ARS Seed list 2004

2004 ARS SEED EXCHANGE CLOSEOUT SPECIAL Begins 21 June 2004 and ends 20 Sept. 2004 Ordering Instructions: 1.  Anyone may order from this listing, ARS members and non-members. 2.  The price per packet is $1.00 US dollar. 3.  The minimum order is 20 seed packets (Exception: Seed contributors may      order any amount of packets). 4.  The postage and other expenses charge is $3.00 US dollars per order. 5.  Payment:     ARS Members      Danish Chapter members will be billed by their treasurer.      Scottish Chapter members are to send their chapter a cheque, money      order or cash for the full amount due.      All payments to the secretary and treasurer of the Scottish chapter are      to be in sterling and cheques to be at the exchange rate of US $1.55 to the      pound.      Mail to:     John M. Hammond     Hon. Secretary & Treasurer, S. R. S.     The Three Chimneys     12 Cockey Moor Road     Starling     Bury     Lancashire BL8 2HB     England      All other members please send either:        a). Check in US dollars drawn from funds on deposit in the USA.        b). Money Order  Please add $2.00 to the total to cover bank fees             (Exception: Seed contributors need pay no additional fee)        c). Credit Cards accepted ONLY from ARS members via Fax Method.             $10.00 Fax Method fee added (Email John Nicolella for details).        d). Bank Wire for both ARS members and non-members.  $10.00 fee added (Email John Nicolella for details).   Non-Members -- Payment must accompany your order.    Check/Money Order made payable to ARS Seed Exchange.    Bank Wire: $10.00 fee added (Email John Nicolella for details). 6.  Please list your seed choices in NUMERIC ORDER. 7.  You may select as many packets of a seed lot as desired i.e. Lot #1 -10 pkts. 8.  Do not list alternative choices.  If we are out of some or all of your choices we will select substitute lot #'s.  NO REFUNDS will be sent. 9.  Mail orders to: ARS SEED EXCHANGE, PO BOX 284, EAST QUOGUE, NY 11942-0284 USA 10. Please PRINT CLEARLY and if possible include a mailing label. 11. Questions? Contact John Nicolella, Email is:
Mostly hand pollinated seeds (HP*) *all seed lots not marked are (HP), (HP) is not written.
  • op = Open pollinated
  • cp = Controlled Pollination, which differs from HP in that the stigma is physically covered after pollination. This covering is meant to act as an extra protection against accidental contamination with unknown pollen.
  • cw = Collected in wild All seed lots not marked 'selfed', 'cp', 'cw', 'op', or 'op, self fertile' are hand pollinated, hp will not be written. Some contributors have supplied us with a list of "little known hybrids" they have used. This list will immediately follow the contributor's seed lot numbers. Every effort is made to avoid spelling errors; species are listed under the name supplied by the contributor and thus vary as to classification system. Not all hybrid names are registered or found in other reference works.
  • S.O. = Sold out or = 2044.
    Sue & Lindsay Davies, New Zealand 1.    R. macabeanum FCC form x R. macabeanum DT 011*1, cp 2.   R. macabeanum FCC form x R. macabeanum Nyman's form, cp 3.   R. macabeanum Nyman's form x R. macabeanum DT 011*1, cp 4.   R. protistum aff AC 431 x R. protistum aff AC 428*2, cp        *1. cw by Dayal and Thompson        *2.  White with magenta throat, very sun tolerant, buds frost tender.        Germination of lots 1-4 is excellent. Hirokazu Maehara, Japan 5.   R. metternichii var hondoense (multiflora) x R. metternichii var hondoense (double)*1      *1. From photos both parents have double flowers which also have stamens. Dennis Mac Mullan, USA 6.    (Carmen x R. yakushimanum)*1 x (R. strigillosum x R. yakushimanum,"Trelawney") 7.    Harold Amateis x self 8.    Herald Square*2 x Goldkrone *A1 9.    Marybelle x Pastel*3 10.  Red Wonder x Golden Harvest *A2 11.  (Robert Allison x Evening Glow)#9 x self *A3 12.   Scintillation (Gem form) x (Carmen x R. yakushimanum)*1 13.  Scintillation (Gem form) x Red Wonder 14.  Shazaam x Marybelle *A4 15.   Sneezy x Con Brio*4 16.  Time Out*5 x Scintillation (Gem form)       *1. Dwarf red       *2. Herald Square = Vulcan x R. pseudochrysanthum       *3. Pastel = Gable's yellow R. fortunei x R. wardii       *4. Con Brio = The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague x [(R. metternichii x Mars) x The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague]       *5. Time Out = Autumn Gold x (Inca Gold x R. yakushimanum)     *A1. Aim = hardy, dwarf, orange/red      *A2. Aim = hardy, orange/red     *A3. Aim = hardy, yellow tricolor      *A4. Aim = hardy, peach/yellow bicolor June Sinclair, USA 17.   Comp. - Cyclamen africanicum 18.  Comp. - Cyclamen hederifolium, pink x white 19.  Comp. - Cyclamen, mixed*1 20.   Comp. - Paeonia obovata v. alba        *1. Most likely coum, cilicum, pseudoibericum & repandum. Jack O'Shannassy, Australia, Australian Rhododendron Society (Vic. Branch) 21.  R. aberconwayi 22.  R. edgeworthii 23.  R. maddenii (S.1498) 24.   R. irroratum, yellow op 25.  R. lindleyi (Harold She??-cannot read, type)*1 op 26.  R. montroseanum op 27.   Bloodline*2 x My Snow White*3 28.  R. nuttallii x R. lindleyi   *1. Maddenia Walk - NE end, lower side, S.2706   *2. Bloodline = Brittania x Cornubia by Karel Van de Ven, bright red, large truss, flowers mid-October (Australia, reg. 1988)   *3. My Snow White = Nestucca x unknown by Laurie Begg, very large pure white, flowers mid-October (Australia, reg. 1999) Richard Gustafson USA, zone 6 29.  Amanda Joan Young x Scarborough Fair*1 30.  Beauty Spot x (Beryl Coronet x Orchid Corsage) 31.   Beauty Spot  x Phipps 51*2 32.  Blazen Sun x Beauty Spot 33.   (Consolini's Windmill x Starbright )#3 x Kristen Marie 34.  Cynosure x Mazarin Stone*3 35.   Giselle*4 x Scarborough Fair 36.  Janet Blair x Painted Lady 37.   Mazarin Stone*3 x (Olga x Temple Meads) 38.  Mrs. T. H. Lowinsky  x Phipps 51*2 39.  Mrs. W.R. Coe x Phipps 51*2 40.   Orchid Corsage x Dream of Kings 41.  Slocock G-3*5 x Marquis of Waterford 42.   (Temple Meads x September Song)#11 x Mazarin Stone*3   *1. Scarborough Fair = Shaker Sunrise x Peach Cobler   *2. Phipps 51 = Very large pale pink truss.  *3. Mazarin Stone  (pale yellow)= Kittatiny x Gold Rush (Rhein hybrid)   *4. Giselle is Lady Bligh x yak, very good truss, pink fading to white.   *5. Slocock G-3, pink and white bicolor, blooms mid June. George H. Gray, USA 43.  (R.brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x Fiery Orange) x Casanova 44.   [(Goldenstar x Mrs. Yates) x Tortoiseshell Wonder] x (Ronald Otto Delp x Gosh Darn) 45.  {[(Goldenstar x Mrs. Yates) x Tortoiseshell Wonder] x Fiery Orange} x Casanova 46.   Mary Pat x Trinidad 47.  