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Rhododendron species in Guizhou


R. agastum
R. agastum
R. annae, Foto Ole Jonny Larsen
R. annae
R. arboreum
R. arboreum
argyrophyllum ssp. argyrophyllum. Foto: G. Wedemire
R. argyrophyllum ssp. argyrophyllum
R. argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense
R. auriculatum
R. auriculatum
R. bainaense, Foto: Finn Bertelsen
R. bainaense
R. bailiense, Foto: David Chamberlain
R. bailiense
R. bracteatum, Foto: Glynne Jones
R. brachypodum
R. brevicaudatum, Foto: Jens Nielsen
R. brevicaudatum
R. brevinerve, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. brevinerve
R. calophytum at BGBC, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. calophytum
R. ciliicalyx at H. Helm, Foto: H. Helm
R. ciliicalyx
R. concinnum at HE, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. concinnum
R. decorum, Foto: Paul Stangerup
R. decorum
R. arboreum ssp. delavayi
R. delavayi
R. discolor, Foto: Hank Helm
R. discolor
R. emarginatum, Foto: B. Ernebjerg
R. emarginatum
R. floribundum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. floribundum
R. fortunei, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. fortunei
R. glanduliferum, Foto: J. Piechowicz
R. glanduliferum
R. haofui Foto: Parco Bot. Villa Bonola
R. haofui
R. huanum, Foto: Garth Wedemire
R. huanum
R. irroratum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. irroratum
R. irroratum ssp. pogonostylum AC1199 i RBGE, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. irroratum ssp. pogonostylum
R. latoucheae, Foto: Steve Hootman
R. latoucheae
R. leishanicum, Foto: Everard Daniel
R. leishanicum
R. levinei, Foto: H. Eiberg
R. levinei
R. liliiflorum, Foto: Jens Nielsen
R. liliiflorum
R. longesquamatum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. longesquamatum
R. longipes AC1148 at OJL, Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. longipes
R. lutescens, Foto: Jens Hansen
R. lutescens
R. maculiferum, Foto: JC. Birck
R. maculiferum
R. magniflorum, Foto: Jens Nielsen
R. magniflorum
R. mariesii, Photo: Johm Weagle
R. mariesii
R. microphyton, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. microphyton
R. molle, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. molle
R. moupinense, Foto: H. Helm
R. moupinense
R. oligocarpum, Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. oligocarpum
R. ovatum, Foto: Harold Greer
R. ovatum
R. praevernum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. praevernum
R. racemosum, Foto: Hank Helm
R. racemosum
R. rufohirtum, Foto: Jens Nielsen
R. rufohirtum
R. siderophyllum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. siderophyllum
R. simiarum, Foto: Hong Kong Herbarium
R. simiarum
R. simsii, Foto: Guan Kaiyun
R. simsii
R. stamineum, Foto:  Chris Klapwijk
R. stamineum
R. sutchuenense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. sutchuenense
R. valentinianum var. valentinianum, photo: Mogens Olsen
R. valentinianum var. valentinianum
R. williamsianum, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. williamsianum
R. yunnanense, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. yunnanense
R. excellens i Bremens Bot. Garden, Foto: Hans Eiberg
R. excellens
R. coeloneuron, Foto: G. Wedemire
R. coeloneurum

