PFG augustinii x self

32 RSF auriculatum 67 / 698 white and fragrant AM 1922 x self

33 RSF auritum 65/ 269 straw yellow, tinged red on lobes x self

34 NIE balfourianum JN913, alt. 3700m, found growing near limestone cliffs

35 BRG (Bambi x proteoides #16) x (yak x macabeanum)

36 SCL barbatum red barbs cw Sikkim x barbatum red barbs cw

37 PFG barbatum x self

38 NIE beesianum JN921, alt.3900m, common in fir forest in the wild, rare in cultivation

39 BAR Bernstein x Canadian Sunset

40 RSF bureauvii 83 / 036 rose buds opening to white flushed slightly pink, with magenta x bureauvii

76/ 190 rose buds open to white flushed rose, with maroon flecks

41 RSF bureauvii 64 / 030 white with maroon flecks on upper lobes x bureauvii 751081 white with pink

AM 1939

42 RSF bureauvii 75 / 081 white with pink AM 1939 x bureavii 84/147 white flushed pink

43 BAR (bureauvii x Ken Janek) x (yak x macabeanum)

44 WOOD (Butter Brickle x White Peter) x Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein (Meltzer)

45 RSF calendulaceum 94 / 054 `Cherokee' x calendulaceum 811076 polyploid orange

46 RSF callimorphum aff. 75/041 rose with maroon blotch x self

47 RSF callimorphum ARS 84-478 x callimorphum 94/376

48 WAT [(calophytum x Sarita Loder) x macabeanum #6] x Double Winner

49 WAT [(calophytum x Sarita Loder) x macabeanum #6] x Loderi Venus

50 NIE calostrotum ssp riparioides JN765, alt.3750m, larger form also known as Rock's form

51 NIE caloxanthum aff. JN759, alt. 3550m, bluish green leaves similar in size and shape to


52 BAR Calsap x (Susan x falconeri)

53 FJK (Calstocker x Dot) x Ken Janek tetraploid

54 NIE campylogynum JN 1047, alt. 3950m

55 SCL camtschaticum Cox x camtschaticum Cox

56 RSF camtschaticum red purple with magenta flecks x self

57 BAR Capistrano x macabeanum

58 WOD Catwalk x (Brasilia x Viennese Waltz) #2

59 SCL cerasinum Cherry Brandy form x cerasinum C.B.

60 WAT Chief Seattle x barbatum

61 WAT Chief Seattle x (agastrum x strigillosum)

62 NIE clementinae JN722, alt.3800m, seed of several plants, some with very fine foliage

63 NIE clementinae JN723, alt. 3800m, a selected pink flowered form

64 NIE clementinae JN729, alt. 3950m, seed of a selected large flowered plant

65 RSF collettianum 77 / 710 white x self

66 NIE complexum JN959, alt. 3800m, style a little longer (to 8mm) than originally described

67 NIE crinigerum JN756, alt. 3350m, an infrequently reintroduced species in recent years

68 NIE cyanocarpum JN 1031, alt. 3800m, seed from the upper part of the population

69 RSF decorum 75/ 268 `Uranium Green' pastel yellow in bud/white, faint yellow green flecks

70 NIE decorum JN895, alt. 3300m, common species, tolerant of rather poor conditions

71 RSF degronianum ssp degronianum 70/064 `Rae's Delight' deep rose with maroon flecks x self

72 RSF degronianum ssp degronianum. 70/ 064 'Rae's Delightí deep rose with maroon flecks

x degronianum ssp degronianum 'Dairiada' deep rose in bud opening to rose

73 RSF degronianum ssp yakushimanum 64 / 012 'Kochira Wada' FCC 1947 x degronianum ssp

yakushimanum 'Exbury Form' rose bud and green brown flecks

74 RSF degronianum ssp yakushimanum 83/ 100 white flushed pale rose (dwarf) x

degronianum ssp yakushimanum Exbury Form' rose bud and green brown flecks

75 RSF degronianum ssp yakushimanum. Exbury Form' rose bud and green brown flecks x degronianum

ssp yakushimanum 77/169

76 RSF diaprepes 'Gargantua' 75 / 104 white flushed faint rose purple with throat flecks x self

77 SCL dichroanthum Sunnydale x dicroanthum RSF

78 SCL dichroanthum x yak Exbury

79 NIE dichroanthum JN 1057, alt. 3150m, very few seed found

80 PFG Double Winner x Pink Prelude

81 WOD [(Dumper's Yellow Fortunei x Phipps Yellow #32) x 1000 Butterflies] x Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein


82 NIE edgeworthii JN1055, alt. 3150m, found growing on rocks like an epiphyte

83 RSF elegantulum 75 / 142 pink x elegantulum 73 / 336 pink buds opening to pinkish white with few or no

spots on throat

84 PFG Fabur x pachysanthum.

85 WOD Fantastica x (Margolit x Martha Phipps)

86 RSF faucium 91/ 028 pink with red spots on throat x faucium 91/ 027 pink with red spots on throat

87 PFG faucium x self

88 NEE fictolacteum JN 1030, alt. 3700m

89 PFG fictolacteum x Double Winner

90 PFG fictolacteum x fulvum

91 PFG fictolacteum x Pink Prelude

92 PFG fletcherianum x self

93 BRG fortunei FCC x self

94 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 64 / 055 fuschia pink buds / pastel pink magenta flecks, light fragrance x

fortunei ssp fortunei 76/340 fuschia pink buds/pastel pink magenta flecks, light fragrance

95 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 69 / 813 'Barto's Favorite' light pink and fragrant x self

96 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 76/ 340 fuschia pink buds/ pastel pink magenta flecks, light fragrance

x fortunei ssp fortunei 64/055 fuschia pink buds/pastel pink magenta flecks, light fragrance

97 RSF fortunei ssp fortunei 82 / 002 pink buds / pastel pink with yellow green throat x self

98 BAR Frank Galsworthy x {[(Fancy x yak) x Frank Galsworthy] x (Mrs. Dale Evans x Purple Splendor)}

99 PFG fulgens x self

100 SCL fulvum best form x self

101 PFG fulvum x Neato

102 PFG fulvum x Pink Prelude

103 SCL glaucophyllum album x self

104 BAR Golfer x (Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies)

105 RSF goodenoughii (vireya) 83/ 053 white x self

106 BAR Haaga x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

107 BAR Haaga x White Gold

108 BAR Hachmann's Charmant x Flaming Star

109 BAR Hachmann's Diadem x 1000

110 BAR Hachmann's Diadem x Senator Henry Jackson

111BAR Hachmann's Diadem x (Susan xfalconeri)

