Dear Contributor, 

Thank you very much for your seed contribution.
Many ARS members wait with immeasurable pleasure Our Latest Seed Catalogs.  Your effort 
as contributor is most vital in our building of a superb catalog to offer to our membership.
We look forward to seeing a lot of superior rhododendrons grown from your seed and down 
the road maybe we will also see other ARS Members contribute seed resulting from your gift.
Thanks again and we appreciate and highly value your work to put together the finest 
rhododendron catalog of 2017.  Scores of members regard your contribution as making possible 
the most pleasurable facet of being part of ARS.
We look forward to you again being contributor.

Contributers from 2017

CONTRIBUTORS LOTS Addison, Betty Ann, Minnesota USA 84- 90 Anonomous Donor, Pennsylvania USA 192-194 Atkinson, Thimoty UK 401-467 Barlup, Jim, Washington State USA 91 Beaudry, Norman, Maryland USA 100-116 Beaudry, Norman, Maryland USA 191 Behan, Tim, Massachusetts USA 291-294 Bernady, Karel, Pennsylvania USA 174-175 Bernady, Karel, Pennsylvania USA 364-379 Brack, Werner, Long Island, NY USA 167-173 Bruso, Joe, Massachusetts USA 59- 73 Clyburn, Bruce, Nova Scotia, Canada 27- 35 Coleman, Joe, Georgia USA 244-261 Creel, Mike, South Carolina USA 380-385 De Boer, A.J., The Netherlands 389-392 Doi, Yasuyuki, Japan 233-243 Eiberg, Hans, Denmark 157-162 Flavell, Richard, Connecticut USA 262-282 Flavell, Richard, Connecticut USA 396-398 Gilmore, Lloyd, British Columbia Canada 227-230 Hartman, Rosemary, Oregon USA 117-134 Harvey, Joe, Victoria, BC Canada 74- 78 Hyatt, Don, Virginia USA 283-290 Ishizaki, Toyoji Gunma, Japan 41- 42 Japan Rhododendron Society (JRS) Seed Exchange 36- 39 Laycock, Anitra, Nova Scotia, Canada 135 Leydens, M., The Netherlands 40 Looye, Jack, Ontario Canada 176-190 McCullough, Mike, California USA 211-226 Milner Thomas III, Mississippi USA 393-395 Moser, Erhard, Germany 295-301 Murcott, Richard, LI, New York USA 01 Nemmer, Joe, Pennsylbania USA 311-318 Nielsen, Joergen, Denmark 92- 96 Norris, Peter, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts USA 198-208 O’Hara, Mike, Pennsylvania USA 195-197 Oliver, Michael, Oregon USA 51- 58 Perriard, R., Denmark 319 Perkins, John/Sally, New Hampshire 326-363 Player, Lonnnie, North Carolina USA 97- 99 Polly Hill Arboretum 209-210 Reekie, Ed, Nova Scotia 302-310 Saarenen, Jaakko, Finland 386-388 Svensson, Johnny, Sweden 02- 26 Theqvist, Kristian, Finland 163-166 Trautmann, Chris, Oregon USA 43- 50 Weagle, John, Nova Scotia Canada 136-156 Walylko, David, Pennsylvania USA 231-232 Woodard,George LI, New York USA 79- 83 Zimmerman, Robert, Washington State USA 320-325