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Rhododendron haofui R. heatheriae Til H R. hancockii

Rhododendron haofui

 R. haofui, photo:  Parco Bot.Villa Bonola
R. haofui. Foto: Parco Botanico di Villa Bonola. https://www.facebook.com/107132260771572/posts/182666323218165/

 R. haofui, photo: Steve Noll
R. haofui. Foto: Steve Noll

 R. haofui, photo: Egil Valderhaugs
R. haofui Cox. Hos Egil Valderhaugs i Ålesund, Norge. Foto: Egil Valderhaugs

 R. haofui, photo: Egil Valderhaugs
R. haofui Cox, stamme. Hos Egil Valderhaugs i Ålesund, Norge. Foto: Egil Valderhaugs

R. haofui AC29 seeds H. Eiberg

R. haofui (Argyrophylla) busk op til 1,2 m. Blade 7-22 x 3-7 cm. Indument hvid-gråt. Får nye blade i oktober, hængende. Blomstre maj-juni. Blomsten er hvid med rød ganeplet og har 18-20 støvdragere som fx. R. calophytum. Nok ikke helt hårdfør i Danmark (-18C).
H. Eiberg

Flora of China D. Genbank

Flora of China
Shrubs, 4–6 m tall; bark gray or brownish, exfoliating into thin and small irregular flakes; branchlets cylindric; young shoots greenish then grayish, glabrous. Petiole 15–22 mm, glabrous; leaf blade leathery, lanceolate or obovate-lanceolate, 7–10 × 3–4 cm; base rounded or cuneate; apex acute or obtuse, apiculate; abaxial surface indumentum brownish, 2-layered; adaxial surface shiny, glabrous; lateral veins 14–18-paired, impressed adaxially. Inflorescence a lax racemose umbel, usually 5–9-flowered; rachis 5–10 mm, yellowish pilose. Pedicel 2–3.5 cm; calyx lobes 5, ca. 1 mm, villous; corolla broadly campanulate, white, sometimes flushed with rose, 4–4.5 cm, lobes 5, orbicular, ca. 1.5 × 2 cm; stamens 18–20, unequal, 1.5–3 cm, filaments villous below; ovary cylindric, ca. 6 mm, densely whitish woolly-tomentose; style 2.5–3 cm, glabrous, stigma swollen. Capsule cylindric, 15–25 × ca. 8 mm, brownish woolly-tomentose. Fl. May, fr. Oct.
Thickets in valleys; 800–1900 m. N Guangxi, Guizhou, S Hunan, SW Jiangxi, E Yunnan.

R. hancockii Til H R. heatheriae