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Rhododendron kanehirae R. kasoense Til K R. kaempferi

Rhododendron kanehirae

 R. kanehirae, Foto: Ukendt
R. kanehirae, Foto: Ukendt

R. kanehirae, sharnoffphotos
R. kanehirae (Tsutsusi)

Flora of China
Shrubs, deciduous, 13 m tall; young shoots with dense coarse brown flat appressed hairs. Summer and winter leaves different. Petiole 13 mm, densely coarsely castaneous strigose; leaf blade leathery, linear-lanceolate or linear-oblanceolate to obovate, 1.54.8 0.21.5 cm; margin coarsely strigose, entire, or with obsolete round teeth; apex obtuse to acute; both surfaces sparsely coarsely shiny brown slightly revolute strigose. Inflorescence 13-flowered. Pedicel 0.10.3 cm, erect, densely coarsely castaneous strigose, hairs flat; calyx lobes ovate to elliptic, 24 mm, coarsely shiny-castaneous strigose; corolla narrowly funnelform, crimson to dark red, 3.54 cm, tube tapering toward the base, 1820 mm; lobes ovate or long-ovate; stamens 10, unequal, shorter than corolla; filaments linear, puberulent below; ovary ovoid, ca. 3 mm, densely coarsely castaneous setose-strigose; style longer than stamens, slightly exserted, sparsely coarsely strigose at base. Capsule long-cylindric, 68 mm, coarsely setose-strigose. Fl. Apr. Mountain forests. N Taiwan.
RBGE herbarium. R. kanehirae (data ?)