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Beginning 21 June 2005 and ending 20 Sept. 2005
Anyone may order available seed, both ARS members and non-members.

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Mostly hand pollinated seeds (HP*) *all seed lots not marked are (HP), (HP) is not written.
  • op = Open pollinated
  • cp = Controlled Pollination, which differs from HP in that the stigma is physically covered after pollination. This covering is meant to act as an extra protection against accidental contamination with unknown pollen.
  • cw = Collected in wild All seed lots not marked 'selfed', 'cp', 'cw', 'op', or 'op, self fertile' are hand pollinated, hp will not be written. Some contributors have supplied us with a list of "little known hybrids" they have used. This list will immediately follow the contributor's seed lot numbers. Every effort is made to avoid spelling errors; species are listed under the name supplied by the contributor and thus vary as to classification system. Not all hybrid names are registered or found in other reference works.
  • S.O. = Sold out or = 2044.
     Alan Kepert, Australia, Australian Rhododendron Society (Vic. Branch) 1.  R. dalhousiae*1*2 2.  R. edgeworthii*1*2 3. R. magnificum*1*2 4.  R. morii, pink form*1*3 5.  R. pseudochrysanthum*1*2 6.  R. reticulatum, Albiflorum*1*2 7.  R. megacalyx, op*4   *1. HP using a different clone of same species.   *2. Seed from National Rhododendron Garden.   *3. Seed from Laurie Begg, Gembrook.   *4. OP from group of same. Jens C. Birck, Denmark, zone 6 8.  R. decorum svag gul *1 x R. horaeum F 21850 9.  R. fortunei x R. sutchuenense, pink 10.  Hotei x R. horaeum F 21850 11.  Paprika Spiced x R. fortunei 12.  Paprika Spiced x R. horaeum F 21850 13.  Paprika Spiced x R. proteoides R 151 RBGE 14.  R. scyphocalyx Hybrid *2, Hobbie x R. horaeum F 21850 15.  Top Banana x R. horaeum F 21850  *1. Weak yellow hardy to -27*C (-16.6*F).  *2. Hardy to -27*C (-16.6*F). Rich Craven, USA, zone 7 16.  R. edgworthii, Bodnant, 5 flr. truss, selfed, cp 17.  Crimson Pippin x R. pachysanthum, cp 18.  R. pachysanthum x Noyo Brave, cp 19.  R. pachysanthum x Sir Charles Lemon, cp 20.  R. williamsianum x R. pseudochrysanthum, Ben Nelson form, cp George H. Gray, USA 21.  Goldfort x [(Casanova x Mary Belle) x Dead Ringer] 22.  (R. maximum x Avalanche) x Bikini Island 23.  Oh My x Bikini Island 24.  Oh My x Red River 25.  (Wizard x Luxor) x Capistrano Margaret Taylor, USA, zone 5A 26.  R. maximum var. leachii, op Werner Brack, USA, zone 7a 27.  R. neriiflorum 'Rosevallon' op (almost certainly selfed) 28.  Firestorm x R. neriiflorum 'Rosevallon' 29.  Gotham Rheingold x Odee Wright 30.  Hotei x 84-1-1*1 31.  Janet's Fantasy x R. vernicosum 'Mt. Siga'  *1.  84-1-1 = (Hardgrove's H58-6*2 x Janet Blair) x Golden Star.    84-1-1 has outstanding blue-green foliage with light yellow flowers in a somewhat loose truss.  *2. Hardgrove's H58-6 = (R. wardii x R. dichroanthum) x R. fortunei Kaarel Voitk, Sweden, zone 6 32.  (Annie Dalton Yellow x Mezitt Hardy Yellow)*1 x R. fortunei (yellowish)*2 *A1 33.  Flautando*3 x R. fortunei (yellowish)*2 *A2 34.  R. monosematum x R. strigillosum *A3  *1. ARS 82/498, cross by August Kehr   *2. ARS 84/1022, cross by Jens C. Birck  *3. Flautando = R. brachycarpum ssp. fauriei x Goldsworth Orange.  In Mr.Voith's opinion, one of Hachmann's best hybrids.  Probably frost hardy to at least -25°C (-13°F), well branched, nice leaves and reliably floriferous with a colour, seldom seen on a plant of such hardiness.   *A1. Aim: healthy, yellow scented flowers.   *A2. Aim: healthy, yellow/orange scented flowers.   *A3. Aim: bristly shoots, red flowers. Richard Murcott, USA, zone 7 35.  R. schlippenbachii alba, selfed 36.  (Margalit x Debutante*1) x Murcott Yellow Hybrid*2 37.  (Margalit x Mary Belle) x Donna Hardgrove 38.  [Phipps 27 x (Golden Star x Phipps Yellow)] x Murcott Yellow Hybrid*2 *1. Debutante = Locally known unregistered hybrid of Mars x R. yakushimanum.      Not to be confused with either azalea 'Debutante' or registered rhododendron 'Debutante'      which is  a synonym for 'White Mustang', (R. calophytum x Goldsworth Yellow).   *2. Murcott Yellow Hybrid =         {{ (Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow x Phipps Yellow) x         {(Scintillation x Inamorata) x [(R. wardii x R. dichroanthum) x R. fortunei]*3} }}   X  Phipps Yellow   *3. Mr. Murcott writes: "Don Hardgrove had and used hardy fortunei frequently as a seed parent.  I didn't think that wardii x dichroanthum would be hardy even in Don's protected garden.  Don did have in his notes something about a fine example of wardii x dichroanthum growing on the West Coast. I suspect that the cross is reversed and that hardy fortunei was the seed parent." Ole Rolf Jacobsen, Denmark, zone 6 39.  R. makinoi x R. makinoi, cp 40.  R. pachysanthum ARS 88/587 x R. pachysanthum Tue Jørgensen/Cox, cp 41.  R. pseudochrysanthum 'Silver Rim' *1, cp 42.  (R. yakushimanum x R. pseudochrysanthum) x R. pachysanthum, cp   *1. CP using intrasiblings. Earl W. Cordy, USA 43.  Atlantis x (Phipps Yellow x Capistrano)*1 44.  Atlantis x Reuben James*2 45.  (R. calendulaceum x R. bakeri), selfed 46.  (R. calendulaceum x R.bakeri) x Gregory Bald 47.  Casanova x (Vinecrest x Sweet Lulu)*3 48.  (Cream Puff x R.bakeri)*4 x R. bakeri 49.  (Cream Puff x R.bakeri)*4 x (Sandra Marie x R. austrinum)*5 50.  Gregory Bald, selfed 51.  Janet Blair x (Phipps Yellow x Capistrano)*1 52.  Janet Blair x Reuben James*2 53.  [Janet Blair x (Mrs. W. R. Coe x Debutante)] x (Phipps Yellow x Capistrano)*1 54.  (Cream Puff x R.bakeri)*4, op 55. Gregory Bald, op   *1. ARS 99/777 cross by Allan & Shirley Anderson   *2. Reuben James = Dexter's Kelly x Gables R. fortunei, cream   *3. ARS 99/883 cross by Jack Looye   *4. ARS 95/595 cross by Bruce W. Blyth   *5. ARS 2000/679 cross by Robert Barnard Fred W. Cullip, USA, zone 6 56.  Lem's Tangerine x Mrs. Charles Butler *A1 57.  Norph #2*1 x Apricot Nectar *A2 58.  Catawbiense Boursalt,op *A3 59.  Mrs. Charles Butler, op *A4   *1. Norph #2 = unregistered Thompson hybrid with large yellow flowers & red winter buds.   *A1. AIM: fragrant, large orange flowers.   *A2. AIM: large orange flowers.   *A3. AIM: something to perhaps get pleasure from - old, tough ironclad,   *A4. AIM: hoping the bees did well - fragrant fortunei hardy to -15°F. Claus J. Staune, Denmark, zone 6 60. R. adenophorum (Bremen form x Tue Jørgensen form), cp 61. R. elegantulum [W. Berg (KW.5111 ?) x Reuthe form], cp 62. R. principis (Sofiero form x cw Cox), cp 63. R. bureavii Tue Jørgensen form x R. lanatoides cw Cox, cp 64. R. yakushimanum 'Yaku Angel' x R. lanatoides cw Cox, cp Bogge Ringdahl, Sweden 65. R. schlippenbachii, op 66. R. vaseyi, op 67. R. calendulaceum x R. luteum, cp 68. R. maximum x R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum f. micranthum, cp 69. R. smirnowii x Lugano Henning Andersen, Denmark, zone 6 70. R. pseudochrysanthum x R. pseudochrysanthum, cp Michael Oliver, USA. 71. R. occidentale 28-1*1 x 2406*11 72. R. occidentale 30*2 x 190*5 73. R. occidentale 30*2 x (2406 x 30)*12 74. R. occidentale 30*2 x 3906*14 75. R. occidentale (189 x 232)*4 x (401 x 232)*8 76. R. occidentale 502 like*10 x 2406*11 77. R. occidentale 2406*11 x 502*9 78. R. occidentale (2406 x 30)*12 x (401 x 232)*8 79. R. occidentale (2406 x 30)*12 x TT yellow std*15 80. R. occidentale 3303*13 x 502 like*10 *1. 28-1 - double *2. 30 - yellow on all five petals *3. 189 - large flower, pink *4. (189 x 232) - large flowers, pink, some frill *5. 190 - large, bright yellow standard *6. 232 - frilly, good pink, good substance, also known as 'Leonard Frisbie' *7. 401 - good pink *8. (401 x 232) - pink, frilled, good substance *9. 502 - purple picotee *10. 502 like - deep purple picotee, not as robust a grower as 502 *11. 2406 - yellow on five petals, good pink *12. (2406 x 30) - good yellow on five petals, pink *13. 3303 - good pink, low growing bush *14. 