Pana x Pink Icing Werner Brack, USA, zone 7a 48.  R. auriculatum, selfed 49.  R. augustinii *1 x R. augustinii RSF deep blue Crop Failure 50. [Anne Hardgrove x (R. strigillosum x R. yakushimanum)] *2 x Pygmalion 51.  Hotei x Capistrano 52.  Mary Guthlein x [(H58-6 x Janet Blair)*3 x Golden Star]*4 53.   Moser's Maroon x R. neriiflorum 'Rosevallon' 54.  (Voluptuous x Phipps Yellow) x R. lacteum RSF 55.  (Voluptuous x Phipps Yellow) x Pleasant Dream 56.   Sappho x Nestucca   *1, Bud and plant hardy to at least -5* F., may have originated with Joe Gable.   *2 Semi-dwarf plant with true red unfading flowers.   *3 H58-6  by Hardgrove = R. fortunei x (R. wardii x R. dichroanthum), same parents as 'Donna Hardgrove'.   *4 Nice medium yellow with superior blue-green foliage, good plant habit, floppy truss. June Sinclair, USA, additional 57.  Comp. - Primula Burmanicum 58.  Comp. - Primula Forrestii 59.   Comp. - Primula Poissonii, mixed colors John Howcroft, United Kingdom, zone 8a 60.  R. argyrophyllum 61.   R. coriaceum 62.  R. davidsonianum 63.  R. genestierianum 64.   R. grande 65.  R. johnstoneanum "Rubeotinctum" 66.  R. praevernum 67.   R. ungernii 68.  R. vernicosum 69.   R. zeylanicum 70.  R. praevernum x R.oreodoxa Rich Craven, USA, zone 7 71.  R. columbianum (Ledum), cw Lincoln Beach Oregon 72.   R. macrophyllum pink w/flare, cw Lincoln Beach Oregon 73.  R. campylogynum "Celsum", op 74.   Comp. - Enkianthus campanulatus Clive Justice, Canada 75. R. macrophyllum, cw upper Skagit River, Manning Park, BC, Canada Earl W. Cordy, USA 76. Atlantis x Barto's Ivory 77. (R. calendulaceum x R. bakeri) x R. arborescens, yellow 78. Casanova x Treena 79. Gregory Bald x (R. calendulaceum x R. bakeri) 80. Haag's White Water*1 OP ARS 98/1289 x Abe Arnott 81. R. adenopodum x R. metternichii var micranthum, ARS 83/562, OP 82. Witch's Batter *2, OP*3 *1. White Water = R. catawbiense 'Catalgla' x (R. fortunei x Madonna) *2. Witch's Batter = Dexter's Champagne x (R. discolor x Fabia) *3. Seed collected at Bill Rhein's garden. Robert C. MacIntyre, USA 83. R. macrophyllum, cw, Bandon, OR, mid - late flowering. 84. R. burmanicum, op 85. R. maddenii ssp. maddenii *1, op*2 *1. Tolerated 8*F. on two separate occasions. *2. No other lepidote rhododendrons in garden. Ole Jonny Larsen, Norway 86.  R. albrechtii 87.  R. hypoleucum 88.  R. myrtifolium 89.  R. nipponicum 90.  R. pumilum 91.  R. tomentosum var. angustum*1 92.  R. tschonoskii 93.  R. kesangiae x R. sutchuenense *2 94.  (R. yakushimanum x R. wardii) x R. vernicosum, with orange-red flowers. 95.  R.' Azaleas - mixed hybrids with a wide range of colors. 96.  Comp. - Phyllodoce empetriformis 97.  Comp. - Phyllodoce tsugifolia Nakai   *1. Syn: Ledum palustre var. angustum   *2. Probably the first cross with R. kesangiae.  Goal: a very hardy big leaved hybrid. Russell Gilkey, USA 98.  R. yakushimanum 'Exbury' x R. yakushimanum FCC 99.  R. yakushimanum FCC x R. yakushimanum 'Exbury'          Note: Mr Gilkey treats yak seed 20 minutes in 10% Clorox and then 8          hours in 2000 ppm gibberellic acid.  This has improved germination up to 85%. Chris Trautmann (Mowbray Gardens), USA 100.  (Blazen Sun x Sweet LuLu)*1*A x Banana Republic*2*A 101.  (Crowning Touch*3*A x Sandwich Appleblossom)*4*A x (Blazen Sun x Capistrano)#1*5*A   *1. Star shaped flowers of orange-yellow.   *2. Banana Republic = Casanova x Barbara Cook*6   *3. Crowning Touch = Chiquita*7*A x Sardinia*8*A. Buttery yellow, wide faced flowers.   *4. Large flowered (3"), salmon-yellow.   *5. Very large truss, yellow + orange tones   *6. Barbara Cook = Marybelle x Goldsworth Yellow. Very large flowers, looks like Lem's Cameo when it first opens.   *7. Chiquita = (Cherokee x L. Meads) x Jet Set   *8. Sardinia = Weldy x Fiery Orange    *A. Chris Trautmann hybrids.   Note: All crosses germinated well. Hanns Meltzer, Germany, zones 4 - 5 102.  R. bakeri x white Knaphill Azalea 103.  (R.catawbiense Grandiflorum x Polar Bear)#691*1*P1 x Fabia 104.  [(Earl of Donoughmore x R.fortunei) x R. yakushimanum]#645*2*P2 x Fabia 105.  Fabia x (R.catawbiense Grandiflorum x Polar Bear)#691*P3*1 106.  (R.makinoi x R. decorum)#540*3*P4 x Fabia 107.  (Newa x  R. fortunei)#277*4*P5 x Fabia 108.  (R. smirnowii x R. fortunei)#456*5*P6 x Fabia 109.  (R. smirnowii x R. fortunei)#647*4*P7 x Fabia 110.  [Spaetlese x (R. catawbiense Grandiflorum x R.discolor)]#639*4*P8 x Fabia 111.  [(R.wardi x R. yakushimanum) x R. williamsianum]#523*P9 x Fabia  *1. White, fragrant.   *2. Flaming red.  *3. White.   *4. Rose.nt  *5. Rose, fragrant Note: All Mr. Meltzer's hybrids are hardy down to minus 26* C.   *P1. (R.catawbiense Grandiflorum x Polar Bear)#691   *P2. [(Earl of Donoughmore x R.fortunei) x R. yakushimanum]#645  *P3. Fabia x (R.catawbiense Grandiflorum x Polar Bear)#691   *P4. (R.makinoi x R. decorum)#540  *P5. (Newa x  R. fortunei)#277  *P6. (R.makinoi x R. decorum)#540  *P7. (R. smirnowii x R. fortunei)#647  *P8. [Spaetlese x (R. catawbiense Grandiflorum x R.discolor)]#639  *P9. [(R.wardi x R. yakushimanum) x R. williamsianum]#523 Bengt A. Kihlman, Sweden 112.  R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum *1, cw, Lunsen Forest, south of Uppsala, Sweden, 59*45'N, 18*40'E  *1. Formerly, Ledum palustre ssp. palustre Joe Harvey, Canada 113.  R. pachysanthum RSF 78/064 x R. pachysanthum (N. Todd) 114.  R. bureavii x R. pachysanthum 115.  R. bureavii x R. pseudochrysanthum 116.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. bureavii 117.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. elegantulum 118.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. fictolacteum 119.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. fulvum 120.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. pachysanthum 121.  R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. pseudochrysanthum 122.  R. degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x R. pachysanthum 123.  R. degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Exbury' x R. pseudochrysanthum 124.  R. pachysanthum x R. adenogynum 125.  R. pachysanthum x R. adenopodum 126.  R. pachysanthum x R. degronianum ssp heptamerum 'Enamoto' 127.  R. pachysanthum x R. elegantulum 128.  R. pachysanthum x R. fulvum 129.  R. pachysanthum x Our Kate 130.  R. pachysanthum x R. pseudochrysanthum 131.  R. pachysanthum x R. recurvoides 132.  R. pachysanthum x R. roxieanum cucullatum 133.  R. pachysanthum x spotted hybrid 134.  Comp. Arctostaphylos columbiana (Manzanita) A. J. Blee, New Zealand 135.  R. aberconwayi, ex KW form 136.  R. falconeri 137.  R. pachysanthum, Mix of two different forms. 138.  R. racemosum, Forrest dwarf form 139.  R. triflorum var. mahogani 140.  