2010  ARS Seed Exchange     


Contributing Seed

·        Rhododendron/Azalea/Miscellaneous seed contributions will be accepted throughout the year until December 1st, 2009.

Seed should be from the current year’s production and submitted “cleaned” in a small Kraft or glassine stamp envelop (or equivalent).  A written description of the seed should be made on the outside of the envelope as follows:



·        List seed parent name first and the pollen parent second on hybrid crosses.
Describe as either hand pollinated (h.p.), controlled hand pollinated (c.h.p.), (
controlled hand pollinated seed is the same as h.p. except that the stigmas were covered and protected following pollination) open pollinated (o.p.), or collected in the wild (c.w.).
If seed has been collected in the wild, please note geographical collection site, or alternately use satellite coordinates and climate zone.
Contributor's name and contact information should be included on the envelope.  


·        Mail seed to:


                             ARS Seed Exchange
                             7921 Deepwell Drive

                                         Bethesda, MD 20817


·        Digital photos for posting on the electronic version of the catalog can be e-mailed to ARSseed@gmail.com.



 Ordering Seed


·        A notice will be printed in the fall/winter  issue? of the ARS Quarterly Journal that the seed list will be published at the web address http://www.rhododendron.org/seedexchange.htm, after January 1st 2010.  Seed will be listed alphabetically by seed parent name using nomenclature information provided by the contributor. A second and separate listing of all seed contributed by a specific donor will follow the alphabetical list.  A hard copy seed listing will be available and will be mailed to individuals, who request it, without internet address.

·        After February 1st, and allowing time for all orders to arrive in Bethesda, MD, seed will be distributed for orders received, first to contributors,  then to all other ARS members equally. 

·        Seed will be packaged in glassine envelopes, and available at a cost of $4.00 for seed collected on Exchange sponsored seed collections (e.g. the 2009 Exchange sponsored china trip), $3.00 for h.p. and c.w. seed, and $1.00 for o.p. seed.  Package size will usually range from 50 to 100 seeds per package depending upon availability. Shipping and handling will be an additional $3.00/($4.00 overseas shipments) for all seed shipped in one order. Orders can be placed by e-mail to ARSseed@gmail.com  or by a letter addressed to:


                                     ARS Seed Exchange
                                     7921 Deepwell Drive

                                     Bethesda, MD 20817


·        ARS member orders from within the United States should not send any payment until seed and a bill is received.  Then payment should e made by check made out to "ARS Seed Exchange" and mailed to the Seed Exchange address.  Alternately, payment can be made by a credit card through PayPal electronically at the web site when an order is placed on line.


·        Seed Orders from ARS members outside the USA:
 chapter members: if you pay your treasurer, please indicate "Bill Danish Chapter" on your order.

·        Swedish chapter members: if you pay your treasurer, please indicate "Bill Swedish Chapter" on your order.

·        Scottish chapter members: if you pay your treasurer, please indicate "Scottish Chapter" on your order. 

·        Simultaneously send your chapter a cheque or money order or cash for the full amount of the seed ordered at the same time as you submit your order to the seed exchange.  Any difference in final cost of the seed supplied by the exchange could be refunded to U.K. Members by the Chapter, or in the case of their Overseas Members be credited to their account.  All payments to the treasurer of the Scottish chapter are to be in sterling and cheques to be at the exchange rate of US $1.43 to the pound.  The Scottish Chapter reserves the right to amend this rate of exchange to take account of any major changes in the foreign currency markets during the year to 31st December, 2010. 
Mail to:
  Rick Potter
  Treasurer Scottish Rhododendron Society
  3 Solsgirth House
  Langmuir Road, Kirkintilloch G66 3XN

  • Chapter-At-Large member's: please pay upon receipt of seed.  If payment is by postal money order, add $3.00 to the total cost, the amount of the bank fee charged to the Exchange.


2010 Pollen-To-Seed Program


The Exchange is continuing the Pollen-To-Seed Program in 2010 and will reimburse up to $50. (US) to the Rhododendron Species Foundation (RSF) if seed from successful crosses are sent to the Exchange.  New contributors may be eligible to participate with prior Exchange approval. The Exchange has submitted a list of seed contributors to the RSF eligible to receive pollen in 2010.  Contributors should order pollen directly from the RSF and they will ship order directly to you.