3906 - good pink *15. TT yellow std - Tom Tatum bright yellow standard Jim Barlup, USA, zone 8 81. Amber Touch x Hill's Low Red 82. Amber Touch x Summer Peach 83. Amber Touch x Whitney's Late Orange 84. (Amber Touch x Janet Blair) #2 x Arctic Gold 85. Capistrano x (Lem's Tangerine x R. lacteum) 86. Ellie Green*1 x R. hyperythrum 87. Ellie Green*1 x Powder Snow*4 88. R. hyperythrum x Powder Snow*4 89. R. hyperythrum x (R. yakushimanum x R. lacteum) 90. (Ingrid Mehlquist x Snow Candle) #1 x R. hyperythrum 91. Invitation*2 x R. hyperythrum 92. Invitation*2 x Weston's Big Deal 93. Invitation*2 x White Dimples 94. (Invitation x Janet Blair)#2 x (R. yakushimanum x Brandt's Tropicana) 95. [Invitation x (Trinity x Fiery Orange)] x (Hachmann's Charmant x Dreamland) 96. [Invitation x (Trinity x Fiery Orange)] x Snow Candle 97. [Invitation x (Trinity x Fiery Orange)] x White Dimples 98. Janet Blair x (Bellringer x Fashion Plate) 99. Janet Blair x {Tweedy Bird x [Bambi x (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides)]} 100. {Janet Blair x [(Lem's Cameo x Brandt'sTropicana)] x Mary Drennen]}x White Dimples 101. (Janet Blair x Yellow) #1 x (Bellringer x Fashion Plate) 102. Midnight Mystique x (Hachmann's Charmant x Dreamland) 103. Midnight Mystique x Ken Janeck 104. (Mindy's Love x Janet Blair) x (Bellringer x Fashion Plate) 105. (Mindy's Love x Janet Blair) x Bud's Yellow 106. (Mindy's Love x Janet Blair) x (R. yakushimanum x Brandt'sTropicana) 107. Peppermint Twist*3 x Janet Blair 108. Peppermint Twist*3 x Ken Janeck 109. Peppermint Twist*3 x White Dimples 110. Seaview Sunset*5 x Janet Blair 111. Seaview Sunset*5 x Summer Peach 112. Seaview Sunset*5 x {Tweedy Bird x [Bambi x (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides)]} 113. Seaview Sunset*5 x Weston's Big Deal 114. Seaview Sunset*5 x Whitney's Late Orange 115. (R. yakushimanum x R. lacteum) x R. hyperythrum 116. (R. yakushimanum x R. lacteum) x Janet Blair 117. (R. yakushimanum x R. lacteum) x (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides) *1. Ellie Green = Janet Blair x R. strigillosum *2. Invitation = Anita Dunstan x Lem's Cameo *3. Peppermint Twist = R hyperythrum x Princess Elizabeth *4. Powder Snow = R. yakushimanum x R. macabeanum *5. Seaview Sunset = Nancy Evans x Canadian Sunset Clive L. Justice, Canada 118. R. macrophyllum, cw*1. 49°12'N, 121°02'W 119. R. macrophyllum, cw*1. 49°12'N, 121°03'W *1. cw, Upper Skagit River, Cascade Mtns., Manning Park, BC, Canada. Palle Schaarup, Denmark, zone 6 120. R. fortunei x R. fortunei 121. R. yakushimanum, Exbury x R. yakushimanum, FCC intrasiblings 122. R. ambiguum x R. cinnabarinum Roylei 123. R. orbiculare x R. thomsonii 124. R. oreotrephes x R. cinnabarinum Roylei 125. R. searsiae x R. cinnabarinum Roylei 126. R. souliei, pink x R. aberconwayii 127. R. souliei, pink x (Hansel x Carmen) #1 128. R. souliei, white x Carmen 129. R. souliei, white x (Carmen x Hansel) #5 130. R. wardii*1 x (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii*1) *1. Both wardii + blotch. Shin'ichi Ishida, Japan 131.  R. dilatatum Mig. var. boreale Sugim*1, op*2 132.  R. dilatatum Mig. var. satsumense Yamazaki*3, op*2 133.  R. tashiroi, op*4 134.  R. weyrichii Maxim var. psilostylum Nakai, op*2   *1. AKA R. hidakanum.  *2. op in Tokyo.  *3. Now very rare in Japan.   *4. op in Kamakura. Eizi Yoshimura, Japan (JRS Seed Exchange) 135.  R. keiskei, yellow, pref. MIE 136.  R. aureum, yellow Mt. Rausu, cw 137.  R. degronianum, pink Mt. Azuma, cw 138.  R. pentaphyllum var. nikoense, white, cw, pref. Totigi 139.  R. aureum, yellow, op*1 140.  R. brachycarpum f. erimo, pink, op*1 141.  R. brachycarpum f. erimo, pink, small size, op*1 142.  R. brachycarpum f. erimo, white, op*1 143.  R. degronianum, pink, op pref. Gunma 144.  R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum var okiense, pink, op pref. Tottori 145.  R. pentaphyllum var. nikoense, red, op pref. Totigi 146.  R. sanctum var lasiogynum Nakai, white, op pref. Sizuoka   *1. op in Hokkaido Kristian Theqvist, Finland, zone 5a 147.  R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum *1, cw 148.  R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum x 'Milky Way' *2, cp 149.  R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum x R. russatum var. cantabile *3, cp 150.  R. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 *4 x R. dichroanthum 'Böhmen' *5, cp 151.  R. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 x 'Goldprinz' *6, cp 152.  R. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 x 'Junifee' *7, cp 153.  'Haaga' *8 x R. dichroanthum 'Böhmen', cp 154.  'Haaga' x R. fortunei *9, cp 155.  'Haaga' x R. vernicosum *10, cp 156.  'Haaga' x 'Goldprinz', cp 157.  'Helsinki University' *11 x R. vernicosum, cp 158.  'Kullervo' *12 x R. adenopodum *13, cp 159.  'Kullervo' x R. anwheiense *14, cp 160.  'Kullervo' x R. campanulatum *15, cp 161.  'Kullervo' x R. fortunei, cp 162.  'Kullervo' x 'Goldprinz', cp 163.  'Kullervo' x 'King's Ride' *16, cp 164.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' *17 x R. dichroanthum 'Böhmen', cp 165.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x R. fortunei, cp 166.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x R. wightii *18, cp 167.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x 'Goldprinz', cp 168.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x 'Matterhorn' *19, cp 169.  'Pekka' *20 x R. fortunei, cp 170.  'Pekka' x 'Goldprinz', cp *1.R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum cw in Turku Archipelago, Southern Finland *2.Ledum 'Milky Way' *3.R. russatum var. cantabile *4.dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 *5.dichroanthum 'Böhmen' *6.'Goldprinz' *7.'Junifee' *8.'Haaga' *9.R. fortunei *10.R. vernicosum *11.'Helsinki University' *12.'Kullervo' *13.R. adenopodum *14.R. anwheiense *15.R. campanulatum *16.'King's Ride' *17.'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' *18.R. wightii *19.'Matterhorn' *20.'Pekka' Mr. Theqvist has documented his elepidote and lepidote crossings on pages href=" His seed list for ARS Seed Exchange is documented on page: Dr. Tom Ring, USA, zone 6 171.  R. maximum, very red*1, op 172.  Firestorm x Double Winner *A1 173.  {[(R. fortunei x R. haematodes) x Frazzles] x Ted's Yellow}*2, selfed 174.  Top Banana x Cat's P. J. 's*3  *1. Probably is Ruddy Red Max selfed.  Blooms in early July with much red in flowers & stems.  *2. A Haag hybrid with beautiful flowers of a blend of yellow & pink.  Somewhat tender for Dr. Ring.   *3. A Delp hybrid of R. aureum & Dead Ringer - very cold hardy, a good dwarf yellow. Always blooms about half it's flowers in August & always has enough later formed flower buds to put on a show in late March if they don't get frozen.   *A1. AIM: Hardy bright red. Hendrik van Oost, Belgium, zone 7 175.  R. luteum, selfed 176.  R. ponticum x Everestianum 177.  Anatta Gold, selfed *1 178.  (Hot Topic x R. saxifragoides) x Thai Gold *1 179.  Satan's Gift x Flamenco Dancer *1 180.  Thai Gold x (R. herzogi x R. aurigeranum) *1 181.  Chromatella x Klondike *2 182.  Frederic De Merode x Golden Eagle *2 183.  Quinten Metsys x Juanita *2 184.  Gorbella x Latest Of All *3 *1. Vireya cross.   *2. Deciduous azalea cross. Gordon Wylie, USA 185.  Ben Lancaster x (Moonwax x Polynesian Sunset) 186.  Faggetter's Favourite x Hawk's Glory 187.  Comp. -Davidia involucrata (Dove tree)*1        *1. Requires up to two years for germination; stratification seems to make no difference.              Several plants in each pod but the latter are virtually impossible to break apart; separate             plants at transplant.  Protect from jays or other birds, particularly new growth.            NOTE: Thompson & Morgan Successful Seed Raising Guide:            Double Dormancy: (3-4 months warm moist, 3-4 months frig.)            expect germination in 300 - 365 days.            Please note: LOT 187 will not be labeled or packaged as they are            the size of medium pecans, expect three - four. Ole Jonny Larsen, Norway 188.  R. cinnabarinum 189.  R. mekongense var. melinanthum, selfed 190.  R. polylepsis, selfed 191.  R. pumilum 192.  R. recurvoides, cp 193.  R. baileyi, op 194.  R. charitopes ssp. tsangpoense, op 195.  R. ciliatum, op 196.  R. dekatanum, op 197.  R. groenlandicum, op 198.  R. keiskei var. ozowae, op*1 199.  R. myrtifolium, op 200.  R. petrocharis, op 201.  R. semibarbatum, op*2 202.  R. tschonoskii, op 203.  Comp. -Ailanthus altissima 204.  Comp. -Bruckenthalia spiculifolia 205.  Comp. -Cistus sp. cw Mallorca, Spain 206.  Comp. -Cistus laurifolius coll. contributor's garden in Norway. 207.  Comp. -Cupressus sempervirens 'Fastigiata, coll. Mallorca Spain 208.  