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American Rhododendron Society 2012 Seed Exchange

2012 ARS SEED EXCHANGE CLOSEOUT SALE Sale Begins August 15 and ends September 7 All closeout sale seed packets from the 2012 Seed Exchange are $1.00 per packet. Postage / shipping charges is $3.00 (U.S. dollars) per order within the U.S. and $4.00 (U.S. dollars) outside the U. S. The minimum order is 20 seed packets. You may select as many packets of a seed lot as desired, i.e., 10 packets of lot #12 Please list your First and Second Choice seed lots. Some lots are in short supply. If Second Choice lots are sold out we will send substitute lots. List lot choices in numeric order. NO REFUNDS will be sent. Catalog listing of listing of available seed. http://www.rhododendron.org/seed_exchange_list2012.htm or the Danish listing: www.rhododendron.dk/ARS_seed-2012.html The instructions and order form page for the ARS seed exchange close-out sale. Instructions are on page: http://www.rhododendron.org/seedorderinfo01.htm and the order form on page: http://www.rhododendron.org/seedorderform01.asp Mail payment to: ARS Seed Exchange 7921 Deepwell Drive Bethesda, MD 20817-1927 USA
h.p. Hand Pollinated c.p. Controlled Pollination (Stigma covered after pollination) o.p. Open Pollination c.w. Collected in the Wild comp. Companion plants The Seed Exchange is open only to ARS members until March 15th, 2012. From March 15th until April 30th, both members and non-members may order from this catalog. Catalog will be updated periodically. Lots shown with a strikethrough seed description are SOLD OUT: latest update Jan. 4th, 2012 Characters in Bold are late corrections. "Every effort is made to avoid spelling errors; species are listed under the name supplied by the contributor and thus vary as to classification system. Not all hybrid names are registered or found in other reference works."  R. austrinum Millie Mac, Foto: Mike Creel

R. austrinum Millie Mac, Foto: Mike Creel


If you use GoogleChrome as browser press here for photo's Mikkel Jørgensen, Denmark 1. c.p. fortunei ssp. fortunei 2. c.p. fortunei ssp. discolor Ron Miller, Ron, Florida, USA 3. o.p. catawbiense from 590-600’, Marshall County, Alabama* 4. o.p. viscosum var. aemulans** Photo Collector’s notes * This is the lowest R. catawbiense colony I know of, growing along the Tennessee River in northern Alabama. Though people have called all southern or lowland strains “insularis,” this form seems more fuzzy in its new growth and is apparently more heat resistant than the North Carolina piedmont form around Durham and Raleigh. If there is a form of catawbiense that can survive cultivation in Atlanta, Birmingham or Charlotte, this is it. Breeders might be interested. The flowers seem to have a bit less mauve in them than the mountain forms. ** Newly discovered in Santa Ross County, Florida. While this is not a recognized subspecies, it probably ought to be. Very distinctive with almost flocculent, non-banded flower buds and new growth. It is a slow grower and spreader with an upright growth denser but not unlike that of var. montanum (also a banned name). The flowers are long tubed and white and bloom down here in late April of early May. Some of the seed offered in the Seed Exchange a while ago as “aemulans” turned out to be canescens, I am told. This is the real stuff. It is certainly not serrulatum.” Ishizaki Toyoji, Takasaki, Gunma, Japan 5. c.w. tschonoskyi* 6. c.w. keiskei* 7. c.w. nikoense* * Species collected on Mt. Tenguiwa, 1,000 meters George Woodard, Long Island, New York 8. h.p. (Apricot Fantasy x Snow’s Red) X {[Offshoot x (Phipps Yellow x Viennese Waltz)] x (Karen Triplett x Big Deal)} 9. h.p. (Red River x Maxine Margaret)*1 #2 X [Ooh-la-la x (Mars x Jean Marie)] 10. h.p. {(brachycarpum tigerstedtii x macabeanum) x [(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn}*2 #2 X{{{[ Scintillation x (Pink Petticoats x yakushimanum)] x {{Janet Blair x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem’s Cameo)]}#1 x {[(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn}}} 11. h.p. {(brachycarpum tigerstedtii x macabeanum) x [(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn} X Big Orange#,*3 12. h.p. [Mrs. Howard Phipps x (calophytum x Whitney’s Early Pink)]*4 X Shogun 13. h.p. {[Scintillation x (Pink Petticoats x yakushimanum)] x {Janet Blair x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem’s Cameo)]} x [(Offshoot x Phipps Yellow x Viennese Waltz]} X Big Orange 14. h.p. [(Janet Bair x Phipps Yellow) x (Orange Marmalade x 1000 Butterflies)*5 #1] X Big Orange# 15. h.p. (Offshoot x Lofthouse Legacy)*6 X Big Orange# 16. h.p. (Fantastica x Ring of Fire) X [(Ooh-la-la x (Mars x Jean Marie)] 17. h.p. (Offshoot x Lofthouse Legacy) x {(brachycarpum tigerstedtii x macabeanum) x [(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn} 18. h.p. {brachycarpum tigerstedtii x macabeanum) x [(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn} X My Jane 19. h.p. (Offshoot x Lofthouse Legacy) X (Pacific Gold x Phipps Yellow) 20. h.p. {Janet Blair x [Nancy Evans x (Whopper x Lem’s Cameo)]}*7 X My Jane 21. h.p. [(Horizon Lakeside x Rio) x Karen Triplett x Nestucca)]*8 X Big Orange# 22. h.p. [(Apricot Fantasy x Phipps Yellow) x (Phipps #51 x Snow’s Red)]* Cover of Summer ARS Journal*9 X Big Orange# 23. h.p. (Offshoot x Lofthouse Legacy) X (brachycarpum x tigerstedtii x macabeanum, RSF 1981/080 # Big Orange = (Consolini’s Windmill x Unique Marmalade) X {[(yakushimanum x Phipps Yellow) x Viennese Waltz] x Gosh Darn} x [(Orange Marmalade x Percy Wiseman) x (Voluptuous x Phipps Yellow)] Woodard Photo #1-9. pdf Fred Thurber, Massachusetts, USA 24. h.p. Calsap X arizelum, RSF 91-063 25. h.p. metternichii X falconeri, ssp. eximium, RSF 91-063 26. h.p. Dexter’s Peppermint X decorum, ssp. diaprepes, ‘Gargantua’ Japan Seed Exchange, Japan 27. o.p. metternichii, var. pentamerum, Maxim: R. degronianum Carriere, Hokkaido, Pink 28. c.w. metternichii, var. pentamerum Maxim: R. degronianum Carriere, Mt. Surikogi, Pink 29. c.w. metternichii, var. kyomaruense, Mt. Amagi Suzugadake, Pink 30. o.p. brachycarpum, D. Don, R. faurie (Franch), Hokkaido, White 31. o.p. brachycarpum, Hokkaido, Pink 32. c.w. brachycarpum, Mt. Surikogi, Pink 33. o.p. dauricum, Hokkaido, Deep Purple 34. o.p. dauricum, Linn, Small Size, Hokkaido, Pink 35. o.p. mucronulatum var. ciliatum, Nakai, Hokkaido, Deep Red 36. o.p. mucronulatum var. ciliatum, Hokkaido, White 37. o.p. hyperythrum, Prefecture Kanagawa, Pink 38. h.p. degronianum, ssp. heptamerum var. heptamerum, Prefecture, Miyagi Pink 39. o.p. parvifolium, Adams, Hokkaido, Purple 40. o.p. kurohimense, Arakawa, Hokkaido, Pink 41. o.p. aureum, Georgi, Hokkaido, Yellow Per Houbak Vestergaard, Denmark 42. c.p. calophytum 43. c.p. chrysanthum (aureum) X self 44. c.p. camtschaticum purpurrød 45. c.p. campylogynum var. myrtillioides 46. c.p. fortunei ssp. fortunei 47. c.p. hanceanum, low form 48. c.p. metternichii Mt. Mimata 49. c.p. chrysanthum var. niko-montanum(1) X (Bambi x proteoides)#12 50. c.p. (Bambi x proteoides)#12 X williamsianum Mike Oliver, Oregon USA All of the seed packets are for intraspecific crosses of the Western Azalea, R. occidentale. 