Over 87 arter og underarter 

Rhododendron species in Guizhou, China, Kina

agastum var. agastum 1900-2500 m (E)
agastum var. pennivenium *
annae ssp. annae 1200-1800m  (C,W)                                           
arboreum var. arboreum 1500-3600 m (W?)
argyrophyllum ssp. argyrophyllum 1600-2300 m (NW)    
argyrophyllum ssp. nankingense 1800-2300 m (E, Leishan)							
auriculatum 600-2000 m (N)
bachii *  600-1600 m
bailiense * (N)  http://www.mapress.com/phytotaxa/content/2015/f/pt00195p200.pdf
bracypodum (new) 
brevicaudatum 1400-2000m (E)
brevinerve 800-1400 (SE)
calophytum var. calophytum  1400-4000m  (C,N)                                                       
cavaleriei * 1000-2000 m
chrysocalyx var. chrysocalyx * 500-1000 m
ciliicalyx ssp. lyi 1000-3100m
cochlearifolium *  1744m
concinnum 2300-3000m
decorum ssp. decorum 1000-3300 m (W)
delavayi var. adenostylum (new  http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anb47-free/anb47-397.pdf)
delavayi var. delavayi 1200-3200 m (W)
delavayi var. peramoenum * 1700-3200 m (W)
denudatum var. glabriovarium *
discolor 900-1900 m
emarginatum 1200-2000m
feddei * (C,SE)
floribundum 2000-3300 m (NW)
fortunei 600-2000 m
fuchsiifolium * (S)						
 glanduliferum 2300-3000m (NW)
guizhouense * 1700-2400 m (E)
guizhongense * 1200-1700 m (E)  2x?
haofui 800-1900 m
huangpingense *
huanum 1200-3000 m (NE)
irroratum ssp. irroratum 1800-3500 m (NW)      
irroratum ssp. pogonostylum 1700-3000 m (W)	
jiulongshanense	(new  http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anb47-free/anb47-397.pdf)			
kaliense *						
kwangsiense var. kwangsiense * 1000-1800 m (SE)
kwangtungense * 800-1600 m
latoucheae 100-2700 m 
  leigongshanense *
leishanicum  1800-1900 m (E) 
levinei  1300-1500m
liboense * 600-700 m (SE)
lilacinum *
longipes var. longipes 2000-2500 m (E)   			
lutescens 1700-2000 m
maculiferum ssp. maculiferum  1600-3400m (E)
magniflorum 1700-1800 m (SW)
mariae * 500-13000 m 
mariesii 600-1500 m						
microphyton var. microphyton (1300)-2000-(3200)  m
molle ssp. molle  0-2500 m
moupinense 1900-4000 m
oblancifolium * 500-1300 (NE)
octandrum * ca. 1400 m (NE)
oligocarpum 1800-2500 m (NE)
ovatum 300-1600 m						  				
praevernum 1500-2500 m	
pudiense new	http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anb47-free/anb47-397.pdf	
racemosum 1500-3500 m (NW)
rivulare *			
rufohirtum 900-2300 m (SE)
siderophyllum & seguinii 1800-3000 m
simiarum var. simiarum 500-1800 m
simsii var. simsii 500-1200 (2600) m
spiciferum var spiciferum * 800-1200m (W)
stamineum var. stamineum 500-1500 m
subroseum *
sutchuenense 1600-2300 m 					
tianliense * (?SE) ca. 1200m			
valentinianum var. valentinianum 2400m
vaniotii *
westlandii * 400-1500 (W)
williamsianum 1800-2800 m (W)
yunnanense 2200-3600m (W)


*= no photo

Billeder (Photo's) findes evt. her Chinese virtual herbarium
agastum/tanastylum var. pennivenium PPBC http://www.hirsutum.info/rhododendron/species/detail.php?id=225 bachii * 600-1600 m (Azaleastrum) PPBC, mange bailiense https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271842835_A_new_species_of_RhododendronEricaceae_from_Baili_Rhododendronnature_reserve_NW_Guizhou_China: article pdf cavaleriei 1000-2000 m, PPBC, mange chrysocalyx var. chrysocalyx 500-1000 m, PPBC, flere cochlearifolium http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anbf49/anbf49-422.pdf denudatum var. glabriovarium http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1756-1051.2009.00594.x/abstract?systemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+unavailable+on+Saturday+3rd+September+2016+at+08.30+BST%2F+03%3A30+EDT%2F+15%3A30+SGT+for+5+hours+and+Sunday+4th+September+at+10%3A00+BST%2F+05%3A00+EST%2F+17%3A00+SGT+for+1+hour++for+essential+maintenance.+Apologies+for+the+inconvenience feddei * (C,SE) RBGE Herbarium fuchsiifolium * (S), PPBC, txt huangpingense * PPBC, intet kaliense * kwangsiense var. kwangsiense * 1000-1800 m (SE) PPBC, mange photo* kwangtungense 800-1600 m PPBC, 20 leigongshanense http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/BJPT/article/viewFile/26073/17471 lilacinum * PPBC, intet maculatum * ? oblancifolium * 500-1300 (NE), PPBC, txt octandrum * ca. 1400 m (NE), PPBC, txt rivulare PPBC, mange spiciferum/scabrifolium var. spiciferum 800-1200m (W) PPBC, mange subroseum * tianliense * (?SE), PPBC, txt vaniotii * RBGE Herbarium westlandii * 400-1500 (W) PPBC, intet