112 BAR Hachmann's Diadem x (yak x macabeanum)

113 NIE haematodes JN 1040, alt. 3950m, seed of exposed high altitude population

114 NIE haematodes ssp chaetomallum JN762, alt.3750m, with some indumentum on the upper surface

of the leaves

115 SCL haematodes ssp chaetomallum RSF x haematodes ssp chaetomallum RSF

116 PFG haematodes x self

117 NIE heliolepis JN 1053 alt.3650m, leaves densely scaled

118 NIE heliolepis JN758 alt.3450m, larger leaves to 10 cm

119 BAR Helsinki University x (Bambi x proteoides)

120 BAR Helsinki University x Hachmann's Charmant

121 BAR Helsinki University x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lemís Cameo)]

122 BAR Helsinki University x (yak x macabeanum)

123 NIE hippophaeoides JN946, alt. 3350m

124 RSF hodgsonii. 76/ 191 ruby red x hodgsonii 65 / 330 magenta with small blotch

125 BAR Horizon Dawn x Helsinki University

126 BAR Horizon Lakeside x Calsap

127 BAR Horizon Monarch x Gargantua

128 BAR Horizon Monarch x Point Defiance

129 BAR Horizon Monarch x TrudeWebster

130 BAR Horizon Monarch x Virgo

131 FJK (Hotei x yak KW) x [Crest x (CIS x rex)]

132 WOD (Hotei x yak) x [(yak x Hansel) x (Crest x lacteum)] Fujioka

133 RSF hyperythrum 76/ 038 rose buds open to white flushed rose with magenta flecks x hyperythrum

69 / 884 white

134 NIE idoneum ? JN960, alt.3800m, one of the Lapponicums most difficult to key out, seems to

fit the description of idoneum but doesn't look like telemateium

135 NIE impeditum ? JN 1038, alt. 3950m, easy to key out but tag was lost, cannot guarantee identity of seed

136 BAR Independance Day x Trinity

137 BAR Independance Day x Yellow Pippin

138 WOD (Ingrid Mehlquist x 1000 Butterflies) #2 x Snow's Red

139 NIE intricatum JN997, alt. 4000m

140 NIE irroratum JN987, alt. 3000m

141 PFG Janet Blair x Ken Janek

142 BAR Janet Blair x (Nancy Evans x Berg's Yellow)

143 BAR Janet Blair x Nelda Peach

144 PFG Janet Blair x smirnowii

145 BAR Janet Blair x (yak x macabeanum)

146 RSF javanicum (vireya) 78 / 089 deep orange w/ crimson throat x javanicum 94 / 376

147 BAR Jonathan Shaw x {[(Fancy x yak) x Frank Galsworthy] x (Mrs. Davie Evans x Purple Splendor)}

148 BAR Jonathan Shaw x Frank Galsworthy

149 BAR Jonathan Shaw x [yak x (Frank Galsworthy x Purple Splendor)]

150 BAR Karen Triplett x (yak x macabeanum)

151 NIE lacteum JN 1052, alt.3900m

152 RSF lacteum (vireya) 79 / 156 saffron yellow x self

153 SCL lanatum cw Sikkim x lanatum cw Sikkim

154 RSF leptanthum (vireya) 87 / 042 bright pink x self

155 RSF lutescens 74 / 079 'Bagshot Sands' yellow x lutescens 75 / 224 saffron yellow

156 RSF lutescens 75/224 saffron yellow x lutescens 74 / 079 'Bagshot Sands' yellow

157 RSF luteum 76 / 430 bright yellow x luteum 76/432 `Golden Comet' bright yellow

158 RSF luteum 80 / 065 bright yellow x luteum 76/432 `Golden Comet' bright yellow

159 BRG macabeanum Cecil Smith form, hp

160 RSF macgregoriae (vireya) 83 / 056 salmon pink x self

161 RSF maculiferum 65 / 253 rose pink buds opening to pastel rose fading to white, magenta x self

162 NIE maddenii ssp crassum JN 1058, alt. 2850m

163 BRG (mallotum x proteoides B-9003) x self

164 WOD (Martha Phipps x Phipps Yellow #32) x roxieanum var. oreonastes

165 BAR Mary Belle x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

166 RSF maximum 77/ 646 'Mt. Mitchell' x self

167 PFG Meerkerk Magic x elegantulum

168 BAR Midnight Mystique x Calsap

169 BAR Midnight Mystique x Golden Gala

170 BAR Midnight Mystique x Hachmann's Diadem

171 BAR Midnight Mystique x Helsinki University

172 BAR Midnight Mystique x Jonathan Shaw'

173 BAR Midnight Mystique x (Mrs. J. Williams x yak)

174 BAR Midnight Mystique x Pirouette

175 BAR Midnight Mystique x (yak x macabeanum)

176 BAR Midnight Mystique x (yak x Mars)

177 FJK Midnight Mystique x Polaris

178 RSF monstroseanum 80/ 050 pink w/ dark blotch at base x self

179 BAR (Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies) x Helsinki University

180 SCL mucronulatum v. taquetei dwf Cheju F1 x mucronulatum v. taquetei dwf Cheju F1

181 BAR Nancy Evans x Capistrano

182 BAR Nancy Evans x Hachmann's Charmant

183 BAR Nancy Evans x Junefire (Wister)

184 BAR Nancy Evans x Kathryna

185 BAR (Nancy Evans x Lionel's Triumph) x Canadian Sunset

186 BAR (Nancy Evans x Lionel's Triumph) x (yak x macabeanum)

187 BAR (Nancy Evans x Mrs. Furnivall) x Rio

188 WOD {Nancy Evans x [(yak x Mars) x Viennese Waltz]} x Pfaelzer Sonnenschein (Meltzer)

189 BAR Nelda Peach x (Bambi x proteoides)

190 BAR Nelda Peach x Canadain Sunset

191 BAR Nelda Peach x Cupcake

192 BAR Nelda Peach x Haaga

193 BAR Nelda Peach x Helsinki University

194 NIE neriiflorum JN 1028, alt. 3550m, seed from upper part of the population

195 RSF nipponicum 76/ 048 white x self

196 BAR Normandy x (yak x macabeanum)

197 RSF occidentale 76/049 `Leonard Frisbie' white /rose tube, apricot flair, frilled x

occidentale 77 / 388 picotee to red

198 RSF occidentale 77 / 388 picotee to red xoccidentale 76/ 049 `Leonard Frisbie' white /rose tube, apricot

flair, frilled

199 NIE oreotrephes JN741, alt. 3550m

200 NIE oresbium? JN841, alt.4450m, a tiny leaf Lapponica, at time of collection thought to

be telmateium drumonium but no scales found on remains of the corollas, calyx clearly seen

