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ARS= member of ARS (American Rhododendron Society)
RF = member of Danish Chapter in ARS
RSF = member of Rhododendron Species Foundation
RHS = member of Royal Horticultural Society
SRS = member of Scottish Rhododendron Society

Andersen Jesper DKMail to ARS,RF7799 0792
Bogø Ingolf DKMail to RF. 21776328
Borg Peter DKMail to RF, ARS.
Brodersen Jan DKMail to RF.
Dinesen Bjarne DKMail to RF .
Eiberg Hans DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS,RSF+45 35327829
Ernebjerg Bent DKMail to ARS,RF,RSF.
Holkjær Preben DKMail to RF,?.
Jørgensen Mikkel DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS,RSF+45 60775366
Krüger Annette DKMail to ARS,RF.
Larsen Ole Johny DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS.
Lassen Poul DKMail to ARS,RF.
Madsen Søren DKMail to ARS,RF.
Mossin Gert DKMail to SRS,RF+45 4371 5191
Overgaard Lilian,Kaj DKMail to RF+45 98573309
Petersen Bodil DamgaardDKMail to ARS,RF.
Petersen Knud DKMail to ARS,RF.
Schwemer Anita & Karsten DKMail to .
Tønnesen Ida DKMail to ARS,RF5380 2990
RF=Rhododendronforeningen Denmark; ARS= Amer. Rhododendron Soc; RHS= Royal Horticulture Soc; RSF = Rhododendron Species Foundation. Bot Garden E-mail address registrated by ARS site in USA