ARS Seed list 2007

On 20 April the closeout sale begins and it will end 20 September

Sold out- updated July 13, 2007 Order to: ARS Seed Exchange PO Box 284 East Quogue, NY 11942 - 0284 USA "Special Closeout Sale"  (begins 20 April 2007)   Seed is$1.00 per  packet.     The minimum order is 20 packets (all 20 packets can be of one lot  number i.e.: 20 packets. of lot#6). Postage and other expenses is $3.00.  (Exception,  contributors may order any amount of packets and if this is less than 20,  postage and other expenses is $2.00) Non ARS member's orders are now accepted.  Upon notification of the amount due, you are to send the exchange payment in  full.  We will dispatch your completed order when this payment is  received. This "special closeout" will end on September 20, 2007. You will  expedite distribution if you include a self-addressed mailing label with your  order. thank  you, Examples of seed wanted to the ARS exchange New 29th March 2007.
Mostly hand pollinated seeds (HP*) *all seed lots not marked are (HP), (HP) is not written.
  • op = Open pollinated
  • cp = Controlled Pollination, which differs from HP in that the stigma is physically covered after pollination. This covering is meant to act as an extra protection against accidental contamination with unknown pollen.
  • cw = Collected in wild All seed lots not marked 'selfed', 'cp', 'cw', 'op', or 'op, self fertile' are hand pollinated, hp will not be written. Some contributors have supplied us with a list of "little known hybrids" they have used. This list will immediately follow the contributor's seed lot numbers. Every effort is made to avoid spelling errors; species are listed under the name supplied by the contributor and thus vary as to classification system. Not all hybrid names are registered or found in other reference works.
  • S.O. = Sold out or = 2044.
    Toyoji Ishizaki, Japan 1. R. japonicum, orange, cw, Gunma, Pre., 1,200m. Mt. Akagi-Suzugatake 2. R. kaempferi, cw, Gunma, Pre., 1,500m. Mt. Akagi-Suzugatake 3. R. keiskei, cw, Gunma, Pre., 1,000m. Mt. Hisawa 4. R. tschonoskyi, cw, Gunma, Pre., 1,000m. Mt. Hisawa Jens C. Birck, Denmark, zone 6 5. R. makinoi (Briggs x Kew) Crop Failure 6. R. proteoides (R 151 x BH - 064) 7. R. repens (clones 1 x 2) 8. GSPK x (R. vernicosum x R. wardii) 9. NORP x R. fortunei 10. Papricka Spiced x R. pronum Warren Berg 11. R. kesangiea cw x R. rex 12. R. pachysanthum x R. kesangiea 13. R. pronum WB x R. aeruginosum cw 14. R. proteoides R 151 x R. pronum WB 15. R. thomsonii x R. pronum WB 16. Topsi x R. repens George H. Gray, USA 17. Capistrano x (R. maximum x Mary Pat) 18. Oh My x Bikinni Island <'s>19. Oh My x Red River 20. Orlando x Dr. Fleming 21. R. O. Delp x Golden Gala Earl W. Cordy, USA 22. Atlantis x Abe Arnott 23. Haag's Bliss x Dr. Rhein's Silvan 24. Janet Blair x Abe Arnott 25. {Janet Blair x [(Golden Star x Phipps Yellow) x Becales Big Yellow]}, 02-163 X [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 26. Janet Blair X [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 27. (Janet Blair x Phipps Yellow), 99 - 639 X [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 28. King of Shrubs x Mim's Burgandy 29. My Sin x [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 30. (Phipps Yellow x Capistrano) x [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 31. Pink R. yak seedling x Dr. Rhein's Silvan 32. (R. bakeri x Cream Puff), 95 - 595 x R. bakeri 33. (R. calendulaceum x R. bakeri) x R. bakeri 34. [(September Song x White Dimples) x Fashion Plate], 02 - 477 X [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 35. (Vincrest x Sweet Lulu), 99 - 883 X [(Great Eastern x Skipper) x Golden Promise], 02-312 HK 36. White Water OP Haag, 98 - 1289 X Abe Arnott June Sinclair, USA 38. R. albrechtii 39. R. albrechtii (largest plant) 40. R. quinquefolium, Warren Berg & June Sinclair 41. R. schlippenbachii 42. R. vaseyi 43. R. vaseyi 'White Find' 44. Comp. - Arisaema concinnum 45. Comp. - Arisaema consanguineum 46. Comp. - Cyclamen repandum Alan Kepert, Australia, Australian Rhododendron Society (Victoria Branch) 47. R. horlickianum*1*2 48. R. lindleyi*1*2 49. R. serotinum*1*2 50. R. sinogrande*1*2 51. R. zeylanicum*1*2 *1. HP using a different clone of same species. *2. Seed from National Rhododendron Garden, Olinda, Victoria. Richard Murcott, zone 7 52. R. schlippenbachii alba, op Bengt E. Carlsson, Sweden 53. (R. decorum x R. calophytum)*1, cp. *1. Earlier cross, originally made by Ken Cox, resulted in a truss with 16 flowers. Dr. Mark G. Konrad, USA, zone 6 54. Futuristic*1 x Bob Bovee*2 *1. Futuristic = Janet Blair x Gibraltar, unregistered azaleadendron. *2. Bob Bovee = R. yakushimanum x R. wardii Theo Leijdens, The Netherlands 55. R. smirnowii x R. glischroides 56. R. smirnowii x R. pachysanthum 57. R. smirnowii x R. ponticum 'Cheiranthifolium' 58. R. smirnowii x R. proteoides 59. R. smirnowii x R. tsariense 60. R. wardii x R. ponticum 'Cheiranthifolium' 61. R. wardii x R. sinogrande 62. Comp. - Narcissus triandrus Clive L. Justice, Canada 63. R. macrophyllum, cw*1. 49°08'N, 121°W *1. cw, Upper Skagit River, Manning Park, North Cascades, BC, Canada Maynard Shirven, USA, zone 7b 64. R. alabamense, Schwind form*1, op 65. Early Orange Exbury Azalea x R. austrinum 'Don's variegated'*2 66. Early Orange Exbury Azalea x Gibraltar 67. Sommerville's Sunrise*3 x R. austrinum 'Don's variegated'*2 *1. Schwind form is pale yellow, lemon blossom sent. *2. Orange flowers *3. A natural R. austrinum hybrid Margaret Taylor, USA, zone 5A 68. R. yakushimanum, op Werner Brack, USA, zone 7 69. R. calophytum, selfed 70. R. albrechtii, op 71. R. auriculatum, op 72. Fanfare x R. strigillosum 1999/272, RSF 73. Glowlight*1 x (Voluptuous x King of Shrubs) 74. Gotham Rheingold x Blewbury 75. (Hotei x Phipps Yellow) x Plesant Dream 76. (Hotei x Phipps yellow) x (R. aureum x R. citriniflorum) 77. Janet Blair x R. macabeanum RSF 1990/008 78. Janet's Fantasy x (Voluptuous x King of Shrubs) 79. Janet's Flair x (Voluptuous x King of Shrubs) 80. (September Song x R. brachycarpum) x (Voluptuous x King of Shrubs) 81. Voluptuous x Phipps #84 82. Comp. - Araucaria angustifolia*2 *1. Glowlight = Fabia x R. fortunei, an unregistered Donald Hardgrove hybrid that appears orange from a distance. *2. For germination place horizontal on soil surface, scarify by cutting pointed tip off. se photo @: Kenny Hammarlund, Sweden zone 5 - 6 83. (R. catawbiense, red, cw x R. catawbiense, red, cw)*1, cp 84. Anna H. Hall x R. arboreum, cp 85. Goldsworth Yellow x Babette*2, cp 86. R. anhweiense x R. pachytrichum, cp 87. R. degronianum x R. adenopodum, cp 88. R. niko-montanum x Moonstone, cp 89. R. yakushimanum FCC 'Koichira Wada' x R. pachytrichum, cp *1. Two different red seedlings, grown from collected wild North Carolina seed, used. *2. Babette = Hachmann cross, R. yakushimanum x R. wardii Ole Jonny Larsen, Norway 90.  R. augustinii, cp 91.  R. camtschaticum pink flowers, op 92.  R. camtschaticum red flowers, op 93.  R. diversipilosum*1, op 94.  R. heliolepis, op 95.  R. hirsutum, op 96.  R. hirsutum album, op 97.  R. semibarbatum, op 98.  R. yakumontanum*2, op 99.  R. pumilum x R. edgeworthii, cp 100.  R. pumilum x R. leucaspis, cp 101.  Comp. - Menziesia  ferruginea*3 102.  Comp. - Phyllodoce  nipponicum 103.  Comp. - Trochodendron  aralioides 104.  Comp. - Tripetaleia paniculata *1. Syn: Ledum palustre var. diversipilosum *2. Syn: R. nudipes *3. Recent genetic studies indicate that this Genus may be included in the genus Rhododendron in the future. Rich Craven, USA zone  7 105.  R. macrophyllum*1 106.  R. campylogynum x R. minus var. minus*2  *1. HP in a Wild Population, nice pink 18 - 20 flowers to the truss. GERMINATION test EXCELLENT. Photo:R. macrophyllum  *2. Dwarf version of R. carolinianum. Eizi Yoshimura, Japan (JRS Seed Exchange) 107.  R. brachycarpum, pink, cw Mt. Surikogi 108.  R. metternichii var. hondoense, pink, cw Mt. Hiradoman 109.  R. metternichii var. pentamerum, pink, cw Mt. Surikogi 110.  R. aureum, yellow, op Hokkaido 111.  R. brachycarpum, pink, op Hokkaido 112.  R. hyperythrum,  pink, op Asama Heights 113.  R. metternichii var. hondoense, pink, Pref. Tottori 114.  R. metternichii var. yakushimanum, pink, op Asama Heights Johnny Svensson, Sweden 115.  (R. bureavii, Lem's form x R. bureavii, Lem's form)*1, cp 116.  (R. wardii, blotch x R. wardii, blotch)*1, cp 117.  R. wardii KGB19 x R. wardii, blotch, cp 118.  R. wasonii x R. wasonii, Rhododactylum Group, cp 119.  Hydon Velvet x China, cp 120.  R. wallichii*2 x (R. gallactinum x R. rex ssp. fictolacteum), cp *1. Not Selfed. *2. Color as L. S & T 6659 Fred Cullip, USA, zone 6 121.  Anah kruschke x Minnetonka 122.  Blue Mystery x True Blue*1 123.  Captain Jack x War Dance 124.  Consolini's Windmill x Trude Webster 125.  Edith Bosley x Dan's Early Purple*2 126.  Jolly Jim*3 x Peter Tigerstedth 127.  King Red*4, selfed, cp 128.  Mars x War Dance 129.  Mary Drennen x Gotham Rheingold*5 130.  Mary Drennen x Holy Moses 131.  Roseum Elegans x Trude Webster 132.  Serendipity x Holy Moses 133.  Serendipity x Marie Starks 134.  Top Banana x Marie Starks 135.  Top Banana x Serendipity *1. True Blue = (R. yakushimanum x R. campanulatum) x Black Eye; by Dan Bones. *2. Dan's Early Purple = R. ponticum hybrid, dark purple truss in late-April/early-May by Dan Bones. *3. Jolly Jim = R. auriculatum x R. yakushimanum by Jim Cross *4. King Red = deciduous azalea hybrid by King; large tall dome shaped trusses of deep red in mid-May. *5. Gotham Rheingold = Hotei x Phipps Yellow by Werner Brack. Bo Ringdahl, Sweden 136.  R. luteum x R.luteum, cp 137.  R. camtschaticum, op 138.  R. schlippenbachii, op 139.  R. wardii,  op 140.  (R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x R. yakushimanum) x R. decorum, cp John Thornton, USA 141.  R. periclymenoides blue x R. periclymenoides blue 142.  R. alabamnense, cw Monroe Co. Alabama 143.  R. calendulaceum, cw Hinch Mt. Cumberland Co. Tennessee 144.  R. calendulaceum, cw Clay Co. Alabama 145.  R. minus var minus, cw Monroe Co. Alabama 146.  R. viscosum var oblongifolium, cw Tyler Co. Texas 147.  (R. decorum Attar seedling x R. hyperythrum, pink) x sibling 148.  (R. fortunei x R. simiarum) x sibling 149.  Comp. - Befaria*1 racemosa, cw Columbia Co. Florida 150.  Comp. - pieris rhykensis, op *1. Befaria is sometimes spelled 'Bejaria'. Joseph P. Nemmer, USA 151.  R. molle *P1 x R. austrinum 'Moonglow' *P2 152.  R. periclymenoides 'Paxton's Blue' *P3 x R. austrinum 'Moonglow' *P2 153.  R. ponticum roseum x Blue Peter 154.  R. viscosum 'Betty Cummings' *P4 x 'Hey Lovely Lady' *P5 155.  Nacoochee, op *P1. Photo  *P2. Photo   *P3. Photo   *P4. Photo   *P5. Photo David N. Hinton, Canada, zone 4b 156.  R. schlippenbachii*1 *1. Very good dark-pink flower & form. Plant is 9 ft. high x 9 ft. wide after 32 years from  seed. Hardy to -20°F flower, -30°F plant. Bruce Clyburn, Canada, zone 6a 157.  R. schlippenbachii, pink form 158.  Bellefontaine x R. fortunei RSF 82/026 159.  Sandra Hinton sibling x R. sinogrande RSF 82/040 Allen Glassman, USA, zone 6 160.  Capistrano x Orange Ruffy*1 161.  Orange Ruffy*1 x Dumper's Yellow Fortunei*2 *1. Orange Roughy = register Tom Ahern hybrid (Marshal Stillwell selfed). Low growing, nice foliage, real Orange flowers. Photo: _ ( *2. Unregistered yellow R. fortunei hybrid, grown by Henry Dumper from Wisley OP  fortunei seed. Bob Furman, USA, zone 7 162.  {{[(Jalisco x R. yakushimanum) x Golden Star] x {[Dido x (R. chlorops x R. lacteum)] x Golden Star}}} X (Golden Star x Odee Wright) 163.  (Golden Star x Odee Wright) x Impression Hirokazu Maehara, Japan 164.  R. metternichii var hondoense albiflorum (form 'A' x form 'B')*1 165.  R. metternichii double flowers x R. hyperythrum *1. Form 'A' is from Mountain Chain Suzuka. Form 'B' is from Mountain Chain Hira. Andrew Lockett, Australia (Tasmania) 166.  R. edgeworthii*1 x R. edgeworthii*1 167.  R. edgeworthii*2 x R. edgeworthii*2 168.  R. nuttallii var stellatum*3 x R. nuttallii var. stellatum*3 169.  R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' selfed 170.  R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada' x Little Gem*4 *1. Heavily rugose leaf surface, dark brown indumentum. Pure white, fragrant flowers with sunburst yellow blotch in base. *2. Medium green rugose lanceolate leaves, gray-white sparser indumentum beneath. Fragrant white flowers with distinct reddish pink margins and flushing. *3. White scented flowers, pink flushed. Green new growth. *4. Little Gem = Carmen x R. elliottii KW 7725 Mike Oliver, USA 171.  R. occidentale (3303 X GGAK4). Goal: good pink. 172.  R. occidentale (3303 X 2406). Goal: good pink with yellow on all five petals. 173.  R. occidentale (2406 X GGAK4). Goal: good pink with yellow on all five petals. 174.  R. occidentale (502 X 303). Goal: improved picotee. 175.  R. occidentale (502 X 502like). Goal: improved picotee. 176.  R. occidentale [(502like X 247) X 502]. Goal: picotee with good yellow. 177.  R. occidentale (28-1 X TT-yellow standard). Goal: Double with much yellow. 178.  R. occidentale [28-2 X (502like X 247)]. Goal:  Double with good yellow, with recessive picotee for future  hybridization. 179.  R. occidentale (30 X TT-yellow standard).  Goal: Very much yellow on all petals. 180.  R. occidentale [(30 X 247)06-1 X (30 X 247)06-2].  Goal: Very much yellow on all petals. Individual plants: 3303 - good pink, vigorous, low, spreading growth habit. GGAK4 - best pink from wild. Tall plant. 2406 - good pink, yellow on all five petals. 502 - good picotee. All picotees are reddish brown. 502like -  best picotee.  Not as strong a grower as 502. 247- Very good yellow on top three petals. Britt Smith crossed this with 30 with the aim of a solid yellow flower. His F2 crosses are substantial improvements on the F1 crosses, which had much more yellow than either parent. 28-1, 28-2 -doubles. Often not all flowers are double. 30.  Good yellow with yellow on all five petals. TT-yellow  standard. Very deep yellow standard with yellow on adjacent petals. Tom Tatum found this at Stagecoach Hill. (502like X 247). This plant was used as a parent because it has good yellow. It is likely that Britt Smith is correct and picotee is recessive.  In that case, all progeny should have one recessive gene for picotee. (30 X 247)06-1, (30 X 247)06-2.  First generation crosses toward producing all yellow flowers. These are Mr Oliver's best two plants that have bloomed so far. Barbara D. Weinz, USA zone 4 - 5 181.  R. brachycarpum  pink form, op*1 182.  Atroflo x 'Ken Janeck' 183.  Bob Bovee x Dexter's Orange 184.  Chesterland x David Gable 185.  Catherine Dalton x Rochelle 186.  R. bakeri 'Sunlight' x R. arborescens 187.  R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x Cadis 188.  R. hyperythrum x  R. degronianum AE form 189.  R. yakushimanum 'White Velvet'*2 x Souvenir of Anthony Waterer 190.  (R. yakushimanum x Holden) x Harold Amateis 191.  (R. yakushimanum x R. insigne) x Harold Amateis 192.  Comp. - Cornus kousa*3   *1. Mark Stavishes' plant, exceptional foliage, growing in isolated area in Georgetown Maine; probably selfed. *2. White Velvet bloomed, 1 truss for the very first time at 16 years of age for Ms. Weinz. *3. Real 'TREE from', good flowers and Autumn foliage; grown from seed, 12 ft. tall. Richard Murcott, USA, zone 7 - additional 193.  [(Apricot Fantasy x  Martha Phipps)] x (Phipps Yellow x Gold Medal)] X {[(Schlaijker yellow x Phipps Yellow) x [(Scintillation x Inamorata) x Hardgrove yellow]} 194.  Margalit X  {[(Schlaijker yellow x Phipps Yellow) x [(Scintillation x Inamorata) x Hardgrove  yellow]} 195.  {[(Schlaijker yellow x Phipps Yellow) x [(Scintillation x Inamorata) x Hardgrove yellow]} X [Whitney Orange x (Dumper yellow x Phipps Yellow)] 196.  [Whitestone x (Dumper yellow x Phipps Yellow)] X{[(Schlaijker yellow x Phipps Yellow) x [(Scintillation x Inamorata) x Hardgrove yellow]} Palle Schaarup, Denmark 197.  R. anwheiense x  R. anwheiense, cp 198.  R. cinnabarinum  Roylei x R. cinnabarinum Roylei, cp 199.  R. elegantulum  from Tue Jörgensen x R. elegantulum ARS 1990/233, cp 200.  R. oreotrephes  from Hedenkamp, Westerstede x R. oreotrephes from Ejgil Kristensen, cp 201.  R. strigillosum  from Axel Olsen x R. strigillosum CW Omei Shan by Ege Arp Hansen, cp 202.  (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) x R. wardii - same wardii-clone with prominent blotch, cp Philip Mac Dougall, Canada - PMDT  Taiwan Expedition Seed 203.  R. formosanum, cw Taiwan, 2710M. PMDT 39 204.  R. hyperythrum, cw Taiwan, PMDT 73, 205.  