201 NIE orthocladum JN919, alt. 3900m, no flower seen, narrow oblong leaves

202 WOD Outlook x Ann Cree

203 WOD Outlook x [(Rio x Orange Marmalade) x Brandt'sTropicana]

204 PFG pachysanthum x self

205 WOD Pana (Delp) x 1000 Butterflies

206 WOD Pana (Delp) x Howard Kuhn

207 WOD (Percy Wiseman x 1000 Butterflies) # 1 x (Brasilia x Viennese Waltz) # 1

208 RSF periclymenoides 76/ 292 deep pink x periclymenoides 82/023 deep pink

209 BAR Peter Tigerstedt x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

210 BAR Peter Tigerstedt x (yak x macabeanum)

211 NIE phaeochrysum JN917, alt. 3800m

212 BAR Phipps Yellow #32 x [(Karen Triplett x yak) x Mrs. Lamont Copeland]

213 BAR Phipps Yellow #32 x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

214 BAR Phyllis Korn x Gargantua

215 FJK Phyllis Korn x Ken Janek tetraploid

216 WAT Pink Prelude x (agastum x strigillosum)

217 WAT Pink Prelude x [(irroratum x agastum) x calophytum ]

218 NIE platyphyllum JN784, alt. 3900m, similar to cephalanthum but with larger leaves

219 BAR (Point Defiance x Lem's Monarch) x Gargantua

220 BAR Point Defiance x Trude Webster

221 BAR Point Defiance x Very Berry

222 FJK Polaris x (Bob Bovee x Lem's Cameo)

223 FJK Polaris x roxeanum var. oreonastes

224 RSF praevernum 66/ 563 pink in bud, white flushed pink with deep maroon blotch x self

225 NIE primuliflorum JN842, alt. 4450m, commonly found in association with limestone

226 NIE proteoides JN819, alt. 4350m, from the upper part of the population

227 NIE proteoides JN827, alt. 4400m, from the upper part of the population

228 SCL (proteoides x tsariense) x self

229 RSF pseudochrysanthum 75 /076 slightly flushed rose with some magenta spotting on upper lobes x

pseudochrysanthum 73/410 carmine in bud, opens white flushed rose

230 NIE pubescens JN988, alt. 3000m, probably first reintroduction, very few seeds

231 RSF pumilum 77 / 728 pinkish-lavender x self

232 RSF quinquefolium 77 / 433 white x self

233 BAR R.O. Delp x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

234 BAR R.O. Delp x (yak x macabeanum)

235 SCL recurvoides RSF x recurvoides WB

236 WOD (Red River x Howard Kuhn) x Ananouri

237 SCL rex best form x self

238 RSF rex ssp rex 76/ 181 rose in bud x rex ssp rex 75 / 118 `Quartz' rose in bud, opening white-pink,

maroon blotch and flecks

239 PFG rex x Neato

240 PFG rex x Pink Prelude

241 NIE rigidum ? JN965, alt. 3100m, leaves only somewhat glaucous, yunnanense form?

242 SCL Rosevallon x Rosevallon

243 NIE rothchildii JN760, alt. 3650m

244 NIE roxieanum form JN 1013, alt. 4200m, oblanceolate leaves in this form sometimes called globigerum

245 NIE roxieanum JN740, alt. 3550m, very narrow leaves

246 NIE roxieanum JN923, alt. 4050m, narrow leaves

247 NIE roxieanum var cucullatum JN736, alt. 4100m, wide leaf with thick loose woolly indumentum

248 RSF roxieanum var oreonastes 74 / 038 rose tipped buds open to white with a few magenta spots

x roxieanum var oreonastes 74 / 117 white with pale magenta flecks

249 RSF roxieanum var oreonastes 74 / 117 white with pale magenta fleck x roxieanum var roxiearum

78/ 122

250 NIE rubiginosum JN940, alt. 3500m

251 NIE rupicola JN962, alt. 3750m, flower usually dark plum-purple

252 NIE rupicola var. chryseum JN862, alt.4200m, flowers yellow

253 BAR Santa Fe x (Berg's Yellow x Marie Starks)

254 BAR Santa Fe x Nelda Peach

255 BAR Sapporo x (Susan x falconeri)

256 RSF schlippenbachii 77/ 308 pink x self

257 WOD (Scintillation x Phipps Yellow #32) x (Margolit x Martha Phipps)

258 NIE scintillans JN746, alt. 3200m, now called polycladum

259 WOD (Scintillation x 1000 Butterflies) x (Margolit x Martha Phipps)

260 RSF scopulorum 80/ 135 white with primroseyellow blotch x self

261 NIE selense ssp jucundum JN 1029, alt.3650m

262 RSF semibarbatum 81/ 067 white flushed pink x self

263 BRG smirnowii best form x Fortune FCC

264 BRG smirnowii best form x proteoides

265 BRG smirnowii best form x (proteoides x pronoum)

266 PFG Snowbird, fragrant white Azalea hybrid x self

267 RSF souliei 77 / 663 x souliei 76/ 245

268 SCL souliei Cox x souliei Cox pink, beautiful flat faced flwrs

269 RSF spinuliferum 84 / 058 Blackwater' vermillion AM 1977 x self

270 NIE stewartianum JN761, alt. 3700m, a variable species, rarely reintroduced

271 BAR Summer Glow x (Independance Day x Mrs. Furnivall)

272 BAR Summer Glow x Nelda Peach

273 NIE taliense form JN1042, alt. 4000m, an undescribed variety with very thick indumentum and

persistent leaf budscale. Only found in very exposed area near mountain top

274 NIE taliense JN 1041, alt. 3950m

275 NIE tapetiforme JN861, alt. 4200m

276 PFG Teddy Bear x elegantulum

277 NIE telemateium diacritum ? JN630, alt. 3950m, another difficult one to key out, if

diacritum then not similiar to telemateium as far as I can tell

278 NIE telmateium JN 908, alt. 3600m, found growing on limestone cliffs, few seed only

279 PFG thomsonii x self

280 NIE traillianum JN719, alt. 3100m, smaller leaved western form (aberrans)

281 NIE trichostomum JN944, alt. 3100m

282 BAR Trinity x Hachmann's Diadem

283 BAR Trinity x (Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies)

284 BAR Trinity x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem's Cameo)]

285 BAR Trinity x Nelda Peach

286 BAR Trinity x (yak x macabeanum)

287 SCL tsariense RSF x tsariense WB

288 RSF vaseyi 75 / 510 rose x self

289 RSF vernicosum 75 / 328 vibrant magenta, spotted maroon x self

290 RSF vernicosum 79/ 152 pink buds open to white flushed pink x vernicosum 75 /328 vibrant magents,

spotted maroon

291 NIE vernicosum JN993, alt. 3100m

292 BAR Viennese Waltz x (Susan x falconeri)

293 BAR Viennese Waltz x (yak x macabeanum)

294 WOD Virginia Delp x Ann Cree

295 NIE wardii JN916, alt.3800m

296 NIE wardii var puralbum JN739, alt.3600m, a white flowered plant found in a population of wardii

litiense, so seedlings may not be all white

297 RSF weyrichii 73/298 salmon-pink x weyrichii 81/ 071 pink-red