Comp. -Phygelius capensis, violet flower. 209.  Comp. -Robinia pseudoacacia 210.  Comp. -Tripetaleia paniculata  *1. OP, only 'Praecox' flowering at same time.   *2. OP, does not cross with other rhododendrons. Bruce Clyburn, Canada, zone 6a 211.  R. luteum*1, selfed 212.  Janet Blair x Dexter's Honeydew 213.  Janet Blair x Dexter's Peppermint 214.  Luxor x Cecilia Joossens*2  *1. Luteum parent from Kentville Research Station, N.S.        Hardy strain (at least -28° C), fragrant  Photo @:   *2. Cecilia Joossens = Bambi x R. macabeanum   Photo @: Rosemary, D. Hartman, USA 215.  R. aberconwayi 'His Lordship' 216.  R. dauricum alba x R. dauricum alba 217.  R. fortunei, outstanding pink, selfed 218.  R. rockii 219.  R. uvarifolium 220.  R. albiflorum, cw in Washington Cascades 221.  R. argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense, white with pink, op 222.  R. maximum*1,op 223.  R. sinogrande, pink, op 224.  R. sinogrande, white, op 225.  R. sinogrande, yellow, op 226.  R. diaprepes x (Azor x Oregon Sunset) 227.  R. irroratum Spatter Paint x R. sinogrande, yellow 228.  R. maximum, white x (R. yakushimanum x R. strigillosum) 229.  Paprika Spiced x (Red Olympia x Kubla Khan) 230.  Paprika Spiced x (R. yakushimanum x R. strigillosum) 231.  R. uvarifolium x (Repens x R. calophytum) Rosemary, D. Hartman, USA Azalea Crosses Below: 232.  R. occidentale #219*2 x R. bakeri Camps Red 233.  R. occidentale #219*2 x R. viscosum Lemon Drop 234.  R. occidentale #235*3 x Paul's Favorite*4 235.  R. occidentale #248*5 x R. eastmanii 236.  R. occidentale #604*6 x Pastel 07 (peach)*7 237.  R. occidentale #604*6 x Deep yellow R. austrinum seedling 238.  R. occidentale cross # 9524*8 x R. eastmanii 239.  Pauls Favorite x Corneille 240.  Pauls Favorite x Strawberry Ice 241.  R. prinophyllum seedling, peach-pink x Pauls Favorite  *1. White with pink edge, blooms mid to late June.  *2. Selection with many overlapping petals.  *3. Pink/White many petals, few anthers.   *4. Paul's Favorite = deep brick red Exbury type seedling. No flare.   *5. Large, late,very ruffled, streaked with pink flower.  *6. Prominent red stripe in each petal  *7. A spontaneous hybrid between R. alabamense, canescens, & flammeum.   *8. Bright pink occidentale cross with yellow/orange flare. Harold & Morna Stockman, USA 242.  Dolly Lamb*1 x Spanish Lady*2 243.  Eva Stockman*3 x Kit*4 244.  Gallacci's Gold*5, selfed 245.  Golden Mystery*6, selfed 246.  Hotei x Spanish Lady*2 247.  Naselle, selfed 248.  President Roosevelt, selfed 249.  Rainbow, selfed 250.  Spanish Lady*2, selfed 251.  Spanish Lady*2 x Stockman's Drumbeat*7 252.  Stockman's Mojo*8, selfed  *1. Dolly Lamb = pure white, green (light) center, dense low growth habit, dark green foliage. Very floriferous   *2. Spanish Lady = very floriferous coral colored with 1" (2.54cm) calyx. 6 foot (1.83m.) shrub still going strong after 30+ years.   *3. Eva Stockman = good shrub, medium purplish pink double blooms with 7 lobes.  3 feet (91.4cm.) in 15 years.   *4. Kit = purple-pink. Top 3 petals have dark red blotch on medium red background.   *5. Gallacci's Gold = large bloom, pale yellow with bright yellow center with dark red basal markings.  *6. Golden Mystery = golden yellow, 7 lobed, with bright red center, buds & outside of flower.   *7. Stockman's Drumbeat = coral, shading to yellow center.  1.75 inch (4.44cm) long calyx (same color)   *8. Stockman's Mojo = Wilgen's Ruby x Dexter's Spice. 5 inch (12.7cm) solid globe, medium pink, open habit, about 2 feet (61cm) tall in 7 years. Very fragrant bloom. Very promising doing well in both full sun and shade. Note: Golden Mystery is in registration process (parentage unknown); Stockman's Mojo is too young for registration and all others are registered. Alistair J. Blee, New Zealand 253.  R. giganteum, op 254.  R. macabeanum, op  - a good yellow form 255.  R. racemosum, op*1 - Forrest Dwarf form , a free flowering compact form 256.  R. triflorum var mahogani, op*1   *1. Comes true from seed as plants growing in isolation. Jens C. Birck, Denmark, zone 6, additional 257.  (R. campylogynum x R. hypolepidotum) x R. charopeum, cp 258.  Great Dane x R. citriniflorum ssp. horaeum  F 21850*1, cp 259.  Great Dane x R. kesangiae*2, cp 260.  Great Dane x R. mallotum, cp 261.  Mrs. Furnival x R. citriniflorum ssp. horaeum  F 21850*1, cp 262.  Rosa Regen x R. fortunei,  cp *3 especially for understock 263.  (Top Banana x R. schyphocalyx) x R. citriniflorum ssp. horaeum  F21850*1, cp   *1. Photo @:   *2. Photo @:   *3. Especially for understock Mike McCullough, USA, zone 9Seed collected in the wild. 264.  R. glandulosum    CW Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, CA. 265.  R. macrophyllum   CW Kruse Rhododendron Reserve, Sonoma County, CA. 266.  R. occidentale AO2   CW Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County, CA.  Discovered by Howard Oliver and Caim Ainsworth.  White flower, orange flare. 267.  R. occidentale GG 2  CW Flynn Creek, Mendocino County, CA. A Gene German Discovery   White flowers with some pink 268.  R. occidentale SM DD 12  Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. A Smith - Mossman discovery with thick flowers and foliage. Flower is pinkish 269.  R. occidentale Anchor Bay 2503   Anchor Bay, Mendocino County, CA. White flowers with a hint of pink, 25 per truss, orange flare 270.  R. occidentale Arcatia 2204, Arcatia Azalea Reserve, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white candystripe flowers, orange flare. 271.  R. occidentale Big Basin 602  Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County, CA.  White flowers, 16-20 per truss, some pink in tube, orange flare, 272.  R. occidentale Mount Tam 1311  Mount Tamalpias State Park, Marin County, CA  White flowers, 10 per truss, yellow flare. 273.  R. occidentale Mount Tam 1312  Mount Tamalpias State Park, Marin County, CA  White flowers, 10 per truss, , pink tube, orange flare. Some flowers have 6 petals. 274.  R. occidentale Sea Ranch 2504 Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 16 per truss, pink tube, orangish pink flare. Dark green leaves. 275.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 902  Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 16 per truss, yellow flare with a pink line down the middle. 276.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 1202 Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 18 per truss, red tube, orange flare with a red line down the middle. 277.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 1401 Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 11 - 16 per truss, red tube, orange flare with a red line down the middle. 278.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 1403 Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 13 per truss, red tube, yellow flare with a red line down the middle. 279.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 1901 Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 15-17 per truss, red tube, yellow flare. 280.  R. occidentale Stagecoach 2401 Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. Pink & white flowers, 27 per truss, red tube, yellow flare with a red line down the middle. 281.  R. occidentale CW Arcatia Azalea Reserve, Humboldt County, CA. 282.  R. occidentale CW Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County, CA. 283.  R. occidentale CW Patricks Point State Park, Mendocino County, CA. 284.  R. occidentale CW Potrero Meadow, Mount Tamalpias State Park, CA. 285.  R. occidentale CW Potrero Meadow, Mount Tamalpias State Park, CA with reddish Fall foliage. 286.  R. occidentale CW Portola State Park, San Mateo County, CA. 287.  R. occidentale CW Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, CA. 288.  R. occidentale CW Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA. 289.  R. occidentale CW Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA with reddish Fall foliage. 290.  R. occidentale CW Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, CA with reddish to purple Fall foliage. Mike McCullough, USA, zone 9 Species open pollinated. 291.  R. annae, op 292.  R. arboreum oP 1 293.  R. arboreum oP 2 294.  R. arboreum KW 21976, op 295.  R. arboreum subsp. delavayi, op 296.  R. burmanicum, op 297.  R. ciliicalyx, op 298.  R. ciliipes, op 299.  