R. pachysanthum x R. yakushimanum*1  *1. Second generation yaks from random crossings between 10 first generation plants. Jim Barlup, USA, zone 8 141.  Apricot Flambe*2 x [(Catfort Campy x Mary Garrison) x Rio] 142.  Hachmann?s Charmant x (Midnight Mystique x Jonathan Shaw) 143.  Horizon Lakeside x Janet Blair 144.  (Horizon Lakeside x Arctic Gold) x (Percy Wiseman x Summer Peach*11) 145.  (Ingrid Mehlquist x Snow Candle*10) x (R yakushimanum x R. proteoides) 146.  Invitation*6 x (Amber Touch*1 x Recital*9) 147.  Invitation*6 x Arctic Gold 148.  Invitation*6 x Hill?s Low Red 149.  Invitation*6 x {Tweedy Bird x [Bambi x (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides)]} 150.  Invitation*6 x Victoria?s Consort 151.  Invitation*6 x (R. yakushimanum x Brandt?s Tropicana) 152.  Invitation*6 x (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides) 153.  Janet Blair x Nelda Peach 154.  Janet Blair x (Tuscany x Nelda Peach) 155.  Janet Blair x Whitney?s Late Orange 156.  Jonathan Shaw x Dream of Kings*3 157.  Jonathan Shaw x (Purple Splendour x 1000 Butterflies) 158.  Lem?s Tangerine x [(Catfort Campy x Mary Garrison) x Rio] 159.  Mindy?s Love*7 x Capistrano 160.  Mindy?s Love*7 x [(Catfort Campy x Mary Garrison) x Rio] 161.  Mindy?s Love*7 x Janet Blair 162.  Purple Passion*8 x (Midnight Mystique x Jonathan Shaw) 163.  Recital*9 x Nelda Peach 164.  Scintillation x Elegant Touch*4 *1. Amber Touch = [Hotei x (Virginia Richards x Crest)] x Sedona *2. Apricot Flambe = Apricot Fantasy x White Peter *3. Dream of Kings = A. Bedford x Purple Splendor *4. Elegant Touch = R. yakushimanum x 1000 Butterflies *5. Fisher?s Song = H. L. Larson x September Song *6. Invitation = Anita Dunstan x Lem?s Cameo *7. Mindy?s Love = Nancy Evans x Lionel?s Triumph *8. Purple Passion = Purple Splendor x Catalga *9. Recital = Mindy?s Love x Jesse?s Song *10. Snow Candle = [(Fancy x R. yakushimanum) x Exbury Calstocker] *11. Summer Peach = Whitney?s Late Peach x Phyllis Korn Theo Leijdens, The Netherlands, zone 7 165.  R. auriculatum#1 x R. auriculatum#2 166.  R. diaprepes, selfed 167.  R. anwheiense x R. callimorphum 168.  Comp. - Narcissus triandrus 169.  Comp. - Rhamnus pumilus*1, cw Trento Italy   *1. Dwarf buckthorn, zone 6 Andy Navage, USA, Bloedel Reserve, zone 8 170.  R. piercei x self 171.  R. pocophorum ssp. pocophorum x self, cp 172.  R. praevernum x self 173.  R. sutchuenense var. geraldii x R. sutchuenense var. geraldii 174.  R. anwheiense, op 175.  R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum, op 176.  R. fortunei ssp. fortunei, op. 177.  R. wightii, op 178.  R. williamsianum, white form, op 179.  R. beanianum x R. coriaceum*1, cp 180.  Comp. - Billardiera longiflora, purple fruit 181.  Comp. - Decaisnea  Fargesii 182.  Comp. - Lilium Davidii var. Willmottiae 183.  Comp. - Lilium Hansonii 184.  Comp. - Magnolia Sieboldii 185.  Comp. - Menziesia multiflora var. brevicalyx 186.  Comp. - Vaccinium padifolium *1. Possible garden hybrid? Francis Stewart, USA, zone 7 187.  R. prunifolium, op Robert Zimmermann, USA, zone 8 188.  R. elegantulum, Cox ARS 85-463 x R. elegantulum, Cox ARS 85-463 sibling 189.  R. pachysanthum, white, Cox, ARS 86-627 x R. pachysanthum, white, Cox, ARS 86-627 sibling 190.  R. pachytrichum RBG Edinburgh, selfed 191.  R. stewartianum RSF 77/774 x R. stewartianum, pink 192.  R. strigillosum, selfed 193.  R. wiltonii RSF 75/148 x R. wiltonii RSF 76/387 Henning Andersen, Denmark 194.  R. sutchuenense x R. sutchuenense, cp June Sinclair, USA, additional II 195.  R. albrechtii x R. albrechtii 196.  R. alutaceum RSF 76/202 x R. alutaceum 197.  R. arizelum, cream, selfed 198.  R. bainbridgeanum, selfed 199.  R. camtschaticum, red x R. camtschaticum, red 200.  R. chrysodoron x R. chrysodoron 201.  R. edgeworthii*1, white, green throat, heavy indumentum x R. edgeworthii*1, heavy indumentum, white, largest truss 202.  R. edgeworthii*1, white frilled, yellow throat, 7 flowers, heavy indumentum x R. edgeworthii*1, green throat, heavy indumentum 203.  R. eximium*1 x R. eximium W.B. 204.  R. facetum*1 x R. facetum*1 205.  R. griersonianum*1 x R. griersonianum*1 206.  R. lanatum*1, Sikkim x R. lanatum*1, Sikkim 207.  R. macabeanum, "Lord Stair" selfed, best 208.  R. mimetes, selfed 209.  R. mimetes, Scotland, selfed 210.  R. niveum*1,  Sikkim x R. niveum*1, Sikkim 211.  R. niveum*1, Sikkim, best color x R. niveum*1, Sikkim, largest truss 212.  R. orbiculare x R. orbiculare 213.  R. pachysanthum x R. pachysanthum 214.  R. pendulum*1, Bhutan best x R. pendulum*1, Bhutan 215.  R. protistum, selfed 216.  R. rex, lavender, purple blotch, large frilled truss, selfed 217.  R. rex, pink, red blotch, selfed 218.  R. rex, white, red blotch, extremely large trusses,  selfed 219.  R. rhabdotum, yellow x R. rhabdotum, yellow 220.  R. rothschildii x R. rothschildii 221.  R. rothschildii, selfed 222.  R. souliei, white x R. souliei, white 223.  R. tsariense x R. tsariense 224.  R. quinquefolium, op 225.  R. schlippenbachii, op 226.  R. vaseyi 'White Find', op 227.  R. yakushimanum x R. eximium 228.  R. yakushimanum x R. rex (best) 229.  Comp. - Cardiocrinum gigantium 230.  Comp. - Magnolia 'Caerhay's Belle', op*2 231.  Comp. - Meconopsis betonicifolia, perennial strain 232.  Comp. - Primula Poissonii 233.  Comp. - Tigridia pavonia, mixed colors 234.  Comp. - Tigridia pavonia, orange, red throat 235.  Comp. - Tigridia pavonia, white, red throat   *1. Plant grown from collected wild seed.   *2. Ms. Sinclair know's of no other magnolias within 3 or more miles. Warren Berg, USA 236.  R. quinquefolium, W.B. red fall color, op George Woodard, USA, zone 7a 237.  Capistrano x (Percy Wiseman x Sunspray) 238.  Capistrano x [(Phipps Yellow x Viennese Waltz) x (Voluptuous x Phipps Yellow)] 239.  (Erchless x Purple Splendor) x Rhein's Picotee 240.  Midnight Mystique x [(Erchless x Purple Splendor) x Anah Kruschke] 241.  [(Rio x Orange Marmalade) x Viennense Waltz] x Capistrano 242.  {[Scintillation x (Pink Petticoats x R. yakushimanum)] x [(Dumper's Yellow x Phipps Yellow) x 1000 Butterflies]} x Martha Phipps Kristian Theqvist, Finland, zone 5a 243.  R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum *1, cw 244.  'Helsinki University' *2 x decorum *4, cp 245.  'St. Michel' *3 x 'Fred Wynniatt' *5, cp *1. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum seeds collected in Turku Archipelago, Southern Finland. *2. 'Helsinki University' is a Finnish extra hardy hybrid (-38°F, -39°C) with bright pink flowers, red-orange freckled. *3. 'St. Michel' is a Finnish extra hardy hybrid (-35°F, -37°C) with light pink flowers, green or green-brown freckled.   *4. R. decorum has white fragrant flowers. The pollen is from Bergen Musehagen, Norway. *5. 'Fred Wynniatt' has huge apricot pink and yellow flowers. Hans Eiberg, Denmark, zone 6 246.  