51. h.p. (SM189 X SM232)151 X SM302 52. h.p. (DD12 X SM232)3 X 2406 53. h.p. (SM30 X SM247)06-1 X (SM30 X SM247)406-2 54. h.p. (2406 X SM30) X (SM189 X SM232)15 55. h.p. (SM30 X 2406)5 X 2406 56. h.p. (SM189 X SM232)15 X SM126 57. h.p. 2406 X SM30 58. h.p. HS #57 X (SM189 X SM232)151 1 The cross (SM189 X SM232)15 is a selection from a cross of SM189 and SM232 by Dick Cavender. It is frilly and has lots of yellow and pink in the flower. 2 The plant SM30 was discovered in their first year of exploration by Britt Smith and Frank Mossman. It has yellow splotches on all five petals. 3 DD12 is a Smith-Mossman find that has a lot of pink in the flower and has been determined to be a tetraploid. SM232 is a very colorful (yellow and pink) Smith-Mossman find. The flower 2406 was found on the Old Coast Road just north of Gold Beach. It has a lot of pink in the flower and yellow splotches, but not as many as SM30, on all five petals. 4 The cross SM30 X SM247 was originally made by Britt Smith to obtain more yellow on all petals. The cross of the F1 progeny was made to get a yellower F2 flower. 5 The cross SM30 X 2406 was made to get more pink and yellow on the same flower. The reverse cross was made with the same goal. 6 SM12 was a Smith-Mossman find with a flower that is uniform pale yellow throughout. 7 HS #5 was a find by Howard Sloneker that has some yellow on all five petals. Joe H. Coleman, Lithonia, Georgia, USA 59. o.p. arborescens, Yellow/Pink, John Kuhli 60. c.w. calendulaceum, Yellow/Red, on creek, Lumpkin County, Georgia 61. o.p. calendulaceum, Supt. Pkw, Georgia, Yellow Blotch 62. c.w. calendulaceum, Lumpkin County, Georgia 63. c.w. calendulaceum, Large Plant, Lumpkin County, Georgia 64. c.w. calendulaceum, Orange, Lumpkin County, Georgia 65. c.w. calendulaceum, Gold, Lumpkin County, Georgia 66. c.w. calendulaceum, Hot Pink on Creek, Lumpkin County, Georgia 67. c.w. calendulaceum, Single Plant, Hooper Bald, North Carolina 68. c.w. calendulaceum, Single Plant, Hooper Bald, North Carolina 69. c.w. calendulaceum, Hooper Bald, North Carolina 70. c.w. calendulaceum, Single Plant, Hooper Bald, North Carolina 71. c.w. calendulaceum, Coppery, Single Plant, Hooper Bald, North Carolina 72. c.w. cumberlandense, at Chapel, Mt. Cheaha Park, AL 73. o.p. flammeum 74. c.w. vaseyi, Single Plant, Cashiers, North Carolina 75. c.w. vaseyi, Cashiers, North Carolina 76. o.p. Holsomback Yellow azalea, John Kuhli 77. o.p. Choptank Yellow azalea 78. h.p. Daybreak X austrinum Ole Jonny Larsen, Denmark (SBBE) 2010 SCANDINAVIAN BILUOXUESHAN & BAIMA SHAN EXPEDITION 79. c.w. arizelum, OJL 10-50 (SBBE) Bilouxueshan, Sewalongba Valley Yunnan 3600 m 80. h.p. brachycarpum, ssp. tigerstedtii (selfed) 81. o.p. camtschaticum 82. c.w. floccigerum, OJL, 10-62 (SBBE), Cika, Beima Shan, Yunnan 3300m 83. h.p. kiusianum white (selfed) 84. h.p. kongboense (selfed) 85. o.p. schlippenbachii 86. c.w. virgatum, 10-31 (SBBE) Bilouxueshan, Yunnan from Dimaluo village towards Benggu Pasteur, 2800 m 87. o.p. Rhodothamus chamaecistus 88. o.p. maximum, White, Hardy Clone Richard Murcott, L.I., New York USA 89. h.p. schlippenbachii alba, selfed Bruce Clyburn, Nova Scotia, Canada 90. h.p. Janet Blair X (Trude Webster x Gargantua) 91. h.p. Sandra Hinton X Christina Dee 92. h.p. Sandra Hinton X Furman Best Yellow 93. h.p. Sandra Hinton X Golden Mist 94. h.p. Sandra Hinton X Night Music* 95. h.p. Lavender Princess X Plum Passion 96. h.p. Lavender Princess X Night Music* 97. h.p. Lavender Princess X Holli's Hope** 98. h.p. Janet Blair X Christina Dee 99. h.p. Janet Blair X Goldprinz 100. h.p. Russell Harmon X R. pachysanthum RSF 93/043 101. h.p. fortunei X Summer Peach 102. h.p. fortunei X discolor RSF 82/140 103. h.p. fortunei X Great Eastern 104. h.p. (Calsap x Blue Peter) X Night Music* 105. h.p. Golfer X pachysanthum RSF 93/043 106. h.p. Flautando*** X Whitney’s Late Orange * Night Music = Jonathan Shaw X Black Adder ** Holli's Hope = (Plum High x Jonathan Shaw#2) x Plum Passion *** Flautando = brachycarpum ssp. fauriei x Goldsworth Orange Werner Brack, L.I. New York USA 107. h.p. Floda X Highpoint* 108. h.p. augustinii RSBG #1975/131, Gable form X augustinii, Cerulian Mist RSBG #2004/145 109. h.p. Unique X praevernum, RSBG #252sd197 110. h.p. Atroflo X (adenopodum x metternichii) 111. h.p. (adenopodum X metternichii) X Atroflo 112. h.p. Golfer X Silver Bear 113. h.p. Silber Bear X Golfer 114. h.p. My Jane X Bud’s Yellow 115. h.p. Wyandanch Pink X sutchuenense Geraldii 116. h.p. catawbiense ‘Ken’s Find’ X rex ssp. fictolacteum RSBG #1977/548 117. h.p. catawbiense ‘Ken’s Find’ X sinofalconeri RSBG#2000/210 118. h.p. Glow Light X Bud’s Yellow 119. h.p. Dexter’s Purple X Purple Splendor 120. h.p. Mrs. C.S. Sargent X Purple Splendor 121. h.p. maximum ‘Leachii’ X neriiflorum ‘Rosevallon’ RsBG# 1979/149 122. o.p. hanceanum nanum 123. o.p. concinnum RSBG #164/180 124. o.p. argyrophyllum RSBG#1975/016 ssp. nankingense ‘Chinese Silver’ 125. o.p. pseudochrysanthum Mt. Morrison** 126. o.p. rigidum 127. o.p. dilatatum, RSBG #569sd996 128. o.p. reticulatum High Point* = R. mucronulatum ‘Crater’s Edge’ X lutescens, an unregistered Frank Furman hybrid Mt. Morrison** is a Van Veen pseudochrysanthum selection from Hans Eiberg, Denmark 129. h.p. albrechtii, early x late flowering 130. o.p. aureum, GFP, with recurved leaves 131. o.p. maximum, from a dark red seedplant from Mt. Mitchell 132. o.p. nipponicum, Milde, Norway 133. h.p. semibarbatum, GFP 134. h.p. souliei rose red with blotch (#1 x #2 parents from K. Cox) 135. h.p. sutchuenense x strigillosum Walter Ostrom, Nova Scotia, Canada 136. h.p. yuefengense X ‘Kitty Witty’* 137. h.p. ‘Kitty Witty’* X caloxanthum, Royston 138. h.p. yuefengense X oreodoxa 139. h.p. yuefengense X caloxanthum, Royston 140. o.p. caloxanthum, Royston 141. o.p. canadense, alba 142. c.w. canadense, Lunenburg County * Kitty Witty = caloxanthum X williamsianum Helen Myers, Westminster, Maryland USA 143. o.p. calendulaceum, Highland Co. VA, Light Orange/Yellow 144. o.p. 24 Carat* 145. o.p. Katherine Dalton 146. o.p. Blue Danube Azalea (Vuykiana) 147. o.p. Crater Lake** 148. o.p. Disca 149. o.p. carolinianum “Yellow Eyes” * 24 Carat = xanthocodon X keiskei from Caroline Gable, 1990 ** Crater Lake = augustinii ‘Barto Blue’ X Bluebird Joe Bruso, Hopkinton, MA, USDA Zone 5b 150. c.p. Aesthetica X (pseudochrysanthum x bureavii) 151. c.p. (bureavii, Lems x adenopodum) X campanulatum 152. c.p. (bureavii x yakushimanum, best form) X sinofalconeri RSF 00/210 153. c.p. degronianum ssp. heptamerum X campanulatum RSF 76/196 154. c.p. G.A. Sims x (bureavii x smirnowii) X (bureavii x pseudochrysanthum) 155. c.p. Janet Blair X Percy Wiseman 156. c.p. (makinoi, thin leaf form) X adenopodum, RSF 76/142 157. c.p. [(makinoi x pachysanthum) x (yakushimanum x bureavii)] X yakushimanum, Bovees form 158. c.p. maximum, Red Picotee X elegantulum RSF 81/129 (lt. pink) 159. c.p. Nepal x (fortunei x fictolacteum) X rex, ssp. fictolacteum RSF 75/158 160. c.p. [Nepal x (fortunei x fictolacteum)] X sinofalconeri RSF 00/210 161. c.p. prunifolium X eastmanii 162. c.p. [pseudochrysanthum x (yakushimanum x pachysanthum)] X (bureavii x pseudochrysanthum 163. c.p. Red River X maximum, Red Picotee 164. c.p. Red River X strigillosum 2008 RSF 99/223 165. c.p. Rio x (Crest x macabeanum) X (yakushimanum x campanulatum) 166. c.p. (Springarn’s fortunei x anhweiense yellow orange form X Percy Wiseman 167. c.p. yakushimanum, Bovees form X (pseudochrysanthum x bureavii) 168. c.p. eastmanii X colemanii Robert Barnard, California USA 169. h.p. (‘Lake Lorraine’ x ‘Moonglow’) X edgeworthii, RSF 98/454 170. h.p. (‘Lake Lorraine’ x ‘Moonglow’) X lindleyi, RSF 84/060 171. h.p. fortunei X Jean Marie de Montague 172. h.p. Ken Janeck X falconeri, ssp. eximium, RSF 91/063 173. h.p. luteum ‘Golden Comet’ X luteum ‘Karakal’s Autumn Flame’1 174. h.p. occidentale, Early Pink Cream, selfed2 175. h.p. pubescens, Jn 988 X pubescens, Jn 988, Mixed Select Genepool3 1 ‘Karakal’s Autumn Flame’ – Fragrant, lemon yellow flowers, brilliant scarlet fall foliage. 