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Rhododendron subroseum R. ef Til S R. fø

Rhododendron subroseum

R. subroseum (Marculifera)
Title: Rhododendron subroseum sp. nov. and R. denudatum var. glabriovarium var. nov. (Ericaceae) from the Guizhou Province, China
Authors: Chen, XA; Consaul, L; Huang, JY; Xie, H; Chen, X
Author Full Names: Chen, Xiang; Consaul, Laurie; Huang, Jia-Yong; Xie, Hua; Chen, Xun
Source: NORDIC JOURNAL OF BOTANY, 28 (4): 496-498 2010
Language: English
Document Type: Article
One new species, Rhododendron subroseum Xiang Chen & Jiayong Huang, and one new variety, R. denudatum var. glabriovarium 
Xiang Chen & Xun Chen (Ericaceae), from the Guizhou Province, China are described and illustrated. Rhododendron subroseum 
is most similar to R. morii from which it differs mainly by having glandular branchlets, a subcordate leaf blade base and 
a mucronate leaf blade apex, a less floriferous inflorescence, a campanulate to broadly-campanulate corolla, and a 
glandular-hairy style. Rhododendron denudatum var. glabriovarium differs from R. denudatum var. denudatum mainly by 
having a glabrous ovary. Both of the new taxa are quite rare and therefore their protection is highly desired.