R. proteoides *1, cw Beima Shan 4400m.  (Danish expedition 2002)*2 247.  R. groenlandicum*3, cw Nuuk, Greenland   *1. Photo at:R. proteoides   *2. Seed stored in freezer.   *3. Formerly Ledum groenlandicum. Photo at:R. groenlandicum*3, cw Nuuk, Greenland Ole Rolf Jacobsen, Denmark, zone 6 248.  R. pseudochrysanthum*1 x R. pseudochrysanthum*1, cp     *1. Small leaved form. Claus J. Staune, Denmark, zone 6 249.  R. proteoides *1 x R. proteoides *2, cp 250.  R. campanulatum var. aeruginosum*3 x R. proteoides *1, cp   *1. Ascreavie form x (Greig/Nelson form x R. 147 Cecil Smith form).   *2. R. 151, RBG Edinburgh form.   *3. Good blue leafed ex. RBG Edinburgh. Jes Hansen, Denmark,  zone 6 251.  R. leucaspis x sibling RF 112/94, cp (Danish seed ex. nr.) 252.  R. canadense, op*1 253.  R. schlippenbachii, op *1. Does not cross with other species. Lloyd Gilmore, Canada, zone 8 254.  Jeda x R. pachysanthum*1 255.  Paprika Spiced x Jeda 256.  Paprika Spiced x Marie Stark *1. Joe Harvey's plant from RSF. Robert Barnard, USA 257.  R. occidentale, cw Rock Creek, El Dorado County, CA 1,350 ft.*1 258.  R. occidentale, cw Rock Creek, El Dorado County, CA 2,875 ft. 259.  ('Cecile' x 'Sandra Marie') Yellow x ('Homebush' x R. austrinum) Yellow 260.  'Narcissiflora' x ('Homebush' x atlanticum) Pink 261.  'Narcissiflora' x ('Homebush' x austrinum) Yellow 262.  Semi-Double Yellow Peach Exbury seedling x ('Homebush' x R. austrinum) Yellow   *1. Low elevation population from hot, dry, interior California. Charles Patterson, USA 263.  R. augustinii (Hardy form from Long Island)  x  Self *A1 264.  (Bonnie Maid  x R. calophytum)  x  Hardy Giant *A2 265.  (Scintillation x R. rex) #1  x  Hardy Giant *A3 266.  (Scintillation x R. rex) #3  x  Hardy Giant *A3 267.  (R. yakushimanum ?Koichiro Wada?  x  R. rex) #4   x  Hardy Giant *A4 268.  (R. yakushimanum ?Koichiro Wada?  x  R. rex) #4  x  (R. yakushimanum  x  R. falconeri) *A5 269.  [(R. yakushimanum ?Koichiro Wada?  x  Ruth Lyons)  x  R. macabeanum]  x (R. yakushimanum  x  R. falconeri) *A5   *A1.  AIM: Propagation of hardy form of species.   *A2. AIM: Pink or white early flowering with large leaves and treelike habit.   *A3. AIM: Hardy white or pink with large foliage and treelike habit.   *A4. AIM: Hardy white with large foliage and treelike habit.   *A5. AIM: Hardy white or cream giant with large foliage and treelike habit. Harold & Morna Stockman, USA 270.  Dolly Lamb*1 x Caroline Stockman*2 271.  Dolly Lamb*1 x Lamplighter*3 272.  Dolly Lamb*1 x Pixie Belle*4 273.  Hotei x Lamplighter*3 274.  Lamplighter*3 x Cotton Candy 275.  Alibaby*5 op*A 276.  Gallacci's Gold*6  op*A 277.  Gil's Triumph  op*A 278.  Marie Stark*7  op*A 279.  Maryke*8  op*A 280.  Orrie Dille*9  op*A 281.  Pixie Belle*4  op*A 282.  Sunspray  op*A 283.  Wilgen's Ruby  op*A    *1. Dolly Lamb = pure white, greenish blotch, dense low growth habit with dark green foliage.    *2. Caroline Stockman = bright pink shading to yellow center, dark red throat.    *3. Lamplighter = glowing red.    *4. Pixie Belle = med. pink, dense low growth habit.    *5. Alibaby = white, side edges of petals pink.    *6. Gallacci's Gold = med. yellow lobes, dark red throat.    *7. Marie Stark = bright yellow, red throat.    *8. Maryke = pastel blend of pink and yellow.    *9. Orrie Dille = white and pink blend.    *A. Mr. Stockman believes his open pollinated seed to be most likely selfed.    CORRECTION to 2003 Stockman entries.    "Apricot Delight" should have been "Apricot Fantasy". Michael Oliver, USA 284.  R. occidentale 28-2 x 30 285.  R. occidentale 28-2 x 2406 286.  R. occidentale (30 x 247) x (189 x 232) 287.  R. occidentale (30 x 2406) x (30 x 247) 288.  R. occidentale (189 x 232) x 2406 289.  R. occidentale 2406 x 502like 290.  R. occidentale 3303 x 28-3 291.  R. occidentale 3401 x 2406    NOTE: all the above are intraspecific hybrids of R. occidentale, the western azalea.     Descriptions for the above clones are:     28-2, 28-3   --> doubles   30          --> yellow on all five petals    189          --> large flowers, some pink   232          --> pink, very frilly 247          --> bright standard, yellow on three petals   502like      --> dark picotee   2406         --> pink, yellow on all five petals   3303, 3401  --> pink Dr. Yasuyuki Doi, Japan, zone 6 292.  R. brachycarpum var. roseum, dwarf x R. campanulatum 'Waxen Bell', (purple flowers) 293.  R. haematodes FCC x Red Majesty*1   *1. Red Majesty = R. elliottii x R. strigillosum David N. Hinton, Canada, zone 4b 294.  [R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x (Catawbiense Album x Blue Peter)] x (R. smirnowii x Scintillation) Hideaki Ohazama, Japan 295.  R. degronianum (deep pink x deep pink) 296.  R. degronianum (white x white) 297.  R. albrechtii, cw.  Mt. Zao, 4,000 feet. 298.  R. nudipes, cw, Mt. Nihonkoku 1,000 feet 299.  R. wadanum, cw, Mt. Abukuma 1,000 feet 300.  Comp. - Lilium rubellum (pink) cw, Mt. Asahi 5,000 feet Howard R. Kline, USA, zone 6 301.  Barbara Jenkinson x Goldflakes 302.  R. calendulaceum (Rose pink with yellow) x July Jewel*1 303.  Siskin x Chetco 304.  Siskin x Sandra Marie  *1. July Jewel = R. prunifolium x R. bakeri   NOTE: All of the above are deciduous azaleas. Rosemary D. Hartman, USA 305.  R. aberconwayi 'His Lordship', selfed 306.  R. calophytum, selfed 307.  R. diaprepes, selfed 308.  R. diaprepes 'Gargantua', selfed 309.  R. edgeworthii, selfed 310.  R. elegantulum 311.  R. fictolacteum, selfed 312.  R. fortunei x R. fortunei 313.  R. fortunei, outstanding pink, selfed 314.  R. fulgens 315.  R. glischroides, selfed 316.  R. griersonianum, selfed 317.  R. hunnewellianum, selfed 318.  R. hyperythrum, selfed 319.  R. keysii, selfed 320.  R. luteiflorum, selfed 321.  R. makinoi, selfed 322.  R. searsiae, selfed 323.  R. serrulatum, selfed 324.  R. sinogrande, selfed 325.  R. tsariense, selfed 326.  R. uvarifolium, selfed 327.  R. vaseyi, selfed 328.  R. neoglandulosum, cw, Washington Cascades 6,000 Feet 329.  R. argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense, op 330.  R. falconeri, op 331.  R. maximum*1,op 332.  R. pseudochrysanthum, small leaf, op 333.  R. arborescens x R. occidentale SM # 30 334.  R. bakeri 'Camps Red' x R. occidentale SM # 30 335.  R. occidentale SM # 30 x R. . flammeum, orange/red 336.  R. serrulatum x R. occidentale SM # 30   *1. White with pink edge, blooms mid to late June. Dr. Tom Ring, USA, zone 6 337.  Captain Jack x Rougemont*1 *A1 338.  {[(Brookville x Mary Garrison) x Gable's Peaches] x Sweet Lulu}*2 x Prycl's Yellow Fortunei *A2   *1. Rougemont = Princess Elizabeth x Cindy Lou   *2. Clear salmon tubular flowers, very fragrant.  *A1. AIM: Large, hardy red truss.   *A2. AIM: More open fragrant flowers in yellowish or peach color. Mike McCullough, USA 339.  