2 Low elevation, cloned selection from the Feather River Canyon, northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Blooms April 15th +/- 6 weeks before most forms in the Sierra start blooming. Exceptional flower color for Sierra race of R. occidentale. Brilliant scarlet fall foliage, this and other selected clones found on the south facing slope at 1,600 ft elevation. 105? F + temperatures are common during the summer. All the selected clones thrive in our Sacramento, California garden as well as at our El Dorado County farm in the Sierra foothills. 3 A number of selected parents, crosses with various selected pollen parents, all from the Jn988 seed lot. Pooled seed. The best genetic diversity we can provide given the genetic bottleneck we may or may not have started with. Delbert Brim, Mt. Airy, NC USA 176. h.p. Sammy Brim X (Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold) 177. h.p. (Apricot Nectar x Hawk) X (Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold) 178. h.p. (Apricot Nectar x Hawk) X (Dazzler x Hill’s Low Red) 179. h.p. (Cadis x yellow decorum) X (hyperythrum x Unique) 180. h.p. [(Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold) x (Janet Blair x yellow decorum)] X [(yakushimanum x Brigadoon) x Unknown Peach Apricot)] 181. h.p. Parker’s Pink X Firestorm seedling 182. h.p. Carolina Babe X (Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold) 183. h.p. [((Fire Rim x yakushimanum) x (yakushimanum x Brigadoon))x unknown Peach Apricot] X Helen Vieira Rich Craven, Oregon, USA 184. c.p. Bambi X Unique Marmalade 185. c.p. Bambi X pachysanthum 186. c.p. pachysanthum X Unknown (Grace Seabrook?) 187. c.p. pachysanthum X pachysanthum 188. c.p. ciliatum Bill Stipe, Washington, USA 189. h.p. metternichii 190. c.p. Nancy Evans X Karen Trippet 191. o.p. keysii Baard Ranheim, Norway 192. c.p. Grumpy X (wardii x macabeanum) 193. c.p. Red Carpet X Carmen 194. c.p. schlippenbachii 195. c.w. tomentosum (BR 001), Kilen in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway, Narrow leaves 196. c.w. tomentosum (BR017), Mora N 60584867, E 14324572, Sweden, variable leaves 197. c.w. Gentiana purpurea(BR 047), Arabydgi in Vinje, Telemark, Norway 198. c.w. Phyllodoche caerulea (BR 048), Arabydgi in Vinje, Telemark, Norway 199. c.w. Erica tetralix (BR 049) Kilen in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway 200. c.w. lapponicum, Lemonsiøen, våçå, Oppland, Norway Peter Norris, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts USA 201. o.p. Congo 86-055A 202. o.p. degronianum, var. heptamerum, ‘Oki Island form’ Polly Hill Arboretum 67-001Z 203. o.p. Heritage Snow Ruby (syn. Supra) 204. o.p. makinoi, Lydia Richards, Polly Hill Arboretum, 67-011-01 205. o.p. ‘Hal Bruce’, Dexter Rhododendron, Polly Hill Arboretum, 84-066 A 206. o.p. yakushimanum ‘Angel’, Polly Hill Arboretum, 89-052 A 207. o.p. Spellbinder, Polly Hill Arboretum, 85-093 A Bob Furman, Brewster, MA USA 208. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X BFBY** 209. h.p. Cornelia Sanders X BFBY** ** BFBY syn. of “Bob Furman Big Yellow” an unregistered elepidote hybrid of {[Golden Star x (Jalisco x yakushimanum)] x [(Dido x (Clorops x lacteum)]} X Golden Star]. Note: The above two crosses were made in Bethesda, MD at Bob’s request before his death in April. Johnny Svennson, Sweden 210. c.p. yakushimanum x "Sir Isaac Newton" Kew, (Svennson Photo #1.) 211. c.p. "Fantastica" x (fortunei x "Crest") (Svennson Photo #2.) 212. c.p. yakushimanum x "Fabia". Exbury. 213. c.p. yakushimanum x Francis Hanger Group* Wisley, (Svennson Photo #3.) 214. c.p. yakushimanum x dichoranthum ssp. scyphocalyx 215. c.p. yakushimanum x lacteum, RSF. 216. c.p. yakushimanum x yuefengense (Svennson Photo #4.) 217. o.p. fulvum, Nymans. 218. o.p. griersonianum Nymans. 219. o.p. yunnanense Wakehurst. * Perhaps dichroanthum x "Isabella" Svennson Photo #1-4. Norman Beaudry, Maryland USA 220. h.p. Ed Williams X [((Fawn x Repose) x (Cadis x Autumn Gold)) x Snow Shimmer] 221. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X (Dazzler X Hill’s Low Red) 222. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X Golden Mist 223. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X Nolan A4 224. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X Tia 225. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X Trina 226. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X (Recital x Goldprinz) 227. h.p. Laurelwood Persimmon X [Tisa x (Berg’s Yellow x proteoides)] #9A 228. h.p. Cornelia Sanders X Dazzler X Hill’s Low Red 229. h.p. Cornelia Sanders X Saffron Silk 230. h.p. Janet Blair X (Dazzler X Hill’s Low Red) 231. h.p. Janet Blair X Tia 232. h.p. Janet Blair X Trina 233. h.p. Janet Blair X (Recital x Goldprinz) 234. h.p. Wyandanch Pink X {[(Fawn x Repose) x ((Cadis x Autumn Gold)] x Snow Shimmer} 235. h.p. Wyandanch Pink X (Recital x Goldprinz) 236. h.p. (Kay Kay x Apritan) X Nestucca 237. h.p. (Kay Kay x Apritan) X Bea MacDonald 238. h.p. Cape White X Great Dane 239. h.p. pseudochrysanthum 240. o.p. adenopodum 241. h.p. Dexter’s Peppermint X Cornelia Sanders 242. h.p. maximum X Babylon Bruce Clyburn, Nova Scotia, Canada #2 243. h.p. Hardy Giant X Babylon 244. h.p. (maximum x macabeanum) X Hardy Giant James Welch, New Hampshire USA 245. h.p. Pressey’s Peachy X Artic Gold Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA 246. c.w. maximum, Rice Creek Gardens form, North Carolina 247. o.p. Helsinki University 248. o.p. White Peter 249. o.p. mucronulatum, Mehlquist Late pink, Isolated 250. o.p. mucronulatum, Crater’s Edge, dwarf, neon pink, Isolated 251. h.p. dauricum, nanum X dauricum, album f2 selfed* 252. o.p. mucronulatum, Bright lavender/pink and bushy All the above Betty Addison plants are -40? F. winter hardy * Donor note. I expect all sorts of sizes and colors. I made the original cross thirty years ago and this is the second generation, a vibrant purple. All to the first generation were all tall and pink. They should throw small, white, pink, purple, tall etc. Erhard Moser, Germany 253. o.p. adenogynum 254. o.p. adenopodum 255. o.p. anhweiense 256. c.p. citriniflorum, yellow. 257. c.p. eclecteum, yellow 258. c.p. x geraldii 259. o.p. hunnewellianum 260. o.p. neriiflorum 261. o.p. orbiculare 262. o.p. semibarbatum, isolated plant 263. o.p. smirnowii x makinoi, F2 264. c.p. wadanum 265. comp Enkianthus chinensis 266. o.p. planetum Paul James, Virginia USA 267. c.w. calendulaceum, natural hybrids, Cahas Mountain, Franklin County, VA Large flowers, strong reds, yellows, peach, and bi-colors containing all colors. Most will have blotch and some almost white 268. o.p.? hyugaense, Seed from Hideo Suzuki in Japan with a note saying very rare. Beautiful, easy form, same good traits as the other 3-leaf azaleas. 269. o.p.? kiyosumense, Plant from George Ring, Hideo Suzuki was original seed source. 270. o.p.? mariacia (probably alternative spelling of. mariesii). Seed from Hideo Suzuki in Japan. Beautiful, early blooming. Great foliage plant, wonderful fall colors. Flower purple to pink, single. 