Glenarn Garden, May 15th. 2008

RBGE 6-7, 16 maj , Dawyck 8 maj, Stobo Castles water garden 8 maj, Glendoick 10 maj (Branklyn ikke besøgt), Brodick 11 maj - working on , Arduaine 12 maj , Crarae 13 maj , Benmore 14 maj , Glenarn 15 maj

Glenarn Garden. Foto: Hans Eiberg

Glenarn House Glenarn Garden Glenarn Garden Glenarn Garden Glenarn Garden Glenarn Garden R. baileyi R. campylogynum, Glenarn R. cinnabarinum, Glenarn R. eclecteum-capsules-Glenarn R. eclecteum yellow form R. eclecteum bud, Glenarn R. eclecteum leaf, Glenarn R. glaucophyllum var. tubiforme, Glenarn R. glischrum, Glenarn R. lacteum, Glenarn R. lindleyi ? R. lindleyi ? R. nivale var. boreale ?, Glenarn laterifolium (Triflora), leaves,(introduced in 2000) Glenarn R. laterifolium (Triflora), Glenarn R. sinogrande R. sinogrande R. wiltonii, Glenarn R. zaleucum var. flaviflorum KW20837, Glenarn R. zaleucum var. flaviflorum, leaves, Glenarn

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Glenarn Garden
This 10 acre woodland garden at Glenarn was originally created by the Gibson family. The present owners who took over the garden in 1982 have worked hard to improve and restore the garden which lies in a hollow with a steeply sloping glen running through, There are larged leaf rhododendrons, tall asiatic magnolias, and other rare plants. There is a large rock garden, a pond, and restored vegetable garden. Glenarn is best in the spring although there is something to see throughout the seasons.
About Glenarn Garden in: Rhododendron and Camellia Yearbook (RHS) 1960, p.9-12