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Rhododendron neriiflorum var. appropinquans R. Til N R.

Rhododendron neriiflorum var. appropinquans

 R. neriiflorum var. appropinquans, photo: Johann Neumayer

R. neriiflorum var. appropinquans i NV Arunachal Pradech. Foto: Johann Neumayer

 R. neriiflorum at Cangshan, Photo: Bent Ernebjerg
R. neriiflorum ssp. phaedropum ved Salween, Foto: Bent Ernebjerg

Herbarium Key Garden, ssp. neriflorum
Herbarium Key Garden, ssp. phaedropum

R. neriiflorum ssp. phaedropum (Neriiflora) Har smalle og lange blade med hvide undersider. Hans Eiberg

R. neriiflorum var. appropinquans (syn: ssp. phaedropum, tawangense) GR#0814 This form of this very widespread and variable species has very long and narrow leaves, coated beneath with a white indumentum. The bell-shaped flowers are deep to scarlet red. An all-around lovely species. Grown from seed collected in the wild in the eastern Himalaya. Smooth and peeling pale brown bark.
Flora of Japan
RBGE herbarium. R. neriiflorum