R. cubittii Ashcombe, op 300.  R. decorum, op 301.  R. grande, op 302.  Grande series species from Monte Toyon, op 303.  R. griersonianum, op 304.  R. irroratum, op 305.  R. iteophyllum, op 306.  R. japonicum, op 307.  R. johnstoneanum, op 308.  R. maddenii, op 309.  R. manipurense, op 310.  R. morii, op 311.  R. occidentale, op 312.  R. occidentale with reddish Fall foliage, op 313.  R. polyandrum, op 314.  R. protistum, op 315.  R. siderum, op 316.  R. sinogrande, op 317.  R. vietchianum, op Mike McCullough, USA, zone 9 Rhododendron hybrids.Aim immediately follows cross. 318.  Amber Gem x R. cubittii Edinburgh     Aim:Pink / Fragrant 319.  [(Anna x Fusilier) x IMS] x unknown   Aim:Red 320.  Bob Scott's Maddenii Series Hybrid x unknown Aim:White / Fragrant 321.  Bill Massey x Patricia Marie    Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 322.  Bill Massey x Taveuni  Aim:Pink / Fragrant 323.  (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) x unknown   Aim:Yellow / Fragrant 324.  (R. ciliicaclyx x Fosterianum) x unknown    Aim: Pink / Fragrant 325.  R. cubittii Edinburgh x unknown             Aim:Pink / Fragrant 326.  Dame Nellie Melba x Peter Schick            Aim:Red / low growing 327.  Else Frye x (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11      Aim:Pink / Fragrant 328.  Else Frye x unknown # 1                     Aim:Pink / Fragrant 329.  Else Frye x unknown # 2                     Aim:Pink / Fragrant 330.  Horizon Lakeside x [(R. macabeanium x Elizabeth) x Crest]  Aim:Yellow 331.  Hotei x unknown  Aim:Yellow 332.  Jim Drewry x Etta Burrows   Aim:Red 333.  Kimberly Anne x unknown     Aim:Pink / Fragrant 334.  (R lindleyii x R. nutallii) HJB 11 x Mi Amor  Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 335.  (R lindleyii x R. nutallii) HJB 11 x Patricia Marie  Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 336.  R magnificum x unknown # 1       Aim:yellow 337.  R magnificum x unknown # 2       Aim:yellow 338.  Mi Amor (MT) x R. grothousii     Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 339.  Mi Amor (MT) x (R lindleyii x R. nutallii) HJB 11  Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 340.  Mi Amor (MT) x Patricia Marie   Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 341.  Mi Amor (MT) x Tyermanii   Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 342.  Mi Amor  x Alpine Snow  Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 343.  Mi Amor  x Joy Ridge   Aim:Yellow - Pink / Fragrant / large flowers 344.  Mi Amor  x (R lindleyii x R. nutallii) HJB 11   Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 345.  Mi Amor x Patricia Marie   Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 346.  Mi Amor x Tyermanii  Aim:White / Fragrant / large flowers 347.  Mi Amor x unknown White / Fragrant / large flowers 348.  Mike Davis x [(Lem's Cameo x Pacific Queen) x (Bump's Orange Thing x Skipper)]  Aim:Yellow - Orange 349.  My Lady x Candlelight    Aim:Pink / Fragrant 350.  My Lady x Taveuni     Aim:Pink / Fragrant 351.  My Lady x unknown       Aim:Pink / Fragrant 352.  (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 x unknown   Aim:Pink 353.  Noyo Chief x unknown                 Aim:Red 354.  Ole Olsen x unknown    Aim:Yellow 355.  Peter Schick x Mary Mayo  Aim:Reddish orange / low 356.  Peter Schick x Percy Wiseman      Aim:Reddish orange / low 357.  Peter Schick x (Pretty Baby x Coronation Day)  Aim:Red / low 358.  Peter Schick x Xenophile   Aim:Red / low 359.  Rose Scott x unknown       Aim:Pink / Fragrant 360.  Saffron Prince x unknown   Aim:Yellow / Fragrant 361.  Sunspray x [(R. macabeanium x Elizabeth) x Crest]  Aim:Yellow 362.  Sunspray x [Erebus x (Fawn x Cecil Smith)]         Aim:Yellow 363.  Sunspray x Point Defiance                          Aim:Yellow 364.  Tahitian Dawn x [Erebus x (Fawn x Cecil Smith)]    Aim:Yellow 365.  Tahitian Dawn x Lemon Lodge     Aim:Yellow 366.  Tahitian Dawn x [(Lem's Cameo x Pacific Queen) x (Bump's Orange Thing x Skipper)]  Aim:Yellow 367.  unknown yellow - orange x Sunspray  Aim:Yellow 368.  Vulcan's Flame x Peter Schick       Aim:Red / low Mike McCullough, USA, zone 9 Deciduous azalea hybrids. 369.  Bright Straw x unknown       Aim:Yellow 370.  R. occidentale Crescent City 1104 x (Princess 1 x Cecile)  Aim:Pink to Orange NOTES: Amber Gem is a maddenii series hybrid, perhaps created by Bob Scott. (Anna x Fusilier) x IMS is a Maurie & Fran Sumner hybrid. R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae is a Maurie & Fran Sumner hybrid Candlelight is a maddenii series hybrid with pink flowers that was probably created by Bob Scott. (Lem's Cameo x Pacific Queen) x (Bump's Orange Thing x Skipper) is an Allan Korth hybrid with yellow to orange flowers. Mi Amor (MT)  This cross was made on a plant of Mi Amor at their Monte Toyon garden in Aptos, California where there are about 5 or 6 plants of Mi Amor which may include the original Mi Amor and some of the original cuttings. (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838    Bob Standley hybrid with pink flowers. Peter Schick is a hybrid of R. yakushimanum with reddish flowers. Princess 1 x Cecile is a Jerry Harris hybrid with large orange flowers Taveuni is a maddenii series hybrid, perhaps created by Bob Scott, with reddish pink flowers. Knud Petersen, Denmark, zone 6 371.  R. fortunei ssp. fortunei*1, cp in 2002 & 2003 *2   *1. Blue-gray-green leaves, big almost white flowers with slightly yellow throat, fragrant.   *2. The seeds are from 2002 and 2003, but test germination shows a success of 60%. Jes Hansen, Denmark: From the Danish Sichuan Expedition 2004 372.  R. aganniphum*1 SI04-64, cw,  Between Docheng & Yading,  4.440m,  very good indumentum & red flowers. 373. R. globigerum*2 SI04-32, cw,  Yading,  4.700m,  light rose flowers. 374.  R. phaeochrysum*3 SI04-62, cw,  North of Kangding,  4.100m 375.  R. phaeochrysum*4 SI04-65, cw,  Between Gonga Shan and Kangding,  3.560m   Members of the Danish Sichuan Expedition 2004:           Jesper Holck Andersen, Hans Eiberg, Bent Ernebjerg, Jes Hansen, Bent Henriksen, Torben Stein *1. Photo @: R. aganniphum:http: *2. Photo @: R. globigerum: *3. Photo @: R. phaeochrysum: *4. Photo @: R. phaeochrysum: Photo of other plants from the expedition @: Torsten Kasch, Denmark 376.  R. calophytum x R. calophytum (sibling), cp 377.  R. concinnum pseudoyanthinum, cp 378.  R. orbiculare, cp 379.  R. diaprepes Gargantua FCC/RHS x (James Burchett x Lodauric)*1 380.  (Kilimanjaro x Bandoola) x R. haematodes 381.  R. yakushimanum Wada x R. haematodes  *1. Giant white, blooms in mid-July. The cross has been most successful in the Danish climate where temperature drops below 16 degrees C. are rare; Mr. Kasch has not noticed any winter damage at all.  Cross by David Clulow, ARS 94/773. John and Sally Perkins, USA, zone 6a 382.  R. degronianum heptamerum tsukushimanum x (R. yakushimanum x R. wardii) (Mehlquist) 383.  'Dr. William Fleming' x 'Arctic Gold' 384.  'Dr. William Fleming' x 'Big Deal' 385.  'Dr. William Fleming' x 'Little Sara' 386.  'Hachmann's Polaris' x 'Pressie's Top Choice #2' 387.  R. makinoii x R. smirnowii, Narrow leaf 388.  R. maximum x R. barbatum 389.  R. maximum x 'Capistrano' 390.  R. maximum x 'Crimson Constellation' 391.  R. maximum x 'Harold Amateis' 392.  (R. yakushimanum x R. williamsianum, white) x 'Minas Grand Pre' 393.  (R. yakushimanum x R. williamsianum, white) x (R. yakushimanum x R. wardii) (Mehlquist) 394.  R. calendulaceum 'Cherokee' x (R. atlanticum x R. calendulaceum) 395.  R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' x 'Golden Showers' 396.  R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' x R. viscosum 'Red Tip' 397.  'Golden Showers' x R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' 398.  'Golden Showers' x R. prunifolium 399.  'July Jester' x 'Weston's Innocence' 400.  (R. prunifolium x R. arborescens) x R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red 401.  (R. prunifolium x R. arborescens) x R. prunifolium 402.  (R. prunifolium x R. arborescens) x R. viscosum 'Red Tip' Frank Pelurie, USA All cw in fall 2004. 403.  R. arborescens, cw Cheat Bridge WV 404.  R. austrinum - cw Florida panhandle 405.  R. calendulaceum, cw Dutch Ridge WV 406.  R. canescens, cw several locations Florida panhandle 407.  R. maximum, cw Cheat Bridge WV 408.  