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Rhododendron papillatum R. paradoxum Til P R. panteumorphum

Rhododendron papillatum

 R. papillatum
R. papillatum/epapillatum fra RBGE herbarium

R. papillatum (Irroratum). Vildtvoksende i Bhutan (Sikkim)

D. Genbank
RBGE herbarium. R. papillatum
Flora of China Rhododendron papillatum I. B. Balfour & R. E. Cooper, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh. 13: 282. 1922. Shrubs or small trees, 25 m tall; young shoots glabrescent. Petiole cylindric, 1025 mm, glabrous; leaf blade subleathery, oblong-elliptic or oblanceolate, broadest above middle of blade, 813 24 cm; base rounded to broadly cuneate; margin revolute; apex acute or obtuse; abaxial surface pale, papillate, indumentum very thin, veil-like, detersile; adaxial surface green, glabrous; midrib prominent abaxially, deeply impressed adaxially; lateral veins 1417-paired. Inflorescence racemose-umbellate, 59-flowered; rachis 2035 mm, whitish tomentose. Pedicel 1.52.5 cm, densely glandular and dendroid-tomentose; calyx fleshy; lobes 5, 23 mm, rounded or triangular, margin glandular; corolla campanulate, pale cream to pink, with purple flecks, blotched at base, 4.55 cm, glabrous inside; lobes 5, rounded, ca. 2 2.5 cm, emarginate; stamens 10, 24 cm, unequal, filaments pubescent at base; ovary conoid-cylindric, 56 mm, dendroid-tomentose and glandular-hairy; style 3.54 cm, glabrous except for a few glands; stigma small, lobulate. Capsule not known. Fl. Apr. Abies forests, Rhododendron thickets; 24003000 m. SE Xizang [Bhutan, NE India].

R. panteumorphum Til P R. paradoxum