R. oldhamii, cw Taiwan, PMDT 92, 206.  R. oldhamii, cw Taiwan, 2200M. PMDT 2 207.  R. rubropilosum, cw Taiwan, 2750M. PMDT 11 208.  R. rubropilosum, cw Taiwan, PMDT 93 209.  Rhododendron species, cw Taiwan, (?) leaves, strigose hairs, PMDT 50 Henning Andersen, Denmark, zone 6 210.  R.coeloneuron / denudatum (A. Clark x Cox), cp 211.  R.ririei x self, cp 212.  R.sutchuenense x R. sutchuenense, cp 213.  R.thomsonii, red with green calyx, cp Egil Valderhaug, Norway 214.  R. arboreum 'Pink Pale' 215.  R. camelliaeflorum 216.  R. ciliatum 217.  R. cowanianum 218.  R. kawakamii*1 219.  R. makinoi 'Lance' 220.  R. pendulum 221.  R. tephropeplum 222.  R. traillianum 223.  R. venator 224.  Elizabeth Lockart *1. A vireya, hardy at mildest British west coast gardens. Joseph E. Sadoski, USA 225.  R. maximum, cw Pocono Mts. Pennsylvania. Allan & Shirley Anderson, USA, zone 6 226.  Amanda Joan Young*1 x Hot Mix.   Aim: red, better plant habit 227.  Amanda Joan Young*1 X [(Maxine Childers x Anna Delp) x Red Bomber].   Aim: red, better plant habit 228.  {[(Amanda Joan Young*1 x yellow #1) x Dexter's Honeydew] x (Goldfort x Betty White)}  X  Capistrano.  Aim: yellow 229.  Hot Mix X [(Maxine Childers x Anna Delp) x Red Bomber].   Aim: red, better plant habit 230.  Hot Mix X (R. yakushimanum x Leo).  Aim: red, better plant habit 231.  [(Janet Blair x yellow #1) x (Yellow Pippen x Cat's Pajamas)]  X  [Capistrano x (Apricot Fantasy x Sunstone)]. Aim: yellow 232.  (July Hope, selfed x September Song)  X  [Capistrano x (Apricot Fantasy x Sunstone)]. Aim: yellow 233.  (Nancy Evans x Janet Blair)  X  [Capistrano x (Apricot Fantasy x Sunstone)]. Aim: yellow 234.  [(R. brachycarpum x Phipps Yellow) x (Janet Blair x yellow #1)] X [Dexter's Spice x (Goldsworth Orange x Mrs. H. R. Yates)]          Aim: yellow  *1. Amanda Joan young is 1/2 'Vulcan' with good plant habit. Elena Chernykh, Russia 235.  R. dauricum*1, cw Altai Russia  *1. Elena Chernykh's & Dr. Tatyana Novikova's long and very photo intensive research report is now complete and has been sent to ARS Research and ARS Journal. R. dauricum from this region has shown much variability as to flower, shape, color, size and many other characteristics.  Flat to wavy, crimson to lavender, 2cm to 5cm........... Kristian Theqvist, Finland, zone 5a 236.  R. tomentosum*21, cw 237.  'Calsap'*11 x 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'*9, cp 238.  'Charme La'*20, selfed cp 239.  'Elviira'*1 x R. strigillosum*2, cp 240.  'Hellikki'*17 x 'Henry's Red'*18, cp 241.  'Hellikki'*17 x 'Rasputin'*19, cp 242.  'Helsinki University'*3 x R. calophytum*4, cp 243.  'Helsinki University'*3 x R. longesquamatum*5, cp 244.  'Helsinki University'*3 x R. prattii*6, cp 245.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'*9 x 'Calsap'*11, cp 246.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'*9 x R. longesquamatum*5, cp 247.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'*9 x R. prattii*6, cp 248.  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'*9 x R. taliense*10, cp 249.  'Pekka'*12 x R. calophytum*4, cp 250.  'Pekka'*12 x R. decorum*13, cp 251.  'Pekka'*12 x R. hemsleyanum*14, cp 252.  'Pekka'*12 x R. insigne*15, cp 253.  'Pekka'*12 x R. longesquamatum*5, cp 254.  'Pekka'*12 x R. prattii*6, cp 255.  'Pekka'*12 x R. traillianum*16, cp 256.  'St. Michel'*7 x R. faberi*8, cp  *1. 'Elviira' =  R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x (R. forrestii var. repens hybrid).         Photo @:  *2. R. strigillosum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.        Photos @:   *3. 'Helsinki University' = R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x unknown.         Photo @:   *4. R. calophytum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.       Photos @:   *5. R. longesquamatum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.         Photos @:   *6. R. prattii pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.         Photos @:   *7.'St. Michel' (aka 'Mikkeli') =  R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x R. smirnowii.         Photo @:   *8. R. faberi pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.       Photos @:  *9. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'(aka 'Peter Tigerstedt') = R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x R. catawbiense var. album 'Glass'.         Photo @:   *10. R. taliense pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.          Photos @:   *11. 'Calsap'= R. catawbiense var. album 'Glass' x 'Sappho'.          Photo @:   *12. 'Pekka' = R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x (R. smirnowii Seidel hybrid).          Photo @:   *13. R. decorum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.         Photos @:   *14. R. hemsleyanum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.         Photos @:   *15. R. insigne pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.         Photos @:   *16. R. traillianum pollen from Bjarne Dinesen, Denmark.          Photos @:   *17. 'Hellikki'= R. smirnowii Seidel hybrid x unknown.          Photo @:   *18. 'Henry's Red' = R. red catawbiense seedling x unknown.           Photo @:  *19. 'Rasputin' = ('Nova Zembla' x 'Purple Splendour')  X  'Purple Splendour'.           Photo @:   *20. 'Charme La' = R. minus Carolinianum Group x R. pemakoense Patulum Group.           Photo @:   *21. R. tomentosum, cw Turku Archipelago, Finland,          Photo @:    Mr. Theqvist has documented his elepidote crossings on page    His seed list for various Seed Exchanges including ARS Seed Exchange is documented on page    Additional information can be found on Mr. Theqvist's web site:  Joe Harvey, Canada 257.  R. bureavii x R. agastum 258.  R. bureavii x R. macabeanum 259.  R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. agastum 260.  R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum 'Enamoto' x R. tsariense Rosemary D. Hartman, USA 261.  R. occidentale (#1107 'Stagecoach' x SMS # 30) 262.  R. mucronulatum Nearing Pink, selfed 263.  R. vaseyi, op 264.  Azor x Blue Rhapsody 265.  Paprika Spiced x R. cerasinum 266.  R. diaprepes x Oregon Sunset 267.  Comp. - Primula candelabra flowered, mixed colors Howard R. Kline, USA, zone 6 268.  Deciduous az. orange, ruffled x (Barbara Jenkinson x Cathy Mayo)*1 269.  Deciduous az. Rahn's Yellow*2 x yellow excellent (Dr. Reese) 270.  Linneaus*3 x Naomi Nautilus 271.  [Milo*4 x (R. campylocarpum x R. decorum)] x White Dimples 272.  R. fortunei, seedling (RSF 027/1998 x R. habrotrichum RSF 65/275 273.  Deciduous az. -an excellent orange/red, op   *1. (Barbara Jenkinson x Cathy Mayo) = Kline hybrid. Photo:   *2. Rahn's Yellow = aka Fort Knox & Royal Flush. Photo:   *3. Linneaus = Rhein hybrid.   *4. Milo = Gable Hybrid John & Sally Perkins, USA, zone 6a 274.  R. nudipes, op 275.  'Blewbury' x (R. makinoi x R. pachysanthum) 276.  (Golden Showers x Lollipop)#1*1 x R. cumberlandense red 277.  'Independence' x MacKay's Magic*2 278.  'Independence' x MacKay's Magnum*3 279.  MacKay's Marmalade*4 x Blondie 280.  (R. aureum x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x 'Babylon' 281.  (R. aureum x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x R. psuedochrysanthum CSRG 282.  (R. aureum x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x (R. yakushimanum x R. calophytum) 283.  (R. aureum x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x (R. yakushimanum x R. campanulatum) 284.  (R. aureum x R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x (R. yakushimanum x R. elegantulum) 285.  R. bureavii Lem's form x R. degronianum FCC 286.  R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red' x 'Golden Showers' 287.  R. cumberlandense 'Camp's Red x 'Popsicle' 288.  R. degronianum FCC x R. sutchuenense var. giraldii 289.  R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum mimata x R. adenopodum Hatch form 290.  R. metternichii var. tsukushianum x adenopodum Hatch form 291.  R. pseudochyrsanthum CSRG form x 'Harold Amateis' 292.  (R. viscosum glaucum hybrid x 'Weston's Firecracker')*5 293.  Comp. - Cypripedium parviflorum (Yellow Lady Slipper)   *1. Not registered, pink and cream July blooming.  *2. Not registered, late, large flower pink with yellow tones   *3. Not registered, large flowered pink, June. Goal: hardy large-flower late bloomer  *4. Not registered, large flowered pink with orange tones  *5. Goal is late July bloom and smooth foliage Ole Rolf Jacobsen, Denmark, zone 6 294.  R. auriculatum, cp 295.  R. pachysanthum, cp 296.  R. pseudochrysanthum 'Silver Rim', cp 297.  R. pentaphyllum, ex cw Japan, op 298. R. pseudochrysanthum x R pseudochrysanthum cp (both small leaves) Per Houbak Vestergaard, Denmark 299.  R. impeditum, cp 300.  R. roxieanum aff., cp P*1 301.  R. roxieanum v. oreonastes x R. roxieanum v. oreonastes,cp 302.  R. yakushimanum x R. yakushimanum FCC. 'Koichiro Wada' P*1 Photo: Rick Ellis, USA 303.  R. hyperythrum, op 304.  Dexter's Peppermint, op 305.  Dexter's Spice, op 306.  Haag's Choice,op Hans Eiberg, Denmark, zone 6 307.  R. caucasicum*P6  selfed ex Kaarel Voitk, cp 308.  R. erubescens ARS 183/1993*P1 (syn. R. oreodoxa var. fargesii), with big red blotch, selfed,cp 309.  R. forresti ssp. forresti Repens R59174 RH x  R. forresti ssp. forresti Repens,cp 310.  R. pachysanthum ex Rubenic, selfed,cp 311.  R. pachysanthum rose with redbrown tomentum*P2 x R. pachysanthum ex ORJ, rose with big red blotch*P3,cp 312.  R. smirnowii ex FBH, selfed*P4,cp 313.  R. williamsianum ex FBH  x  R. williamsianum dwarf  Bölje,cp 314.  R. yakushimanum ex TJ, rosa  X  [R. yakushimanum (Hornbæk form  x  ex. TJ)]*P5.  Goal: rose, compact,cp 315.  R. [yakushimanum (ex TJ x Hornbæk form)]*P5 rose X sibling.  Goal: Dark rose flowers,cp 316.  R. [yakushimanum (ex TJ x Hornbæk form)]*P5 rose X R. yakushimanum ex TJ.  Goal: Thick indument, blotch and compact,cp 317.  April Rose  x  R. dendrocharis ex Cox, low,cp 318.  R. bureavii forma cruentum, Wumang Shan x R. pronum ex JN*P7,cp 319.  R. caucasicum*P6 x R. pronum JN*P7, cp 320.  R. smirnowii*P4 x R. yakushimanum*P5 rose form. cp   *P1. Photo:R. erubescens ARS 183/1993   *P2. Photo:R. pachysanthum rose with redbrown tomentum   *P3. Photo:R. pachysanthum ex ORJ, rose with big red blotch   *P4. Photo:R. smirnowii ex FBH   *P5. Photo:R. [yakushimanum (ex TJ x Hornbæk form)]   *P6. Photo:R. caucasicum   *P7. Photo:R. pronum JN,SHH#1  ABBREVIATIONS:   FBH  =  Forstbotanisk Have   JN   =  Jens Nielsen   ORJ  =  Ole Rolf Jacobsen   TJ   =  Tue Jørgensen Lloyd Gilmore, Canada 321.  R. arboreum var album*1 322.  Butter Brickle x Marie Starks 323.  Jeda x R. mallotum*2 324.  Jeda x R. neriiflorum 'Rosevalon'*3 325.  Naselle x Parksville Sunset*4  *1. From Finerty Gardens (University of Victoria). White with prrple blotch  *2. R. mallotum pollen from RSF.  Later to germinate than most seeds Mr. Gilmore has tried. *3. R. neriiflorum 'Rosevalon' pollen from RSF. *4. Parksville Sunset = Paprika Spiced x Jeda Mark Saner, USA,  zone 7 326.  Avalanche, op*1 327.  Charles Butler, op*1 328.  Lemon Float, op*1 329.  Spellbinder, op*1 330.  Teddy Bear, op*1 331.  Tortoiseshell Wonder, op*1 332.  Comp. - Magnolia 'Asian Artistry'*2, op- moist pack 333.  Comp. - Magnolia soulangiana 'San Jose', op- moist pack *1. The Rhodies are Open Pollinated. Most of them bloomed at specific times that isolated them from other possible crossing pollinating Rhodies. Mr. Saner considers them 'selfed', but not absolutely sure of that. The one that most likely had an 'opportunity' to hybridize is 'Spellbinder'. Rh. 'Ibex' was flowering at relatively the same time. Both plants are next to the other. *2. 'Asian Artistry' = M. sprengeri x M. denudata hybrid. Mike McCullough, USA, Zone 9a-9b Mostly open pollinated 334.  R. cubitti Ashcombe x R. cubitti Edinburgh HP 335.  R. arboreum from UCBG op 336.  R. arboreum KW 21976 op 337.  R. burmanicum from UCBG op 338.  R. cilipes from UCBG op 339.  R. cubitti Ashcombe op 340.  R. cubitti Edinburgh op 341.  R. grande from UCBG op 342.  R. griersonianum from UCBG op 343.  R. johnstoneanum from UCBG op 344.  R. maddenii from UCBG op 345.  R. magnificum from Monte Toyon op 346.  R. protistum from UCBG # 1 op 347.  R. protistum from UCBG # 2 op 348.  R. superanubium from Monte Toyon op 349.  R. taronense Evans Form op 350.  R. xanthostephanum from UCBG op Mike McCullough, USA, Zone 9a-9b: Rhododendron hybrid crosses. Aim immediately follows cross. 351.  Alfred Martin x Joy Ridge Pink - Yellow / Fragrant 352.  Anah Kruschke x Mike Davis Purple - Yellow 353.  Anah Kruschke x unknown Purple 354.  Bob Scott's Maddenii Series Hybrid x (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) Yellow / Fragrant 355.  Bow Bells x unknown Pink 356.  (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) x Else Frye  Yellow Pink / Fragrant 357.  (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) x Patricia Marie Yellow / Fragrant / Large Flowers 358.  (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) x The Winner Yellow / Fragrant / Large Flowers 359.  R. cubitti Ashcombe x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 Pink / Fragrant 360.  R. cubitti Edinburgh x (Scott's Valentine x unknown) Pink / Fragrant 361.  (R. edgeworthii x R. vietchianum ) x unknown White -Pink / Fragrant 362.  Else Frye x unknown  Pink / Fragrant 363.  R. grohousiae x Mi Amor (from Monte Toyon)  White / Fragrant / Large Flowers 364.  Inheritance x Mary Mayo  Pink - Yellow 365.  Inheritance x Unique Marmalade Pink - Yellow 366.  [R. itheopeplum x R. formosum] x [R. ciliicaclyx x Fosterianum] Pink / Fragrant 367.  Jim Drewry x Noyo Dream Red / Low Growing 368.  (R. johnstoneanum x R. cubittii UCBG Pink) x unknown Pink / Fragrant 369.  (R. lindleyii x R. nuttallii) HJB 11 x Mi Amor (from Monte Toyon)  White / Fragrant / Large Flowers 370.  (R. lindleyii x R. nuttallii) HJB 11 x Patricia Marie White / Fragrant / Large Flowers 371.  Martha Wright x Else Frye Yellow - Pink / Fragrant 372.  Martha Wright x Unknown  Yellow / Fragrant 373.  Mi Amor (from Monte Toyon) x (R. lindleyi x R. nutallii) HJB 11  White / Fragrant / Large Flowers 374.  Mi Amor (from Monte Toyon) x The Winner Yellow / Fragrant / Large Flowers 375.  (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 x unknown      Pink / Fragrant 376.  Mysterious Maddenii x (R. ciliicaclyx x Fosterianum) Pink / Fragrant 377.  Mysterious Maddenii x Else Frye Pink / Fragrant 378.  Mysterious Maddenii x self White / Fragrant 379.  Mysterious Maddenii x The Winner Yellow / Fragrant 380.  Owen Pearce x Mysterious Maddenii Yellow / Fragrant 381.  (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11 x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 Pink / Fragrant 382.  (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11 x Paul Molinari Pink / Fragrant 383.  (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11 x unknown # 1  Pink / Fragrant 384.  (Rose Scott x self) 81HX11 x unknown # 2 Pink / Fragrant 385.  Ruby Bowman x Jim Drewry Pink 386.  Ruby Bowman x Mary Mayo Yellow Pink 387.  Ruby Bowman x unknown  Pink 388.  (Scotts Valentine x unknown) x unknown Pink / Fragrant 389.  Smiley x R. cubitti Edinburgh  Pink / Fragrant 390.  Smiley x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 Pink / Fragrant 391.  R. taronense Evans Form x Kimberly Anne Pink / Fragrant 392.  The Winner x Mysterious Maddenii Yellow / Fragrant 393.  Vulcan's Flame x Mary Mayo Orange 394.  Vulcan's Flame x Ruby Bowman Red Mike McCullough, USA, Zone 9a-9bDeciduous azalea hybrids. Aim immediately follows cross. 395.  Gibraltar x (Queen 1 x Hixson Orange) #7 x # 9  Large orange flowers, many per truss 396.  Mt. St. Helens x (Queen 1 x Hixson Orange) #7 x # 9 Large orange and pink flowers, many per truss 397.  (Queen 1 x Hixson Orange) #7 x # 9 x self. Large orange flowers, many per truss Mike McCullough, USA, Zone 9a-9b 398.  Nuccio' Wild Cherry x Self Red: Aim immediately follows cross. 399.  Comp. - Euphorbia biglandulosa (gopher plant) 400.  Comp. - Hypericum patulum Notes:
    Alfred Martin       Jack & Fleurette Evans         R. edgeworthii [ R. bullatum] x Else Frye Pink Flowers 
    Scot's Maurie & Fran Sumner         (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) Fairly large yellow flowers 
    Alfred Martin Jack & Fleurette Evans R. edgeworthii [ R. bullatum ] x Else Frye  Pink flowers
    Bob Scott’s Maddenii Series Hybrid Bob Scott White Flowers that are similar to R. maddenii. The plant in Mr. McCulloughs Mother’s yard in Aptos, California, which was grown from a cutting of Bob Scott’s plant is growing in full sun.  
