Rhododendronforeningen har modtaget nedenstående e-mail fra Allan Clark - kendt frøindsamler - og han har været på frøindsamling i Vietnam og udbyder nu nogle af de indsamlede frø.
Har du lyst til at købe nogle af disse spændende frø, skal du kontakte Allan Clark direkte på denne e-mailadresse:

Afregning skal ligeledes ske direkte til Allan Clark

Dear fellow Rhododendron enthusiast. I have recently been in the mountains of N. Vietnam and thought you may be interested in my attached seed list. This was my fourth visit to this region and i was distressed to see dramatic changes in the forrests. Many woody subjects, especially Rhododendrons,are now under severe threat of extinction in the North West, mainly due to their removal in order to grow Cardamon. The seed. £3 per packet to contain around 25-40 seeds, min order 10 packets to any one address, when chosing seed it would be very helpful to select some second choices to enable the order to be completed without undue correspondence. Postage will be charged at cost. An invoice will be sent after despatch when payment is requested. My bank details will be provided at this point. Any paper work required to import seeds at a National or State level MUST be sent with orders. Seeds will be sent in good faith, but we cannot be held responsible for any customs delays or confiscation due to incorrect documentaion,any other information will be appreciated. I hope you and your members will find my list of interest and i look forward to supplying seed. Thank you. Alan.J.Clark E-mail: clarksrhododendrons@hotmail.co.uk