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ARS= member of ARS (American Rhododendron Society)
RF = member of Danish Chapter in ARS
RSF = member of Rhododendron Species Foundation
RHS = member of Royal Horticultural Society
SRS = member of Scottish Rhododendron Society

Andersen Jesper DKMail to ARS,RF+45 7799 0792
Bogø Ingolf DKMail to RF.+45 2177 6328
Borg Peter DKMail to RF, ARS.
Brodersen Jan DKMail to RF.
Dinesen Bjarne DKMail to RF .
Eiberg Hans DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS,RSF+45 5337 8138
Ernebjerg Bent DKMail to ARS,RF,RSF.
Jørgensen Mikkel DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS,RSF+45 6077 5366
Krüger Annette DKMail to ARS,RF.
Larsen Ole Johny DKMail to ARS,RF,RHS.
Lassen Poul DKMail to ARS,RF.
Madsen Søren DKMail to ARS,RF.
Mossin Gert DKMail to SRS,RF+45 4371 5191
Overgaard Lilian,Kaj DKMail to RF+45 9857 3309
Petersen Knud DKMail to ARS,RF.
Schwemer Anita & Karsten DKMail to .
Tønnesen Ida DKMail to ARS,RF5380 2990
RF=Rhododendronforeningen Denmark; ARS= Amer. Rhododendron Soc; RHS= Royal Horticulture Soc; RSF = Rhododendron Species Foundation. Bot Garden E-mail address registrated by ARS site in USA