R. cubittii Ashcombe x R. cubittii Edinburgh 340.  R. occidentale AO 2, cw *1 341.  R. occidentale Big Basin 602, cw *1 342.  R. occidentale Big Basin 1004, cw *1 343.  R. occidentale Big Basin 2101, cw *1 344.  R. occidentale Big Basin 2102, cw *1 345.  R. carneum, op 346.  R. ciliicalyx, op 347.  R. cubittii, op 348.  R. iteophyllum, op 349.  R. johnstoneanum, op 350.  R. maddenii (ex. R. brachysiphon), op 351.  R. polyandrum, op 352.  R. taronense # 1, op 353.  R. taronense # 2, op 354.  Candlelight x Heartthrob *A1 355.  Candlelight x R. liliiflorum *A2 356.  (R. ciliicalyx x Fosterianum) x unknown *A2 357.  (R. ciliatum x R. sinonuttallii) x unknown *A3 358.  (R. edgeworthii x R. veitchianum) x Heartthrob *A4 359.  Flaming Star x China Doll *A5 360.  Golden Gate x Peach Surprise *A5 361.  Heaven Scent x Amber Moon *A6 362.  Heaven Scent x Candlelight *A2 363.  Heaven Scent x Else Frye *A2 364.  Heaven Scent x Heartthrob *A1 365.  Heaven Scent x Joy Ridge *A6 366.  Heaven Scent x R. liliiflorum *A6 367.  Heaven Scent x Patricia Marie *A6 368.  Heaven Scent x Unknown *A5 369.  Helen Druecker x R. arboreum KW 21976 *A4 370.  Jim Drewery x Barto?s Favorite *A4 371.  Kimberly Anne x Unknown *A2 372.  Lake Lorraine x California Gold *A6 373.  Lemon Lodge x Mary Mayo *A5 374.  Lemon Lodge x Peach Surprise *A5 375.  (R. lindleyi x R. nuttallii ) HJB 11 x (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) *A6 376.  (R. lindleyi x R. nuttallii ) HJB 11 x Harry Tag *A3 377.  (R. lindleyi x R. nuttallii ) HJB 11 x Patricia Marie *A3 378.  Mi Amor x Alpine Snow *A3 379.  Mi Amor x Harry Tag *A3 380.  Mi Amor x Patricia Marie *A3 381.  (My Lady x Rose Scott) x Amber Moon *A7 382.  (My Lady x Rose Scott) x Unknown *A2 383.  Noyo Chief x Unknown *A4 384.  (Rose Scott x self) x R. liliiflorum *A2 385.  (Rose Scott x self) x unknown *A2 Pink / Fragrant 386.  Unknown Pink x ( My Lady x Rose Scott)  *A2 387.  Unknown Pink x ( My Lady x Rose Scott ) 82-838  *A2   *1. CW in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California.   *A1. AIM: Red / Fragrant  *A2. AIM: Pink / Fragrant  *A3. AIM: White / Fragrant  *A4. AIM: Red  *A5. AIM: Yellow   *A6. Aim: Yellow / Fragrant   *A7. AIM: Pink ? Yellow / Fragrant Susumu Sato, Japan 388.  R. aureum, cw, Mt. Daisetsu, 2,000 M. Shin' ichi Ishida, Japan 389.  R. amamiense, op in Tokyo 390.  R. leiopodum*1, op in Tokyo 391.  R. tashiroi*2, op in Kamakura 392.  R. wadanum, op in Tokyo 393.  R. weyrichii*2, op in Kamakura  *1. R. leiopodum = R. ellipticum   *2. No flower when in bloom. Joseph P. Bruso, USA, zone 5b 394.  (R. cumberlandense x R. arborescens) selfed 395.  R. canadense, white form*1, op 396.  R. minus*2, op 397.  R. mucronulatum*3, op 398.  R. vaseyi, pink, op   *1. About 50% of seedlings should be white.  *2. Large leaves, late blooming.  *3. Purple & pink forms mix.   Joe Bruso writes: "The seed marked as open pollinated will be true to species, as these   species don't cross with other species/hybrids due to incompatibility (canadense, vaseyi)   and/or are isolated in space and bloom time (nothing else in bloom at the same time).   (minus, mucronulatum)." Garratt Richardson, USA, NAPE Expedition 399.  R. arboreum var delavayi, cw*1 400.  R. bhutanense, cw*2 401.  R. camelliiflorum, cw*3 402.  R. dalhousiae var rhabdotum, cw*4 403.  R. glaucophyllum, cw*5 404.  R. maddenii ssp crassum, cw*6 405.  R. maddenii ssp crassum, cw*7 406.  R. maddenii ssp crassum, cw*8 407.  R. thomsonii, cw*9 408.  Comp. - Meconopsis sp, cw*10  NAPE = Nagaland and Arunachel Pradesh Expedition (Fall 2003) *1. Sside of Zela 11,000' gold underside.  GR5025  *2. Nagagigi, eastern Bhutan, 12,600'.  GR5012   *3. Near Mandala 10,500'.  GR5032   *4. Sside of Zela 8,900'.  GR5029    *5. Nside of Zela 10,000'.  GR5023    *6. Tom Hill 8,300' greener bud.  GR 5003    *7. Sside of Zela 8,900' yellow budded.  GR5028    *8. Mt. Japfu 8,600' 30' in forest, elliptic lvs. 3-6".  NAPE 0019    *9. E. Bhutan 12,700' red calyx.  GR5015    *10. E. Bhutan 13,300'.  GR5019    NOTE: Mt Japfu is in Nagaland.  Tom Hill, Nagagigi, Zela(SeLa) Pass, MandaLa   are in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. GR = collection numbers of Garratt Richardson (pending formal NAPE assignment). Eizi Yoshimura, Japan  (JRS Seed Exchange) 409.  R. metternichii var kyomaruense, white, Pref. Nara 410.  R. degronianum, pink, cw Mt. Surikogi 411.  R. degronianum, pink, cw Mt. Zao 412.  R. keiskei, yellow, cw Pref. Gunma 413.  R. brachycarpum f. Erimo, pink, op Pref. Aomori 414.  R. degronianum, pink, op Pref. Gunma 415.  R. hyperythrum, pink, op. Pref. Tottori 416.  R. sanctum Nakai var. lasiogynum, red, op Pref. Sizuoka Dr. Jean Beutler, USA, zone 6 417.  Amanda Joan Young x Phipps Yellow 418.  Barbara Cook x Phipps Yellow 419.  Janet Blair x 1000 Butterflies 420.  Janet Blair x Phipps Yellow 421.  Peg's Freckles*1 x Phipps Yellow  *1. Peg's Freckles = Heritage hyb. - salmon. Shirley and Allan Anderson, USA, zone 6 422.  Amanda Joan Young x Hill's Bright Red 423.  {R. brachycarpum x [Nancy Evans x (Crest x R. macabeanum)]} x (Nancy Evans x Janet Blair) 424.  Don Kellam x (Nancy Evans x Janet Blair) 425.  (Mars x Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow) x (Nancy Evans x Janet Blair) 426.  Pana x Hill's Bright Red 427.  Scintillation x Nike*1   *1. Nike = Tiddly Winks x Idealist.  (Thompson) Dr. Richard A. Flavell, USA, zone 6b 428.  R. decorum*1 x R. decorum*2 429.  R. fortunei, lu Shan strain*3 x R. fortunei, Mrs. Butler    *1. Mehlquist selection hardy in zone 5b, lightly fragrant.     *2. SBEC 1509, fine, pale pink form, lightly fragrant.  *3. Plant from Melquist hardy in zone 5b. Jacob Rosenthal, USA, zone 7 430.  [Corona x (Fabia x Azor)] x Snow's Red 431.  Don Kellum x Bud's Yellow 432.  (Hotei x R. maximum, ivory) x Old Copper 433.  (Lackamas Gold x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x Bud's Yellow 434.  Old Copper x R. pseudochrysanthum, dwarf form Larry Wallace, USA, zone 6 435.  Comp. - Euonymus alatus*1, op 436.  Comp. - Ligurstrum*2, op   *1. Aka Burning Bush, red fall color, abundant 3mm orange fruit, 6-7 feet. *2. Aka Privet, abundant 3mm black olives, edible if cured, 6-8 feet John Weagle, Canada, zone 6 437.  R. rupicola v. muliense*1, selfed, cp 438.  R. viridescens 'Doshong La', selfed, cp 439.  Barbara Hall*2 x R. aureum, cp*A1 440.  R. viridescens 'Doshong La' x R. dendrocharis, Glendoick darkest rose red, cp*A2  *1. Good dark yellow & more growable form.   *2. Barbara Hall = Road Red*3 x Prelude  *3. Road Red =  an old ironclad imported from Waterer's in the 1890's by Judge Harris of Digby, NS.   *A1. AIM: early, dwarf dark pink with texture. *A2. AIM: A compact hybrid with exceptional foliage. Gordon Wylie, USA 441.  