This is how the catalog is arranged:


Contributor, Country

species seed, hand pollinated (hp)*1 or controlled pollination (cp)*2

species seed, collected wild (cw)

species seed, self fertile (op, self fertile) or open pollinated (op)

hybrid seed, hand pollinated (hp)*1

companion plant seed (Comp. – prefix)


*1 all seed lots not marked 'selfed', 'cp', 'cw', 'op', or 'op, self fertile' are hand pollinated, hp will not be written.

*2 cp = "Controlled Pollination" which differs from HP in that the stigma is physically covered after pollination. This covering is meant to act as an extra protection against accidental contamination with unknown pollen.


Some contributors have supplied us with a list of "little known hybrids" they have used. This list will immediately follow the contributor's seed lot numbers.


Every effort is made to avoid spelling errors; species are listed under the name supplied by the contributor and thus vary as to classification system. Not all hybrid names are registered or found in other reference works.


Please keep your catalog for future reference as orders are filled by lot number only.



A SPECIAL THANKS to all contributors who remain the foundation of the seed exchange. We are also grateful to webmasters Hans Eiberg of Denmark, Graham Lock of England, Bernt Granström of Sweden and Bob Weissman and Don Smart of the United States. The work by Graham Lock with the hard copy catalog is also greatly appreciated. Werner Brack does proof reading of catalogue entries. All are ARS members.


Hank Schannen's large rhododendron collection will remain open, by appointment, for pollen collection. Please contact either Hank or Ron at: rareFINDnursery inc., 957 Patterson Rd., Jackson NJ 08527. Phone: 732 - 833 - 0613. E-mail:     Fax: 732 - 833 - 1965




Our Special Thanks to Marc Columbel for his creative hard work as one of the pioneer designers in the Internet version of the ARS Seed Exchange Catalogue.


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