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Morphological Studies in the
Genus Rhododendron
Dealing with fruits
Seeds and Seedlings
and their Associated Hairs


Johannes Hedegaard

Price 100$ for vol 1+2

Send an e-mail if you are interested in the book, to:
Henning Christensen
Roskildevej 72
Freerslev, 3400 Hillerød
Telefon +45 4825 0637
e-mail hc@freerslev-rhododendron.dk

ISBN 87-12-30853-6 vol I + II copyright by Johannes Hedegaard 1980

Drawings and text from about 300 different species. R.aberconwayi as an example.

R. aberconwayi: seed, fruit, hairs and seedling (1Mb)

R. basilicum: seed, fruit, hairs and seedling (12 kb)

Transverse section of a seed (9.7 kb)

Different examples of calyx (8.6 kb)

Different eksamples og a glandular hair (50 kb)

Eksample of different capsules (8 kb) Examples of different capsules (4.7 kb)

Eksample of scales on seedlings (65 kb)

Open dry capsule (8.7 kb)

Cut of a capsule (10 kb)