Grandma's Hat x (Tropical Splendor x Evening Glow) 442.  Horizon Dawn x [(Jingle Bells x Cream Glory) x Crest] 443.  [(Lem's Cameo x Polynesian Sunset) x Ring of Fire] x Nike 444.  Comp. - Davidia involucrata (Dove tree)*1   *1. Requires up to two years for germination; stratification seems to make no difference. Several plants in each pod but the latter are virtually impossible to break apart; separate plants at transplant.  Protect from jays or other birds, particularly new growth. NOTE: Thompson & Morgan Successful Seed Raising Guide: Double Dormancy: (3-4 months warm moist, 3-4 months frig.)expect germination in 300 - 365 days.   Please note: LOT 444 will not be labeled or packaged as they are the size of medium pecans, expect two - three. Eva Gallagher, Canada,  zone 3 445.  R. dauricum album*1, op 446.  R. mucronulatum*1, op 447.  Comp. - Clethra acuminata*2  *1. Very hardy - minus 35 C.  Blooms consistently above snowline. *2. Very hardy  - minus 40C. July - August blooming, likes acid soil, withstands drought, good with rhodies. Plants grown from seed collected over 20 years ago in Great Smoky Mountains. Pat Walton, USA, zone 6 448.  R. maximum, cw, Chattahoochee National Forest near Anna Ruby Falls; nearest town, Helen, Georgia. 449.  (Albert Close x Skipper) x Summer Peach 450.  (Albert Close x Skipper) x [(tan R. fortunei x (Goldfort x Crest)] 451.  Always Admired x R. hyperythrum 452.  (Amanda Joan Young x Barbara Cook*1) x Janet's Fantasy 453.  Besse Howells x (Lem's Cameo x R. rex) 454.  Besse Howells x Yellow Rolls Royce 455. Bosutch x Barbara Cook*1 456.  Bosutch x Janet Blair 457.  Bosutch x (R. yakushimanum x R. strigillosum) 458.  Brigadoon*16 x Firestorm 459.  Brigadoon*16 x Trinity 460.  (Catanea x China) x Barbara Cook*1 461.  (Catanea x China) x Hypermax 462.  (Catanea x China) x March Madness*11 463.  (Catanea x China) x (Top Banana x Janet Blair) 464.  Commonwealth*2 x (Cameo x R. rex) 465.  Commonwealth*2 x Carol Jean 466.  Coxe Dexter*3 x Very Berry 467.  Crystal Yellow*4 x Agateen*17 468.  Crystal Yellow*4 x (Goldfort x Crest) 469.  Dorothy Swift x Yellow Rolls Royce 470.  Finders Keepers*6 x Janet's Fantasy 471.  Firestorm x Graf Zeppelin 472.  Firestorm x (Noyo Brave x 1000 Butterflies) 473.  Firestorm x Princess Elizabeth 474.  Firestorm x Perfectly Pink*13 475.  Firestorm x Powder Snow 476.  Firestorm x Rubicon 477.  Frühlingsanfang*7 x Ida Bradour*9 478.  Frühlingsanfang*7 x Naomi 479.  Frühlingsanfang*7 x Princess Elizabeth 480.  Frühlingsanfang*7 x Very Berry*18 481.  Goldbukett x Barbara Cook*1 482.  Goldbukett x Summer Peach 483.  Graf Zeppelin x Barbara Cook*1 484.  Gretchen Medlar*8 x (Noyo Brave x 1000 Butterflies) 485.  Gretchen Medlar*8 x Summer Peach 486.  Haaga x R. kesangiae 487.  Haaga x R. macabeanum RSF 75/052 488.  Haaga x (R. yakushimanum x R. falconeri) 489.  Ingrid Mehlquist x (Crest x R. macabeanum) 490.  Ingrid Mehlquist x Dexter's Spice 491.  Janet's Fantasy x Barbara Cook*1 492.  Kelsey Lynn Young x [(Dexter's Champagne x R. campylocarpum) x (Blandyanum x R.yakushimanum)]*5 493.  Kelsey Lynn Younf x (Goldfort x Crest) 494.  Ken Janeck x R. macabeanum 495.  Laurago*10 x Firestorm 496.  Laurago*10 x Harold Amateis 497.  Laurago*10 x Henry's Red 498.  Leo x Henry's Red 499.  Maximum Roseum*12 x Dexter Spice 500.  Maximum Roseum*12 x [Lem's Cameo x (Odee Wright x Crest)] 501.  Maximum Roseum*12 x (Lem's Cameo x R. rex) 502.  Red River x 1000 Butterflies 503.  Red River x Brigadoon 504.  Red River x Jean Marie de Montague 505.  Red River x (Mary Belle x Dexter's Honeydew)*19 506.  Red River x (R. yakushimanum x R. williamsianum) 507.  Rendezvous x Firestorm 508.  Ronald Otto Delp x Yellow Rolls Royce 509.  Scintillation x Powder Snow 510.  Tidal Wave*14 x (Crest x R. macabeanum) 511.  Tooty Fruity*15 x Barbara Cook*1 512.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x Barbara Cook*1 513.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x [(Hawk Crest x Idealist) x Wheatley] 514.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x (Minnie x Sunny Day) 515.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x Powder Snow 516.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x Si Si 517.  (Top Banana x Janet Blair) x Spellbinder 518.  Trinity x R. campanulatum RSF 74/53 519.  Trinity x (Crest x R. macabeanum) 520.  Trinity x R. hodgsonii RSF 76/191 521.  Trinity x R. macabeanum RSF75/052 522.  Trinity x R. magnificum RSF 81/080 *1. Barbara Cook = Mary Belle x Goldsworth Yellow.  Cross  by  J.J. Brooks; Ms. Walton raised the seedling and named it for the performer Barbara Cook.  *2. Commonwealth = hybrid of Henry's Red  (-20 F)   ( Mezitt) *3. Coxe Dexter = a selection from the Vanderbilt Estate in Asheville; very pale lavender with excellent foliage and growth habit, hardy  *4. Crystal Yellow Keystone x Cecil  (Delp) Keystone==Gosh Darn x (Mrs. H. R. Yates x wardii)        Gosh Darn==(Catalgla x Mrs. H. R. Yates) F2   Cecil==[(Lackamas Spice x R. lacteum) x [R. aberconwayi x (R. yak. x Fabia)]  *5. [(Dexter's Champagne x R. campylocarpum) x  (Blandyanum  x R. yak.)] is a good yellow.  Hybridized by Dr. W. Reese; grown from seed by M. Oleri.   *6. Finders Keepers = [(R. smirnowii x R. yak.) Delp x (R. brachycarpum x Crest) #5] #1-88   (Delp)   *7. Frühlingsanfang = Albert Schweitzer x R. yak   (Bruns)  Plant from Whitney Gardens via Germany   *8. Gretchen Medlar = Bo Sally Perkins, USA, zone 5b 523.  R. catawbiense compactum, op*1 524.  R. schlippenbachii, op*1 525.  R. semibarbatum, op 526.  R. vaseyi 'White Find', op 527.  Firestorm x (Daniella x 1000 Butterflies) 528.  Golden Gala x Capistrano 529.  Harold Amateis x Crimson Pippin 530.  (Janet Blair x Canary Islands)*2 x Capistrano 531.  (Janet Blair x Canary Islands)*2 x Gosh Darn 532.  R. maximum x Babylon 533.  Paul Vossberg x Independence 534.  Percy Wiseman x (R. yakushimanum x Butter) 535.  Rendezvous x Crimson Pippin  *1. op from Jamaica Plains, MA (Arnold Arboretum)  *2. Janet Blair x Canary Island is a Tony Knight cross that the Perkins have grown from seed for 12 years. It has matured into a 5 foot shrub, floriferous in part sun, holding leaves 4 years, a pale yellow (a Leach yellow ;-)) and hardy to at least - minus 17*F. John Thornton, USA 536.  R. arborescens var georgiana*1, cw*2  *1. Horse Stomp arborescens, very late flowering in August - September. White, red pistil, yellow blotch, extremely fragrant.  *2. Collected in Coosa County AL by Ron Miller of Pensacola FL. Don S. Wallace, USA 537.  Award x Canteloupe*1 538.  Chlorops  x  Los Serranos*2 539.  [Lem's Cameo x (Purple Splendour x Evening Glow)] x (R. campylocarpum x R. macabeanum) 540.  Lem's Legacy x (R. yakushimanum x R. lacteum) 541.  