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Rhododendron species on Taibai, NE. China, Shaanxi Province, images, list Til T

Rhododendron arter i Shaanxi Province (Mt. Taibai), liste

R. argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum
R. augustinii
R. augustinii
R. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale
R. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale
R. auriculatum
R. auriculatum
R. calophytum at BGBC, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. calophytum
R. capitatum at RBGE, Foto: H. Eiberg
R. capitatum
R. concinnum at HE, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. concinnum
R. concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum at HE, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum
R. concinnum var. benthamianum, Foto: Douglas Justice, UBC
R. concinnum var. benthamianum
R. discolor, Foto: Hank Helm
R. discolor
R. fortunei, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. fortunei
R. maculiferum, Foto: JC. Birck
R. maculiferum
R. oreodoxa var. fargesii, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. oreodoxa var. fargesii
R. oreodoxa var. shensiense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. henaense ssp. lingbaoense
R. pachytrichum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. pachytrichum
R. polylepis, Foto: Hank Helm
R. polylepis
R. praevernum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. praevernum
R. purdomii, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. purdomii
R. przewalskii, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. przewalskii
R. roxieanum var. roxieanum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. roxieanum var. roxieanum
R. weldianum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. rufum/R. weldianum
R. sutchuenense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. sutchuenense
R. sutchuenense var. geraldii, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. sutchuenense var. geraldii
R. taibaiense, Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. taibaiense

Photosynthetic Characteristics and Anatomical Structure of Five Species of Rhododendron in the Taibai Mountain
Author:CAO Xiao-juan(College of Horticulture,Northwest A&F University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100,China;College of Forestry,Northwest A&F University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100 China)
LIU Jian-jun(College of Forestry,Northwest A&F University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100 China)YANG Mei(College of Horticulture,Northwest A&F University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100,China;College of Forestry,Northwest A&F University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100 China)Journal

We studied the photosynthetic characteristics and morphological and anatomical structure of five species of Rhododendron between 2 000 m and 3 700 m elevation in the Taibai Mountain.The results showed that:R.capitatum distributed in alpine shrub,has high light saturation point and light compensation point,high light adaptability and poor shade tolerance. R.taibaiense found in 3000-3400 m under Larix chinensis forest,has lower light saturation point and higher light compensation point,weak light adaptability and narrower ecological amplitude. R.clementinae subsp.aureodorsale, R.purdomii and R.concinnum distributed in the 2000~3200 m under Betula albo-sinensis and Betula utilis forest,was low light compensation point,strong shade-tolerant and wide ecological amplitude.In morphological structure,the ratio of palisade tissue and spongy tissue of five species of Rhododendron were much less than 1,they were shade-tolerant plant.Leaf epidermis of R.capitatum densely covered scales,with well-developed palisade tissue and aerenchyma;Palisade tissue of R.taibaiense arranged closely and developed well;lower leaf epidermis of R. clementinae subsp.aureodorsale was densely puberulous,with highest stoma density and loosely arranged spongy tissue;Lower leaf epidermis of R.concinnum densely covered scales;Palisade tissue of R.purdomii was as low as the ratio of palisade tissue and spongy tissue. The formation of these structures was the results of adaptation to habitat in long-term.

Flora of China, R. capitatum
Flora of China, R. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale
Flora of China, R. concinnum
Flora of China, R. purdomii
Flora of China, R. taibaiense


Rhododendron species in Shaanxi Province. After Flora of China 2005

R. argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum (S. Shaanxi)  1500-2100 m
R. augustinii ssp. augustinii (Shaanxi)  1000-2100 m
R. aureodorsale (R. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale) (SW. Shaanxi, Taibai Shan) 2600-3100 m 
R. auriculatum (S. Shaanxi) 600-2000 m
R. calophytum var. calophytum (S. Shaanxi) 1400-4000 m
R. capitatum, (2500) 3400 - 3767 (4300) m
R. concinnum,  (2000) 2800-3000 (3800) m
R. declivatum * (Lapponica) (SW. Shaanxi, Taibai Shan) 2600-3800 m
R. detersile * (SW. Shaanxi, Taibai Shan) 2500-2900 m
R. discolor (Shaanxi) 900-1900 m
R. fortunei (Shaanxi) 600-2000 m
R. henanense ssp. lingbaoense ("Purdomi"  Polske form = R. oreodoxa ssp. shensiense) (SW. Shaanxi), (700) 2300-2500 (3400) m
R. oreodoxa var. fargesii (S Shaanxi) 1800-3500 m
R. pachytricum var. pachytricum (S. Shaanxi) 1700-3500 m
R. polylepis (S. Shaanxi) 1500-3300 m
R. prevernum (Shaanxi) 1500-2500 m
R. przewalskii ssp. przewalskii (W. Shaanxi) 2700-4300 m
R. purdomi, 1800 -3500 m
R. roxieanum var. roxieanum (SW. Shaanxi) 2600-4300 m
R. rufum (weldianum) (SW. Shaanxi, Taibai Shan) 2300-3800 m
R. shaanxiense * (R. yunnanense,  1600-4300 m) 
R. sutchuenense (S. Shaanxi)  1600-2300 m
R. taibaiense (Lapponica) (C. Shaanxi) ca. 3000-3400 m
R. tsinlingense * (Tephropepla) 1400 m

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 Mt. Taibai
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