    (R. burmanicum x R. dalhousiae) Maurie & Fran Sumner Fairly large yellow flowers.
    (R. ciliicaclyx x Fosterianum) Unknown, plant is located at Strybing R. ciliicaclyx x Fosterianum         Pink and white flowers are similar to Else Frye.
    (R. edgeworthii x R. vietchianum) Maurie & Fran Sumner? R. edgeworthii x R. vietchianum    Plant brought to a California Chapter ARS meeting by Maurie & Fran Sumner and was a raffle plant.  White flowers.
    Else Frye Else Frye / Paul Bowman Unknown, but likely to be R. edgeworthii x R. ciliicaclyx               Pink and white flowers
    Heaven Scent Howard Kerrigan Fragrantissimum x R. burmanicum      Yellow flowers
    Hixson Orange John Hixson A deciduous azalea with large orange flowers.
    (R. itheopeplum x R. formosum)        Emily Nelson R. itheopeplum x R. formosum  Is unnamed.     White flowers
    (R. johnstoneanum x R. cubittii UCBG Pink) Bob Scott (R. johnstoneanum x R. cubittii UCBG Pink)   This is an early Bob Scott hybrid with white and pink flowers that is the pollen parent of Rose Scott.
    Joy Ridge Bob Scott Rose Scott x [R. burmanicum x R. chrysodoron]  Yellow, Orange, Pink blend
    Kimberly Anne Jack & Fleurette Evans R. cubitti Pink x Else Frye         Pink flowers
    (R. lindleyii x R. nuttallii) HJB 11 Hal Braafladt R. lindleyii x R. nuttallii        Large fragrant white flowers that are similar to Mi Amor.
    Mi Amor Maurie & Fran Sumner R. lindleyii x R. nuttallii   White Flowers.  This is the most fragrant rhododendron, and has the best smell.  The plant labeled as Mi Amor (from Monte Toyon) is one of the original Mi Amors that is at the Sumner’s Monte Toyon garden in Aptos. There is about 10 - 12 plants of Mi Amor growing in a grove at Monte Toyon.   Mr. McCullough has used some of the plants at Monte Toyon as seed parents, and has used the pollen from Monte Toyon Mi Amors as the pollen parent.
    My Lady x Rose Scott  82-838 Bob Stanley My Lady x Rose Scott                Pink flowers
    Mysterious Maddenii Howard Kerrigan Large March blooming fragrant white flowers.
    Patricia Marie Hal Braafladt R. sinonuttallii x (R. lindleyii x R. dalhousiae)    Pinkish white flowers
    Paul Molinari Jack & Fleurette Evans R. veitchianum x Else Frye     White flowers
    Queen Jerry Harris Hotspur Yellow x [Knaphill Yellow x Klondike] Jerry Harris hybrid grex with large orange flowers, with many flowers per truss. .
    Queen 1 x Hixson Orange #7 x #9 Jerry Harris A cross of two selections # 7 and # 9 of Queen 1 x Hixson Orange. 
    Rose Scott x Self 81HX11 Bob Stanley Rose Scott x Self   Pink Flowers          
    The Winner Bill Moyles A maddenii hybrid with large yellow flowers.  The foliage looks like it may have some R. dalhousiae or R. nuttallii in it.
    Claus J. Staune, Denmark 401.  R. wiltonii (SBSC. 9215*1 x AM. 'Caperci Hall'), cp 402.  Top Banana x R. sanguineum var. haemaleum, cp *1. SBSC 9215 has thick indumentum. This collection number was originally and mistakenly assumed to be R. coeloneurum. Patricia J. Walton, USA, zone 6 403.  Amanda Joan Young x Paula 404.  Capistrano x Cassie 405.  Cassie x Big Mac 406.  Cassie x (R. brachycarpum x Robert Weldon) 407.  Charmant x Pana 408.  Firestorm x Anita Gehnrich 409.  Firestorm x Barbara Cook 410.  Firestorm x Howard Kuhn 411.  Firestorm x Isadora 412.  Firestorm x Judy Spillane 413.  Firestorm x R. kesangiae 414.  Firestorm x (R. yakushimanum x Leo) 415.  Firestorm x Snow Candle 416.  Flawless x Barbara Cook 417.  Fruhlingsanfang x Pride's Early Red 418.  Gloria x Dean Hall 419.  Goldbukett x Big Deal 420.  Gretchen Medlar x (Voluptuous x Pleasant Dream) 421.  Henry's Red x Barbara Cook 422.  Henry's Red x Grand Slam 423.  Henry's Red x Markeeta's Prize 424.  Henry's Red x (R. yakushimanum x Leo) 425.  Isadora x Graf Zeppelin 426.  Isadora x Keith Brown 427.  (Mars x R. yakushimanum) IRN x Graf Zeppelin 428.  Melrose Flash x Boule de Neige 429.  Melrose Flash x Casanova 430.  Melrose Flash x Flashdance 431.  Melrose Flash x Minnetonka 432.  Melrose Flash x Hypermax 433.  Melrose Flash x Trinidad 434.  Oregon Expressions x Big Deal 435.  Oregon Expressions x Germania 436.  Pana x Barbara Cook 437.  Pana x Firestorm 438.  Pinnacle x Double Eagle 439.  Pride's Early Red x Barbara Cook 440.  R. brachycarpum x R. lacteum RSF 77/713 441.  (R. yakushimanum x Idealist) x Big Deal 442.  Rosarka x Firestorm 443.  Rosarka x Graf Zeppelin 444.  Rosarka x Pana 445.  Tidal Wave x Barbara Cook 446.  Torero x Barbara Cook 447.  Torero x Hypermax 448.  Torero x Voluptuous 449.  Voluptuous x Capistrano 450.  Voluptuous x Goldkrone 451.  Yaku Sunrise x Barbara Cook NOTES: Barbara Cook = Mary Belle x Goldsworth Yellow Double Eagle = Bump's Orange Thing x Skipper Isadora =(R. yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada') x Cynthia Melrose Flash = Scintillation x Lem's 4A Paula = hardy cream-colored Weston hybrid Rosarka = R. insigne hybrid Frank Pelurie, USA, All cw in fall 2006. 452.  R. calendulaceum, cw Dutch Ridge, Kanawha County, WV 453.  R. calendulaceum, cw from many plants at Engine Gap of Roan Mountain, NC 454.  R. catawbiense, cw  Roan Mountain, NC/TN 455.  R. periclymenoides, cw Kate's Branch, Southeastern WV Herman C. (Bud) Gehnrich, USA, zone 7 456.  'Amanda Joan Young' x ('Evening Glow' x 'Crest') 457.  R. yakushimanum 'Frosted Jade' x R. proteoides #151 458.  R. yakushimanum 'Frosted Jade' x R. proteoides Ascreavie 459.  Comp. - Stewartia monodelpha Jes Hansen, Denmark, zone 6 460. R. ferrugineum, cw C. d. Montets, France, SJH-06-29, ca 1.450m 461. R. hirsutum, cw Oberwald, Schweiz (Switzerland), SJH-06-27, ca 1.700m 462. Comp. - Genetiana asclepedia, cw C. d. Montets, France, ca 1.400m 463. Comp. - Orobanche*1, cw Lugu Lake, Yunnan, China, ca 3.000m *P1 *1. Orobanche (broomrape) is a parasite that may only grow on one or two specific host plants. Mr. Hansen reports that he does not know which host they need; however, it was collected in a coniferous forest with some birch trees in it. To germinate, broomrape seed requires exposure to a biochemical exudate produced by the root of the host plant. (From Mr. Hansen’s photo, besides pine needles, I see, what appears to be a rhododendron seedling and a leguminosae family member perhaps Indigofera? ---John) *P1. Photo : Gery Panev, Sweden, zone 5 464. 'GP's Cinderella'*1 x 'Goldfort', cp 465. 'GP's Favourite'*2 x ('Babette' x R. smirnowii) pink & yellow hardy -30°C (-22°F), cp 466. 'GP's Favourite'*2 x 'Goldfort', cp 467. 'GP's Favourite'*2 x self, cp 468. ('Goldica'*3 x R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii)#2 x 'GP's Favourite'*2, cp 469. ('Goldica'*3 x R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii)#2 x 'Goldfort', cp 470. ('Goldica'*3 x R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii)#2 x R. wardii hybrid, blotched, yellow from D. Hobbie, cp 471. (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) yellow x ('Babette' x R. smirnowii) pink & yellow hardy -30°C (-22°F), cp 472. (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) yellow x ('Goldica'*3 x R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii)#2, yellow, cp 473. (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) yellow x ('Goldica'*3 x R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii)#11, yellow, Hardy -30°C (-22°F), cp 474. [(R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) yellow x 'GP's Favourite'*2,cp 475. (R. brachycarpum x R. wardii) yellow x Hachmann's 'Banana Flip'] x 'GP's Favourite'*2,cp 476. (R. brachycarpum ssp tigerstedtii x 'Erato')#7 x 'Furnivall's Daughter', cp 477. R. niko-montanum double yellow flowers x 'Goldfort', cp 478. (R. niko-montanum x R. decorum hardy)*4 x 'Goldfort', cp 479. 'Rasputin'*5 x 'Caroline Allbrook'*6, cp *1. 'GP's Cinderella' = [R. dichroanthum x (Goldsworth Yellow x R. wardii)] x (R. aureum x R. causasicum yellow form). Hardy -30°C (-22°F) *2. 