271. o.p.? tashiroi, (o.p.?) Bristly form, ARS Seed Exchange #573-1992 272. o.p. wadanum album. Seed from ARS Seed Exchange #588-91 Outstanding plant, very easy, good form, outstanding fall color. Kristian Theqvist, Finland, zone 5b 273. c.p. 'Mikkeli'*1 x 'Cherry Kiss*2 274. c.p. 'Mikkeli'*1 x nakotiltum*3 275. c.p. canjapo-01*4 x 'Golden Lights'*5 276. c.w. tomentosum*6 277. o.p. hypoleucum*7 278. o.p. diversipilosum*8 279. o.p. tomentosum x groenlandicum*9 280. o.p. tomentosum x diversipilosum 'Milky Way'*10 *1 'Mikkeli' (aka 'St. Michel'), hardy Finnish hybrid, R. brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x R. smirnowii http://www.rhodogarden.com/Hybrids_Species/Finn_Elep_Hybrids/Mikkeli/index.html *2 'Cherry Kiss', one of the best hardy reds from Hachmann http://www.rhodogarden.com/cross/P5249169_Cherry_Kiss_Holger_suositteli_parhaana_punaisena.jpg *3 nakotiltum, a white flowered species from Taliensia subsection http://www.rhodogarden.com/cross/IMG_0667_nakotiltum.jpg *4 canjapo-01, a tetraploid azalea hybrid [(canadense x molle ssp. japonicum) x molle ssp. japonicum hybrid?] http://www.rhodogarden.com/Anun_kevatatsaleat/slides/F2_flowers_pic1.html *5 'Golden Lights', a hardy tetraploid azalea from Minnesota http://www.rhodogarden.com/rhododendrons_2009/rhododendrons_2009/17.-20.6.2009/slides/P6196573_Golden_Lights.html *6 tomentosum, a species from Ledum subsection, cw from Turku Archipelago, Finland http://www.rhodogarden.com/Ledum/tomentosum/index.html *7 hypoleucum, Ledum subsection, plant from ARS 87/2004 http://www.rhodogarden.com/Ledum/hypoleucum/index.html *8 diversipilosum, Ledum subsection, plant from Bengt Kihlman in 2004 http://www.rhodogarden.com/Ledum/diversipilosum/index.html *9 tomentosum x groenlandicum, a very floriferous cross between two tetraploid Ledum species *10 tomentosum x diversipilosum 'Milky Way', a vigorously growing and well flowering Ledum cross Kaarel Voitk, Sweden 281. h.p. brachycarpum, compact form, Hokkaido X barbatum (RSF 65/304) 282. h.p. maximum X barbatum (RSF 65/304) Rosemary Hartman, Oregon, USA 283. o.p. Primula-Candalabra Type, mixed mottled colors 284. h.p. elegantulum (2011-few seed) 285. h.p. smirnowii, few seeds 286. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2011-23, Bright yellow austrinum gold cross with orange tints and deep yellow flare) X 2011-21, small brilliant pink seedling. 287. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2006-17 (coral red with yellow/orange flare) X 2010-17, (dark coral red with crinkled petal edges and yellow/orange flare) 288. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross (2004-34, occidentale, #20 X 9702 seedling) Large ruffled pink/cream with overlapping yellow/orange flare x 2011-21 (occidentale 1107 x bakeri Sunlite) Light yellow with pink tints and deeper yellow flare 289. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. (2011-23, Bright yellow austrinum gold cross with orange tints and deep yellow flare) X (2011-14, occidentale x periclymedoides purple, deep lavender petals with darker margins 290. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. (2007-36, occidentale DD#12 x large yellow calendulaceum) yellow with pink margins and deep yellow flare x (2010-37. Large yellow ruffled austrinum. Gold cross with a long tube. 291. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2011-10 (serrulatum x occidentale) x (Rose Ruffles), narrow deep fuschia /red with orange flare, low bush X 2011-21 (occidentale 1107 x bakeri, Sunlite) light yellow with pink tints and deeper yellow flare. 292. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2010-67, large flowers in shades of pink with yellow orange flare x 2010-3 crayon orange and apricot seedling with crinkled petals and yellow flare. 293. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2011-19 (occidentale DD #12 cross) Large roundish white flowers with red crinkled peta edges and yellow cream flare X 2011-14 (occidentale x periclymenoides purple) deep lavender petals with darker margins. 294. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. 2010-67 Large flowers in shades of pink with yellow/orange flare X Millenium 295. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. Harvest Moon X 2011-21 (small brilliant pink seedling) 296. h.p. Azalea hybrid cross. viscosum, Calloway Gardens, X Millenium 297. h.p. Rhododendron ungernii 298. o.p. Companion Plant. Primula-Candalabra type, light orange Henning Andersen, Denmark 299. h.p. pachysanthum X pachysanthum 300. h.p. bureavii ‘Ardrishaig’ X bureavii Jes Hansen, Denmark 301. c.p. orbiculare, c.w., best flower, good leaf X campylocarpum ssp. caloxanthum, AM form 302. c.p. [(bureavii x tsariense) x recurvoides)] X (proteoides x Purple Splendor) Don Wallace, California USA 303. h.p. Seaview Sunset X Delta Dawn* 304. h.p. Horizon Lakeside X (‘The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague’ x R tsariense) 305. h.p. Recital X Raspberry Rose** * Delta Dawn is an unregistered hybrid by Don S. Wallace: R. pachysanthum X (R. Fabia x R bureavii) ** Recital by Jim Barlup = (‘Mindy’s Love x Jessie’s Song’) Raspberry Rose by Don S. Wallace = Dido X Lem’s Cameo June Sinclair, Washington, USA 306. o.p. camtschaticum, red McWhorter, Bob, Maryland USA 307. h.p. Rocky White X Dupont’s Apricot, RG11-2 308. h.p. Dupont’s Apricot X Great Eastern, RG11-3 309. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Copper', RG11-1 310. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Orange', RG11-4 311. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Pumpkin', RG11-5 312. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Orange Red’, RG11-6 313. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Mellon’, RG11-7 314. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Yellow Orange’, RG11-8 315. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Unknown A’, RG11-9 316. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Unknown B’, RG11-10 317. c.w. calendulaceum Hooper’s Bald ‘Unknown C’, RG11-11 318. c.w. calendulaceum Huckleberry Bald ‘Unknown ’, RG11-12 319. c.w. maximum, Bald River, North Carolina, RG11-13 320. c.w. maximum, Joyce Kilmer MG, North Carolina, RG11-14 Ruddi Perriard, Denmark 321. c.w. roxianum, Leo Jun Shan, 3900-4100 m. Yunnan, China Yasuyuki Doi, Hokkaido, Japan 322. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum X yuefengense 323. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum X argipeplum 324. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum X taliense JN 1042 325. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum, c.w. X brachycarpum v. roseum, c.w. 326. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum, X wallichii 327. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum, X campanulatum v. aeruginosum 328. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum, X Tidbit 329. h.p. brachycarpum v. roseum, X Rosevallon 330. h.p. taliense X brachycarpum v. roseum 331. h.p. aureum X Tidbit 332. h.p. aureum X Glendoick Gold 333. h.p. (Hotei x aureum) X lacteum 334. h.p. (aureum x wardii) X Tidbit 335. h.p. dauricum dwarf, white X dauricum dwarf, white 336. h.p. dauricum dwarf, c.w. X dauricum dwarf, c.w. 337. h.p. wasonii, yellow X sidereum 338. h.p. Crimson Pippin X Red Majesty Werner Brack #2, Long Island, New York USA 339. o.p. sanctum (few seed) Robert Zimmerman, Washington USA 340. c.w. macrophyllum, Mt. Walker, Jefferson Co. Washington 341. h.p. adenogynum, CH &M X sibling Rick Ellis, North Carolina USA 342. o.p. degronianum, ssp. yakushimanum (low growing form) 343. o.p. makinoi 344. h.p. Anna Rose Whitney X Helen Vieira 345. h.p. Gigi X Helen Vieira 346. h.p. Janet Blair X Helen Vieira Mike O’Hara, Pennsylvania USA 347. h.p. Maryke x Fashion Plate* (O’Hara Photo #1 ARS 2012-347) 348. h.p. [(Yellow Baby x Lt. yellow fortunei seedling, ARS 2003-#343) x Fashion Plate] X My Jane 349. h.p. Janet Blair x Whitney’s Late Orange# 350. h.p. Diane’s Delight x Black Widow (O’Hara Photo #2, Diane’s Delight) 351. h.p. Ruth’s Showstopper x Night Music (O’Hara Photo #3, Ruth’s Showstopper) #(Pollen collected by Jim Barlup) *Fashion Plate = {[(R. fortunei x Mount Siga) x Mary Belle] x [(Dido x R. chlorops Lackamas Cream) x R. lacteum]} X Golden Star Ron Rabideau, New Jersey USA 352. h.p. Sky King X (yak X macabeanum) 353. h.p. Sky Admiral X Fashion Plate. Goal large flowered yellow with attractive large leaves 354. h.p. (maximum x calophytum) Kehr X Fashion Plate 355. h.p. (maximum x calophytum) Kehr X Hardy Giant 356. h.p. (maximum x calophytum) Kehr X Snow Shimmer 357. o.p. (maximum x macabeanum) Ring Form 358. c.w. prinophyllum, cw 20 miles south of Grove, Oklahoma by Len Miller (probably the most westerly occurrance) Ole Rolf Jacobsen, Denmark 359. o.p. nipponicum 360. o.p. pentaphyllum Carol Segree, Maryland USA 361. o.p. Hardy Loderi 362. o.p. adenopodum Marshall Stilwell, North Carolina USA 363. h.p. [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Snow Shimmer] X BFBY* 364. h.p. [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Snow Shimmer] X Helen Vieira 365. h.p. Don Kellam X [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Snow Shimmer] 366. h.p. [Helen Everitt x (Cadis x Autum Gold)] X Helen Vieira 367. h.p. Helen Vieira X [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Snow Shimmer] *BFBY = Bob Furman Big Yellow Claus J. Staune, Denmark 368. c.p. dryophyllum (syn. phaeochrysum var. levistratum) Göteborg X mallotum, RSF #3558 369. c.p. pachysanthum, RV.72001, Select X lanatoides, CC.7577 370. c.p. recurvoides, KW.7184 X strigillosum, Aksel Olsen-form 371. c.p. sutchuenense, X (calophytum x strigillosum) ARS 93-821 372. c.p. sutchuenense, X strigillosum ARS 95-345 373. c.p. strigillosum ARS 95-345 X strigillosum, Aksel Olsen-form 374. c.p. strigillosum ARS 95-345, X (calophytum x strigillosum) ARS 93-821 375. c.p. vellereum (syn. principis) X lanatum 376. c.p. (Vinecrest x (Crest x macabeanum)) X Nancy Evans 377. c.p. (yakushimanum x rex) X mallotum RSF 3558 378. c.p. (yakushimanum x rex) X strigillosum ARS 95-345 379. c.p. yakushimanum (Wisley, c.w.) X kesangiae RSF #3856 380. c.p. yakushimanum (Wisley, c.w.) X mallotum RSF #3558 Mike McCullough, California USA 381. c.w. occidentale SM 2504, A Britt Smith / Frank Mossman discovery with pink 17/8 inch wide flowers, 16 to 18 per truss, located on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, at 41 55.125’ N, 124 01.187’ W at an elevation of 2,272 feet. 382. c.w. occidentale AO 2, A Caim Ainsworth / Howard Oliver discovery with 2” white flowers with an orange flare with a white line running down the middle, located at Big Basin Redwoods State Park at 37 10.007’ N, 122 13.293’ W at an elevation of 1,056 feet. 383. c.w. occidentale, Azalea State Reserve 2204. A Mike McCullough discovery at Azalea State Reserve, Humboldt County, California, located at 40 55.026’N, 124 04.779’W at an elevation of 128 feet, with fifteen 2 3/8” pink and white candystripe flowers, orange flare with some spillover to adjacent petals, and a red tube and red rays on outside of petals. 384. c.w. occidentale, Azalea State Reserve 2910. A Mike McCullough discovery at Azalea State Reserve, Humboldt County, California, located at 40 55.094’ N, 124 04.772’ W at an elevation of 152 feet, with pink and white candy 21/2 inch wide pink and white candy stripe flowers, with an orange flare with some faint pink lines running down it. 385. c.w. occidentale, Big Basin 602. A Mike McCullough discovery at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California located at 37 10.642’. N, 122 13.188’ W at an elevation of 1,028 feet, with 23/8 in. white flowers, 16 to 20 per truss, pink upper tube, and an orange flare, the orange sometimes spreads to adjoining petals; and yellow Fall foliage. 386. c.w. occidentale, Big Basin 1701. A Mike McCullough discovery at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California located near 37 11.099’ N, 122 13.129’ W, which has white flowers and an orange flare; and yellow Fall foliage. 387. c.w. occidentale, Big Basin 2101. A Mike McCullough discovery at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California, located at 37 10.081’ N, 122 12.671’ W at an elevation of 1,073 feet, with 11/4 inch wide flowers, 23 per truss, with an orange flare fades out with age; and yellow foliage. 388. c.w. occidentale, Big Basin 2802. A Mike McCullough discovery at Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California, located at 37 10.200’ N, 122 13.391’ W at an elevation of 1,043 feet, with white 2½ inch wide flowers, 11 to 15 flowers per truss, a yellow flare on the upper petal, with a vertical white line running the length of the flare; and yellow Fall foliage. 389. c.w. occidentale, Low Divide 1303. A Mike McCullough discovery on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, located at 41 54.348’ N, 124 03.040’ W, elevation 2,339 ft., with 2 in. white flowers, 10 fls. per truss, pink tube, with some pink in the lower half of petals (the pink more pronounced in the upper two wing petals); and brownish orange Fall foliage. 390. c.w. occidentale, Low Divide 1304. A Mike McCullough discovery on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, located at 41 54.366’ N, 124 03.024’ W at an elevation of 2,376 feet, with white flowers with a little pink, 14 per truss, some flowers have extra petals, and some are petaloid; with orange Fall foliage. 391. c.w. occidentale, Low Divide 3205. A Mike McCullough discovery on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, located at 41 54.788’ N, 124 01.602’ E at an elevation of 1,964 feet with pink 11/2 inch wide flowers with a yellow flare, 12 to 16 flowers per truss, with the tube and the outside of the petals are pink with deeper pink along the center area of the petals. 392. c.w. occidentale, Low Divide 3206. A Mike McCullough discovery on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, located at 41 55.120’ N, 124 01.187’ W, with 11/2 inch wide flowers that are mainly pink with an orangish pink flare, 10 to 14 flowers per truss, the outside of the flower as well as the opening flower buds are pink. 393. c.w. occidentale, Low Divide 3210. A Mike McCullough discovery on Low Divide Road, Del Norte County, California, located at 41 54.402 N, 124 03.002 W at an elevation of 2,217 feet with pink and white candy stripe flowers and an orange flare; and reddish Fall foliage. 394. c.w. occidentale, Patricks Point 2502. A Mike McCullough discovery at Patricks Point State Park, Humboldt County, California at 08.062’N, 124 09.383’ W at an elevation of 202 feet, with 21/2 in. wide white and faint pink candystripe flowers, 20 per truss, with a yellow flare. 