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Rhododendron boothii R. brachyanthum Til B R. bonvalotii

Rhododendron boothii

 R. boothii, photo: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. boothii. Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen

 R. boothii HECC. Photo: Richard Baines
R. boothii HECC. Foto: Richard Baines.

 R. boothii at RSF-76/218. Photo: H. Helm
Denne var mærket R. chrysodoron i RSBG. Foto: Hank Helm.

R. boothii, photo: Hans Eiberg
R. boothii i Bremen Rhododendronpark. Foto: Hans Eiberg

 R. boothii, photo: Richard Baines
R. boothii forårsløv. Foto: Richard Baines

R. boothii, photo: Hans Eiberg
R. boothii stamme. Foto: Hans Eiberg

R. boothii (Boothia). Vokser bla. i NV Indien (Arunachal Pradesh) Ikke hårdfør i Danmark

Flora of China     D. Genbank RBGE herbarium. R. boothii

Flora of China
Shrubs, evergreen, usually epiphytic, 1.5–2.5(–3) m tall; branchlets scaly, densely setose. Petiole 6–10 mm, scaly, setose; leaf blade thick and leathery, ovate, narrowly ovate to ovate-elliptic, 7–13 × 3–7 cm; base rounded or obtuse; margin ciliate; apex acuminate or acute; abaxial surface pale glaucous-green, scales ca. 1 × their own diameter apart, unequal, dark brown; adaxial surface green, somewhat shiny, without scales, setose on midrib and veins. Inflorescence (3–)7–10-flowered. Pedicel 1.3–2 cm, setose; calyx green; lobes (7–)10–15 mm, rounded, ovate to oblong, persisting to enclose mature capsule, scaly, margin ciliate; corolla broadly campanulate, bright yellow, sometimes spotted, ca. 3 cm, tube 15–17 mm, outer surface scaly, inner surface pilose, lobes spreading, rounded; stamens 10, filaments pubescent towards base for 1/3–1/2 of their length; ovary densely scaly; style stout, sharply bent, short, scaly at base. Capsule ovoid or ovoid-cylindric, 10–17 mm, scaly. Fl. Apr–May, fr. Jun–Jul. Forests, scrub, rocks, sometimes epiphytic; 2000–2500 m. SE Xizang [NE India].
Naturhybrid ?
R. boothii, photo: Didier Willery
R. boothii frøplante fra Arunachal Pradesh. Foto: Didier Willery

 R. boothii, photo: Hans Eiberg
R. boothii ? i RSBG. Griflen ser for lang og lige ud (hybrid?). Foto: Hans Eiberg

R. bonvalotii Til B R. brachyanthum