298 PFG Winsome x smirnowii

299 PFG Winsome x yak

300 SCL yak Exbury x dichroanthum

301 PFG yak FCC x pachysanthum

302 PFG yak FCC x self

303 PFG yak x elegantulum

304 BAR (yak x lacteum) x Capistrano

305 BAR (yak x lacteum) x (yak x macabeanum)

306 PFG yak x pachysanthum

307 NIE yungningense ? JN996, alt. 4000m, small leafed Lapponica

308 NIE yunnanense JN885, alt. 3600m

309 PFG yunnanense x self

310 BRG zelanticum Brodick form x self


Species Hand Pollinated††† $ 2 00


311 BRO albrechtii x self

312 HAR arboreum x cinnamomeun x self

313 SHP bureavii x bureavii

314 AND campanulatum cw, white flowered with red spot, hp

315 KLN campanulatum white flowered, early x campanulatum RSF 641031

316 HAR chamaethomsonii x self

317 AND concinum lilac flowered hp

318 HAR dauricum(light pink) x dauricum (dark pink)

319 HRV degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' selfed

320 FLM degronianum ssp heptamerum selfed

321 JRSdegronianum ssp heptamerum var okiense pink, Hokkaido, hp

322 HLM degronianum ssp yakushimarum 'Exbury' selfed

323 HRV degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto'

324 HLM degronianum ssp yakushimarum 'Henry form' selfed

325 HLM degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Selected seedling' selfed

326 HLM degronianum ssp yakushimanum Whitney Form' selfed

327 HAR diaprepes 'Gargantua' x self

328 WAL edgeworthii Rock #56829 hp

329 HAR edgeworthii x self

330 ZIM elegantulum, Cox forms sibbed, hp

331 AND elegantulum x elegantulum rose flowers

332 ZIM eximeum selfed, hp

333 HAR fargesii x self

334 WEA ferrugineum Boulderwood' hp

335 HAR fletcherianum x self

336 HAR hunnewellianum ssp.rochii x self

337 HLM irroratum Polkadot' selfed

338 JEN japonicum (orange red) xjaponicum (orange red)

339 WEA lapponicum sibbed

340 ZIM macabeanum Lord Stairs x macabeanum Towercourt selfed hp

341 HLM makinoi selfed

342 BRK maximum Leachii selfed

343 SHA maximum red flowered /red leaved, original Gable plant hp

344 KILN mucronulatum album selfed

345 SHA mucronulatum Woodland Pink' x mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink'

346 HLM neriiflorum, selfed

347 HLM occidentale 'Leonard Fresbie' selfed

348 BRO oreodoxa var fargesii x self

349 HEA pumilum

350 ZIM souliei Cox form, sibbed hp

351 BRO sutchuenense x self

352 SHA vaseyi rose-red form hp

353 SHP wardii var wardii LS&T form x wardii var wardii both with a blotch

354 SHP williamsianum x williamsianum

355 GIL yak Exbury x yak FCC, seed treated with gibberillic acid

356 GIL yak FCC x yak Exbury, seed treated with gibberillic acid


Species Collected Wild$2


357 SAT albrechtii cw, 1000m, Mt. Gassam, Japan

358 ISH amagianum cw, Amagi, Japan

359 JRS brachycarpum. erimo pink, cw Cape Elimo

360 JRS brachycarpum pink, cw Hidaka

361 PEL calendulaceum cw Tucker Co. W.Va.

362 STE canescans pure wild, cw

363 JRS degronianum var hondoense pink, cw Gozaisho

364 JRS degronianum var hondoense pink, cw Pref. Nara

365 HAL ferrugineum cw 5500' Zermatt, Switzerland 1999

366 BNR macrophyllum cw, Del Norte Co., Ca 3500 ft, near Bear Basin

367 WEB macrophyllum cw Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada, Victoria Rhod. Society

368 STE maximum cw

369 PEL maximum cw Kumbrabow, WVa

370 LAR maximum cw N. Carolina 2300'

371 RIN maximum cw, Transylvania Co., NC

372 PEL minus cw Western Georgia

373 BNR occidentale cw, Josephine Co. Ore, 1500ft near Takilma

374 LAR periclymenoides cw, N.Carolina, 2300'

375 LAR periclymenoides cw, N. Carolina 2300'

376 PEL prinophyllum cw Dolly Sods, WVa

377 PEL prunifolium cw western Georgia

378 PEL vaseyi cw Blue Ridge Pkwy, NC

379 BRO viscosum cw Concord Mass

380 ISH wadanum op Tokyo, Japan

381 ISH weyrechii op, Kamakura Japan


Hybrids Hand Pollinated$ 2.00


382 OHA Nidaceurn x metternichii

383 GUS Amanda Joan Young x Cherokee

384 CHR Amaretto x Lem's Salmon

385 CHR Amaretto x Polynesian Sunset

386 MCU Anah Kruschke x macabeanum

387 MCU Anah Kruschke x [(macabeanum x Loderi King George) x falconeri]

388 MCU Anah Kruschke x (Noyo Brave x Coral Queen)

389 MCU Anah Kruschke x Queen Nefertiti

390 CHR Angel's Dream x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]

391 CHR Angel's Dream x Maryke

392 MAN Anna x Purple Splendor

393 MCU Annah Kruschke selfed

394 CHR Apricot Fantasy x (Fabia x bureauvii)

395 CHR Apricot Fantasy x September Song

396 BEU Apricot Flambe x 1000 Butterflies

397 BEU Apricot Flambe x Love Story

398 CHR Apricot Nectar x Golden Star

399 CHR Apricot Nectar x Goldsworth Orange

400 CHR Apricot Nectar x King Salmon

401 CHR Apricot Nectar x (Whitney Orange x Crest)

402 GUS Arthur Warren x (Ben's June Bride x Sunstruck)

403 MCU [(atlanticum x austrinum) x (an Exbury hybrid x austrinum)] x self

404 HAR azalea hybrid, white throat x Patsy Cline

405 WEA Baden Baden x brachycarpum roseum group #7

406 WEA Baden Baden x tanigerurn Roundwood'

407 SHA Baden Baden x Sumatra

408 MEL Balbina x Polar Bear

409 GOF Bell Ringer x fortunei Bellringer

410 CHR Belle Heller x Golden Star

411 AHN (Bellringer x Fashion Plate) Ahern selection x (Percy Wiseman x September Song# 1)

Ahem selection

412 AHN Bellringer x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)]

413 WEA Betty Hume x proteoides

414 WEA Betty Hume x roxieanum v. oreonastes

415 CHR Black Sport x Lem's Cameo hybrid, pink

416 CHR Black Sport x Lavender Princess

417 CHR Black Sport x Mike Davis

418 CHR Black Sport x Orange Marmalade

419 CHR Black Sport x Brandt's Tropicana

420 HLM Black Sport x Warlock

421 MEL Blauer Traum x fortunei

422 RIN Blazen Sun x Phipps Yellow #32

423 GUS Bog Bridge x (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant) #1

424 AHN brachycarpum x calophytum

425 AHN brachycarpum x crinigerum

426 AHN brachycarpum x pachysanthum

427 AHN brachycarpum x rex

428 AHN brachycarpum x roxianum oreonastes

429 GUS (Brasilia x Red Peach) #13 x Donna Hargrove