RHODODENDRON SPECIES AND COMMUNITIES IN GUIZHOU (CHINA) http://www.actahort.org/books/769/769_48.htm Authors: Xun Chen, Bixia Xie, Huamei Wu, Lihua Huang Owing to the mild temperatures and rich rainfall, there are 86 species, three subspecies, and one variety of rhododendrons in Guizhou. The rich resource of rhododendron accounts for 10.6% and 16.7% of total species in the world and China, respectively. Among them, eight species and one variety are endemic. They are R. longesquamatum, R. decorum, R. agastum var. pennivenium, R. fuchsiifolium, R. kaliense, R. latoucheae, R. magniflorum, R. oblancifolium, and R. octandrum. Geographically, 15 species are common, which are distributed in majority areas near Guizhou, while the rest 37 species could only be distributed to a single county or site. There are 11 rhododendron communities in Guizhou. These communities are distributed throughout Guizhou area. One new species, Rhododendron subroseum Xiang Chen & Jiayong Huang, and one new variety, R. denudatum var. glabriovarium Xiang Chen & Xun Chen (Ericaceae), from the Guizhou Province, China are described and illustrated. Rhododendron subroseum is most similar to R. morii from which it differs mainly by having glandular branchlets, a subcordate leaf blade base and a mucronate leaf blade apex, a less floriferous inflorescence, a campanulate to broadly-campanulate corolla, and a glandular-hairy style. Rhododendron denudatum var. glabriovarium differs from R. denudatum var. denudatum mainly by having a glabrous ovary. Both of the new taxa are quite rare and therefore their protection is highly desired. A new species of Rhododendron from Guizhou Province, China. The new species is named Rhododendron bailiense, meaning ‘from Baili’. It is a small evergreen tree, reaching 3-4 m in height, with ovate leaves. It produces pale violet flowers, four cm in diameter, in clusters of 2-8 in March and April. Rhododendron bailiense, inflorescence and leaf. Ma et al. (2014). The species has only been found at two locations, on limestone karst outcrops at altitudes of 1800 m and 2100 m. As such it is tentatively considered to be Endangered under the terms of the International Union for theConservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, however it is possible that larger, undiscovered populations of the plant also exist. https://www.amazon.com/Rhododendron-Species-Guizhou-P-R-China/dp/B00HM9HEQU Two new species, Rhododendron huangpingense Xiang Chen & Jia Y. Huang and R. lilacinum Xiang Chen & X. Chen (Ericaceae), from Guizhou Province, China, are described and illustrated. Rhododendron huangpingense is close to the morphologically similar species R. oreodoxa Franch. var. adenostylosum Fang & W. K. Hu and the sympatric species R. decorum Franch., from which it differs by having short yellowish brown hairs on the leaves, the rachis 15-18 mm long, a rose-colored corolla with deep rose flecks, and the stigma ca. 3.5 mm wide. Rhododendron lilacinum differs from the morphologically similar and sympatric species R. simsii Planch, by having smaller leaves, a shorter pedicel, a pale purple corolla, a smaller calyx, and shorter stamens. Both of the new species appear to be quite rare and therefore their conservation is highly desired. Abstract: One new species, Rhododendron bainaense Xiang Chen & Cheng H. Yang from Guizhou Province, China is described and illustrated. Rhododendron bainaense is most similar to R. rubiginosum from which it differs mainly by having oblong to ovate leaf blades, subequal, amber and concave scales on leaf blades abaxial surfaces, a 2.5 cm long, pale pinkish white and spotless corolla, and nearly glabrous or partly puberulent filaments, and pale brown anthers. The new species is Critically endangered (CR), based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria, since there is only one population that includes 3 mature individuals found so far during the field work, therefore, careful protection is highly desired. A New Species and a New Variety of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) in Guizhou CHEN Xiang1,2,3,HUANG Jia-yong4,XIE Hua3,CHEN Xun5(1.South China Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences, A new species,Rhododendron maculatum Xiang Chen Jiayong Huang,and a new variety,Rhododendron delavayi Franchet var.puberulum Xiang Chen Xun Chen(Ericaceae),from Guizhou Province,China are described and illustrated. R.maculatum is close to R.verruciferum from which it differs by having glandular branchlets and petioles,a bigger leaf blade with glabrous abaxial surface,a longer sparsely glandular rachis,a not warty but desenly glandular pedicel,a bigger widely campanulate white corolla with a purplish red blotch,and a longer filament, ovary,and style.R.delavayi var.puberulum differs from R.delavayi var.delavayi by the former's oblanceolate leaf blades with somewhat thin and compact indumentum on abaxial surface,puberulent corolla tube,filaments, and style.Both of the new species and new variety are Critically endangered(CR),based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria,therefore,careful protection is highly desired. http://www.sekj.org/PDF/anb47-free/anb47-397.pdf
R. pudiense, delavayi var. adenostylum; R. jiulongshanense