394. c.w. occidentale, Patricks Point 2604. A Mike McCullough discovery at Patricks Point State Park, Humboldt County, California at 41 08.075’ N, 124 09.388’ W, with 2¼ inch wide pink and white candy stripe flowers, and a yellow flair, the yellow of which is on some adjoining wing petals. Some flowers have spots of yellow on the lower wing petals. Some pink in the center of the flare. Some flowers have six petals, saw one with only four. Some flowers are petaloid. 14 to 16 flowers per truss. Purplish Fall foliage. 395. c.w. occidentale, Patricks Point 2604. A Mike McCullough discovery at Patricks Point State Park, Humboldt County, California at 41 08.075’ N, 12409.388’ W, with 2-1/4 inch wide pink and white candy stripe flowers, and a yellow flair, the yellow of which is on some adjoining wing petals. Some flowers have spots of yellow on the lower wing petals. Some pink in the center of the flare. Some flowers have six petals, saw one with only four. Some flowers are petaloid. 14 to 16 flowers per truss. Purplish Fall foliage. 396. c.w. occidentale, Siskiyou 1001. A Mike McCullough discovery located not far from Eight Dollar Road in the Siskiyou National Forest, Josephine County, Oregon at 42 14.659’ N, 123 40.917’ W at an elevation of 1,254 ft., with 11/2 in. pink & white candy stripe flower, 12 per truss, pink tube, and an orange flare; and orange Fall foliage. 397. c.w. occidentale, Siskiyou 1307. A Mike McCullough discovery located not far from Eight Dollar Road in the Siskiyou National Forest, Josephine County, Oregon at 42 14.602’ N, 123 40.901’ W with 13/4 in. wide white flowers, 13 per truss, pink tube and pink lines going up the midrib of each petal, and a yellow flare. 398. c.w. occidentale, Stagecoach 903. A Mike McCullough discovery located at Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, California at 12.787’ N, 124 06.319’ W at an elevation of 491 feet, with pink & white candystripe that has an orange flare with a red streak running down it. 399. c.w. occidentale, Stagecoach 904. A Mike McCullough discovery located at Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, California at 41 12.785’ N, 124 06.330’ W at an elevation of 482 feet, with 21/2 in. pink & white flowers, 21 per truss. 400. c.w. occidentale, Stagecoach 1503. A Mike McCullough discovery located at Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, California at 41 12.779’ N, 124 06.326’ W at an elevation of 492 feet, with 2 in. pink and white candystripe, 16 fls. per truss, and an orange flare. Red buds, and red on leaf stem and on underside of leaf. 401. Withdrawn 402. c.w. occidentale, with red Fall foliage located at 41 54.394 N, 124 03.002.W, which is approximately 15 strides South of R. occidentale low Divide 3210, and may be catalogued in 2012 403. o.p. macabeanum from the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner, located in Aptos, California. 404. o.p. magnificum from the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner, located in Aptos, California. 405. o.p. sinogrande from the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner, located in Aptos, California. 406. o.p. supranubium from the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner, located in Aptos, California. 407. o.p. yakushimanum from the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner, located in Aptos, California. 408. h.p. cubittii x unknown. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully white to pink fragrant flowers. 409. h.p. Else Frye x My Lady. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully pink fragrant flowers. 410. h.p. My Lady x Else Frye. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully pink fragrant flowers. 411. h.p. Mysterious Maddenii x (My Lady x Rose Scott) 82-838 Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully pink fragrant flowers. 412. h.p. Peter Schick x Mary Mayo. Hopefully a low growing rhododendron with orange flowers. 413. h.p. Saffron Prince x Else Frye. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully pink to yellow fragrant flowers. 414. h.p. Saffron Prince x My Lady. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully pink to yellow fragrant flowers. 415. h.p. Saffron Prince x unknown. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully yellow to pink flowers. 416. h.p. Winter Sun x Joy Ridge. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully yellow to pink flowers. 417. h.p. Winter Sun x Spring Gold. Maddenii series hybrid with hopefully yellow fragrant flowers. Fred Cullip, Springfield, Ohio USA Zone 5 418. h.p. Bob Bovee X Marie Starks 419. h.p. Capistrano X Barbara Cook* 420. h.p. Casanova X Desert Gold 421. h.p. Casanova X Barbara Cook* 422. h.p. Casanova X September Song 423. h.p. Edith Bosley X fortunei 424. h.p. Firestorm X calophytum 425. h.p. Golden Scepter X Apricot Nectar 426. h.p. Golden Scepter X Odee Wright 427. h.p. Nova Sunrise** X lacteum 428. h.p. Peach Volcano*** X Barbara Cook* 429. h.p. Pseudo-Pseudo X Jolly Jim 430. h.p. Saffron Silk X Barbara Cook* 431. h.p. Saffron Silk X September Song 432. h.p. Top Banana X Saffron Silk 433. h.p. Voluptuous X September Song 434. h.p. (Yellow Saucer X Merley Cream) X hyperythrum 435. h.p. (Yellow Saucer X Merley Cream) X Percy Wiseman * Barbara Cook = Casanova X Goldsworth Yellow ** Nova Sunrise = [(fortunei x smirnowii) x (yakushimanum x Goldsworth Yellow)] X (aureum x Prelude) *** Peach Volcano = (Apricot Fancy x Lemon Marmalade) X (Mrs. Lamont Copeland x Mary Drennen). Lloyd Gilmer, Sooke, British Columbia Canada 436. h.p. taggianum, From RSF 2847 Seed Lot* * Typical white flower with yellow blotch. Flower not scented. Maybe a few degrees hardier than most taggianums. Hideaki Ohazama, Yamagata City, Japan 437. c.w. quinquefolium, Mt. Zao 1,300 meters. 438. c.w. pentaphyllum var. nikoense, Mt. Futatsuya 900 meters. Mike Creel, South Carolina, USDA Zone 8a 439. o.p. arborescens Early Arb 1 and Early Arb 2,OP, seed and cutting grown specimens from a disjunct (from mountain arborescens in northwest SC) population of arborescens at the headwaters of the South Edisto River that blooms in mid s. April. Plants are very fragrant and have very glossy smooth leaf. 440. o.p. austrinum ‘ Millie Mac’, yellow with white picotee, OP, consistent good bloom and seed set, must self pollinate since no other tetraploids are near at bloom. 441. o.p. chapmanii, OP, isolated group of pink and white seedlings on the left trail mid-slope at Mike Creels in Lexington, SC. Plants are consistent heavy blooming with no supplemental watering. 442. o.p. flammeum, Red Group 1, OP, red-orange seedlings from the only population of flammeum on the South Edisto River, near Denmark, SC, steep bluff. 443. o.p. flammeum, Tower Blaze OP, a strictly fastigiate orange-red plant grown from seed collected at the only known population of the species on a steep E-slope in Vaucluse soil along the South Edisto River in Bamberg County, SC, near Denmark. Nearest plants are a deep red flammeum named Clyde Crosby and other orange-red flammeums. Seed pods are twice as large as most flammeum. 444. o.p. atlanticum, Snowbird, a pure white fragrant coast azalea found at Biltmore Gardens, mine is OP, blooming with and near austrinums and large flowered austrinum hybrids, stoloniferous. 