Dear Contributor, 

Thank you very much for your seed contribution.
Many ARS members wait with immeasurable pleasure Our Latest Seed Catalogs.  Your effort 
as contributor is most vital in our building of a superb catalog to offer to our membership.
We look forward to seeing a lot of superior rhododendrons grown from your seed and down 
the road maybe we will also see other ARS Members contribute seed resulting from your gift.
Thanks again and we appreciate and highly value your work to put together the finest 
rhododendron catalog of 2016.  Scores of members regard your contribution as making possible 
the most pleasurable facet of being part of ARS.
We look forward to you again being contributor in 2016.

Contributers from 2016

CONTRIBUTORS LOTS Addison, Betty Ann, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 43- 51 Addison, Betty Ann, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 175-178 Beaudry, Norman, Bethesda, Maryland USA 100-125 Tim Behan, Massachusetts USA 238-240 Bernady, Karel, Pennsylvania USA 455-460 Birck, Jens, Denmark 288-291 Brack, Werner, St. James, NY USA 196-204 Bruso, Joe, Hopkinton, MA, USDA Zone 5b/6a 136-155 Carson, Marty, Minnesota USA 188-195 Clyburn, Bruce, New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada 1- 22 Coleman, Joe, Georgia USA 258-279 Creel, Mike, South Carolina USA 328-336 Doi, Yasuyuki, Japan 241-253 Ernebjerg, Bent, Denmark 401-435 Flavell, Richard, Connecticut USA 376-390 Gilmore, Lloyd, British Columbia, Canada 322-327 Hammarlund, Kenny, Sweden 254-257 Hartman, Rosemary, Oregon 292-303 Heinze, John, Ohio USA 311-316 Hyatt, Donald, Virginia USA 350-370 Ishizaki, Toyoji, Gunma, Japan 82- 84 JRS, Yoshimura, Eizi, JRS Seed Exchange, Japan 23- 27 Jolley, Doug, West Virginia, USA 28 Kline, Howard, Pennsylvania USA 78- 80 Larsen, Ole Jonny, Norway 96- 99 Looye, Jack, Ontario, Canada 179-180 McCullough, Mike, California USA 205-237 McLellan, George, Virginia USA 371-371 Miller, Ron, USA 446-447 Milner II, Thomas, Mississippi USA 436-439 Moser, Erhard, Germany 181-187 Murcott, Richard, Long Isl. New York USA 81 Nielsen, Jørgen, Denmark 168-170 Peter Norris, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts 52- 60 O’Hara, Mike, Pennsylvania USA 319-321 Oliver, Michael, Oregon USA 70- 77 Ostrom, Walter, Nova Scotia 156 Perkins, John and Sally, New Hampshire USA 440-445 Perriard, R. Denmark 372-375 Polly Hill Arboretum (PHA), Massachusetts USA 338-349 Reekie, Ed, Nova Scotia Canada 304-310 Saarinen, Jaakko, Finland 317-318 Shannik, Ken, Nova Scotia 280-281 Staune, Claus, Denmark 91- 95 Stavish, Mark, Maine, USA 448-454 Stilwell, Mike, Virginia USA 391-400 Svensson, Johnny, Sweden 61- 69 Theqvist, Kristian, Finland, zone 6a 126-135 Thurber, Fred, Massachusetts, USA 29- 33 Trautmann, Chris, Florence, Oregon USA 85- 90 Weagle, John, Nova Scotia 282-287 Walylko, David, W. Pennsylvania USA 157-160 George Woodard, LI, New York USA 34- 42 Zimmerman, Robert, Port Ludlow, WA USA 161-167