430 CHR Brittania x Orange Marmalade

431 CHR Brittania x Polynesian Sunset

432 MCU BRMM 91-1 orange x [(atlanticum x austrinum) x (an Exbury hybrid x austrinum)]

433 MCU BRMM 91-1 orange x blend of pollen from various Jerry Harris hybrids w/lge flowers and many

†††††††††† flwrs / truss

434 DEA Burma x Madrid

435 WOD (Butter Brickle x White Peter) x Sunstone (Barlup)

436 MCU Butterhorn x Mysterious Maddenii

437 MCU Butterhorn x Scott's Starbright

438 SHA calostrotum ssp keleticum #2 x dendrocharis

439 SHA calostrotum ssp keleticum Radicans Group x dendrocharis

440 CHR Lem's Cameo hybrid, pink x Holy Moses

441 CHR Lem's Cameo hybrid, pink x September Song

442 CHR Lem's Cameo hybrid, yellow x [(Fabia x bureauvii) x Marion Corley]

443 CHR Lem's Cameo hybrid, yellow x Goldsworth Orange

444 MAN Lem's Cameo x 1000 Butterflies

445 MAN Lem's Cameo x Pink Petticoats

446 MAN Lem's Cameo x Ring of Fire

447 GUS Cape White x Roman Festival (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant) #10

448 HIG Capistrano x Marybelle selfed

449 HIG Capistrano x yak Exbury from Edinburgh Bot.Garden

450 RSN Capt. Jack x Howard Kuhn

451 GRY (Catawbiense Album x wardii) x [(Casanova x Marybelle) x Jenny Poo]

452 MEL Catawbiense grandiflorum xfortunei

453 MEL Catawbiense grandiflorum x Polar Bear

454 CHR Celebrity x Polynesian Sunset

455 RIN (Cheyenne x Dead Ringer) x Yellow hybrid

456 AHN Consolini's Windmill x (Mardi Gras x Fashion Plate) Ahern selection

457 HAR Corneille x Princess Royal

458 CHR Corona hybrid x Golden Star

459 CHR Cosmopolitan x fictolacteum

460 AHN Crete x pachysanthum

461 AHN Crete x Rosemont (williamsianum hybrid)

462 MCU cubitii Ashcombe x Scott's Starbright pink, fragrant

463 JNK cumberlandense x catendulaceum yellow

464 JNK curnberlandense x viscosum.

465 MAR decorum (yellow form) x formosanum

466 HRV degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x makinoi

467 HRV degroniarum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x pseudochrysanthum

468 HRV degronianum. ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x clementinae

469 HRV degroniarum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x insigne

470 HRV degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x pachysanthum

471 HRV degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x pseudochrysanthum

472 HLM degronianum ssp yakushimaum 'selected seedling' x Whitney's Best Yellow

473 HRV degronianum ssp yakushimaum 'Yaku Angel' x makinoi

474 DON Dexter's Springtime x Phipps Yellow #32

475 SVN Diadem x Goldsworth Orange

476 SVN Diadem x wardii

477 BEU Don Kellam x 1000 Butterflies

478 RSN Don Kellam x (hyperythrum x Goldsworth Orange)

479 LAR (Donna Hargrove x Weston's Hardy Yellow) x Marie Starks

480 HLM (Dr. Rutgers x Smokey #9) x Warlock

481 MEL (Earl of Dunoughmore x fortunei) x A. Bedford

482 SCH Emmanuela x Prides Early Red

483 BEU Eveline's Favorite (Consolini hybrid grown by Ev. Pilkington) x 1000 Butterflies

484 CHR (Fabia x bureauvii) x Brandt's Tropicana

485 MEL Fabia x fortunei

486 MEL Fabia x Polar Bear

487 MEL [(Fabia x smirnowii) x smirnowii] x fortunei

488 CHR Fabur x Orange Marmalade

489 MAN Fantastica x 1000 Butteflies

490 MAN Fantastica x Coronation Day

491 GUS Fantastica x (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant) #1

492 GUS Fantastica x (Olga x Temple Meads) #4

493 MAN Fantastica x Polynesian Sunset

494 MAN Fantastica x Ring of Fire

495 GUS Fantastica x Roman Festival (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant) #10

496 FRM Fantastica x {[(Tally Ho x yak) x (Noyo Chief x yak)] x Jean Marie}

497 HAR fortunei (blush pink) x Cameo

498 CHR fortunei x Carita Cream

500 CHR fortunei x Yellow Pages

501 CHR Fred Hamilton x Autumn Gold

502 CUR Frontier x Lem's Salmon

503 CHR Frontier x Unique Marmalade

504 CHR Frontier x unregistered Larsen yellow

505 CHR Frontier x Yellow Pages

506 CHR George's Delight x Frontier

507 CHR George's Delight x Lem's Salmon

508 CHR George's Delight x (Loderi King George x Crest)

509 CHR George's Delight x Peggy Zabel

510 CHR George's Delight x Whitney Peach

511 CHR George's Delight x Yellow Pages

512 CHR Gertrude Bovee x Antoon Van Welie

513 CHR Gertrude Bovee x Mary Drennen

514 CHR Gertrude Bovee x Polynesian Sunset

515 SHA glaucophyllum white form x cilipiense op

516 MCU Golden Gate x Lem's Cameo

517 CHR Golden Star x Mary Drennen

518 FRM (Golden Star x Odee Wright) x [Golden Torch x (Goldfort x Odee Wright)]

519 CHR Golden Wedding x Karen Triplett

520 CHR Goldsworth Orange x Double Date

521 CHR Goldsworth Orange x King Salmon

522 CHR Goldsworth Orange x Monsieur Guillemot

523 AHN gymnocarpum x brachycarpum

524 CHR H.L. Larsen x Autumn Gold

525 CHR H.L.Larsen x Polynesian Sunset

526 SCH Haaga x {[(Jalisco x yak) x Joanita] x (Goldfort x Odee Wright)}

527 SCH Haaga x rex

528 SCH Haaga x (yak x macabeanum)

529 CHR Hachmann's Feuereschein x Multimaculatum

530 CHR Hachmann's Feuerschein x Graf Zeppelin

531 SCH Harold Amateis x (yak x J.M. deMontague)

532 CHR Hazel Fisher x Polynesian Sunset

533 WEA Henry's Red x (Carmen x brachycarpum Roseum Group)

534 HIG (Holden x Calsap) lt. pink w/red spots x Capistrano

535 CHR Holy Moses x Brandt's Tropicana

536 CHR Holy Moses x Woody Peach

537 BRK (Hotei x Phipps Yellow #32) x {[(wardii x dichroanthum) x fortunei] x Janet Blair} x

Golden Star}

538 CHR Hotei x September Song

539 BRK Hotei x {[(wardii x dichroanthum) x fortunei] x Janet Blair} x Golden Star}

540 ROB Hotei x Whitney Late Orange

541 GOF Hurricane x fortunei

542 HAR Hybrid #20 lge. flowered, ruffled

543 AHN hyperythrum x pachysanthum

544 RSN {[(Inca Gold x yak) x wardii 4170] x Dexter's Orange) x Golden Star

545 HIG Indie selfed (Ernest Stanton) x (R.O. Delp x Sweet Lulu)

546 CHR Jade x Brigadoon

547 FRM {[(Jalisco x yak) x Odee Wright] x (Golden Star x Odee Wright)) x {[Golden Star x

(Jalisco x yak) x (Golden Star x Odee Wright))