R. minus, cw in sw Georgia 409.  R. periclymenoides, cw near Bragg WV 410.  R. prinophyllum, cw Spruce Knob WV 411.  R. viscosum, cw in sw Georgia Hideaki Ohazama, Japan 412.  R. degronianum, cw Mt. Zaou 6000feet 413.  R. quinquefolium, cw Mt. Eboshi 4500 feet 414.  R. tschonoskii, cw Mt. Eboshi 5000feet 415.  R. wadanum, cw Mt. Eboshi 3000 feet 416.  R. degronianum x R.beanianum 417. Comp. -Lilium rubellum, pink, cw Asahi 4000feet John Weagle, Canada, zone 6 418.  R. mucronulatum ('Woodland Pink' x 'Cornell Pink') X  SELFED, cp 419.  R. oreotrephes Bayport Hardy x R. oreotrephes RSF70-054 420.  R. canadense, cw Trefry Lake, NS*1 421.  R. canadense, good blue leaf, GMNW4*2, cw 422.  R. lapponicum GMNW#1*3, cw 423.  R. lapponicum GMNW#2*4, cw 424.  R. aureum, Ostrom compact*P1,op*5 *A1 425.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1, op *A2 426.  R. brachycarpum 'Tony Law', op *A2 427.  R. dauricum, Ostrom good white, op 428.  Barbara Hall*6 x [(R. brachycarpum x R. aureum) x R. caloxanthum]*P2, cp *A3 429.  Barbara Hall*6 x R. insigne, Birck, cp *A4 430.  Barbara Hall*6 x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A4 431.  Barbara Hall*6 x R. principis, Ostrom, cp *A4 432.  Bellefontaine x R. aureum, Ostrom compact*P1, cp *A5 433.  Bellefontaine x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A6 434.  Bellefontaine x R. roxieanum Globigerum*P6, cp *A4 435.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1 x R. fulgens, cp *A7 436.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1 x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, pink, cp *A8 437.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1 x (R. mallotum x R. macabeanum) Berg, cp *A9 438.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1 x Sir Charles Lemon, cp *A10 439.  R. brachycarpum Bayport #1 x R. thomsonii*7, cp *A11 440.  R. brachycarpum pink x (R. mallotum x R. macabeanum) Berg, cp *A12 441.  [(R. brachycarpum x R. aureum) x R. caloxanthum]*P2 x sibling, cp *A13 442.  Bravo x R. insigne Birck, cp *A14 443.  Bravo x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A14 444.  Consolini's Windmill x R. proteoides R.151, cp *A15 445.  Dartmoor Rose x R. dendrocharis*8, cp *A16 446.  Dartmoor Rose x R. mucronulatum 'Cheju', cp *A17 447.  R. fortunei Basket x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A18 448.  Francesca x R.insigne Birck, cp *A19 449.  Francesca x Tantramar*9,cp *A20 450.  Henry's Red x (Fantastica x R. proteoides) Doi, cp *A21 451.  Henry's Red x Tantramar*9, cp *A22 452.  Hindustan x [(R. brachycarpum x R. aureum) x R. caloxanthum]*P2, cp *A23 453.  (Lath House Red x R. yakushimanum) x R. insigne Birck, cp *A24 454.  (Lath House Red x R. yakushimanum) x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A25 455.  (Lath House Red x R. yakushimanum) x (R. mallotum x R. macabeanum) Berg, cp *A26 456.  Normandy x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A27 457.  Parker's Pink x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A28 458.  R. pseudochrysanthum Exbury x R. aureum Ostrom compact*P1, cp *A29 459.  R. pseudochrysanthum Exbury x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A30 460.  Spellbinder x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A31 461.  Spellbinder x (R. mallotum x R. macabeanum) Berg, cp *A32 462.  Teddy Bear x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A30 463.  Teddy Bear x R. mallotum Wisley best (Berg), cp *A33 464.  Teddy Bear x R. principis Ostrom, cp *A30 465.  Wyandanch Pink x R. insigne Birck, cp *A28 466.  Wyandanch Pink x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp I*A31 467.  R. yakushimanum Mist Maiden x R. erosum*P4, cp *A34 468.  R. yakushimanum Mist Maiden x R. kesangiae RSF#91-070*P3, cp *A30 469.  R. yakushimanum Mist Maiden x R. mallotum Wisley best (Berg), cp *A30 470.  (R. yakushimanum x R. tsariense) x R. principis Ostrom, cp  *A30 471.  (R. maximum x R. aureum) F2*P5  op GMNW = Maria Galletti, Philip MacDougall, Jens Nielsen, John Weagle Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada, Sept 2004 *1. Near a purported population of v. viridifolia.  see:  *2. cw Deer Lake airport, Newfoundland, Canada.   *3. cw Cape Norman, Nfld above graveyard 30-08-2004   *4. cw Cook's Harbour, Nfld; biggest & best 30-08-2004   *5. Only roxieanum Globigerum in bloom nearby.  *6. Barbara Hall = Road Red x Prelude        Photo @:   *7. Cook's best foliage; green calyx.   *8. Glendoick's darkest rose red.   *9. Tantramar =Catalgla xTreasure, from Brueckner.        Photo @:  *A1. AIM: early dwarf.   *A2. AIM: brachycarpum, good form.   *A3. AIM: compact early yellow or pink, substance.   *A4. AIM: good truss, superior foliage & habit.   *A5. AIM: early compact or dwarf pink.   *A6. AIM: hardiness & improved truss/foliage.   *A7. AIM: primary tough red genes; very early.   *A8. AIM: hardiness.   *A9. AIM: very early hardy pink with good truss & foliage.   *A10. AIM: foliage; very early. *A11. AIM: primary tough red genes. *A12. AIM: improved pink truss with great foliage; early.  *A13. AIM: hardy  yellow dwarf; early.   *A14. AIM: hardy with superior foliage.   *A15. AIM: bicolour and dwarf.   *A16. AIM: dark rose red colour.   *A17. AIM: hardy later dwarf with pink bells.   *A18. AIM: zone 6/7 east coast hardy.   *A19. AIM: improved foliage & habit, darker pink.   *A20. AIM: compact electric red.   *A21. AIM: compact hardy red.   *A22. AIM: sharper red; improve Francesca's structure.   *A23. AIM: dwarf yellow for eastern hot summer areas.   *A24. AIM: very hardy, improved foliage & truss.   *A25. AIM: hardy early pink; better foliage on a super hardy plant.   *A26. AIM: hardy, very early pink.   *A27. AIM: hadiness & improved truss /foliage.   *A28. AIM: improved habit, foliage & truss.   *A29. AIM: heat tolerance for eastern USA.   *A30. AIM: foliage.   *A31. AIM: improved truss & foliage.   *A32. AIM: early improved pink with better truss & colour.   *A33. AIM: rust-red  foliage.   *A34. AIM: bristly shoots. Colour.  *P1. Photo @:   *P2. Photo @:   *P3. Photo @:   *P4. Photo @:   *P5. Photo @:   *P6. Photo @: Richard Gustafson, USA, zone 6 472.  (Janet Blair  x Autumn Gold)#2  x  (Olga x Temple Meads) 473.  Mazarin Stone x Bud's Yellow 474.  (Reigate Squire x  Peach Cobbler) x (Mrs. Tom Lowinsky x Orange Honey) 475.  (Shaker Sunrise x Peach Cobbler) x Bud's Yellow 476.  (Shaker Sunrise x Peach Cobbler) x Mazarin Stone 477.  (Temple Meads x September Song) x Bud's Yellow 478.  (Temple Meads x September Song) x Mazarin Stone Hans Eiberg, Denmark, zone 6 479.  R. pachysanthum (large yellow blotch)*1 x R. pachysanthum (little red blotch) 480.  R. yakushimanum (orange indumentum and persistent toment) x R. yakushimanum (spots)*2 481.  R. alutaceum var. globigerum*3 cw, Yading 4700m, Sichuan (Danish expedition 2004) 482.  R. ciliatum x R. dauricum white HP (OP seeds could be included) *1.Photos @:           &   *2.Photo @:  *3.Photos @:         & & Joe Harvey, Canada 483.  R. degronianum ssp. yakushimanum 'Exbury' x R. alutaceum, cp *1 484.  R. degronianum ssp. yakushimanum 'Exbury' x R. argyrophyllum, cp *1 485.  R. pachysanthum RSF 78/064  x R. mallotum, cp *1 486.  R. pachysanthum RSF 78/064  x R. proteoides, cp *1 487.  R. pachysanthum RSF 78/064  x R. pseudochrysanthum, cp *1 488.  R. proteoides x R. roxieanum oreonastes, cp *2   *1. AIM: dwarf & indumented hybrids.   *2. AIM: to test whether the two are co-specific. Yasuyuki Doi, Japan 489.  R. aureum x Goldsschatz*1 490.  R. brachycarpum v.roseum (dwarf) x R. proteoides (Asc) 491.  Hotei*2 x R. aureum (deep yellow fl.) 492.  Hotei*2 x ( R. macabeanum x R. wardii) 493.  Snipe*3 x R. dendrocharis  *1. Goldsschatz = Festivo x Alice Street   *2. Hotei = ( R. souliei x R. wardii) x Goldsworth Orange   *3. Snipe = R. pemakoense x R. davidsonianum Shirley and Allan Anderson, USA, zone 6 494.  [(Amanda Joan Young x Yellow#1*1) x Dexter's Honeydew]*2 X (Dexter's Spice x Cat's Pajamas*3) 495.  Crystal Yellow x [ Big Deal x (Amanda Joan Young x Sweet Lulu)] 496.  Crystal Yellow x (Lem's Cameo x Mt. Baker) 497.  (Dexter's Spice x Cat's Pajamas), selfed 498.  [(Golden Star x Weldy II*4) x (R. hyperythrum x Donna Hardgrove)], selfed 499.  Red River x (R. pseudochrysanthum x Etta Burrows)  *1. Yellow#1 = [R. wardii x (R. hemseleyanum x Autumn Gold)] by Goheen. *2. Very fragrant hybrid.   *3. Cat's Pajamas = [(R. aureum x R. maximum) x Dead Ringer] *4. Weldy II = [(Weldy x Serendipity)#2 x (R. aureum x R. maximum)#1]  NOTE: Amanda Joan Young is an Anderson Hybrid and Cat's Pajamas, Crystal Yellow, Sweet Lulu, Weldy are Delp hybrids. Jens C. Birck, Denmark, zone 6, additional II 500.  R. pachytricum x R. strigillosum, cp 501.  R. recurvoides x R. strigillosum, cp 502.  R. yakushimanum Schneekissen x R. rex, cp Per Houbak Vestergaard, Denmark 503.  R. calophytum, selfed, cp 504.  R. sutchuenense var. geraldii, selfed, cp 505.  R. yakushimanum Knopske x R. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada FCC, cp 506.  R. yakushimanum Koichiro Wada FCC x R. yakushimanum Knopske, cp 507.  Safrano*1, selfed, cp 508.  R. wardii KW 4170 x R. citriniflorum, cp  *1. Safrano is a good yellow. June Sinclair, USA 509.  R. arizelum cw pink, selfed 510.  R. bainbridgeanum, selfed 511.  R. fulvum*1, selfed ?? (coming later) 512.  R. genestierianum cw, selfed 513.  R. insigne x R. insigne 514.  R. lacteum un-blotched, Edinburgh form, selfed (coming later) 515.  R. meddianum v. atrokermesinum Cox, selfed 516.  R. moupiense (Cecil Smith x Cox)-pinkest clones F1 517.  R. piercei, selfed 518.  R. thomsonii (cw Sikkim x cw Sikkim) 519.  R. tsariense x R. tsariense 520.  R. valentinianum v. oblongilobatum cw x R. valentinianum v. oblongilobatum 521.  R. albrectii, op 522.  R. camtschaticum, red, op 523.  R. camtschaticum, red, Cox, op 524.  R. quinquefolium, op 525.  R. (proteoides x R. tsariense, W. Berg), selfed 526.  Comp. -Meconopsis napaulensis, pink 527.  Comp. -Meconopsis napaulensis, yellow 528.  Comp. -Paeonia obovata alba 529.  Comp. -Pleione pseudobulb mixture *2 . 530.  Comp. -Primula Anisodora 531.  Comp. -Primula Japonica, mixed colors 532.  Comp. -Primula Japonica 'Valley Red'  (coming later) 533.  Comp. -Primula Japonica 'Valley White' 534.  Comp. -Primula Poissonii, mixed colors 535.  Comp. -Tigridia pavonia, white with red spots *1. Ms. Sinclair forgot to label the packet at harvest. It is a species either selfed or crossed to another of same. Most likely the fulvum.   *2. Possibly containing: bulbocodiodes, formosana selections, Blush of Dawn,  others. Warren Berg, USA 536.  R. sanctum v. lasiogynum 537.  R. quinquefolium, red fall color, op Hanns Meltzer, Germany, zones 4 - 5 538.  Balbina*1*12 x Anmut*1*2, 539.  Balbina*1*12 x Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein*1*11 540.  (R.catawbiense Grandiflorum x Polar Bear)#519*3 x R fortunei 541.  Fabia x  R. fortunei 542.  [(Fabia x R. smirnowii) x Spaetlese]#444*4 x (R. smirnowii  x  Fabia) 543.  (R.makinoi x R.decorum)#438*5 x Fabia 544.  (R.makinoi x R.decorum)#438*5 x R. fortunei 545.  Meltzer´s Feuer*6 x R.fortunei 546.  (darkest red) #718*7 x R. fortunei 547.  Meltzer´s Roter Riese*10 x R.fortunei 548.  Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein*1*11 x Balbina*1*12 549.  R. smirnowii x R. fortunei 550.  (R.smirnowii x R.campylocarpum)# 526*13 x Fabia 551.  Regine Meltzer*14 x R.fortunei 552.  [unnamed pink-red very hardy yaku/smirnowii hybrid x Spaetlese (disc.Hyb)]#365*15 X R.fortunei 553.  unknown parentage # 482*16  x Fabia 554.  (von Oheim Woislowitz x Polar Bear) 640A*17  X Fabia   *1. Anmut, Balbina and Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein are sister seedlings of:       [(Fabia x R. smirnowii) x Spaetlese]   *2. Anmut is late flowering, white flowers with yellow spot.   *3. Mr. Meltzer's Nr. 519 is his own hybrid (unnamed) with large fleshy white flowers,        having the fantastic new growth of Polar Bear. Hardy to - 27°C (- 16.6°F).  *4. Mr. Meltzer's Nr. 444 has large fleshy flowers with a large calyx and dark spots.   *5. Mr. Meltzer'z Nr. 438 is a hybrid with large pink-rose flowers & leaves like makinoi.   *6. Meltzer´s Feuer = [(Fabia x R. smirnowii) x Barbarossa]#320, orange colored hybrid with large calyx & hardy.   *7. (darkest red) #718 = Meltzer´s Glut*8 x # 442*9   *8. Meltzer´s Glut  =  [(Fabia x R.smirnowii) x Barbarossa]   *9. Mr. Meltzer's # 442  = sister of Meltzer´s Glut with blood red hose in hose 10cm flowers.   *10. Meltzer´s Roter Riese = Mr. Meltzer's hybrid # 463 having very large red 11cm flowers from crossing an unnamed pink-red very hardy yak/smirn. hybrid x Spaetlese (disc.hybrid).   *11. Oberpfaelzer Sonnenschein is yellow with green ocher spots hose in hose.   *12. Balbina in orange rose fleshy large flowers hose in hose.   *13. Mr. Meltzer's Nr. 526 is a creamy flowering hybrid, sometimes flore pleno.   *14. Regine Meltzer = Mr. Meltzer's 446 = [(Fabia x R. smirnowii) x Spaetlese] having large         (10cm) hose in hose pink flowers, with white-pink stripes & calyx.  Very-very nice.   *15. Mr. Meltzer's #365 is a hybrid with sparkling red fleshy flowers with calyx. Flowers about 10cm.   *16. Unknown parentage, Mr. Meltzer's # 482; believed to be a Gudrun hybrid.     Large 9cm flowers with dark blotch.   *17. Nr. 640A is an unnamed Meltzer hybrid with pink inside light and         yellow spots. Many flowers in the truss. Late mid-June flowering. Elena Chernykh,  Tatyana Novokova Central Siberian Botanical Garden,  Novosibirsk,  Russia Lake Baikal region Expedition 2004 555.  R. adamsii Rheder*1 556.  R. aureum Georgii*2   *1. Eastern Siberia, Eastern Sayan mountain range (~100 km to the west from Slyudyanka, the most western point of Baikal lake), vicinity of Arshan village. On calcareous rocks in sub-alpine zone, only on southern slopes, on open places without shadow. In winter southern slopes usually get up to 80 cm of snow, but it is often blown off by wind. Very cold resistant, very fragrant. Used by local people as a medicinal plant for making tea. Evergreen small shrub with divaricate branches. Leaves oblong-elliptic, 1-2 cm long, 0,5-1,0 cm wide, glabrous, matt green above and rusty-brown beneath. Flowers 7-15 sessile in compact trusses, pink, 1,5 cm in diameter. Flowers in June-August. AKA:  R. primuliflorum  *2. Eastern Siberia, south-western part of Lake Baikal, Kchamar-Daban mountain range, vicinity of Tanchoy village. Northern slope, rhododendrons grow in the moss, in partial shade of Pinus pumila. Soil is not compacted, well aerated. A lot of precipitation in winter and in summer. In summer the air humidity is very high (mist from Baikal lake). Plants about 1 m high. Very cold resistant. Used by local people as a medicinal plant. Werner Brack, USA, zone 7a - additional 557.  Comp. -Arisaema sikkokianum Joe Harvey, Canada, additional 558.  R. roxieanum cucullatum x R. proteoides, cp *1  *1. AIM: dwarf compact hybrid for sunny site. Howard R. Kline, USA, zone 6 559.  R. calendulaceum, yellow, op*1 560.  R. fortunei, ssp discolor houlstonii group RSF 75/136, op*2 561.  (R. prunifolium x Golden Showers) x July Jewel   *1. Seed from two plants.   *2. Early, probably selfed. Patricia J. Walton, USA, zone 6 562.  Gosh Darn*1 x Voluptuous 563.  Graf Zeppelin x Barbara Cook*2 564.  Graf Zeppelin x Polaris 565.  Graf Zeppelin x Torrero 566.  Graf Zeppelin x Voluptuous 567.  Hachmann's Charmant x Besse Howells 568.  Hachmann's Charmant x Capistrano 569.  Hachmann's Charmant x Graf Zeppelin 570.  Hachmann's Charmant x Janet Blair 571.  Hachmann's Charmant x Very Berry 572.  Horizon Garnet*3 x Firestorm 573.  (Janet Blair x Fashion Plate) x (Voluptuous x Pleasant Dream)*4 574.  Janet's Fantasy x Paula 575.  Joshua x Jean Marie de Montague 576.  Mindy's Love x Barbara Cook*2 577.  Mindy's Love x Big Deal 578.  Mindy's Love x Trinidad 579.  Mountain Marriage*5 x (Lem's Cameo x R. rex) 580.  Mountain Marriage*5 x (Crest x R. macabeanum) 581.  Mountain Marriage*5 x Elizabeth de Rothschild 582.  Mountain Marriage*5 x R. kesangiae RSF 91/071 583.  Mountain Marriage*5 x R. rothschildii RSF 75/182 584.  Mountain Marriage*5 x R. sinogrande RSF 82/040 585.  Mountain Marriage*5 x R. sutchuenense RSF 77/205 586.  Pana*6 x Torrero 587.  Ruth Mottley*7 x Capistrano 588.  Ruth Mottley*7 x Judy Spillane 589.  (R. yakushimanum x R. falconeri) x Hypermax   *1. Gosh Darn = Catalgla x Mrs. H. R. Yates.  Delp.  *2. Barbara Cook = Mary Belle x Goldsworth Yellow  *3. Horizon Garnet = Anna x Kilimanjaro  *4. Voluptuous x Pleasant is from Werner Brack.  *5. Mountain Marriage = R. yakushimanum x R. maximum.  A. Kehr.   *6. Pana = [(R. smirnowii x R. yakushimanum) x Red Brave]. Delp.   *7. Ruth Mottley = peach colored hybrid x Lem's Cameo Richard A. Flavell, USA, zone 6b 590.  R. smirnowii (Mehlquist)*1 x R. smirnowii (Benmore)*2 591.  R. atlanticum, op   *1. R. smirnowii (Mehlquist), originally grown from seed in the 1960's.   *2. R. smirnowii (Benmore) - the best form seen by Mr. Flavell; beautiful foliage with no uneven, twisted leaves. Theo. Leijdens, The Netherlands, zone 7 592.  R. anwheiense x R. irroratum 'Polka Dot' 593.  R. fortunei ssp discolor x R. irroratum 'Polka Dot' 594.  R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' x R. elegantulum 595.  R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' x R. irroratum 'Polka Dot' 596.  R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' x R. pseudochrysanthum*1   *1. Boskoop form with red blotch. Jørgen Halse, Denmark 597.  R. ferrugineum, album, cp 598.  R. hirsutum, album, cp 599.  R. ferrugineum, cw*1 600.  R. hirsutum, cw*1   *1. The cw seeds are not from one but several plants, both creeping & upright growing forms. cw in northern Italy. Johnny Svensson, Sweden 601.  R. anwheiense x R. anwheiense, cp 602.  R. anwheiense x Goldkrone, cp 603.  Bellefontaine x Oktavia*1, cp 604.  Breslau x Humboldt, cp 605.  R. bureavii Lem's form x R. argyrophyllum 'Chinese Silver', cp 606.  R. bureavii Lem's form x R. degronianum ssp heptamerum v. hondoense, cp 607.  R. bureavii Lem's form x R. galactinum, cp 608.  R. bureavii Lem's form x R. wiltonii, cp 609.  China x Hydon Velvet, cp 610.  China x Rangoon, cp 611.  Festivo x China, cp 612.  Hydon Velvet x (R. yakushimanum x R. bureavii), cp 613.  Scintillation x Belkanto, cp 614.  Teddy Bear x R. argyrophyllum 'Chinese Silver', cp 615.  (R. yakushimanum x R. proteoides) x R. argyrophyllum 'Chinese Silver', cp   *1. Oktavia = R. yakushimanum x R. calophytum Herman C. (Bud) Gehnrich, USA 616.  Queen Anne's x Nestucca 617.  Whitestone x Bud's Yellow Tom Milner, USA 618.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #10, Lg.(1 1/4") pale yellow, med. pink tube*1 619.  R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #25, V,Lg.(1 1/2") golden yellow,good truss  *1 620.  R. canescens, cw, pink forms *2 621.  R. canescens, cw, white form, very light pink in bud *2 622.  R. anhweiense, op, *3 623.  R. decorum "Huyu", op,*3 624.  R. erubescens, op *3 625.  R. irroratum, op, *3 626.  R. smithii, op, *3 627.  R. sutchuenense, op, *3 *1- Source, Pascagoula River Wildlife Mgmt. Area, Jackson county, MS  *2- Source, Stone county, Mississippi, Red Creek   *3- Source, either Crystal Springs Garden, Portland, Or. or theTualatin Valley        chapter garden; probably selfed as hybrids around them have very sparse seed set. Joan Hardy, USA, zone 5b 628.  R. maximum, cw*1 629.  Kalmia latifolia, cw*2  *1. cw in West Milford NJ, 1200'. Short, bushy stand.  *2. cw west side of Clinton Rd., West Milford NJ, 1200' John Farbarik, USA 630.  R. sinogrande Alan Anderson, United Kingdom 631. R. edgeworthii CCHH8016*1 632. R. seinghkuense CCHH8106*1 633. R. sulfureum CCHH8052*1 634. R. triflorum CHM3036*1 *1.all hand pollinated from two siblings of each number. Karel Bernardy, USA 635. R. arborescens, cw, York County, PA*1 636. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC*1 637. R. calendulaceum, cw, Graham County, NC*1 638. R. calendulaceum, cw, Grant County, WV; collected from a yellow-orange flowered plant. 639. Not used for seed 640. R. calendulaceum, cw, Mitchell County, NC*1 641. R. calendulaceum, cw, Pendleton County, WV; collected from a predominately yellow plant population. 642. R. canescens, cw, Sequatchie County, TN*1 643. R. cumberlandense, cw, Blount County, TN; collected from a dark red flowered plant. 644. R. prinophyllum, cw, Grant County, WV*1 645. R. prinophyllum, cw, Pendleton County, WV*1 646. R. prinophyllum, cw, Tucker County, WV*1 647. R. arborescens, op, collected from a large flowered, late blooming plant. 648. R. flammeum, op, collected from an orange flowered plant. 649. R. flammeum, op, collected from a reddish flowered plant. 650. R. prunifolium, op, collected from an August blooming plant. 651. R. sanctum, op, collected from a single plant. *1. Collected from one plant population. Robert Zimmermann, USA, zone 8 652. R. argipeplum x R. argipeplum*1 653. R. arboreum*2 x sibling 654. R. calophytum RSF 64/063 x R. calophytum Stavney pink 655. R. calophytum SEH 148 x R. calophytum Stavney 656. R. fulvum ARS 86-544 x R. fulvum Cecil Smith 657. R. grande cw seed x sibling 658. R. lacteum SBEC x sibling 659. R. macabeanum ARS 83-477 x sibling 660. R. sinogrande SBEC x self *1. Two different forms, but we lost which. Formerly known as smithii. *2. White from Tony Schilling cw seed. Robert Emmerich, USA 661. Arisaema sikkokianum Alan J. Clark, 2004 Expedition to N.E. India 662. Not a seed lot #; used for Internet formatting. Mr. Clark tried to collect species from the highest altitude. Temperatures ranged between +23°C. in the daytime and -15 °C. over-night. At first light in morning he relayed that it was the first time he saw rhodies in the wild with their leaves curled; also, due to heat stress leaves curled at mid-day. Overall growing conditions were very hard. Location Bomdila, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 663. Comp. -Hedichyium sp., AC 5248 664. Comp. -Pinus wallichiana, AC 5252 Crop Failure 665. Comp. -Viburnum cylindricum aff., AC 5251 Location around Chander, Alt. 3050m. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 666. R. arboreum? very large lvs., Pewter indumentum., AC 5255 667. Comp. -Crawfurdia sp., AC 5254 668. Comp. -Gaultheria sp., AC 5261 Location Chander to Thungri, Mean Alt. 3100m. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 669. R. argipeplum, AC 5295 670. R. argipeplum, AC 5306 671. R. argipeplum, AC 5309 672. R. eximium, AC 5300 673. R. grande, AC 5267 674. R. grande, AC 5271 675. R. grande, AC 5281 676. R. hookeri, AC 5329 677. R. kendrickii, AC 5268 678. R. kendrickii, AC 5272 679. R. kendrickii, AC 5284 680. R. kendrickii, AC 5285 681. R. keysii, AC 5315 682. R. keysii, AC 5320 683. R. leptocarpum, AC 5314. Upright shrub to 1.5m.Capsules bright pink, second year leaves red. 684. R. lindleyi, AC 5308 685. R. maddenii, AC 5301 686. R. megeratum, AC 5299 687. R. megeratum, AC 5307 688. R. triflorum, AC 5313 689. Comp. -Arisaema sp.growing around tree roots, seeds black. AC 5282 (SPROUTING) 690. Comp. -Arisaema sp. height 22 cm. growing on moorland 200m. from Chander village. AC 5292 (SPROUTING) 691. Comp. -Enkianthus sp., AC 5304 692. Comp. -Hydrangea sp. Tree to 5m. AC 5303 693. Comp. -Magnolia globosa, AC 5294 (MOIST PACK) 694. Comp. -Magnolia sp., AC 5330 (MOIST PACK) 695. Comp. -Rodgersia sp., AC 5283 696. Comp. -Sorbus sp.insignis group, fruits russet coloured, 4 cm. diam., AC 5291 (MOIST PACK) 697. Comp. -Tree, Araliaceae, AC 5326 698. Comp. -Vaccineum sp., AC 5287 699. Comp. -Vaccineum sp., AC 5302 Location, Thungri to Khuthom, West Kameng,Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3100/3500m. 700. R. arizelum aff., AC 5335 701. R. arizelum aff., AC 5336 702. R. erosum aff., AC 5359 703. R. eximium, AC 5340 704. R. falconeri aff., AC 5352 705. R. hookeri, AC 5334 706. R. hookeri, AC 5344 707. R. hookeri, AC 5351 708. R. hookeri, AC 5354 709. R. hookeri, AC 5358 710. R. kesangiae, Red buds, shiny brown indumentum. AC 5331 711. R. kesangiae, AC 5343 712. R. kesangiae Green bud form. AC 5346 713. R. leptocarpum. Upright shrub to 1.5m.Capsules bright pink, second year leaves red. AC 5342 714. R. maddenii, AC 5341 715. R. sidereum ? Tree to 4m. Leaves to 20cm. long, indumentum the colour and texture as found on two year old R. insigne leaves. Buds as found in the parishia sub-section. A real mystery. AC 5345 716. R. sp. Strongly resembles KW 13681, named by him "Himalayan Child". A striking feature of this plant is the silvery fluted bark on the current years stems. I have only noted this on one other species, R. montroseanum. AC 5347 717. R. hybrid, kesangiae x R. hodgsonii ? AC 5333 Ms, June Sinclair Emailed: ?hybrid, has been named by the Bhutanese As R.kesangiae, Album. It is lovely and perfectly hardy in my garden.? 