'GP's Favourite' = 'Goldica x R. smirnowii. Cream-white, hardy to -29°C (-20.2°F) *3. Goldica = R. wardii hybrid by D. Hobbie, yellow *4. Yellow buds opening to cream. *5. Discription and photo *6. Discription and photo Werner Brack, USA zone 7a, additional 480. R. maximum var. leachii, op*1 481. Comp. - Arisaema sikkokianum *1. OP; however, it will be selfed because there is no other Rhododendron blooming for miles around at that time. John Weagle, Canada, zone 6 482. {{R. nuttallii X {[(R. dalhousiae x R. taggianum) x (R. dalhousiae x R.nuttallii)] x R.lindleyi} }}op*1 483. Comp. - Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikkokianus*2 *P1 selfed, h.p. *1. Probably selfed, Fragrantissimum and R. iteolphyllum were collapsing as this was opening. *2. Dark red flowers, brilliant red fall foliage. *P1. Photos John Nicolella, USA,  zone 7 484.  Whitestone*1 *P1 x R. yakushimanum 'Sid's Blue' *2 *P2 *1. Whitestone is a true  double and has produced true double progeny. *2. R. yakushimanum 'Sid's Blue' = a flat leaf selection of R. yakushimanum of Mr. Sidney  Burns with a slight bluish cast to foliage. The pollen used for this cross came from flowers that had some stamens that converted to partial   corolla. *P1. Photo @: *P2. Photo @: *P3. Photo @: Note: this cross is a repeat  that has been done several times and has produced double flowered rhododendrons. See *P3 for example of results to possibly expect. (This cross was Whitestone x R. yakushimanum Paul Vossberg selection; this yak selection died in  mid-1990's.) Mike Creel, USA, zone 8a 485.  'Keowee Sunset'*16 *P9 x red R. flammeum 'Denmark Bluffs'*17 *P10 486.  R. atlanticum 'Cottingham'*13  *P12 x R. calendulaceum 'Gamecock'*P11 487.  R. eastmanii (north wall x meadow)*15 *P6 488.  R. prunifolium ('Early Prune'*18  x 'David Ellis'*19*P8) 489.  'Between2Roads', op*14  *P2 490.  'Choice Cream', op*11  *P7 491.  'Clyo Red'*12 R. flammeum,op but  only other flammeums around 492.  R. alabamensis 'Creel's  Alabammy', op*10  *P5 493.  R. canescens 'Creel's  Confetti'*5, op but selfs *P4 494.  'Snowbird'*1, op but  selfs 495.  R. canescens pure white 'Jean  Eastman'*4, op but selfs 496.  R. chapmanii 'Left  Trail'*7*P17,op but isolated in a group of chapmanii  plants 497.  R. flammeum 'Early Red',op but  surrounded by red-orange flammeums as the pollen  providers. 498.  R. flammeum 'Tower Blaze'*6  *P15,op but only other flammeums around 499.  R. minus var. minus 'Creel's  Snowbank'*2*P1,op but selfs 500.  Comp. - Clethra alnifolia 'Creel's  Calico'*3, selfed *P3 501.  Comp. - Hypericum densiflorum 'Creel's  Gold Star'*8 *P14 502.  Comp. - Hypericum frondosum*9  *P13 503.  Comp. - Sabal  minor*P16 *1. 'Snowbird' is a tall growing white flowered natural hybrid of R.atlanticum x R. canescens. This  seed will be selfed. *2. 'Creel's Snowbank' is a low growing, pure white flowered selection of R. minus. This  seed will be selfed. *3. 'Creel's Calico' has a whitish variegation that will be present in 75% of seedlings from the  first true leaves up; however, NEVER FERTILIZE or the variegation will turn all green for a season.!! Prune back every two years, every year in colder areas. The new foliage is always the most variegated. *4. Jean Eastman = a pure white R.  canescens from Berkeley County, SC, which selfs and produces pure white  seedlings; *5. R. canescens "Creel's  Confetti," which is a pink, split-petalled, but fertile, fragrant,  natural form  probably a hybrid with R. atlanticum from Mr. Creel's family farm near Hemingway, SC. *6. R. flammeum 'Tower Blaze' a  good deep red seedling from the South Edisto River near Denmark,  SC, with a strict erect habit; *7. R. chapmanii unnamed seedling  on Mr. Creel's left trail; isolated in a group of chapmanii plants; *8. Hypericum densiflorum "Creel's Gold  Star," which Mr. Creel gave to Dodd nursery and they named for him when they introduced it; and  others. *9. Hypericum frondosum from Mr. Creel's  yard, a low shrub with great fall foliage and large yellow  flowers. *10. R. alabamensis 'Creel's  Alabammy', ball truss, multibudding (up  to 9) is common, OP, either selfed or crossed with nearby large-flowered yellow Anita Keummels and  Aromi Sunrise (yellow).  The seedlings will  in any case be most interesting and desirable. *11. 'Choice Cream', op isolated, selfed  azalea. It has never seen fertilizer, well maybe it spotted a bag of it passing by. *12. 'Clyo Red' R. flammeum is a  Woodlanders Nursery introduction. *13.  R. atlanticum 'Cottingham': light shell pink, split petaled *14. 'Between2Roads = natural hybrid of (R. periclymenoides x R. canescens), Williamsburg County, SC. Mr. Creel moved this  plant from a spreading colonial plant located in an area between the two dirt roads on his family farm. The location is midway between a population of canescens near the swamp and a stand of periclymenoides uphill in drier hickory woods behind a large field. The plant's medium height and bloom time are between the two species. It is a showier  plant than either species alone and produces heavy seed (probably selfed as Mr.Creel sees in other two-way hybrids) every year. Mr.Creel counted  many branches having clusters of 16 or more pods clustered together from  usually a single flower bud. It can form a heavy truss of flowers from a single bud.  Mr. Creel has not  counted individual flowers from a bud at bloom but it may be as many as another similar hybrid from the farm that Mr. Creel calls 'Pink24', because he has counted 24 flowers in one bud cluster several times on that plant. *15. In eastmanii's natural habitat it is  cooled by the shade of tall deciduous trees and steep slopes. The fragrance is outstanding, different from the other species and carries like tea olive. *16. 'Keowee Sunset' =  calendulaceum/periclymenoides; a Clarence Towe introduction. *17. 'Denmark Bluffs' = red R.  flammeum seedling from South Edisto River at Denmark, SC *18. 'Early Prune'= a large-flowered R.  prunifolium seedling that blooms one to two weeks  before Mr. Creel's other prunifoliums *19. 'David Ellis' is a multibudding form  of R. prunifolium. *P1. Photo @: *P2. Photo @: *P3. Photo @: *P4. Photo @: *P5. Photo @: *P6. Photo @: *P7. Photo @: *P8. Photo @: *P9. Photo @: *P10. Photo @: *P11. Photo @: *P12. Photo @: *P13. Photo @: *P14. Photo @: *P15. Photo @: *P16. Photo @: *P17. Photo @: Erhard Moser,  Germany 504.  R. chamaethomsonii,  hp 505.  R. hunnewellianum,  hp 506.  R. purdomii ex shaanxi, isolated plant, hp 507.  R. schlippenbachii, hp isolated area 508.  R. aureum 'Roseum' hybrid pink, dwarf, free flowering, hp 509.  R. morii x R. pseudochrysanthum, hp 510.  R. adenogynum thick indumentum, op 511.  R. aureum, op, but from isolated area 512.  R. brachycarpum 'Montanum' dwarf compact,op 513.  R. campanulatum ex Nepal, thick brown indumentum, op 514.  R. chengshienianum,  op 515.  R. galactinum,  op 516.  R. haematodes,  op 517.  R. hirtipes,  op 518.  R. orbiculare,  op 519.  R. planetum,  op 520.  R. searsiae,  op 521.  R. wardii,  op 522.  R. makinoi x R. smirnowii thick indumentum, pink, op Robert Barnard,  USA 523.  R. prunifolium (orange x pinky-orange) 524.  R. prunifolium (pinky-orange x orange) 525.  R. reticulatum, selfed 526.  R. viscosum,  op 527.  (R. calendulaceum x R. atlanticum), op 528.  (R. viscosum oblongifolium x 'Pink Plush'), op 529.  (R. viscosum oblongifolium x R. occidentale), op Mike Creel, USA, zone 8a, additional 530. (R. flammeum 'Big Orange Truss' x 2 Yellow Choptanks), op*1 *P1 531. R. flammeum light red with yellow blotch, op*2 532. R. flammeum 'Red Bank 1',  op*2 *P2 533. R. flammeum 'Red Bank 2',  op*2 *P3 *1. OP; however, this is a group planting, and in past has produced some wonderfully rainbow colored and nicely scented offspring. One offspring Mr. Creel called Rainbow Blaze, which appeared on the cover of The Azalean years ago.   