445. o.p. Indy Blue, a lavendar-blue evegreen, found growing vigorously near Upland, Indiana, in near neutral soil where other azaleas were suffering, survived minus 24 F, similar to Corsage azalea. Blue color may intensify in colder climate than my zone 8A. 446. comp Sand Myrtle, Kalmia buxifolium, local native Lexington County, SC. 447. o.p. Glacier, white Glenn Dale, 2 plants OP, near Snow and Easley Sky Blue. 448. h.p. flammeum X canescens, group of watermelon pink seedlngs from a hybrid swarm on a steep vacluse bluff along the North Edisto in Aiken County, SC. 449. h.p. eastmanii (Meadow photo), HP between three pure plants North Wall, Meadow and Charles Eastman. All Three plants are good examples of the May White azalea, from the bluffs above Crane Creek in upper Richland County SC. White, tinged with red, yellow blotch, extremely fragrant, bloom in mid May in zone 8A, set heavy bloom buds in much more shade than other natives. photo Nord Wall plant Chris Trautmann, Oregon USA 450. h.p. Suzy Goldlust X Barlup’s Peach Charm 451. o.p. macrophyllum ‘Seven Devils Red’ 452. o.p. macrophyllum ‘White Pippen’ Joergen Nielsen, Denmark 453. o.p. nipponicum 454. o.p. quinquefolium 455. c.p. (smirnowii x macabeanum) X (yakushimanum x tsariense) Dmitriy Tkachenko, Ukraine 456. o.p. decorum 457. o.p. houlstonii 458. o.p. sichotense 459. o.p. mucronulatum Donors note: The above entries were collected in Lviv, Ukraine, USDA zone 6. Climate is humid continental (Köppen climate classification Dfb). The average temperatures are -4? C (25? F) in January and 18? C (64? F) in June. Average annual rainfall is 660 mm (26 inches) with the maximum being in the summer. Cloud coverage averages 266 days per year. Howard Kline, Pennsylvania USA 460. h.p. (Admiral Semmes X Sham’s Yellow) X sibling 461. h.p. Cowles Pinwheel (Heritage 1000-3) X wallichii, RSF (few seed) 462. h.p. (yakushimanum x pocophorum) X [Henry’s Red x (yakushimanum X Leo)] Erhard Moser, Germany #2 463. o.p. wadanum Richard Flavell, Guilford, Connecticut USA 464. h.p. Connecticut Yankee X Holli’s Hope*. Goal: Improved Dark Purple 465. h.p. Connecticut Yankee X Plum Passion*. Goal: Improved Purple 466. h.p. Connecticut Yankee X [(Bambi x proteoides #16) x (Midnight Mystique x Jonathan Shaw)]*. Goal : Compact Purple 467. h.p. catawbiense album, Mehlquist F5 X sinofalconeri**. Goal: Big leaf foliage, yellow. 468. h.p. catawbiense Rubrum (Mehlquist) X Dinah’s Dream** 469. h.p. catawbiense Rubrum (Mehlquist) X Holli’s Hope* 470. h.p. Katherine Dalton (smirnowii x fortunei) X [R. x decipiens x (hodgsonii x falconeri ssp. falconeri)] 471. h.p. Katherine Dalton (smirnowii x fortunei) X sinofalconeri** 472. h.p. makinoi X glishrum Rude “High Flyers”, KW 10952 473. h.p. (praevernum (RSF 66/563 x 80/147, sdlg #1) x (praevernum (RSF 66/563 x 80/147, sdlg #2) Goal: Species. Both parents typical, with huge blotch 474. h.p. Red River X Plum Passion Goal: Purple/Red 475. h.p. Red River X Holli’s Hope Goal: Purple/Red 476. h.p. smirnowii (Mehlquist) X crinigerum, Rock 11083. Goal: Foliage, flowers 477. h.p. smirnowii (Mehlquist) X sinofalconeri**. Goal: Big -leaf foliage, yellow 478. h.p. Summer Rose X Plum Passion*. Goal: Improved purple 479. h.p. degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Yak Angel’ X sinofalconeri**. Goal: Big – leaf foliage, yellow 480. o.p. Golfer Donor Notes: Connecticut Yankee = Registered Purple form of R.catawbiense (Brandt/ Mehlquist, very hardy, good purple *Pollen kind gift from Jim Barlup Holli's Hope= (Plum High x Jonathan Shaw#2) x Plum Passion Dinah's Dream (not yet official name)= Purple Amethyst x Plum Passion ** R.sinofalconeri, accession # CLAA 1213: with typical foliage, excellent YELLOW flowers without the usual blotch Original R. prevernum seed from RSF cross catawbiense Mehlquist F5 was generated by him by repeated crossing to obtain R. ‘pure’ white Tom Milner, Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA 481. c.w. austrinum, 1 1/2" orange bloom (1) 482. o.p. Aromi Hybrid, deciduous azalea mix (2) 483. o.p. Sir Robert Peel (3),(5) 484. o.p. Broughtonii (3),(5) 485. o.p. Noyo Brave (3) 486. o.p. Red Walloper(4) 487. o.p. Van Nes Sensation (4) 488. o.p. Mrs. Donald Graham (4) 489. o.p. Barclayi Helen Fox (4) 490. o.p. Antoon Van Welie (4) 491. o.p. Noyo Chief (4) 492. o.p. Daisy May (4) (1) Pascagoula River WMA, Jackson County Mississippi, USA. (2) Collected with permission to share at Marteen Van Der Geissen's nursery. Plants are named and numbered Aromi hybrids selected from many candidate seedlings. Mix includes whites, pinks, yellows, oranges and reds, most with contrasting blotches. (3) Collected at Van Veen Nursery, Portland, Oregon. (4) Collected at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland, Oregon (5) Parent plant clones are heat tolerant as far south as I-10 (Houston, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida, USA) Don Hyatt, Virginia USA 493. c.w. calendulaceum, diverse population, yellow, orange, to red, Mitchell County, NC 494. c.w. calendulaceum, compact yellow, Mitchell County, NC 495. c.w. calendulaceum, large red, Mitchell County, NC 496. c.w. calendulaceum, Big Bird, tall yellow, Mitchell County, NC 497. c.w. calendulaceum, deep orange, ages to orange-red, Mitchell County, NC 498. c.w. calendulaceum, “Molten Lava, late ruffled orange, Mitchell County, NC 499. c.w. calendulaceum, diverse population of large flowered forms, orange-yellow, orange, to red, Hooper Bald, Graham County, NC 500. c.w. calendulaceum, large red, Hooper Bald, Graham County, NC 501. c.w. calendulaceum, red with broad gold blotch, Hooper Bald, Graham County, NC 502. c.w. calendulaceum, “Duke”, large flowers up to 3 inches across (7.5 cm), deep orange, Hooper Bald, Graham County, NC 503. c.w. calendulaceum, “Hooper Copper”, large flowers up to 3.5 inches across (9 cm), open yellow but deepen to orange with age, Hooper Bald, Graham County, NC 504. c.w. catawbiense, lavender pink, Avery County, NC 505. c.w. maximum, “Red Max”, McDowell County, NC Richard Flavell, Connecticut USA 506. h.p. brachycarpum var. Tigerstedtii X sinofalconeri CLAA 1213 507. h.p. Fantastica X sinofalconeri CLAA 1213 508. h.p. Fantastica X [(yakushimanum x lacteum) x Powder Snow=(yakushimanum x macabeanum)] Bob MacIntyre, Bandon, Oregon USA 509. h.p. taggianum cl., Del James 510. o.p. taggianum cl., Del James 511. o.p. Southern Cloud 512. o.p. maddenii ssp. maddenii var. brachysiphon 513. o.p. maddenii ssp. maddenii var. calophyllum 514. o.p. maddenii ssp. crassum var. odoriferum cl, Fort Bragg Cent. Karel Bernady, Pennsylvania USA 515. c.w. arborescens, Somerset County, Pennsylvania; collected from one plant population 516. c.w. calendulaceum, Pendleton County, West Virginia; collected from a population of yellow-flowered plants 517. c.w. calendulaceum, Pendleton County, West Virginia; collected from a plant population of mixed colors 518. c.w. calendulaceum, Pocahontas County, West Virginia; collected from a plant of mixed colors. 519. c.w. cumberlandense, Union County, Georgia; collected from a plant population of mixed colors 520. c.w. prinophyllum, Grant County, WV; collected from one plant population 521. o.p. vaseyi, garden origin, Ocean County, New Jersey; comes true from seed Mike Stilwell, Dugspur, Virginia USA 522. h.p. [Helen Everitt x (Cadis x Autumn Gold)] X {[(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Yellow decorum] x (hyperythrum x Unique)} 523. h.p. County of York X Quaker Lake 524. h.p. Rochelle X Quaker Lake


Mike McCullough, California USA 600. comp Gopher plant Euphorbia rigida. Harold Berg, Michigan USA 601. comp Magnolia ‘Galaxy’ o.p. 602. comp Magnolia ‘Kobus var. loebneri’ o.p.


