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Pictures of species (incl. Sikkim)
Pictures from the Danish expedition to Sichuan 2004 (index)2004
Pictures from the Danish expedition to Yunnan 2002 (red buttons only)
Pictures from the Danish expedition to Sikkim 1994, 2000

Some Rhododendron Hybrids
Palle Scaarups hybrids
Wintercolor, Vinterfarver på nogle lepidote
Few pictures of hybrids from HE
Asperupgaard (Fyn). Mange flotte billeder
The Anderson Garden Many pictures of species and hybrids
Pictures of Rhododendron in Western North American Rhod. Species project (WNARSP), Hank Helm
East Coast Azaleas, D. Hyatt Pictures of azaleas in USA
The Delp Rhododendron (50 pictures) + article
T Huisman Holland
RHS, Rhodo-group: Magnolia & Rhododendron

John Perkins 4 Photoalbums 2006- NEW
Massachusetts Chapter. Many pictures
Glendoick, Cox.
Japaneese Web-site, "Virtual azaleas"
Japaneese Web-site - Ekihi- Nice R.pronum
Oregon State Univ. Pictures
Dendrological Plant Image Gallery
Esveld pictures
Flora of China

Flora of Japan (search on: reticulatum)
Marc's website about Vireyas, many pictures, Nyt link 8/6-00
Bill Moyles website about Vireyas, 4 pictures, Nyt link 8/6-00
Azalea i USA's natur-albumnew 2006 Aug
Ericacae: Marc's website-Fransk


Flowershow - Blomstershow fra Normandiet

Hans Eiberg, test

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