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Rhododendron vialii R. violaceum Til V R. vesiculiferum

Rhododendron vialii

 R. vialii, photo: Richard Baines
R. vialii. Foto: Richard Baines

 R. vialii, photo: Ole Jonny Larsen
R. vialii CH7182. Foto: Ole Jonny Larsen

R. , photo: Hans Eiberg
R. vialii CH7182 i Bremen's Rhododendronpark. Foto: Hans Eiberg

R. vialii , photo: Colin Wight
R. vialii CH7182 nyskud. Foto: Colin Wight

R. vialii , photo: Steve Hootman, RSBG
R. vialii i RSBG. Foto: Steve Hootman, RSBG

 R. vialii, photo: San Zheng
R. vialii in Yunnan. Foto: San Zheng

R. vialii (Azaleastrum) msj. Ikke hårdfør i Danmark og Norge. Fundet af CH 7182 in 1995 på Lao Jing Shan nær grænsen til Vietnam af gruppen Millais, Steve Hootmann and David Farnes.(Kurt Nielsen) H. Eiberg.
Flora of China
Rhododendron vialii Delavay & Franch. 1895 (ERICACEAE). Shrubs, 2–4.5 m tall; young shoots densely pubescent. Petiole 15–22 mm, glabrous or puberulent; leaf blade subleathery, lanceolate, oblong-lanceolate or obovate-lanceolate, 4–9(–12) × 1.8–4 cm; base narrowly cuneate; margin slightly revolute; apex acuminate, cartilaginous-mucronate; lateral veins reaching margin. Inflorescence subapical, 1-flowered. Pedicel 0.4–0.8 cm, glandular-hairy; calyx deeply lobed; lobes dark red, oblong-rounded, 5–6 mm, densely glandular-setose at base abaxially, margin with dense sessile glands; corolla broadly tubular or tubular-funnelform, dark red, ca. 2.5 cm; tube broadly cylindric, ca. 15 mm, ca. 4 mm wide at base, outer surface glabrous, inner surface puberulent; lobes oblong, ca. 1 cm, glabrous, apex slightly emarginate; stamens 5, as long as or slightly shorter than corolla; filaments glabrous. Capsule ovoid, ca. 6 × 5 mm, densely glandular-setose. Thickets; 1200–1800(–2800) m. China (S Yunnan), Laos, N. Vietnam. In Iturraran is found in area 3.
ARS     Flora of China
RBGE herbarium. R. vialii

R. vesiculiferum Til V R. violaceum