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Rhododendron manipurense R.maoerense Til T R. mallotum

Rhododendron manipurense/R. manipurensis

 R. manipurense, Foto: Tinothy Atkinson

R. manipurense, ARS 2015. Foto: Tinothy Atkinson

At the University of California Botanical Garden, there is a rhododendron that was labeled as R. manipuerense. If you are in agreement with H. H. Davidian, as I am, this species is a separate species, and is not R. maddenii, as the plant has been relabeled. Mike McCullough

R. manipuerense (Maddenii) Vildtvoksende i Manipur, Indien ved 2700m . Ikke hårdfør i Danmark. også kaldt R. maddenia ssp. crassum var. manipurensis
ARS Ikke i Flora of China
RBGE herbarium. R. maddenii