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Abstract - Fra Nordisk rhododendron symposium, 2003 i Bergen: Klassifikation. Af Hans Eiberg

Det nye klassifikation system

Rhododendron taxonomy 2006: Goetsch et al 2005 http://www.flounder.ca/FraserSouth/tree.asp

Rhododendron taxonomy 2005: Goetsch et al 2005 http://www.flounder.ca/FraserSouth/yak/YAKfeb05.pdf

Goetsch et al. 2005 article

Hvordan laver man et stamtræ udfra DNA sekvenser:

NCBI Taxonomi: DNA sequencies

Rhododendron familiens stamtræ (Danish)

BioBank DNA

29 ordnede DNA-sekvenser udfra 29 arter

Fylogenetiske træer (mange) udfra rhododendron arter (ITS området ved 5.8rRNA genet) (972K)

Fylogenetisk træ lavet udfra 10 rhododendron arter (matK genet)14/1-1998

Fylogenetiske træ lavet udfra udfra 31 rhododendron arter (matK gene)4/5-1998

Phylogenetic trees published in "Rhododendron i Danmark i 25 år; 1999 by H. Eiberg"4/5-1998

Find arten som DNA sekvensen stammer fra--og se stamtræet-
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New data: (on page 8-10) DNA work from B Hall 2003

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Phylogeny and biogeography of Rhododendron subsection Pontica , a ...

Hall's DNA
Goetsch et al. 2005 abstract
matK genet
Molecular systematics of Rhododendron subgenus Tsutsusi
Gao et al: Infrageneric and Sectional Relationships in the Genus Rhododendron(Ericaceae) Inferred from ITS Sequence Data
A decade of progress in plant mol phylogenetic
Phylogenetic relationships within the blueberry tribe (Vaccinieae, Ericaceae) based on sequence data from MATK and nuclear ribosomal ITS regions, with comments on the placement of Satyria