The ARS Seed Exchange sponsored, in part, Jens Nielsen’s November 2011 rhododendron and companion plant seed collection trip to the Chinese Provinces of Yunnan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan and Chongqing. The seed was cleaned and shipped from Scotland on January 4th, 2012 and will need to clear the USDA Aphis Customs before they can be received and packaged. Our last shipment from Europe took five weeks. You may order one package of each seed lot from the following list. There is a charge of $4.00 per package plus shipping and handling $3. US and $4. Outside US. We anticipate shipping the “China Seed” in March or April of 2012. Rhododendron 700. c.w. augustinii, JN Acc# 11013, S. Shaanxi 1900m Near northern limit of species 701. c.w. aureodorsale, JN Acc# 11003, SC Shaanxi 3000m syn. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale recently introduced 702. c.w. aureodorsale, JN Acc# 11004, SC Shaanxi 3300m, syn. clementinae ssp. aureodorsale recently introduced, possibly some hybrids with R. purdomii in this collection 703. c.w. basilicum, JN Acc# 11056, W Yunnan 3300m 704. c.w. changii, JN Acc# 11029, S Chongqing 2200m, recently introduced northern most hardy Maddenia 705. c.w. cyanocarpum, JN Acc# 11039, Midwest Yunnan, 3400m 706. c.w. davidsonianum aff., JN Acc# 11038, NE Yunnan 3200m. Quite compact with smaller broad dark scaled leaves 707. c.w. decorum aff., JN Acc# 11037, NE Yunnan 3200m. Compact round leaf type from top of mountain 708. c.w. decorum ssp. diaprepes, JN Acc# 11074, SW Yunnan 2800m. 709. c.w. delavayi, JN Acc# 11040, Midwest Yunnan, 3200m. Near altitude limit of species 710. c.w. dendricola atentsiense, JN Acc# 11048, W Yunnan 1600m. Unlike typical dendricola, this has a well developed ciliate calyx. 711. c.w. dichroanthum ssp. apodectum, JN Acc# 11054, W Yunnan 3200m. First re-collection of this ssp. in many years. 712. c.w. dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx, JN Acc# 11057, W Yunnan 3300m 713. c.w. discolor, JN Acc#11033, S Chongqing 1600m, narrow leaf form 714. c.w. edgeworthii, JN Acc# 11081, W Central Yunnan 2750m 715. c.w. facetum, JN Acc# 11041, Midwest Yunnan 3150m 716. c.w. facetum, JN Acc# 11055, W Yunnan 2900m 717. c.w. farinosum, JN Acc# 11036, NE Yunnan 3200m. Recently introduced, this collection is from a second newly discovered location. 718. c.w. heliolepsis, JN Acc# 11059, W Yunnan 3400m 719. c.w. henanense aff., JN Acc# 11014, S. Shaanxi 1900m. New to cultivation, thin indumentum. 720. c.w. hunnewellianum ssp. rockii, JN Acc# 11008, SE Gansu 2000m. Light yellowish indumentum 721. c.w. hypoglaucum, JN Acc# 11021, S.E. Shaanxi 1900m 722. c.w. irroratum, JN Acc# 11045, Midwest Yunnan 2800m 723. c.w. irroratum ssp. pogonostylum, JN Acc# 11073, SW Yunnan 2700m 724. c.w. kyawii, JN Acc# 11066, W Yunnan 3000m 725. c.w. laxiflorum, JN Acc# 11079, W Central Yunnan 2700m. R annea ssp. laxiflorum 726. c.w. leptothrium, JN Acc# 11077, SW Yunnan 2800m 727. c.w. maculiferum, JN Acc# 11024, NE Chongqing 2400m 728. c.w. maddenii ssp. crassum, JN Acc# 11044, Midwest Yunnan 2800m 729. c.w. maddenii ssp. crassum JN Acc# 11082, W Central Yunnan 2800m 730. c.w. mallotum, JN Acc# 11058, W Yunnan 3300m 731. c.w. monanthum, JN Acc# 11065, W Yunnan 3000m. Autumn flowering epiphyte 732. c.w. neriiflorum, JN Acc# 11051, W Yunnan 3000m 733. c.w. ochraceum, JN Acc# 11031, S Chongqing 2100m. Probably var. brevicarpum 734. c.w. oreodoxa var. faresii, JN Acc# 11026, N Chongqing 2400m 735. c.w. pachypodum, JN Acc# 11046, Midwest Yunnan 2600m 736. c.w. pachypodum, (rufosquamosum), JN Acc# 11076, SW Yunnan 2800m. Stronger growing type with reddish brown scales when in sun 737. c.w. platypodum, JN Acc# 11030, S Chongqing 2200m. Recently introduced. 738. c.w. pseudociliipes, JN Acc# 11070, W Yunnan 2800m. Recently introduced. 739. c.w. pseudociliipes aff., JN Acc# 11088, W Central Yunnan 2000m. More hairy leaves. 2 flowered inflorescence and much longer capsule. 740. c.w. purdomii, JN Acc# 11005, SC. Shaanxi 3400m. Taliensia subsection low growing. 741. c.w. racemosum, JN Acc# 11043, Midwest Yunnan 2800m. 742. c.w. rex, JN Acc# 11084, W Central Yunnan 2900m. Disjunct southwestern population. 743. c.w. roxieoides, JN Acc# 11025, NE Chongqing 2350m. New to cultivation. Only a very few seed available. 744. c.w. sp nov. JN Acc# 11050, W Yunnan 2600m. New very distinctive species, leaves glaucous underside, flowers in 3’s, well developed calyx. 745. c.w. sp. JN Acc# 11002, NW Henan 2200m. Triflora subsection. Recently introduced, mostly purple flowered, very aromatic leaves. Quite widespread species. 746. c.w. sp. JN Acc# 11010, SE. Shaanxi 2100m. Triflora subsection. Similar to the above but one seen flower had long ciliate calyx. 747. c.w. sp. JN Acc# 11022, NE Chongqing 2300m. Triflora subsection. Recently introduced cream or yellow flowered un-named species. 748. c.w. sp. JN Acc# 11080, W Central Yunnan 2800m. Boothia subsection. Differ from sulfureum in very hairy leaf margin, could be something new. 749. c.w. sp. JN Acc# 11087, W Central Yunnan 2500m. Irrorata subsection, in very hairy leaf margin. Could be something new. 750. c.w. sulfureum, JN Acc# 11062, W Yunnan 2800m. 751. c.w. sutchuenense, JN Acc# 11023, NE Chongqing 2300m. First recollection from this area in many years. 752. c.w. taibaiense, JN Acc# 11006, SC Shaanxi 3400m. New to cultivation. 753. c.w. trichocladum, JN Acc# 11062, W Yunnan 2800m 754. c.w. triflorum, var. multiflorum, JN Acc# 11085, W Central Yunnan 2900m. New to cultivation, mostly 5-6 flowered, rough non-peeling bark. Very disjunct from var. triflorum. 755. c.w. tsaii, JN Acc# 11034, NE Yunnan 3000m. New to cultivation. True species, not hippophaeoides aff. 756. c.w. xanthostephanum, JN Acc# 11069, W Yunnan 2900m Companion plants 757. c.w. Aeschynanthus tengchugensis JN# 11049, W Yunnan 2100 m, Epiphytic Gesneriaceae 758. c.w. Betula albosinensis JN# 11015, SE Shaanxi 2200m, From dark pink barked individual 759. c.w. Betula potaninii JN# 1101?, NW Henan 2100m Multi stemed tree, less than 5m 760. c.w. Campanumoae javanica? JN# 11017 SE Shaanxi 2200m, Codonopsis relative with large magenta purple fruit 761. c.w. Crawfurdia augustata, JN Acc# 11071, W Yunnan 2400m. Climbing Gentian. Very late flowering lower elevation sp 762. c.w. Crawfurdia campanulacea, JN Acc# 11068, W Yunnan 3100m. Climbing Gentian relative. 763. c.w. Crawfurdia tsangshanesis, JN Acc# 11061, W Yunnan 3300m. Climbing Gentian relative. 764. c.w. Decaisnea fargesii, JN# 11012 SW Shaanxi 2100m 765. c.w. Desmodium sp JN Acc# 11042, Midwest Yunnan 2850m. Possibly D. elegans 766. c.w. Euonymus alatus aff., JN# 11011 SW Shaanxi 2100m. Strong upright leaders very corky winged 767. c.w. Euonymus alatus aff., JN# 11016 SE Shaanxi 2200m. Strong upright leaders very corky winged 768. c.w. Gaultheria forrestii, JN Acc# 11064, W Yunnan 3000m. Variable fruit color from bright blue to magenta purple 769. c.w. Gaultheria sp., JN Acc# 11086, W Central Yunnan 2750m. leucocarpa aff. Arching scrub to 60-90 cm. Raceme of white tinged pink fruit. Could be new. 770. c.w. Gentiana cephalantha, JN Acc# 11067, W Yunnan 3000m. Flower clustered like Campanula glomerata on spreading stem. 771. c.w. Gentiana hexaphylla, JN Acc# 11007, SC Shaanxi 3400m. More compact than most autumn Gentian. Leaves 6-whorled. 772. c.w. Gentiana ternifolia, JN Acc# 11047, W Yunnan 3000m. Autumn Gentian. Leaves 3-whorled. 773. c.w. Hydrangea sp., JN Acc# 11018, SE Shaanxi 2200m. Probably bretschneideri. 774. c.w. Ilex fargesii, JN Acc# 11020, SE Shaanxi 2000m. Small tree, lanceolate leaves, lots of berries 775. c.w. Ligularia sp., JN Acc# 11019, SE Shaanxi 2200m. 1.5 to 2m flower spike. 776. c.w. Lonicera tricosantha, JN Acc# 11009, SE Ganzu 2700m. Conspicuous orange berries. 777. c.w. Lyonia ovalifolia, JN Acc# 11083, W Central Yunnan 2800m. Semi evergreen. 778. c.w. Lyonia villosa, JN Acc# 11032, S Chongqing 2100m. Deciduous, appears to be a good form of the species. 779. c.w. Nomocharis farreri, JN Acc# 11060, W Yunnan 3300m. 780. c.w. Primula poissonii, JN Acc# 11035, NE Yunnan 2800m. More robust than usual western Yunnan type. 781. c.w. Schefflera sp., JN Acc# 11063, W Yunnan 3000m. 782. c.w. Schima argentia/wallichii, JN Acc# 11078, SW Yunnan 2800m. In this area it seemed intermediate between the two species. 783. c.w. Schima khasiana, JN Acc# 11075, SW Yunnan 2800m. 784. c.w. Sinofranchetia chinensis, JN Acc# 11027, NE Chongqing 2300m. Vigorous deciduous climber, trifoliate leaves and purple fruits. 785. c.w. Trypterospermum discoideum, JN Acc# 11028, N Chongqing 2400m climbing Gentian relative. 786. c.w. Vaccinium sp.?, JN Acc# 11052, W Yunnan 3000m. Epiphyte with well spaced leaves and axillary racemed flowers.

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