548 GUS Janet Blair x Arthur Warren

549 AHN Janet Blair x Caravalis

550 AHN Janet Blair x crinigerum

551 CHR Janet Blair x Double Date

552 ROB Janet Blair x Hernando

553 GUS [(Janet Blair x HP 141-75) x Red Peach] x (Ben's June Bride x Sunstruck)

554 AHN Janet Blair x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum) Fujioka selection

555 AHN Janet Blair x pachysanthum

556 GUS (Janet Blair x Pleasant Dream) x Shapiro Starbright

557 AHN Janet Blair x rex

558 ROB Janet Blair x Ring of Fire

559 GUS Janet Blair x Sassy Orange (Sedona x Hills Low Red) #2

560 ROB Janet Blair x Skipper

561 GUS (Janet Blair x Tan Crossing) #1 x (Olga x Temple Meads) #5

562 JEN japonicum (orange red, very floriferous) x luteum

563 CHR Jasper hybrid x Polynesian Sunset

564 CHR Jo Ann Newsome x Apricot Nectar

565 CHR Jo Ann Newsome x Polynesian Sunset

566 AHN (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)]Fujioka selection

567 AHN (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)# 1 Ahem selection

568 AHN (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x September Song

569 AHN (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x white fortunei hybrid

570 GUS Judy Spillane x Sassy Orange (Sedona x Hill's Low Red) #2

571 GUS Judy Spillane x Shapiro Starbright

572 MCU Kimberly Anne x caroliniarum compact

573 MCU Kimberly Anne x carolinianum Epoch

574 GUS Kristen Marie x Abbey Grange

575 SCH Kristin x David Gable

576 SCH Kristin x Rona Pink

577 CHR Lavender Princess x Holy Moses

578 CHR Lavender Princess x Trilby

579 CHR Lavender Princess x Brandt's Tropicana

580 CHR Lee's Dark Purple x Michael Waterer

581 AHN Lem's bureauvii x adenopodum

582 AHN Lem's bureauvii x Janet Blair

583 AHN Lem's bureauvii x maximum

584 CHR Lem's Tangerine x Angel's Dream

585 CHR Lem's Tangerine x Fred Hamilton

586 CHR Lem's Tangerine x Polynesian Sunset

587 CHR Lord Roberts x fictolacteum

588 BEU Love Story x Marybelle

589 MCU macrophyllum Albion Ridge x Sunspot

590 CHR macrophyllum x Antoon Van Welie

591 CHR macrophyllum x Brigadoon

592 CHR macrophyllum x Double Date

593 CHR macrophyllum x Golden Gala

594 CHR macrophyllum x Pink Flourish

595 CHR macrophyllum x Prince Camille de Rohan

596 CHR macrophyllum x Ted's Orchid Sunset

597 CHR macrophyllum x Tony

598 CHR macrophyllum x Trilby

599 AHN makinoi x calophytum

600 AHN makinoi x pachysanthum

601 GUS Marble Arch x Germania

602 CHR Marybelle x Karen Triplett

603 HIG [(Marybelle x Wyandanch Pink) x (R.O. Delp x Sweet Lulu)]

604 CHR Maryke x Prince Camille de Rohan

605 CHR Maryke x Woody Peach

606 CHR Mavis Davis x Brandt's Tropicana

607 CHR Mavis Davis x Woody Peach

608 CHR May Day x (Fabia x bureauvii)

609 CHR Medusa x Angel's Dream

610 CHR Michael Waterer x Abe Arnott

611 CHR Michael Waterer x Lee's Dark Purple

612 CHR Mike Davis x Abraham Lincoln

613 CHR Mike Davis x Abraham Lincoln

614 CHR Mike Davis x Gertrude Bovee

615 CHR Mike Davis x Holy Moses

616 CHR Misty Moonlightxunamed strigillosum hybrid

617 AHN Monaco x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)] Fujioka selection

618 CHR Monster Guillemot x Maryke

619 CHR Monster Guillemot x Purple Splendor

620 WEA Morgenrot x (Carmen xbrachycarpum Roseum Group)

621 CHR Mother of Pearl x Pridenjoy

622 MAN Mrs. Furnivall x 1000 Butterflies

623 CHR Mrs. Lammont Copeland x Holy Moses

624 CHR Mrs. Lammont Copeland x Holy Moses

625 CHR Mrs. Lammont Copeland x Tropicana

626 CHR Mrs. Lammont Copeland x Woody Peach

627 MAN Nancy Evans x 1000 Butterflies

628 KOR Nancy Evans x (Cameo x Tomeka) double flowered

629 CHR Nancy Evans x unamed strigillosum hybrid

630 HLM Nancy bans x Whitney's Best Yellow

631 MAN Naselle x 1000 Butterflies

632 MAN Naselle x Exotic

633 MAN Naselle x Nancy Evans

634 MAN Naselle x Pink Petticoats

635 MAN Nelda Peach x Polynesian Sunset

636 AHN Nestucca x Jean Marie

637 AHN Nestucca x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)# 1 Ahern selection

638 SCH Nova Zembla x Ruth Motley

639 LAR Noyo Brave x bureauvii Ardis-Haig'

640 MCU nutalli John Paul Evans x Else Frye

641 SHP obiculare ssp orbiculare x Temple Belle

642 MCU occidentale Crescent City 1104 x [(atlanticurn x austrirum) x (an Exburyhybrid x austrinum)]

643 MEL occidentale x bakeri 12

644 RSN Old Copper x {[(Inca Gold x yak) x wardii 4170] x Dexter's Orange)

645 CHR Ooh Gina x Gertrude Bovee

646 CHR Ooh Gina x Mary Drennen

647 MAN Ooh Gina x Polynesian Sunset

648 CHR Orange Marmalade x (C.P. Raffill x fortunei)

649 GUS Original Vagabond x Sassy Orange (Sedona x Hill's Low Red)

650 FAR Pacific Sunset x macabeanum JJF 99/ 2000

651 CHR Paprika Spiced x (Fabia x bureauvii)

652 CHR Paprika Spiced x September Song

653 CHR Party Pink x Polynesian Sunset

654 MCU Patricia Marie x Lady Chamberlain

655 CHR Peggy Zabel x George's Delight

656 CHR Peggy Zabel x unregistered Larsen yellow

657 MCU Percy Wiseman x Anniversary Gold

658 SCH Percy Wiseman x Nova Zembla

659 WYL (Percy Wiseman x September Song)#2 selfed

660 WYL (Percy Wiseman x September Song)#2 x Pumpkin Ridge

661 WYL (Percy Wiseman x September Song)#2 x Wi

662 CHR Peter Vermuelen x Holy Moses

663 CHR Pierce's Apricot x Tropicana

664 MEL Polar Bear selfed

665 SCH Polaris x Percy Wiseman

666 CHR Polynesian Sunset x Fred Hamilton

667 CHR Pridenjoy x (Fabia x bureauvii)

668 CHR Pridenjoy x Old Port

669 CHR Prince Camille de Rohan x Maryke

670 HAR Priness Royal x #20 (lge. flowered, ruffled occidentale)

671 BRK prunifolium x Lemon Drop

672 AHN pseudochrysanthum x bureauvii hybrid, medium pink

673 AHN pseudochrysanthum x pachysanthum

674 AHN pseudochrysanthum x (yak x pachysanthum)

675 BRK Purple Lace x Van Ness Sensation

676 CHR Queen's Wood x Yellow Pages

677 HIG R.O. Delp x Indie selfed

678 HIG (R.O. Delp x Sweet Lulu) x Capistrano

679 AHN Red River x Goldem Wit

680 AHN Red River x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)]

681 AHN Red River x neriiflorum. Rosevallon

682 AHN Red River x pachysanthum

683 AHN Red River x rex

684 SCH Rhein's Blue Ridge x Roseum Pink

685 WYL Rising Sun x (Percy Wiseman x September Song)#2

686 RSN Robert Schill x {[(Inca Gold x yak) x wardii 4170] x Dexter's Orange}

687 SCH Roman Candle x Nestucca

688 MCU (Rose Scott selfed) #2 x (cilicalyx x fosterianum)

689 MCU (Rose Scott selfed)#2 x Scott's Starbright

690 SCH Roseum Elegans x Dexter's Honeydew

691 SCH Roseum Elegans x (smirnowii x yak)

692 AHN (roxieanum oreonastes x pseudochrysanthum)#2 Ahern selection x (yak x pachysanthum)

693 GRY {Russel Harmon x [(Tortoiseshell Wonder x Henry Yates) x Golden Star]} x [(Maxybelle)

Casanova) x Jenny Poo]

