Dear Contributor, 

Thank you very much for your seed contribution.
Many ARS members wait with immeasurable pleasure Our Latest Seed Catalogs.  Your effort 
as contributor is most vital in our building of a superb catalog to offer to our membership.
We look forward to seeing a lot of superior rhododendrons grown from your seed and down 
the road maybe we will also see other ARS Members contribute seed resulting from your gift.
Thanks again and we appreciate and highly value your work to put together the finest 
rhododendron catalog of 2018.  Scores of members regard your contribution as making possible 
the most pleasurable facet of being part of ARS.
We look forward to you again being contributor.

Contributers from 2018

CONTRIBUTORS LOTS Addison, Betty Ann, Minnesota USA 55- 56 Anderson Alan, Scotland 219-266 Barlup, Jim, Washington State USA 177-199 Beaudry, Norman, Maryland USA 41- 54 Behan, Tim, Rhode Island USA 381-383 Bernady, Karel, Pennsylvania USA 296-297 Brack, Werner, Long Island, NY USA 11- 13 Bruso, Joe, Massachusetts USA 111-131 Clyburn, Bruce, Nova Scotia, Canada 90- 99 Coleman, Joe, Georgia USA 298-313 Colombel, Marc, France 218 Creel, Mike, South Carolina USA 148-162 Creel, Mike, South Carolina USA 294-295 De Boer, A.J., The Netherlands 431 Cunliffe, Steve, New Hampshire USA 279-283 Eiberg, Hans, Denmark 171-176 Flavell, Richard, Connecticut USA 433-454 Hartman, Rosemary, Oregon USA 267-272 Heinze, John Ohio USA 273-278 Hunter, Charles, Georgia USA 59- 61 Ishizaki, Toyoji Gunma, Japan 57- 58 Japan Rhododendron Society (JRS) Seed Exchange 38- 40 Looye, Jack, Ontario Canada 75- 85 McCullough, Mike, California USA 344-380 McLellan, George, Virginia USA 1- 10 Moser, Erhard, Germany 284-293 Murcott, Richard, LI, New York USA 169-170 Nielsen, Jørgen, Denmark 411-417 Norris, Peter, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts USA 132-147 O’Hara, Mike, Pennsylvania USA 200-205 Oliver, Michael, Oregon USA 105-110 Ostrom, Walter, Nova Scotia 210-217 Perkins, John/Sally, New Hampshire 384-405 Perriard, R., Denmark 406-408 Reekie, Ed, Nova Scotia 421-430 Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden 319-343 Saarinen, Jaakko, Finland 418-420 Stilwell, Mike Virginia USA 163-168 Svensson, Johnny, Sweden 14- 37 Theqvist, Kristian, Finland 100-104 Thurber, Fred, Massachusetts 432 Trautmann, Chris, Oregon USA 86- 89 Voitk, Kaarel, Sweden 409-410 Weagle, John, Nova Scotia Canada 206-209 Woodard,George LI, New York USA 62- 74 Zimmerman, Robert, Washington State USA 314-318 Zimmerman, Robert, Washington State USA 455-456