718. Comp. -Enkianthus sp., AC 5356 719. Comp. -Vaccineum sp. Growing with R. megeratum. AC 5355 Location Kuthom to Chamela, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3500 to 3850 m. 720. R. arizelum, real orange indumentum. AC 5362 721. R. arizelum, AC 5365 722. R. arizelum, AC 5378 723. R. campylocarpum, AC 5379 724. R. erosum aff., AC 5369 725. R. flinckii aff. Epiphyte, Dense small leaved shrub, may be a large leaved form of R. tsariense. Only 2 plants found. AC 5377 726. R. hodgsonii, AC 5364 727. R. hodgsonii, AC 5375 728. R. hodgsonii, AC 5380 729. R. hookeri, AC 5381 730. R. keysii, AC 5371 731. R. keysii, AC 5376 732. R. lopsangianum aff. Much thicker indumentum than noted on cultivated plants. AC 5368 733. R. tsangpoense, AC 5366 734. Comp. -Vaccineum sp. AC 5367 Reverse trek back towards Chandor, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 735. R. keysii, AC 5383 736. Comp. -Evergreen shrub, may be a type of pieris. AC 5386 737. Comp. -Hydrangea sp. Tree to 4m. Pink flowers. AC 5389 738. Comp. -Sorbus sp. Aucuparia sect. White fruits. AC 5387(MOIST PACK) Location, north of Chandor towards Dirang. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh.  Steep mountain side through warm temperate forrest at 1800 to 2200 m. 739. R. dalhousiae var rhabdotum, AC 5399 740. R. grande, Ac 5396 Crop Failure 741. R. griffithianum, Pink peeling bark. AC 5397 742. Comp. -Hedichyium sp., AC 5398 743. Comp. -Hedichyium sp., larger than AC 5389 in all respects. AC 5400 744. Comp. -Magnolia globosa, AC 5391 (MOIST PACK) 745. Comp. -Magnolia sp ?.  Tree to at least 12m. AC 5401 Crop Failure Location Nagagigi to Sanya West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Altitude range 3800/4100m. 746. R. arizelum, AC 5406A 747. R. arizelum, AC 5408 748. R. cinnabarinum, AC 5413 749. R. kesangiae, AC 5406 750. R. kesangiae, Shiny black capsules. AC 5410 751. R. keysii, small leaved form. AC 5411 752. R. wallichii, AC 5407 753. R. wallichii, AC 5412 754. Comp. -Magnolia sp. Fastigate tree to 5m. AC 5404 (MOIST PACK) Sanya to Tsomjog. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh / Bhutan border area.  Alt.4100m. 755. R. anthopogon, flowers believed to be yellow. AC 5456 756. R. anthopogon, flowers believed to be yellow. AC 5457 757. R. bhutanense, upper leaf surface silvery. AC 5436 758. R. bhutanense, dark brown indumentum. AC 5442 759. R. bhutanense Dwarf form, 1 m. tall. AC 5446 760. R. bhutanense, AC 5447 761. R. bhutanense, AC 5448 762. R. bhutanense, AC 5449 763. R. bhutanense, AC 5451 764. R. bhutanense hybrid ?. AC 5434 765. R. campyocarpum, leaves less than 3 cm. long. AC 5424 766. R. campylocarpum, AC 5437 767. R. campylocarpum, AC 5445 768. R. cinnabarinum, AC 5416 769. R. cinnabarinum, AC 5435 770. R. flinckii, leaves up to 12 cm. long. AC 5425 771. R. flinckii, AC 5429 772. R. flinckii, AC 5433 773. R. flinckii, AC 5441 774. R. flinckii, leaves less than 4 cm. long, may be a form of R. tsariense. AC 5443 775. R. hodgsonii, AC 5438 776. R. hodgson aff. Very similar to the Rudong La form as collected by K. Rushforth. Speckled indumentum ,as found in R. rothschildii. AC 5439 777. R. intermediate between R. bhutanense & flinckii. AC 5417 778. R. intermediate between R. wallichii & flinckii, AC 5423 779. R. lepidotum, AC 5419 780. R. thomsonii, AC 5418 781. R. thomsonii, AC 5431 782. R. thomsonii, large leaved form. AC 5444 783. R. thomsonii var candalabrum, AC 5415 784. R. wallichii, AC 5421 785. R. wallichii, AC 5422 786. R. wallichii, small leaved form. AC 5432 787. R. wightii, AC 5430 788. R. wightii, AC 5440 789. Comp. -Cassiope sp., AC 5420 Crop Failure 790. Comp. -Delphinium or Aconitum sp., AC 5450 791. Comp. -Meconopsis paniculata, Flowers recorded as yellow by the Spring group. Informed by local guides that the flowers were pale blue. Specimens up tp 2.5 m. tall noted. AC 5454 Location, Tsomjog to Shugang, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh / Bhutan border area. Alt. range 4100 /3650m. 792. R. fulgens, AC 5460 793. R. wallichii, AC 5470 794. Comp. -Alpine composite, AC 5468 795. Comp. -Meconopsis grandis, AC 5458 796. Comp. -Meconopsis grandis, AC 5466 797. Comp. -Primula kingii ?. AC 5467 Crop Failure 798. Comp. -Primula kingii ?. AC 5469 Crop Failure Location, Shujang. Nirback to Bangajang Gompa, West kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3650/ 3800m. 799. R. lepidotum, AC 5477 800. R. wightii, AC 5484 801. Comp. -Fritillaria sp., AC 5471 Crop Failure 802. Comp. -Primula kingii ? AC 5478 Crop Failure Location around Se La to Tawang to Dirang,Arunachal Pradesh. 803. R. anthopogon, AC 5496 804. R. bhutanense, AC 5493 805. R. fulgens, AC 5491 806. R. fulgens, AC 5513 807. R. fulgens, AC 5516 808. R. sp. heliolepida sub sect?. AC 5512 809. R. sp. heliolepida sub sect?. AC 5514 810. R. hodgsonii aff., AC 5520 811. R. hodgsonii aff., AC 5529 812. R. keysii aff., AC 5530 813. R. lepidotum, AC 5494 814. R. lepidotum, AC 5517 815. R. maddenii (R. polyandrum), AC 5518 816. R. maddenii (R. polyandrum), AC 5519 817. R. nerriflorum var phaedropum, red flowers noted. AC 5490 818. R. nerriflorum var phaedropum, narrow leaved form. AC 5525 819. R. nerriflorum var phaedropum, AC 5522 820. R. thomsonii, AC 5487 CROP FAILURE 821. R. wallichii, AC 5495 822. R. wightii, AC 5489 823. R. wightii, AC 5497 824. R. wightii, AC 5515 825. Comp. -Meconopsis grandis, AC 5492 826. Comp. -Meconopsis grandis, AC 5501 Crop Failure 827. Comp. -Pedicularis sp., AC 5488 Crop Failure Location, Mt. Japfu.Nagaland. Alt. range 1600 / 3050 m. 828. R. bauhiniflorum, AC 5552 829. R. elliottii, AC 5539 830. R. elliottii, AC 5540 831. R. elliottii, AC 5541 832. R. johnstoneanum, AC 5532 833. R. macabeanum, indumented capsules. AC 5538 834. R. macabeanum, capsules glandular. AC 5543 835. R. macabeanum, indumented capsules. AC 5546 836. R. macabeanum, on summit, 3m. tall. AC 5559 837. R. sp. maddenia sub sect., AC 5556 838. R. nilagericum ( wattii ) ?. AC 5545 839. Comp. -Arisaema sp. Trailer?. In wall at edge of cultivated area. AC 5531(MOIST PACK) 840. Comp. -Viburnum davidii aff., AC 5564 Location East Khasia hills, Shillong, Megalayha Alt. 2000m. 841. Comp. -Arisaema sp. seed heads 8 cm. long with a curved tip. AC.5580(SPROUTING) 842. Comp. -Daphne sp. evergreen, pale yellow flowers. AC 5587(SPROUTING) Seeds collected from locations as shown. 843. R. dalhousiae, Temperate forest below Chandor. AC 5596 844. R. griffithianum, Temperate forest below Chandor. AC 5597 845. R. sp. maddenia sub sect. Japfu, AC 5611 846. R. megeratum. Thungri AC 5594 847. R. thomsonii. Shugang, AC 5604 Crop Failure 848. R. tsangpoense. Chamela, AC 5590 849. R. wallichii. Nagagigi, AC 5603 The following Rhododendron seeds were collected during a 2002 expedition to China. They have been stored in 'deep freeze' by Mr. Alan Clark and are offered as such. Mr. Clark relates that this is the best anyone can do and expects germination to be as well as when initially harvested. Alan J. Clark: China 2002 850. R. sp. C.F.calophytum. Ba Da Gong Shan, Hunan,1400m. AC 5166 851. R. calophytum var openshawianum. Xiling Xue Shan, Sichuan, 2000m. AC 5021 852. R. cardiobasis, Maoershan, Guangxi, 1900m. AC 5220 853. R. fargesii. Balangshan, N. Sichuan, 3200m. AC 5179 854. R. fortunei. Lushan, Jiangxi, 1100m. AC 5083 855. R. galactinum, Balangshan, 3400m. AC 5202 856. R. kiangsiense. Lushan, Jiangxi, 1100m. AC 5115 Crop Failure 857. R. kwangfuense. Maoershan, Guangxi, 1400m. AC 5208 858. R. latoucheae  Hubei 1000m. AC 5136 859. R. maculiferum. Sheng Long Jia, Hubei, 1800m. AC 5049 860. R. sp. obtusum Sub - sect. Balangshan 1800m. AC 5193 861. R. simiarum. Lushan, Jiangxi, 1100m. AC 5123 862. R. vernicosum. Balangshan, N.Sichuan. 3200m. AC 5186. 863. R. ziyuanense, Maoershan, Guangxi, 1900m. AC 5211 NOTE: Mr. Clark is producing an expedition report and field notes, if any member would like a copy they will be available @ £5 each post paid. Contact info: Alan J.Clark, C/o Jane Brazendale, Longthwaite House, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 8NR,United Kingdom John Thornton, USA 864. R. flammeum, cw Dooley & Sumpter Co. along Flint River in south-central GA by John Thornton & Ron Miller. 865. R. minus var. minus, cw isolated & distinct population Monroe Co. South-central AL by Ron Miller. Susumu Sato, Japan 866. R. aureum, cw Mt. Daisetsu 2,000 M. 867. R. quinquefolium, cw Mt. Omoshiro-Yama, 1,000 M.

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