694 GRI Sandra Hinton x dichroanthum RSF 65/ 30'

695 GRI Sandra Hinton x wardii RSF 73 / 296

696 GRI Sandra Hinton x wiltonii RSF 75/ 017

697 BNR Sandra Marie x austrinum

698 BNR Sandra Marie x Gibraltar

699 SCH Scintillation x Babylon

700 HIG [(Scintillation x Goldfort) x (R.O. Delp x Sweet Lulu ): female parent is a late

††††††††††† pink with an orange blotch; male is yellow

701 ROB (Scintillation x Greely) x Skipper

702 AHN Scintillation x (mallotum x proteoides) Berg selection

703 AHN Scintillation x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)] Fujioka selection

704 AHN Scintillation x pachysanthum

705 CHR Scintillation x Pierce's Apricot

706 AHN Scintillation x rex

707 SCH Scintillation x Ring of Fire

708 AHN Scintillation x Rosevallon

709 AHN Scintillation x Sir Charles Lemon

710 BNR Seedling, semi-double, yellow-peach x Gibraltar

711 MCU Senator Jackson x Anniversary Gold

712 MCU Senator Jackson x Crest

713 MCU Senator Jackson x George's Delight

714 MCU Senator Jackson x Skipper

715 MCU Senator Jackson x Sunspot

716 MCU Senator Jackson x Van Ness Sensation

717 CHR September Song x Dixie Lee Ray

718 CHR September Song x Hill's Bright Red

719 CHR September Song x Mary Belle

720 CHR September Song x Woody Peach

721 GUS Shapiro Starbright x Kristen Marie

722 CHR Shawme Lake x Pink Jeans

723 PFG Shilsonii hybrid x self

724 WYL Shogun x Chapeau

725 WYL Shogun x Perfectly Pink

726 CHR Shrimp Girl x discolor

727 CHR Shrimp Girl x Lem's Salmon

728 CHR Shrimp Girl x September Song

729 CHR Simmon's Classic x Desert Gold

730 GUS Slocock G-3 x June Celebration

731 GRI smirnowii x dichroanthum RSF 65/ 307

732 SVN smirnowii x Goldsworth Orange

733 GRI smirnowii x wardii RSF 73/ 296 7 34 GRI smirnowii x wiltonii RSF 75 / 017

735 AHN Spectacular x September Song

736 AHN Spectacular x (yak x falconeri)

737 WEA Sumatra x brachycarpum Roseum Group #7

738 CHR Sweet Mystery x Martha Peste

739 CHR Sweet Mystery x Ruth Motley

740 GUS Swen x Roman Festival (June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant) #2

741 FRM {[(Tally Ho x yak) x (Noyo Chief x yak)] x Jean Marie} x sibling

742 CHR Ted's Orchid Sunset x Brigadoon

743 CHR Ted's Orchid Sunset x Goldsworth Orange

744 CHR Ted's Orchid Sunset x Lady in Red

745 GUS Temple Meads x Happy Hour

746 GUS Temple Meads x Sassy Orange (Sedona x Hill's Low Red) #2

747 CHR Todmorden x Virginia Richards

748 ROB Tooneybird (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x Cloud Nine

749 ROB Tooneybird (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange) x Hernando

750 CHR Trilby x Tofino

751 CHR Trinidad x Autumn Gold

752 CHR Brandt's Tropicana x Gertrude Bovee

753 CHR Unamed Lem's Cameo hybrid x Mary Drennen

754 CHR Unamed strigillosum hybrid x Misty Moonlight

755 CHR Unamed yellow x Princess Mary of Cambridge

756 HAR uvariifolium x Fabur

757 MAR vernicosum x Jaded Lady

759 GUS Vincent Van Gogh x Cape White

760 GUS Vincent Van Gogh x Swen

761 AHN Vinecrest x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x macabeanum)]

762 GRY Vinemount x [(Marybelle x Casanova) x Jenny Poo]

763 JNK viscosum x calendulaceum yellow

764 JNK viscosum x cumberlandense

765 RSN [Vulcan x (aureum x Prelude)#8] x Janet Blair

766 RSN Vulcan x Howard Kuhn

767 RSN Vulcan x Howard Kuhn

768 RSN Vulcan x {[(Inca Gold x yak) x wardii 417 (x Dexter's Orange}

769 SVN wardii x Goldsworth Orange

770 RSN Whitney Orange x {[(Inca Gold x yak) x wardii 4170] x Dexter's Orange}

771 CHR Whitney Peach x (C.P. Raffill x fortunei)

772 SHP Wilden's Ruby x barbatum CW Nepal

773 SHP Wilgen's Ruby x thomsonii ssp thomsonii

774 CHR Woody Peach x Frank Heuston

775 CHR Woody Peach x Karen Triplett

776 CHR Woody Peach x Medusa

777 MAN yak hybrid, unnamed x 1000 Butterflies

778 CHR (yak x aberconwayii) x Lem's Salmon

779 MAN yak x Coronation Day

780 CHR (yak x elliotii) x unamed strigillosum hybrid

781 AHN (yak x falconeri) x Red River

782 AHN (yak x falconeri) x Rio

783 CHR (yak x Mars) x Senko Blue

784 ROB (yak x Medusa) orange, same cross as Sill Skies but has lax, orange trusses x Whitney's Late


785 AHN (yak x Thor) pseudochrysantum

786 CHR (yak x Virginia Richards) x Orange Marmalade

787 AHN Yaku Sunrise (Oregon form) x (Percy Wiseman x September Song) #1, Ahern selection

788 CHR Yaku Sunrise x Mary Drennen

789 SCH Yaku Sunrise x (yak x J.M. deMontague)

790 CHR Yellow Pages x Fawcett's Fantasy

791 CHR Yellow Pages x (Loderi King George x Crest

792 CHR Yellow Pages x Pridenjoy

793 SCH Yellow Supreme (Janet Blair x Goheen' s Yellow)# 1 x (Janet Blair x Sunstruck)

794 SCH Yellow Supreme (= Janet Blair x Goheen' Yellow #4) x Cape White


Species Open Pollinated Companion Plants $ 2,00††


795 ROB anhweiense op

796 EMM atlanticum op

797 JRS brachycarpum f. erimo pink, op Hokkaido

798 JRS brachycarpum pink, op Aomori

799 JRS brachycarpum pink, op Hokkaido

800 JRS brachycarpum pink, op Mt. Fuji

801 ROB bureauvii Lem's form op

802 JCK campanulatum white op

803 VLC camschaticum red flowered form op

804 BRU canadense op

805 JRS degrontanum ssp heptamerum pink op, Kanagawa

806 JRS hyperythrum pink, op Nigata

807 JRS makinoi Tagg ex Nakai pink, op Nigata

808 JRS metternichii var kyomaruense pink op

809 JRS mucronulatum var ciliatum Tanna Mt., purple, op Hokkaido

810 BRU schlippenbachii op

811 BRU vaseyi op

812 ROB yak Caperci's dwf form, op


Evergreen Azaleas HP $2.00


813 PRZ Ben Morrison x Unzen Tsutizi (small plant with tiny leaves)

814 PRZ Elsie Lee x Bold Face

815 PRZ Elsie Lee x Chichiba

816 PRZ Elsie Lee x Cinderella

817 PRZ Elsie Lee x George Tabor

818 PRZ Elsie Lee x IBD

819 PRZ (Elsie Lee x Margaret Douglas) x Ben Morrison

820 PRZ Elsie Lee x Martha Hitchcock

821 PRZ Elsie Lee x Williamsburg

822 PRZ Helen Gunning x IBD

823 PRZ (Koromo Shikibu x nakahari Mt Seven Stars) x Ben Morrison

824 WEA La Belle Helene x (nakahari orange form x kiusianum 'Mt. Fuji') f2 dwarf white

825 WEA Laura Morland x (nakahari orange form x kiusianum 'Mt. Fuji') f2 dwarf white

826 VLC Abies koreana Korean Fir

827 KLN Amsonia hubrechtii

828 HEA Anemone rivularis

829 VLC Aquilega alpina Alpine Columbine

830 EMM Arisaema sikkokianum Oriental Jack-in-the-Pulpit

831 GEN Arisaema sikkokianum Oriental Jack-in-the-pulpit

832 VLC Ceonanthus 'Delight'

833 VLC Clematis alpina

834 SCL Crinodendron hookerianum

