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Rhododendron henanense ssp. lingbaoense R. ef Til M R. fø

Rhododendron henanense ssp. lingbaoense ("purdomii" Maculifera")

 R. purdomii-Maculifera, photo: H. Eiberg
R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense (purdomii). Foto: H. Eiberg

 R. purdomii-Maculifera. photo: H. Eiberg

R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense "purdomii-Maculifera" flowers and new growth with bristles, HE. Foto: Hans Eiberg
 R. purdomii-Maculifera. Foto: H. Eiberg
R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense "purdomii-Maculifera". Foto: H. Eiberg

This form of "R. purdomii-Maculifera" now clled R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense have ciliate margins and the midrib underneath and the stems have long bristles. (as a young plant) I have seen these plants marked R. purdomii in Gotheborg and in Genova Botanical Gardens. To me it looks like a very close relationships to R. pachytricum. Also K. Cox could see the relationship to R. marculiferum (Encyclopedia p 58).
What about to call it "R. taibeiense" or R. pachytricum ssp/var. taibeiense ** 1998.
** Now a Laponica found in this area have got this name 2007. R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense is described in 1983 by W.P. Fang H. Eiberg

The R. purdomii (Taliensia/Ponticum/?) species is a slow growing, creeping (some clone) species without hair and bristles. Collected from Taibai Shan in China. ARS 461/1995 (from Xian Botanical Garden -> Holden Arboreum -> ARS). As a seed plant it looked like R. aureum, which is located in Pontica subsection. R. purdomii, Taliensia Flora of China: R. henanense R. henanense, PE herbarium type specimens