Rhododendron hobbiense a new species - March 20th March 2006

R. hobbiense, truss at CA Lehmann, HE R. hobbiense, plant. at J.C. Birck, JCB Bud at J.C. Birck, JCB
Leaf upper site at HE, H. Eiberg Leaf lower site at HE, H. Eiberg Capsule at HE, H. Eiberg
Plant - winter at HE, H. Eiberg
R. hobbiense truss at Carl Adam Lehman at Carl A. Lehmann, H. Eiberg

R. hobbiense - described by Hans Eiberg ; 20th March 2006 Synonymes: R. Hobbies bureavii; poluninii aff.; R.luciferum after K. Cox

Lanata subsection:

About R. hobbiense:

Not a hybrid: gave uniform offsprings with R. yakushimanum and produce lots of seeds by self-pollination. Leaves ->7-16-> cm long 3-4 cm broad, flat, dark green, glossy
Leaves with thick yellowgreen (new leaves) -> yellow brown flat indumentum (1 year old leaves),
not red-brown and cottony on the lower leaf surface. Unilayer indumentum
New growth with brown tomentum on upper leaves
Petiole with white indumentum, also red-brown hair in May
Corolla cream, 5 lobes
Ovary wollen, no glands
After 10 years 1 m high without fertilization.
No winter damage at > -20C R. lanatum var. lanatum, R. tsariense and R. lanatum var. luciferum are more tender. This species is not: R. luciferum (or R. lanatum var. luciferum) orange/red-brown cottony indumentum, and leaves 8-14cm
R. tsariense (small leaves 2-4cm, corolla white-pink)
R. flinkii (red brown indumentum)
R. circinnatum (ovary with glands -> hybrid!)
R. lanatum (brown-coffeebrown indumentum)
R. poluninii (leaves 5-7 cm, corolla white-pink)
R. lanatoides (more narrow leaves and indumentum different: thicker, glossy, recurved; white corolla)
(leaf basis and apex tapering) R. luciferum after Davidian's book R. lanatoides at Muncaster: photo: Kurt Hansen R. lanatum at Muncaster: photo: Kurt Hansen Subsec. Lanata leaves (except "hobbiense") var.luciferum #6 24apr. 2006 R. lanatum var. luciferum and R. hobbiense leaves New 10 May 2006 Original plant(s): Few plants known from Hobbies Garden, Westerstede, Germany New, Dec 2006: Plants raised from seeds possibly collected by Ludlow and Sherriff expedition in 1938 to Tibet (The Rhododendron and Camellia yearbook 1959, page 42-48). Probably seed number 3589 or 3619. Also lanatum was found in the area # 3620, 6549, 6652 and tsariense var tsariense #6657. Common (grafed) plant in many collectors garden in Denmark- named: Hobbies bureavii or R. poluninii aff. K. Cox plants sold as R. luciferum fits with "R. hobbiense", but not with R.luciferum described by Davidian II, Chamberlain 1981 or in the Rhododendronhandbook 1998. Generally, the phenotypical variation in a species is not narrow - and species are separated from each other by larger phenotypical differences, such as structural differences in indument types (hair, color and forms). An importent factor is also the distribution in the wild. We have to wait until on a population studies in the wild, before we define the degree of this species phenotypical variation.

About R. lanatum var luciferum:

Thick redbrown indumentum on the lower leaf surface (somewhat like R. bureavii) Sold as R. lanatum with an oblong oval leaf form (by Cox). Leaves 8-14 cm long, 2.5-3.5 cm broad. R. lanatum var luciferum and R. hobbiense leaves New 10 May 2006
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