835 VLC Daphne mezereum rubrum

836 HEA Delphinium cashmirianum

837 BRO Digitalis grandiflora Yellow Foxglove, perennial

838 SCL Embothrinum

839 CLE Galtonia candican white

840 VLC Galionia candicans Summer Hyacinth

841 SCL Hosta, dwarf, late flowering

842 VLC Hyacinthoides non-seripta

843 GOF Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain Tree

844 CLE Lathyrus latifolia white

845 CLE Lilium lankongense rosy-pink spotted purple

846 CLE Lilium martagon mixture

847 CLE Lilium tsingtauense (Martagon family) orange

848 JNK Lobelia cardinalis

849 EMM Lobelia cardinalis Red

850 EMM Lobelia cardinalis seed from pink and white strains

851 GOF Magnolia macrophylla

852 VLC Meconopsis cambrica Welsh Poppy

853 HEA Meconopsis horridula

854 HEA Meconopsis napaulensis

855 SHA Menziesia cilicalyx var purpurea op

856 VLC Nothoscorduminodorum

857 BRO Pieris floribunda Mountain Andromeda

858 SCL Pleione 'Oriental Splendor'

859 GEN Stewartia mona delpha

860 JNK Stewartia ovata Mountain Stewartla, native to US

861 BRO Styrax japonicum Japanese Snowballs

862 SCL Tropeolum speciosum


Hybrids Open Pollinated$2.00


863 JCK [(Fabia x smirnowii) x Purple Splendor] #85 op F2

864 DEA Galiopolis op (Exbury azalea)

865 STE Gibraltar OP

866 STE My Mary (Nacoochee x austrinum Gold) op

867 JCK (Roseum Elegans x Fabia) op F2




Without this devoted group of people there would be no Seed Exchange.

AHN††† Tom Ahern, Bethlehem, PA ††††††††††† ††††††††††† USA

AND††† Henning Andersen,†††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Denmark

BAR††† Jim Barlup, Bellevue, WA†† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† USA

BEU†††† E J Beutler,Basking Ridge, NJ†††††††† ††††††††††† USA

BNR††† Robert Barnard, Placerville CA††††††††††† USA

BRG †† Warren Berg, Pt. Ludlow, WA††† ††††††††††† USA

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AND ††††††††††† Anderson, Alan, J.B. Aberdeen††††††††††† Scotland

BDR††††††††††† Beaudry, Norman Bethesda Maryland††††††††††† USA

DOI††††††††††† Yasuyuki, Doi Ishikari Hokkaido††††††††††† Japan

HOL††† Holmes, Loren Anchorage Alaska††††† USA

LEI††††††††††† Leijdens, M. Oudenbosch ††††††††††† The Netherlands

RAB††††††††††† Rabideau,Ron New Jersey†† USA


R. Pronum JN 783, alt. 3900m. AUCTION: additional information supplied by Jens Nielsen

The seed was collected at a pass, right up on the ridge of the Mekong-Salwin divide. Rock referred to this area as the Fuchuan range, he last collected R. pronum there in 1932 and as far as I know, nobody from the west has seen it in the wild until! now.

It mainly seems to grow on almost inaccessible north or east facing cliffs.

This part of Yunnan has not been much re-explored in recent years. This area can only be reached on foot.

I can tell you that the seed germinates very well !. The Cox's have sown a bit of most collections and report that it germintes VERY well.

The R. pronum seed I sent to you, I made sure that it was extra clean so it should have a high rate of germination. I will not put a %'age on it, it really depends on what people do with it. But if you make sure that there is 10 good seed in a packet then I'm SURE that people there who know what they are doing will get several plants.



$5.00 Special Category

868 COX r.decorum pale pink ex SBEC 1059 Cox, Glendoick HP

869 COX r. decorum white ex SBEC 1060 Cox, Glendoick HP

870 COX r, griffithianum ex CHN 2006 E. Nepal Cox, Glendoick HP

871 COX r. luteum Cox, Glendoick HP

872 RSF r. neoglandulosum, Culchuck Lake, Wa. 5,000' alt. CW

873 RSF r. occidentale, PS 9915 CW

874 PFG r. shilsonii x self

875 NIE r. taliense aff. JN 782

876 COX r. vernicosum ex CCH 3927 N. Sichuan ( should be very Hardy) HP

877 COX r. wardii non-spotted ex Doshong La, S.E.Tibet Cox, Glendoick HP

878 WOD (Butter Brickle x White Peter) x Sunstone (Barlup)

879 BAR Nancy Evans x Helsinki University


880 MCU r. occidentale Big Basin 602 CW Big Basin Redwoods St. Park, Santa Cruz

881 MCU r. macrophyllum Albion Ridge HP

882 MCU r. occidentale Crescent City 1104 x r. occidentale Idyllwild 905

883 MCU r. occidentale Crescent City 1104 x r. occidentale Palomar 1206

884 AND r. anwheriense HP

885 LEI r. calophytum OP, but no other rh's flowering at the same time

886 LEI r. decorum diaprepes OP, but no other rh's flowering at the same time

887 HLM r.didymum selfed

888 AND r. heliolepis HP

889 AND r. impeditum, R11469 HP

890 AND r. lacteum SBEC 582 HP

891 HEA r. rabdotum HP

892 AND r. racemosum BU 280 HP

893 AND r. soulei (pink) HP

894 AND r. wardii LST 5679 HP

895 AND r. wardii LST 6586 HP

896 AND r. wardii TB 86/13 HP

897 AND r. yakushimanum (FCC x another)

898 DOI†† Blue Crown ( Blue Peter x Purple Splendour) x r. yak. (white fl.)

899 DOI r. brachycarpum v. roseum (dwarf) x r. forressttii ssp papillatum

900 DOI r. brachycarpum v. roseum (dwarf) x Tidbit

901 GRY ( Bronzewings x Marybelle) x ( Casanova x?den)

902 BDR [( Brookville x Mary Garrison) x (yellow 9-59 x Tan)] x Marie Starker

903 GUS Kristen Marie x ( June Fire x Hachmann's Charmant)#1

904 CHR r. macrophyllum x Marybelle

905 GRY ( Marybelle x Tols ) x Whirley Bird

906 BDR ( Scintillation x Hardy Giant) x ( Loderi King George.)

907 BDR ( Scintillation x Hardy Giant) x Marie Starker

908 ISH Taiyo: Wada's Hybrid, selfed

909 DOI Tiddlywinks x r. yak. (white fis.)

910 BDR ( Tom Everett x r. calophythum) x {( r. calophythum x Loderi) x r. macabeanum }

911 VLC Daphne mezereum, album

912 CLE Nomocharis, mairei and saluenensis

913 RAB r. maximum var. leachii OP likely selfed, comes about 50% true leachii.

914 RAB [Golden Scepter x (Crest x macabeanum)Brockenbrough #1 best yellow]

†††††††††††††††††††† Goal: Hardy yellow with macabeanum like foliage.

915 RAB [Golden Scepter x Desert Gold] Goal: Hardy, large flowered yellow possible blotch

916 RAB [Helsinki University x (Crest x macabeanum)Brockenbrough #1 best yellow]

†††††††††††††††††††† Goal: Hardy, compact, excellent foliage from both parents & possible yellow fis.

917 RAB [calophytum x (smir-yak)Elmer Morris form*] *vigorous, upright grower with full trusses

†††††††††††††††††††† Goal: Hardy plant with big leaves and early flowers.

918 RAB [Midnight Mystique x Pojhola's Daughter]

†††††††††††††††††††† Goal: Fl. resembling MM on hardier, better shaped plant with good foliage.

919 RAB [Hellikki x Belva's Joy] Goal: Hardy compact red with good foliage.