Big Orange Truss flammeum was cloned for years by Transplant Nursery in Lavonia and is probably the same as the cultivar they sell today, named R. flammeum Harry's Honey. The two yellow Choptanks are DenaBelle and BarbaraBelle for Mr. Creel's wife and her sister. see photo P1. *2. OP from a pure flammeum bed, all mature red-orange seedlings grown from wild-collected seeds on a steep bluff on the South Edisto River near Denmark SC in  Bamberg County. It is the only population of flammeum Mr. Creel has ever found on the South Edisto River, more being on the North Edisto and other rivers. *P1. Photo @: *P2. Photo @: *P3. Photo @: Pepper Berkeley,  USA 534.  R. auriculatum Phetteplace Garden*1, op *1. Dr. Phetteplace got much of his seed from plant expeditions in the 1950's & 1960's. Seeds and plants were shared with Cecil Smith and others. Joan Hardy, USA, Zone 6b 535. Barmstedt X R. barbatum 536. Barmstedt X R. strigillosum 537. Nestucca X R. grande 538. R. fortunei "Dumpers Selection"*1 X Nestucca *1. R. fortunei "Dumpers Selection" = a yellow flowered selection grown by Henry Dumper from open pollinated R. fortunei seed from Wisley. It is not fortunei. AKA 'Dumper Yellow'., and Dumper's Yellow Fortunei Mike Creel, USA, zone 8a, additional II 539. R. flammeum ?Creel?s Tower Blaze?*1, op 540. R. flammeum hybrid ?Creel?s Meadow Hot Pink?*2, op 541. R. flammeum hybrid ?Creel?s Watermelon?*3. op 542. Admiral Semmes*4, op 543. Anita Keummels, op*5 *1. Deep red, fastigate, will be crossed with other flammeums. *2. Watermelon pink, fastigate, will be crossed with other flammeums. *3. Will be crossed with other flammeums. *4. Large yellow *5. Anita Keummels = large yellow, this will either be selfed of crossed with Aromi Sunrise (yellow) or with R. alabamensis Creel's Alabammy', ball truss, multibudding (up to 9) is common. The seedlings will in any case be most interesting and desirable. Dick 'Red' Cavender, USA 544. Kalmia latifolia*1*P1, op *1. The parent of this seed is very dark red in the open flower with a band. The new plant person from Briggs Nursery said he had never seen a banded form this dark. They are trying to tissue culture the plant. If they succeed, Mr. Cavender will name it. The parent plant was grown from Am. Rho. Soc. Seed Exchange seed, 1982-1270. Dr. Schroeder of Evansville Indiana contributed the seed. Mr. Cavender has several nice plants from this seed. One is as good a red as "Ostbo Red'. It holds it's color when the flower opens as well. *P1. Photo @: Tom Milner, USA 545. R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #2*1--med.-lg. (1 ¼?) yellow bloom, med. pink tube. 546. R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #4*1--med.-lg. (1 ¼?) yellow bloom, dark pink tube. 547. R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #21*1--lg. (1 ½?) yellow bloom, dark pink tube. 548. R. austrinum, cw, PR-WMA #25*1--lg. (1 ½?) golden yellow bloom 549. R. austrinum, op, ?Lillian?s Favorite?*2 --lg. (1 ½?) orange bloom *1. Pascagoula River Wildlife Mgmt. Area, Jackson county, Mississippi *2 .This plant, though no longer co-located with the above swarm, was once a part of it. It was saved, as were several other superior austrinum plants, by an elderly couple, 40 years ago, from destruction by an agricultural endeavor which destroyed about ½ of the original plants. Their homestead is a mile away from the other plants, not co- located with any native hybrids, and blooms later than most of the other austrinum plants, as do most other orange austrinums. Mr. Milner has asked her to name three of them. This is her favorite. Jim Welch, USA 550. Harold Amateis X Francesca 551. Helen Everitt X Nestucca 552. Helen Everitt X Pressey's Hillside (R. fortunei hybrid) 553. Pressey's Peachy X MacKay's Marmalade Jeff Hooper, USA, zone 5a - b 554. Dr. Edward Lutton x Nestucca 555. Dr. Edward Lutton x Wizard 556. Saveta*1 x Nestucca 557. Shelia Gay*2 x (Janet Blair x Yellow Pages) *1. Saveta is registered and is = Joshua x R. yakushimanum Exbury f. *2. Shelia Gay is registered and is = (R. maximum x Mary Garrison) X [Caroline x (King of Shrubs x Crest)] Karel Bernady, USA, Collected Wild Azalea seed. 558. R. arborescens, cw, York County, PA; collected from one plant population 559. R. atlanticum, cw, Caroline County, MD; collected from one plant population 560. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from one plant population 561. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from one plant population 562. R. calendulaceum, cw, Pendleton County, WV; collected from a population of predominately yellow flowered plants 563. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from an orange flowered plant 564. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from an orange and gold flowered plant 565. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from an orange and yellow flowered plant 566. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from a plant with orange flowers and a golden flare 567. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from a plant with orange-red flowers and a golden flare 568. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from a plant with yellow flowers and a golden flare 569. R. calendulaceum, cw, Avery County, NC; collected from a red flowered plant 570. R. prinophyllum, cw, Grant County, WV; collected from one plant population 571. R. prinophyllum, cw, Tucker County, WV; collected from one plant population Alan J. Clark, 2006 Expedition to North West Vietnam 572. Not a seed lot #; used for Internet formatting. Mr. Clark relates that altitudes in this area of Vietnam can be compared for cold to altitudes that are 1000 meters higher for areas to the north in China -- he has collected here in past and has found rhododendrons from here hardier than expected including a vireya that has withstood frost that damaged R. augustinii. Also, R. protistum collected was from a cream with red center -- not the usual magenta colored form and upon germination seedlings from this collection are growing at a faster pace than what is usually the case found with large leaved rhododendrons. Team Members. Alan Clark, Jane Brazendale, Vaughan Gallavan, John Hamblin, Sandra Stockley and Marlene Storah. Also, please note in the following localities ? sometimes one finds more than one spelling of Vietnamese names. Location: mountain range  Ham Rong near Sapa; province Lao Cai; 1800 meters 573. R. chapaense ( crassum ) AC 5617 574. R. excellens AC 5616 575. R. emarginatum AC 5615 Location: Ban Khoang; 15 KM. from Sapa; 1800meters 576. R. emarginatum AC 5618 577. R. excellens. Large leaved form, capsules 5 ?7 cm. Long. AC 5630 578. R. hemsleyanum aff. ( serotinum ?. ) AC 5620 579. Comp. - Cunninghamia lanceolata. Upright conifer to 10m. AC 5627 580. Comp. - Hedichyium sp (Ginger Lily). Herb to 1.2m. White flowers. AC 5623 581. Comp. - Luculia sp. Evergreen shrub to 2m. Scented, white Jasmine type flowers. AC 5622 Location: mountain range Hong Lien Son;  Fan Si Pan; Rom Pran Son pass; 2000-2200 meters 582. R. emarginatum AC 5651 583. R. leptocladon R. sp. veitchianum ? . Evergreen shrub to 1.5m. Swollen stem base noted on some specimens. AC 5645 584. Comp. - Ariseama sp. 45cm. tall. Fruiting head 8-10cm. long. Foliage not seen. AC 5654 585. Comp. - Ariseama sp. 60 cm. tall. Fruiting head 6-8cm. long. Foliage not seen. AC 5658 586. Comp. - Magnolia sp. Evergreen? Tree to 25 m. Leaves not seen, seeds in 8cm. long oval cones. AC 5637 587. Comp. - Magnolia sp. floribunda ?. Evergreen ? tree to 10m. Seeds in 6-10 cm. long oval cones. AC 5643 588. Comp. - Michelia sp. Evergreen ? tree to 20m. Leaves not seen, seeds in 10cm. long spiral cones. AC 5636 Location: mountain range Hong Lien Son;  Fan Si Pan; Rom Pran Son pass; 2200-2500 meters 589. R. sp. irrorata sub-section. Tree to 5m. AC 5667 590. R. sp. irrorata sub- section. Tree to 8m. AC 5668 591. R. sp. irrorata sub-section. AC 5677 592. R. sp. irrorata sub-section 12-14 flowers per truss. AC 5678 593. R. sp. obtusum sub-section. Shrub to 2m. AC 5669 594. R. ovatum aff AC 5671 595. R. ovatum aff. AC 5689 596. R. species. Parishia sub section. Tree to 6m. 8-10 flowers per truss. AC 5664 597. R. sp. parishia sub-section AC 5676 598. R. sp. parishia sub-section. Leaves up to 25 cm. long. AC 5680 599. R. sp. ramsdenianum ?. tree to 6m. 10-12 flwrs per truss. Leaves, dark green above, shiny below. AC 5674 600. R. sino-falconeri aff AC 5684 601. R. sino-falconeri aff. AC 5687 602. R. sp. sub-section not determined. 