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Rhododendron brachypodum R. bracteatum Til B R. brachycarpum f. ulleungense

Rhododendron brachypodum

 R. brachypodum PW86, photo: Glynne Jones
R. brachypodum PW86. Foto: Glynne Jones
Collected by Peter Wharton in Guizhou, China at 4,700ft. Introduced 1994

R. (Triflora )
Flora of China
Shrubs, ca. 4 m tall; old branches nearly glabrous; young shoots sparsely pubescent and glandular. Petiole 57 mm, sparsely pubescent; leaf blade papery, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, rarely oblong-elliptic, 710 2.53 cm; base cuneate to obtuse; apex acuminate to acute; abaxial surface scales 34 their own diameter apart, pale yellow, sparsely pubescent, densely hispid along veins; adaxial surface deep green, sparsely pubescent. Inflorescence terminal, umbellate, 35-flowered. Pedicel 0.81.4 cm, densely scaly, sparsely glandular; calyx reduced to a rim or unequally lobed, 12 mm; corolla funnelform-campanulate, pale green, 2.53 cm, outer surface sparsely scaly, inner surface glabrous; lobes elliptic, ca. 1.5 cm; stamens 10, unequal, 23 cm, longer than corolla; filaments pubescent below, anthers purple; ovary densely scaly; style longer than corolla, glabrous. Capsule cylindric, 1618 mm. 10001500 m. Sichuan.
Flora of China,
R. brachycarpum f. ulleungense Til B R. bracteatum