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Rhododendron species in Hunan


R. brevinerve, Foto: Steve Hootman
R. brevinerve
R. championiae, Foto: Hong Kong Herbariet
R. championiae
R. chunienii, Foto: Mihkel Saar
R. chunienii
R. discolor, Foto: Hank Helm
R. discolor
R. farrerae, Foto: Hong Kong Herbariet
R. farrerae
R. fortunei, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. fortunei
R. haofui Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. haofui
R. latoucheae, Foto: Steve Hootman
R. latoucheae
R. levinei, Foto: H. Eiberg
R. levinei
R. liliiflorum, Foto: Jens Nielsen
R. liliiflorum
R. maculiferum, Foto: JC. Birck
R. maculiferum
R. anwheiense
R. maculiferum ssp. anwheiense
R. mariesii, Photo: Johm Weagle
R. mariesii
R. micranthum, Foto: H. Helm
R. micranthum
R. mitriforme, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. mitriforme
R. molle, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. molle
R. orbiculare, Foto: H. Helm
R. orbiculare
R. ovatum, Foto: Harold Greer
R. ovatum
R. polytrichum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. polytrichum
R. simiarum, Foto: Hong Kong Herbarium
R. simiarum
R. simsii, Foto: Guan Kaiyun
R. simsii
R. stamineum, Foto:  Chris Klapwijk
R. stamineum
R. sutchuenense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. sutchuenense
R. pulchrum, Foto: Hong Kong Herbariet
R. x pulchrum
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Rhododendron species in Hunan, China, Kina

bachii*, 600-1600 m,     PPBC, mange
brevinerve, 800-1400 m (SV) 
cavaleriei*, 1000-2000 m  PPBC, mange 
championae, 500-1300 m, (SŲ), JN12408 Yanling Country  
chunienii*,  1300-1400 m
delavayi,  1650 m  (SV), JN1287, Chengbu County
discolor, 900-1900 m
discolor/maoerense aff. 1650 m, (SV) JN12388,  Chengbu County  
farrerae, 800-2100 m
fortunei, 600-2000 m
guizhouense*, 1700-2400 m (V)   PPBC, intet 
haofui, 800-1900 m (S)  PPBC, 
huguangense*, 800-1300 (S)  PPBC, txt   
hunanense*, 500-1700 m (S)  PPBC, mange 
kwangsiense var. kwangsiense*, 1000-1800m (V)  PPBC, mange 
kwangtungense*, 800-1600 m (S)  PPBC, 20 
latoucheae, 100-2700 m, (SV) Chengbu County, JN12377
levinei, 1300-1500 m
maculiferum, 700-3400 m
maculiferum ssp. anwheiense, 700-1700 m
mariae*, 500-1300 m,        PPBC, mange 
mariesii, 600-1500 m, (SŲ), JN12409, Yanling County 900m. 
micranthum, 1000-3000 m
mitriforme var. mitriforme*, 500-800 (-1300) m (SV), JN12376, Chengbu County 1000m  
molle, 2500 m
ovatum, 300-1600 m,(SŲ), JN12413, Yanling County 1150m.    
pachyphyllum*, 1800-1900 (SV),     PPBC, mange 
polyraphidoideum var. montanum*, 800-1500 m (S)  PPBC, 1 
polyraphidoideum var. polyraphidoideum, 800-1500 m   PPBC, mange 
polytrichum, 1100 m (SV), JN12380, Chengbu County 1150m   PPBC, txt 
paeteritum var. hirsutum*, 1800-1900 m (SV)  PPBC, txt 
paeteritum var. paeteritum  PPBC, 2 
qianyangense*, 1100-1200 m (V)   PPBC, mange 
rhodanthum*, (S)   PPBC, 2 
rhuyuenense*, 1500 m (S)  PPBC, mange 
rivulare*, 700-1200 m   PPBC, mange 
seniavinii*, 1400 m  PPBC, mange 
shimenense*, 1500-1600 m (N) (Argyrophylla)  PPBC, intet 
simiarum var. simiarum,	 500-1800 m (S)
simsii var. simsii, 500-1200 (-2600) m
stamineum, var. stamineum, 500-1500 m
subflumineum*, (S)   RBGE Herbarium  PPBC, txt 
sutchuenense, 1600-2300 m  (NV)
tianmenshanense, forest in Zhangjiajie City
viscidum*, 1800-2000 m (S)  PPBC, txt
x pulchrum  
yangmingshanense*, 200-300 m,  PPBC, txt 
yaogangxianense*, 1100 m,  PPBC, intet 
yizhangense*, 1600 m  PPBC, intet 
Zhangjiajieense*  PPBC, mange 

JN12417 Southeast Hunan Yizhang County 1700m. sp. nov? Subsection Fortunea showing some similarity to JN12388 and
12390 but larger and more developed calyx. From open grassy hill tops, leaves c.20cm long, 12-17 flower truss long
rachis (6-7cm in fruit) capsule and pedicel glandular. Looks an impressive plant

R. sp. Subgenus Tsutsusi JN12373 Southwest Hunan Chengbu County 900m. 

Rhododendron Zhangjiajieense,a New Species of the Rhododendron from Hunan,China[J];Bulletin of Botanical Research;2007-04
Rhododendron tianmenshanense C.L.Peng & L.H.Yan,a new species of Ericaceae from Hunan,China[J];
Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica;2007-03 Rhodedendron orbiculare and Rhododendron rupivalleculatum.

*= mangler billeder

Billeder (Photo's) findes evt. her

Chinese virtual herbarium

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