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Examples of species seed want to the ARS exchange 2010 -- Examples of species seed wanted to the ARS exchange 2007
All seeds sold from 1999-2009 (2MB) 28. Aug. 2008
All seeds sold from 2010-2017 (2MB) 22. Oct. 2017

Requirements for All Overseas Donors:

The Seed Exchange continues to be an important and valuable extension of the American Rhododendron Society.

We want all donations to the Seed Exchange from our overseas friends to reach us without being stopped at 
our inspection stations. 

In order for your seed to make it all the way to the Exchange, all overseas donors must have a small lot 
seed import certificate.  This certificate helps your seed get to the agriculture inspection station, 
then to the Seed Exchange Chairmen.  Without the import certificate your donations may be rejected and/or burned.  
We don't want that to happen!  Please request your import certificate from  
We will be able to email or post the certificate to you immediately!  Thank you for making the Exchange great.

Ray & Ann Clack
ARS Seed Chairmen

ARS SEED EXCHANGEThe ARS Seed Exchange is currently closed for sales.

The Exchange will be accepting seed for the 2021 catalog this Fall.  The cut-off date is December 15, 
however, we will be flexible about receiving seed after this date.

The Seed Exchange is expected to open for Internet sales in early January 2021.

Note: A new committee is responsible for the ARS seed exchange program for 2021.

If you have a seed contribution or have questions about the Seed Exchange please contact:

Ray & Ann Clack
ARS Seed Exchange
10930 S. Huntington Drive
Oregon City, OR  97045


The 2021 Seed Exchange will be open to ARS members and seed donors in Mid-January,
(non-members on March 1st) through May 1st. A list of this years offerings will be available at
either the ARS or Danish web pages:






Old seed lists from 1976-2015
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