Flora of China list 2016: http://www.efloras.org/browse.aspx?flora_id=2&loc_ids=18408&page=28 200016327 Rhododendron agastum ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242343479 Rhododendron agastum var. agastum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016331 Rhododendron annae ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242343500 Rhododendron annae subsp. annae ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016337 Rhododendron arboreum ???? 3 FOC Vol. 14 242343516 Rhododendron arboreum var. arboreum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016338 Rhododendron argyrophyllum ???? 3 FOC Vol. 14 242343523 Rhododendron argyrophyllum subsp. argyrophyllum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 242343526 Rhododendron argyrophyllum subsp. nankingense ?????? FOC Vol. 14 200016342 Rhododendron auriculatum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016343 Rhododendron bachii ????? FOC Vol. 14 242343590 Rhododendron brevicaudatum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016351 Rhododendron brevinerve ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016355 Rhododendron calophytum ???? 4 FOC Vol. 14 242343609 Rhododendron calophytum var. calophytum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016363 Rhododendron cavaleriei ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016378 Rhododendron chrysocalyx ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242343675 Rhododendron chrysocalyx var. chrysocalyx ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016383 Rhododendron ciliicalyx ????? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242444069 Rhododendron ciliicalyx subsp. lyi ??????? FOC Vol. 14 200016386 Rhododendron coeloneurum ???? FOC Vol. 14 242343712 Rhododendron concinnum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016395 Rhododendron decorum ???? 4 FOC Vol. 14 242343760 Rhododendron decorum subsp. decorum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016396 Rhododendron delavayi ???? 3 FOC Vol. 14 242343765 Rhododendron delavayi var. delavayi ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 242343766 Rhododendron delavayi var. peramoenum ?????? FOC Vol. 14 242343772 Rhododendron denudatum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016403 Rhododendron discolor ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016406 Rhododendron emarginatum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016410 Rhododendron excellens ????? FOC Vol. 14 242343867 Rhododendron feddei ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016421 Rhododendron floribundum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016424 Rhododendron fortunei ???? FOC Vol. 14 242444083 Rhododendron fuchsiifolium ???? FOC Vol. 14 242343939 Rhododendron guizhouense ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016437 Rhododendron haofui ???? FOC Vol. 14 242444091 Rhododendron huanum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016457 Rhododendron irroratum ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344024 Rhododendron irroratum subsp. irroratum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 242344025 Rhododendron irroratum subsp. pogonostylum ?????? FOC Vol. 14 200016461 Rhododendron kwangsiense ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344055 Rhododendron kwangsiense var. kwangsiense ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016462 Rhododendron kwangtungense ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016464 Rhododendron latoucheae ??? FOC Vol. 14 242344085 Rhododendron leishanicum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016471 Rhododendron levinei ???? FOC Vol. 14 242444103 Rhododendron liboense ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016472 Rhododendron liliiflorum ????? FOC Vol. 14 242344112 Rhododendron longipes ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344114 Rhododendron longipes var. longipes ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016478 Rhododendron lutescens ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016480 Rhododendron maculiferum ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344133 Rhododendron maculiferum subsp. maculiferum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 242344137 Rhododendron magniflorum ?????? FOC Vol. 14 200016483 Rhododendron mariae ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016484 Rhododendron mariesii ??? FOC Vol. 14 200016490 Rhododendron microphyton ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344171 Rhododendron microphyton var. microphyton ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016492 Rhododendron molle ??? FOC Vol. 14 200016495 Rhododendron moupinense ???? FOC Vol. 14 242344233 Rhododendron oblancifolium ???? FOC Vol. 14 242344240 Rhododendron octandrum ???? FOC Vol. 14 242344243 Rhododendron oligocarpum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016514 Rhododendron ovatum ??? FOC Vol. 14 200016526 Rhododendron praevernum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016538 Rhododendron racemosum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016543 Rhododendron rivulare ???? FOC Vol. 14 242344418 Rhododendron rufohirtum ????? FOC Vol. 14 200016565 Rhododendron siderophyllum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016567 Rhododendron simiarum ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242344502 Rhododendron simiarum var. simiarum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016568 Rhododendron simsii ?? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242444119 Rhododendron simsii var. simsii ??(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016574 Rhododendron spiciferum ??? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242444121 Rhododendron spiciferum var. spiciferum ???(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016576 Rhododendron stamineum ???? 3 FOC Vol. 14 242344531 Rhododendron stamineum var. stamineum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 200016582 Rhododendron sutchuenense ???? FOC Vol. 14 242344591 Rhododendron tianlinense ????? FOC Vol. 14 242344628 Rhododendron valentinianum ???? 2 FOC Vol. 14 242444137 Rhododendron valentinianum var. valentinianum ????(???) FOC Vol. 14 242344630 Rhododendron vaniotii ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016610 Rhododendron westlandii ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016612 Rhododendron williamsianum ???? FOC Vol. 14 200016616 Rhododendron yunnanense http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202004/01/WS5e846693a310128217283b48.html movie