Unique Marmalade x (R. campylocarpum x R. macabeanum)   *1. Canteloupe =  Lem's Cameo x Cheyenne. An unregistered hybrid with   yellow flowers and fragrance like melon.  Award has the fragrance of root beer.  *2. Los Serranos = Nancy Evans x (Odee Wright x Crest).  An unregistered   hybrid by Frank Fujioka. Tom Milner, USA 542.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#1--Lt. yellow/white variegated bloom *2 543.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#8--Med-Lg. yellow , deep pink tube *2 544.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#10--Lg. pale yellow bloom, med pink tube *2 545.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#11--Med-Lg. yellow, deep pink tube.*2 546.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#13--Med-Lg. golden yellow, ball truss *2 547.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#14--Med-Lg. golden yellow *2 548.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#21--Lg. yellow bloom, deep pink tube *2 549.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA#24--V.Lg yellow bloom(1 1/2"), v.v.Lt. pink tube*2 550.  R. canescense, cw, --Pink forms *1 551.  R. canescense, cw, --Very near white form *1 552.  R. argyrophyllum, op*3 553.  R. decorum "Huyu", op*3 554.  R. discolor*4, op*3 555.  R. fargesii, op*3 556.  R. floribundum, op*3 557.  R. sutchuenense, op*3   *1. Source- Stone County, Mississippi, Red Creek   *2. Source-Pascagoula River Wildlife Mgmt. Area, Jackson County, Miss.         Numbered cultivars are personal favorites in a swarm of several hundred.   *3. Source-Crystal Springs Garden, Portland, OR.   *4. Seedlings of this plant exhibit good heat/humidity tolerance. Herman C. (Bud) Gehnrich, USA 558.  Arisaema sikkokianum 559.  Stewartia monodelpha Karel Bernady, USA 560.  R. arborescens, cw*1, Garrett County, MD 561.  R. arborescens, cw*1, Somerset County, PA 562.  R. prinophyllum, cw*1, Grant County, WV  *1. Collected from one plant population. Max Byrkit, USA 563.  Bikini "Sport"*1 x Graf Zeppelin 564.  (R. catawbiense, alba x R. fortunei, alba) x (R. vernicosum 18139 x Orange Marmalade) 565.  Hardy Loderi x (R. vernicosum 18139 x Orange Marmalade) 566.  Joshua x Hardy Loderi 567.  [(Mary Belle x R. fortunei, cream) x (R. fortunei, cream x R. vernicosum 18139)] x (R. vernicosum 18139 x Orange Marmalade) 568.  Samoa x Graf Zeppelin 569.  Tarnish*2 x Hardy Loderi 570.  (R. vernicosum 18139 x Orange Marmalade) x Hardy Loderi 571.  Vulcan's Flame x Francesca  *1. Red and white variegated flowers.   *2. Tarnish = R. maximum x Mary Garrison Pat Walton, USA, zone 6, additional 572.  (Joe Gable x Goldsworth Orange)*1 x Paula*2   *1. Plant from Hank Schannen.  *2. Paula is a hardy cream from Weston Nurseries.  It came out around the same time as Big Deal, and although it is not so yellow as the latter, it has a wonderful compact habit and never fails to bloom heavily--quite hardy, too.  Ms. Walton believes they have discontinued it. Diane Virginia Kehoe, RBN (Riverbank Nursery), Canada 573.  R. dauricum v. compactum f. roseum*1 574.  R. pseudochrysanthum (selfed FCC form) Crop Failure   *1.  This seed is the cross between the two best siblings of ARS1994 - #158 from Dr.Tsuneshige Rokujo, Tokyo, Japan. Ms. Kehoe  has done this cross twice before, crossing the form with the most flowers ( 3 - 5 per truss) to the form with the brightest pink flowers. The colour is a a clear bright pink. No magenta! The seed makes a plant that is approx. 12"x12" that is covered with deep pink flowers in March (Ladner, BC: sea level and Zone 8+).  This seed is the best way to get a good form of dwarf dauricum. Henry (Hank) Schannen, rareFINDnursery, USA, zone 6b 575.  (Albert Close x Skipper) x Ivory Tower*1 576.  (Consolini's Windmill x Unique Marmalade) x Bob Bovee 577.  Summer Glow x Judy Spillane*2 578.  Summer Glow x Phipps 51*3 579.  Summer Summit x (Maximum Roseum x Skipper)*4 580.  (R. yakushimanum x R. pachysanthum) x R. yakushimanum 581.  (R. yakushimanum x R. pseudochrysanthum) x R. pseuduchrysanthum   *1. Unreleased Leach Hybrid.   *2. Judy Spillane = R. maximum x John Wister (Janet Blair).   *3. Phipps 51 = Huge pink flowered H. Phipps hybrid.   *4. Salmon form. June Sinclair, USA, additional 582.  Comp. - Pleione pseudobulb mixture *1 . *1. Possibly containing: bulbocodiodes, formosana selections, Blush of Dawn,  others. Elena Chernykh, Tatyana Novikova, Russia Altay Expedition 2003 Ms. Chernykh's goal was to collect seed samples of R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii different ecotypes. Three different types of habitats have been chosen:  1. Dry stony slopes along Katun River.  2. Pine forest along Katun River.  3. Mixed forest along Syema River. 1. Dry stony slopes along Katun River: 583.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C2 584.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C3 585.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C7.1 586.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C7.2 587.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C7.3 588.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C8 589.  R. dauricum ssp. ledebourii*C9  *C2. Collection # 2, northeast facing stony slope, alt. 500m, rhododendrons on rocks under birch trees, 1.5 -2m. tall, dark-green leaves are turning dark-red and yellow-red, secondary blooming (single pink flowers, 3 cm. in diameter), seeds from several plants growing in a group. Photos   *C3. Collection # 3, very dry southwest facing step like slope, alt. 600m. stony-cobble soil on calcareous rocks, rhododendrons on rocks, 1.5 - 2m. tall, dark green leaves turning dark red, secondary blooming (single intense pink flowers, 4 cm. in diameter on the top of about 20 cm. long shoots. Photos   *C7.1. Collection # 7.1, conditions similar to collection site # 3, alt. 600 m. Rhododendrons growing on a rock, almost without soil, leaves red to dark red, seed from several plants. Photo   *C7.2. Collection # 7.2, site open to the sun, but rather protected from the wind by rocks, alt. 500 m. beautiful compact plant with red leaves, 1 - 1.5 m. tall, seeds from single plant. Photo   *C7.3. Collection # 7.3, Rhododendrons in the shade of rocks, alt. 550 m. conditions less dry, than # 7.1, 1.5  - 2. 0 m. tall, red leaves, secondary blooming, seeds from 2 plants. Photos   *C8. Collection # 8, group of highly ornamental plants with beautiful red leaves, 1.5 - 2 m. tall, alt. 600 m. seeds collected from several plants. Photo   *C9. Collection # 9, very dry slope, Rhododendron plant on top of a rock, "like on a balcony", dark-red leaves, about 2 m. tall, alt. 700 m. seeds from single plant. Photo 2. Pine forest along Katun River: 590.  R. dauricum, ssp. ledebourii*C4 591.  