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Rhododendron Hobbiense R. hodgsonii Til H R. hirtipes

Rhododendron luciferum 'Hobbiense'

 R. Hobbiense at Carl Adam Lehmann, CAL
R. Hobbiense at Carl Adam Lehmann, CAL

 R. Hobbiense winter leaves, Foto: H. Eiberg
R. Hobbiense winter leaves. Foto: H. Eiberg

April 2009

April 2010

 R. luciferum from Hobbie at HE, trunk. Photo: Hans Eiberg
R. luciferum fra Hobbie hos HE, stamme i 2018. Foto: Hans Eiberg

R. Hobbiense (Lanata) - a new proposed species not described before, but is also proposed to be the species R. luciferum, but the old description of R. luciferum don't fit. This plant don't have thick woolen red-brown indumentum, but compact green-brown indumentum. No lamp wick can be made of the indumentum. No glands are found on the leaf and ovary (not a Taliensa). om R. Hobbiense
H. Eiberg
 Lanata blade i profil til sammenligning. Foto: H. Eiberg

Flora of China, circinnatum Flora of China, lanatum var. luciferum D. Genbank
R. hirtipes Til H R. hodgsonii