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Pictures from: Johannes Hedegaard: Morphological studies...UDSOLGT

Forsidebilleder fra mange bøger "Hennings side"old address

"Hennings side"New address Jan. 2007

Timber Press: Rhodo.-Books Søg under: rhododendron

Rhododendron (P.M. Jorgensen)17/6-97

Gardennet; Rhododendron books. RSBG shop New address.

Cox: Encyclopedia of Rhodo. Species, 75£ + 8£

RBGE books (Notes..Revisions) new page

RBGE books (Notes.....Revisions) old page here from RBGE!

Rhododendron Handbook (about 30£ next link)-> The Royal Horticultural Society

RHS, books + International plant register: RHS10/12-2004 RHS, year books 1946 - 2006, indexFebr. 2006

Sikkim-Himalayan Rhododendrons/Pradhan & Lauhungpa 1990

Rhododendron og andre surbundsplanter: S.A. Askjær

Rhododendronforeningens bibliotek. Kun for medlemmer Februar 2007

Rhododendron references: indholdsfortegnelse J.A.R.S mm

Bogen kan købes igennem foreningen; pris 225kr incl. porto
Ved møderne; pris 200kr.

Udgivet ved foreningens 25 års jubilæum. 
Rigt illustreret og omhandlende bla. 7 specialartikler om rhododendron, samt 
beretning om foreningen gennem 25 år (208 sider og med farvebilleder)

First, if you want the end all, and best authority and pictures on species, 
buy the Cox's book from the Rhododendron Species Foundation.  It is spendy, 
but really reasonable if you consider the number of pictures it has, and the 
amount of work Ken and Peter put into it without thought of financial reward..

For hybrid books, Rhododendron Hybrids, that Homer & I put together and is 
available from Timber Press, is one of the most comprehensive books on the 
subject.  Homer's CD of the book, which has completely different pictures and 
much updated information is well worth having.  It is available from the ARS.

If you just want "a little knowledge" (and remember, the old saying "a little 
knowledge can be dangerous"), find a copy of my Guidebook to Available 
Rhododendrons.  It covers both species and hybrids, though the third edition 
does not reflect the newest species names that Ken and Peter have so 
thoughtfully put in their new book.  The fourth edition will, but that will 
not be out for a long enough time that don't wait to buy the current edition.
 In fact it won't be out until the current edition is sold out.  Hybrids are 
covered as well as possible, but never completely as that field changes daily.
There are lots of colorful pictures that most people say are good, but I might
disagree on some, that I feel came out lousy.

For a book on growing rhododendrons, Ed Reiley's Success With Rhododendrons is
an absolute must.  For landscaping with rhododendrons, Sonja Nelson's
Rhododendrons in the Landscape is an absolute winner.  And don't forget any of
the other books the Cox's have put out.  All are good.

I do hope to have a CD showing many rhododendron species out sometime before 
too long.  We have scanned many pictures for it, but since I'm sure it will not
be a money maker, we will get it done when we can, as a weak addition to all
the rhododendron knowledge out there.

Harold Greer

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