45cm. tall. Leaves ovate, 1cm. long, dark green above scaly below. AC 5670 603. R. sp. sub-section not determined. Shrub to 2m. AC 5672 604. R. tanastyllum aff. Tree to 5m. tall. 10-12 flowers per truss. AC 5663 605. Comp. - Gaultheria or Pieris sp Evergreen shrub to 1.2m. AC 5682 606. Comp. - Gordonia axillaris. Evergreen tree to 10m. Large white camellia like flowers. Winged seeds. AC 5683 607. Comp. - Michelia sp. Evergreen? tree to 20m. Leaves not seen. Seeds in long spiral capsules. AC 5691 Location: mountain range Hong Lien Son;  Fan Si Pan; Rom Pran Son pass; 2500 - 2900 meters 608. R. sp. arborea sub-section. Seed collected from 15-20 years old plant. No mature plants found. AC 5705 609.  R. sp. irrorata sub-section. ramsdenianum aff. AC 5708.{{LOT # 609E =Labelled as R. klossii, by French botanists, but appeared to belong to the Irrorata  sub-section. AC 5709}} 610. R. ovatum aff. AC 5714 611. R. sp. sub-section not determined. Evergreen shrub to 1m. AC 5707 612. Comp. - Acer pectinatum ssp taronense ?.. Deciduous tree to 20m, Superb autumn foliage colour. AC 5706 Crop Failure 613. Comp. - Ariseama sp. 60cm. tall. Foliage not seen. 15 cm heads of red fruits. AC 5701 Location: near Sin Ho; Lao Chau province; 1000 meters 614. Comp. - Cornus sp?. Spreading tree to 4m.. Large terminal clusters of bright red fruit. AC 5720 615. Comp. - Hedichyium sp. Flower stems to 90cm. Growing in Pine forest. AC 5718 616. Comp. - Shrub to 3m. Hydrangea like, flat terminal heads of black fruits. AC 5719 617. Comp. - Pinus sp. Tree to 20m. 3 needles. AC 5717 Crop Failure Location: heading back to Ban Khoang; 2000-2800meters 618. R. emarginatum Growing as an ephiyte with Orchid sp. AC 5726 619. R. emarginatum, smaller leaved version of AC5726. AC 5727 620. R. excellens aff. Tree to 5m., Up to 7 flwrs per truss, large retained calyx. Light brown peeling bark. AC 5737 621. R. sp.irrorata sub-section. Evergreen tree to 8m. Capsules tinted pink. AC 5729 622. R. sp irrorata sub-section. Evergreen tree to 10m. AC 5730 623. R. protistum aff. Evergreen tree to 10m. with a similar spread. AC 5728 624. R. sp. sub-section not determined. Evergreen tree to 8m. Very large flower buds. AC 5731 625. R. sp. sub-section not determined. Evergreen shrub to 1m. AC 5742 626. Comp. - Amomum aromaticum ( cardamom } AC 5738 Please note: 1. The inclusion of a seed lot in this list does not guarantee that there will be any viable seed. 2. Identifications shown are provisional and may be subject to change following further research. Alan J. Clark 2004 Expedition to N.E. India 627. Not a seed lot #; used for Internet formatting. The following Rhododendron seeds were collected during a 2004 Expedition to N.E. India. They have been stored in 'deep freeze' by Mr. Alan Clark and are offered as such. Mr. Clark relates that this is the best anyone can do and expects germination to be as well as when initially harvested. Mr. Clark tried to collect species from the highest altitude. Temperatures ranged between +23°C. in the daytime and -15 °C. over-night. At first light in morning he relayed that it was the first time he saw rhodies in the wild with their leaves curled; also, due to heat stress leaves curled at mid-day. Overall growing conditions were very hard. Location around Chander, Alt. 3050m. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 628. R. arboreum? very large lvs., Pewter indumentum., AC 5255 629. R. peramoenum AC 5256 Location Chander to Thungri, Mean Alt. 3100m. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 630. R. argipeplum, AC 5295 631. R. grande, AC 5267 632. R. grande, AC 5271 633. R. grande, AC 5281 634. R. kendrickii, AC 5284 635. R. kesangiae aff. AC 5318 636. R. keysii, AC 5315 637. R. lindleyi, AC 5308 638. R. nerriflorum var phaedropum, AC 5328 639. R. triflorum, AC 5313 Location, Thungri to Khuthom, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3100/3500m. 640. R. falconeri aff., AC 5352 641. R. hookeri, AC 5344 642. R. kesangiae, AC 5343 643. R. kesangiae Green bud form. AC 5346 644. R. kesangiae aff., AC 5357 Location Kuthom to Chamela, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3500 to 3850 m. 645. R. arizelum, real orange indumentum. AC 5362 646. R. campylocarpum, AC 5379 647. R. keysii, AC 5371 648. R. keysii, AC 5376 649. R. lopsangianum aff. Much thicker indumentum than noted on cultivated plants. AC 5370 Reverse trek back towards Chandor, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. 650. R. maddenii, AC 5385 Location, north of Chandor towards Dirang. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Steep mountain side through warm temperate forrest at 1800 to 2200 m. 651. R. dalhousiae var rhabdotum, AC 5399 652. R. griffithianum, Pink peeling bark. AC 5397 Location Nagagigi to Sanya West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. . Altitude range 3800/4100m. 653. R. cinnabarinum, AC 5413 654. R. kesangiae, Shiny black capsules. AC 5410 655. R. wallichii, AC 5412 Location, Sanya to Tsomjog. West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh / Bhutan border area. Alt.4100m. 656. R. anthopogon, flowers believed to be yellow. AC 5456 657. R. anthopogon, flowers believed to be yellow. AC 5457 658. R. bhutanense, upper leaf surface silvery. AC 5436 659. R. bhutanense, dark brown indumentum. AC 5442 660. R. bhutanense Dwarf form, 1 m. tall. AC 5446 661. R. bhutanense hybrid ?. AC 5434 662. R. camplyocarpum, leaves less than 3 cm. long. AC 5424 663. R. campylocarpum, AC 5437 Crop Failure 664. R. campylocarpum, AC 5445 665. R. cinnabarinum, AC 5416 666. R. flinckii, AC 5429 667. R. flinckii, AC 5433 668. R. flinckii, leaves less than 4 cm. long, may be a form of R. tsariense. AC 5443 669. R. hodgsonii, AC 5438 670. R. hodgson aff. Very similar to the Rudong La form as collected by K. Rushforth. Speckled indumentum ,as found in R. rothschildii. AC 5439 671. R. intermediate between R. bhutanense & flinckii. AC 5417 672. R. intermediate between R. wallichii & flinckii, AC 5423 673. R. intermediate between R. wallichii & flinckii, AC 5426 674. R. lepidotum, AC 5419 675. R. thomsonii, AC 5418 676. R. thomsonii, AC 5431 677. R. thomsonii, large leaved form.AC 5444 678. R. wallichii, AC 5421 679. R. wallichii, AC 5422 680. R. wallichii, small leaved form. AC 5432 681. R. wightii, AC 5430 682. R. wightii, AC 5440 Location, Tsomjog to Shugang, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh / Bhutan border area. Alt. range 4100 /3650m. 683. R. fulgens, AC 5460 Location, Shujang. Nirback to Bangajang Gompa, West kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Alt. range 3650/ 3800m. 684. R. wightii, AC 5484 Location around Se La to Tawang to Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh. 685. R. nerriflorum var phaedropum, narrow leaved form. AC 5525 686. R. wightii, AC 5515 Location, Mt. Japfu.Nagaland. Alt. range 1600 / 3050 m. 687. R. elliottii, AC 5540 688. R. macabeanum, indumented capsules. AC 5538Crop Failure 689. R. macabeanum, capsules glandular. AC 5543 690. R. macabeanum, on summit, 3m. tall. AC 5559 691. R. sp. maddenia sub sect., AC 5556 Thomas J. Schuetz, USA 692. R. schlippenbachii,*1 op *1. Grown from 1978 ARS Potamac Valley Chapter seed distribution, described as from Carolyn Gable?s open pollinated plant.

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