R. dauricum, ssp. ledebourii*C5 592.  R. dauricum, ssp. ledebourii*C6  *C4. Collection # 4*, pine - birch tree forest, plants 2-3 m. tall, green leaves with lower leaves turning yellow, alt. 400 m. seeds from several plants. Photo   *C5. Collection # 5, dry pine forest, soil is completely covered with pine needles, plants 3 m. tall, leaves curled, green, lower leaves on the twigs are turning yellow, seeds from several plants, alt. 400 m. Photo   *C6. Collection # 6, pine forest with rare birch trees, Rhododendron dominates in under woods, dense bushes, shoots very leafy, mainly green color, 2.5 - 3 m. tall, alt. 400 m. Photo 3. Mixed forest along Syema River: 593.  R. dauricum, ssp. ledebourii*C10 594.  R. dauricum, ssp. ledebourii*C11   *C10. Collection # 10. Wet mixed forest on the rocky bank of Seyma River, acidic soil covered with moss, Rhododendrons 2 - 2.5 m tall, some plants have very attractive fall coloration (green - yellow - red). Seeds collected from several plants, alt. 400 m. Photo   *C11. Collection # 11. Mixed forest on a terrace along Seyma River, rich soil, acidic rocks, rhododendrons 4 - 5 m. tall, leaves mainly green, some turning yellow, rarely reddish, secondary blooming, alt.450 m. Photo Seeds from other regions in Russia: 595.  R. dauricum*1 596.  R. mucronulatum*2 597.  R. schlippenbachii*2 598.  R. sichotense*2   *1. Collected in the vicinity of Ulan-Ude city, Eastern Siberia.  *2. Russian Maritime Territory. Jens Nielsen, Expedition seed, China 599.  R. aganniphum aff. thin indumentum form. North Sichuan 4000 m. 600.  R. aganniphum aff. thin indumentum form. North west Sichuan 4100 m. 601.  R. aganniphum aff. thin indumentum form. West Sichuan 4200 m. 602.  R. argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum. East Chongqing 2200m.*1 603.  R. augustinii. East Chongqing 2200m. 604.  R. aureodorsale. South Shaanxi 3000 m.*2 605.  R. balangense.  North west Sichuan 2500 m.*3 606.  R. capitatum. North Sichuan 3800 m. 607.  R. capitatum. North west Sichuan 3900m. 608.  R. maculiferum.  East Chongqing 2200m.*4 609.  R. oreodoxa (var. oreodoxa ?) North west Sichuan 3500m. 610.  R. primuliflorum. North Sichuan 3900 m. 611.  R. primuliflorum. North west Sichuan 4100 m. 612.  R. primuliflorum. West Sichuan 4200 m. 613.  R. przewalskii Dabanshanense. North Sichuan 4100 m.*5 614.  R. rufum ?  North west Sichuan 3600 m.*6 615.  R. zekoense. South Qinghai 4100 m.*7 616.  R. zheguense, Lapponica. North west Sichuan 4000 m.*8 617.  R. zheguense, Lapponica. North west Sichuan 4100 m.*8 618.  sp. Lapponica, aff nivale boreale complex. Calyx 2 mm. West Sichuan 4300 m.  *1. Could be first re-introduction for many years.  *2. Described 1983 as R. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale, besides being geographically far from clementinae, it seem to have NO relationship with clementinae, but shows some similarities to R. galactinum, with a grainy surface to the indumentum. Leaves to 10-15 cm and should be very hardy species, first time introduction to cultivation.   *3. Seems to be a good species, though fairly plentiful, only in a small geographic area and narrow altitude band, showing some similarity to R. watsonii.   Cultivation is fairly new.   *4. Could be first re-introduction for many years.   *5. Unusual glabrous form.   *6. Very good indumentum better than usual for rufum, with some tendency to persist on upper leaf surface.   *7. Probably first introduction ever. I first thought this was going to be R. qinghaiense, but the laeves seem to fit zekoense better.   *8. Probably not in cultivation. Steve Hootman, Expedition seed, NE India NAPE#'s (Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh Expedition - Hootman, Richardson, Dodson & Milliken) 619.  R. anthopogon ssp. anthopogon  NAPE#140 (pink flowers) 620.  R. arboreum  NAPE#066 - 9,500 ft. 621.  R. bhutanense  NAPE#163 & NAPE#216 622.  R. edgeworthii  NAPE#111 623.  R. elliottii  NAPE#010 - 7,700 ft. 624.  R. falconeri ssp. eximium  NAPE#142 625.  R. flinckii  NAPE#137 626.  R. fulgens  NAPE#196 627.  R. hodgsonii  NAPE#123 - 11,600 ft. 628.  R. kesangiae  NAPE#121 629.  R. macabeanum  NAPE#027 - 9,000 ft 630.  R. maddenii ssp. crassum ("manipurense")  NAPE#025 - 8,500 ft. 631.  R. maddenii ssp. maddenii  NAPE#109 (red bud) 632.  R. trichocladum  NAPE#048 - 10,250 ft. 633.  R. wightii  NAPE#161 (E Bhutan) 634.  R. macabeanum x R. arboreum  NAPE#043 - 8,500 ft. Kenneth Cox & Steve Hootman, Expedition seed, NE India KCSH#'s (Arunachal Pradesh - Kenneth Cox & Steve Hootman) 635.  R. arboreum  KCSH#0312 - 11,000 ft. 636.  R. argipeplum ("smithii")  KCSH#0346 - 10,500 ft. 637.  R. camelliiflorum  KCSH#0349 - 10,500 ft. 638.  R. cinnabarinum  KCSH#0375 - 11,300 ft. 639.  R. dalhousiae var. rhabdotum  KCSH#0310 - 8,600 ft. 640.  R. falconeri ssp. eximium  KCSH#0350 - 10,400 ft. 641.  R. flinckii  KCSH#0371 - 12,800 ft. 642.  R. glaucophyllum var. tubiforme  KCSH#0337 - 11,000 ft. 643.  R. griffithianum  KCSH#0390 - 7,750 ft. 644.  R. keysii  KCSH#0379 - 11,000 ft. 645.  R. leptocarpum  KCSH#0355 - 10,400 ft. 646.  R. megeratum  KCSH#0361 - 11,000 ft. 647.  R. thomsonii  KCSH#0313 - 11,000 ft. 648.  R. wallichii  KCSH#0364 - 11,600 ft. 649.  R. wightii  KCSH#0322 (Arunachal Pradesh - 13,000 ft.) 650.  R. xanthostephanum  KCSH#0306 - 8,000 ft. 651.  Comp. - Luculia gratissima  KCSH#0393 - 4,570 ft. (tender evergreen shrub with large fragrant pink flowers) Hendrik van Oost, Belgium seed has arrived All entries are azaleas. Hirado: 652. Lara x R. noriakianum, cp 653. Mistral, selfed cp 654. Mistral, op Evergreen: 655. Pr. Mathilde x Blaauw's Pink, cp Hardy Ghents: 656. Heureuse Surprise*1, selfed cp 657. Marie Verschaffelt*1, selfed cp 658. Oscar I*2, selfed cp 659. Sang de Gentbrugge x Fireball*3, cp 660. Dominico Scassi*4,  op 661. Souvenir du President Carnot*5, op *1. Rose white, yellow throat. *2. Lilac rose, yellow throat. *3. Red. *4. Salmon rose, yellow shadow. *5. Double orange red. Rhododendron Species Foundation 2002, USA Note: The following lots were collected in the fall of 2001. The seed has been stored in controlled conditions at the RSF and is offered as such. Mr. Hootman reports satisfactory germination of stored seed for more than seven years. 2001.  R. aberconwayi 2002.  R. auriculatum 2003.  R. camtschaticum 2004.  R. cyanocarpum 2005.  R. dalhousiae var. rhabdotum 2006.  R. decorum ssp. diaprepes 2007.  R. fortunei 2008.  R. griersonianum 2009.  R. irroratum 2010.  R. maculiferum 2011.  R. maddenii 2012.  R. megacalyx 2013.  R. morii 2014.  R. nipponicum 2015.  R. occidentale 2016.  R. praevernum 2017.  R. roseatum 2018.  R. schlippenbachii 2019.  R. spinuliferum 2020.  R. vernicosum 2021.  R. wardii .

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