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Rhododendron mariesii R. martinianum Til M R. maolingense

Rhododendron mariesii

 R. mariesii, Photo: Steve Hootman
R. mariesii i Guangxi. Foto: Steve Hootman, RSBG, Tacoma, USA

 R. mariesii, Photo: John Weagle
R. mariesii PW#21. Foto: John Weagle

 R. mariesii, photo: Hans Eiberg
R. mariesii JN12409 i Bremen's Rhododendronpark. Foto: Hans Eiberg

R. mariesii ARS13 #606 seeds. Foto Hans Eiberg

R. mariesii (Tsutsui sec. Brachycalyx). Bladstilk (petiole) glat.

RBGE Herbarium; R. mariesii
RBGE Herbarium; uelliferum

From Flora of China: Upright deciduous to sometimes partially evergreen shrubs. The leaves are ovate-lanceolate to elliptic with pronounced venation. The funnel-shaped flowers appear before the newly emerging foliage in mid-spring. They are rose to purple and spotted. An unusual azalea with an incredible natural range including Taiwan and most of southern and eastern China. Occurs in various habitats from 1,200 to 6,300 ft. Rarely seen in cultivation and quite tolerant of heat.

R. maolingense Til M R. martinianum